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Hey guys, you were right I did like this compilation of Exo's vocals better! my favourite song is still "Universe" but I really love "Really I didn't know" as well! it would mean the world to me if you check my music out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkd7qatRFbc iTunes: https://apple.co/2ttPtVP Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2oVWR7M Twitter: http://bit.ly/2oYUrVO Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Hl3uXS Website: http://bit.ly/2HmwZJ3 #exo #singerreacts #exol
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Mirza Aznan (9 hours ago)
React to a group called BTOB.they have great vocal. Even their rapper can sing very good
김선영 (4 days ago)
check out Exo-tempo live stage :) i'm enjoying your reaction thank you-
Auberta Bernadine (4 days ago)
React Ailee please😁😁
Eliane Passos (6 days ago)
I loved your reactions! Thank you for aprecciate EXO.
NoemRam (7 days ago)
I like the video that focuses on the main vocals
Yane Chelsea (9 days ago)
that was during chanyeol sister wedding recently
jannet corpuz (9 days ago)
Pleaase react to el dorado and exo acoustic medley
BlackPinkLove 0325 (11 days ago)
You're pretty😊😚❤
P. A (11 days ago)
EXO 😍😘😘
nazi kpop (12 days ago)
I really really enjoyed your reaction cuz you gave me so much information about music, i do want to learn your experience in knowing good music spc Kpop and my love 💕 EXO 💕 and see your next reactions to Exo's mellow songs ❤ Good luck
zakia taqi (13 days ago)
1- Suho is lead vocalist. Baekhyun, D.O and Chen are main. That's why he you haven't heard of him much. But he has GREAT vocals. 'Tempo' their new album, shows his this side more. 2- El Dorado is a must
littlestar _lay (13 days ago)
Hi! Can you please react to EXO - Tempo? I'm pretty sure you'll love it!
Twicexo 1288 (14 days ago)
Hellloooo i wantt youu to reactt to their new song "Tempo" plssssssssssss
katerinnm cr (16 days ago)
please reaction Baekhyun's best live vocals PERÚ
Nasrul fareast (16 days ago)
React to exo miracle in december :)
EXO-K + EXO-M = EXO-L WE ARE ONE EXO 엑소 사랑하자 💕💕
Caca Susapalu (18 days ago)
Exo acoustic madley please!🙏💕
Maryam 12 (19 days ago)
react to EXO Boomerang in people party show it was the last part in video "baby bye bye"
Lonovo A850 (20 days ago)
please react to Still love you by hongki and hwe seung.. best ballad song👍
lily may (20 days ago)
watch exo wolf at tokyo dome! xoxo ;)
Nur Aisiah Andini (21 days ago)
Please react exo acoustic medley in seoul
Rym Harimi (21 days ago)
El dorado please
angelie carnicer (21 days ago)
Can you try to react a pilipino singers,like tnt boys little big shoot, FLASLIGHT,morissitte and many more😊
Nya Crea (21 days ago)
angelie carnicer interesting I’ll check them out
Byun Baekhyun (22 days ago)
U need to watch ^ILEE I'll show you^ It's amazing and you'll love it
Raveenarv Anchellote (22 days ago)
tbh Suho has a pretty voice and he sings so well. Suho is EXO's lead vocalist so he seems overshadowed by the powerful main vocalists (Chen,Baekhyun and D.O ). You will appreciate him more in their EXO'rdium Acoustic Medley stage
Xiushi 99 (22 days ago)
Please react to Xiumin, Chen, and Baekhyun's high note battle in Weekly idol. It's a video showing their amazing skills, it's also a cute video because of Baekhyun😍😍🙏🙏
Ken Mica Lampa (22 days ago)
Exo Vocal line are the best in korea
Puspa Dewi Aldiano (23 days ago)
I feel like i'm getting smarter evertime after i've watched your video 😂 because i learn so many things from you. You're not only reacting to it but also gave us so many information that related to the performance they did. Thank you so much ❤ And yeah Baekhyun is actually my ultimate favorite as well ❤ he is my no.1 bias in EXO. So i can relate why you love him and his voice so much 😂❤
Ryan Hortilano (24 days ago)
Plss react to Oh GG lil touch ❤ (true Exo is king of vocal also there legend)
Florencia Magali (26 days ago)
react to D.O Vocals+runs pleaseeeeee. kisses from argentine
Black Pearl (26 days ago)
Would you react to exo's music videos??
Мария Заяц (26 days ago)
Hello, I am from Russia. Thank you for your reactions it's really good. I subscribed)))
Samantha Ramesh (27 days ago)
React to El dorado
Ale HP (27 days ago)
React to EXO Acoustic midley
Nour Chaieb (27 days ago)
This is what I could find of the last performance you liked in this video it's EXO boomerang check it out it's really good 😁 https://youtu.be/_2H_YuqBkw8
J2 Kay (29 days ago)
agaiin. the pausing! >:/
Karolini Sthefani (29 days ago)
Please react lives: Promise https://youtu.be/pdsh2fDyZTQ Stronger https://youtu.be/MXP1VDMqSno What if https://youtu.be/hooa7bC3A7k Sing For You https://youtu.be/_A1UmXR-974 Moonlight https://youtu.be/M4ljFOrUlXo For life https://youtu.be/l-UbOhcfJ8o
Yes, react to El Dorado
exo l forever (30 days ago)
Pliiis (exo the eve and luky ) plis♥♡
Please do react to Exo D.O ❤❤❤
Camii Sosa (1 month ago)
I LOVE YOU!¡!¡!¡ REACT TO EL DORADO EXO XDXD Me encanta como se puso cuando sono i really didn't know xD LA AME 😍💖🌻
Gina Charvi (1 month ago)
Please react to EXO What is Love :)
Sarah bom (1 month ago)
Please🙏 can you reaction [MV] Jeong Eun Ji(#정은지) - Being There(#어떤가요) Sweet voice
Revi qianb (1 month ago)
Im always really really love your reaction to exo with interesting nd gives alot of learning vocal techniques that are easy to understand to me. Thankyou so much 😘😚
reXoNCT 1294 (1 month ago)
Kings of harmonies EXO Really I didn’t saw any other group did this amazing harmony together like EXO
Monkey D. Rufy (1 month ago)
the thumbnail scared me
Mary Jane Avenilla (1 month ago)
thank You for your reaction in EXO😘. i love you. please more react for Exo😍😘. but are you army?
EXO's Eri (1 month ago)
Please react to EXO : Acoustic Medley
Aliya Afiqah (1 month ago)
Please react to Chen’s new ost “ Cherry Blossom Love Song” ^~^
Michelle oh94 (1 month ago)
Can you plss react to exo "DROP THAT" live performance...Thank you💓
Pricilla JDT (1 month ago)
Please react to EXO El Dorado
Beratrix (1 month ago)
Please react to BTOB COLD thanks you are amazing!
Beratrix (1 month ago)
+Nya Crea You're welcome, love from Uruguay 🇺🇾 ♥️
Nya Crea (1 month ago)
Beratrix thank you !!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hernan Paredes Urquizo (1 month ago)
kimjonginch (1 month ago)
WELCOME TO OUR EXO FAMILY! you're an Exo-L now :) 💗
kimjonginch (1 month ago)
Check out boomerang by exo, it's really cool :)
kimjonginch (1 month ago)
Suho's vocals are really really good, unfortunately a little underrated :(( but he's so good
kimjonginch (1 month ago)
Girl really fell for suho ❣️
mi ones (1 month ago)
Yatsi Osh (1 month ago)
Yesss React to El Dorado please
Pls do a reaction on EXO Acoustic Medley in Seoul and Wolf Remix EXO’rdium in Tokyo Dome! :)
Yung Xin (1 month ago)
I agree with how western music industry has lacking of quality and genre of songs
Vivian M (1 month ago)
Nya please react to Exo's acoustic medley pleaaaaaaase? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXp3ted3kbs
AJTM_yeah (1 month ago)
Tbh, it's not the whole kpop, alot of kpop grps are adhering to westernized modern music too. There are certain groups who give emphasis on vocals, but most do not as long as the music sound generally good to the ears. Vocal groups like exo who showcase complex vocal techniques are fewer.
Nya Crea (1 month ago)
AJTM_yeah this is so true but I also like bts because of their compositions their songs and plots of music videos are really artistic and awesome
Did you have reaction to wild flower by park hyo shin? I think if you will fall in love with him if you reaction to his Music.
Niaa EXOL (1 month ago)
Reaction to EXO Angel elyxion Seoul please 😍
Zero Kpop overdose (1 month ago)
Can u react to "bts jimin best vocals"
_puppybaek_ (1 month ago)
I can relate to " I LOVE HIS VOICE"
Esthi Wicharani (1 month ago)
For the last video, you've been looking for:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=onpWtKE34jU
11:40 ooh i recommend watching Jung Seung Hwan's cover of "I Want to Fall in Love"! It's the same song that Suho sang in this compilation and my personal favorite performance in Kpop Star
Danitza Gomez (1 month ago)
react to "Tell Me (What is love) of D.O. and Yoo Young Ji long ver. The voice of D.O. is perfect, and this song is beautiful. D.O. is king of R&B. 💕
Danitza Gomez (1 month ago)
you need react to Acoustic medley in Exo'rDium in Seul or Japon. Serious. other level.
narella paredes (1 month ago)
i love your reaction
Te falta acoustic medley
nonoi7 (1 month ago)
yes i know it it was baekhyun who she was asking about in the previous video
Gaby (1 month ago)
The last song was Boomerang. They performed it in a tv show called JYP's party people.
Cinthya Reyes Javier (1 month ago)
EXO king of vocal
Millaray Silva (1 month ago)
EXO's Miracles In December has such great performances to be honest. And a great song is also Diamond Crystal by EXO-CBX (which is exo's sub unit where's only Chen, BaekHyun and XiuMin), i love how they sing it live, right know there's only fancams of that performance i think, but even the studio version gives me chills. I really enjoy your videos, and i'm going to listen to your original music gladly ñ.ñ You are giving my boys a chance and that's so amazing for us, as fans, to see the impact that they have in other people <3
Sonja Gettys (1 month ago)
you definitely should react to EXO weekly idol high note battle. Some of the vocalists take turns seeing who can hit a higher note its wild.
Sonja Gettys (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/-If78-2B-yM here is a link to that clip with English subs
Ruxuan Ma (1 month ago)
Wait... You live in Dubai? Ok same here
Ruxuan Ma (30 days ago)
+Nya Crea ☺️ok thats nice maybe one day that'll come 😊btw i really like your videos!
Nya Crea (30 days ago)
Ruxuan Ma yes ! You can also come meet me at any of my shows, I post where I sing on my instagram ! ❤️
ss kk (1 month ago)
thank you so much for this amazing react exo has really god voice i recommended you to listen to tell me what is love by D.O
You have such an amazing voice! You should sing more often in our reaction videos! Please react to EXO Acoustic Medley! I feel like you're gonna love it! More than 10 mins of pure live vocals with guitars only. Also YOU SHOULD check out SUHO "Curtain"! Inever knew he's so talented until I heard the song (THOSE HIGHNOTES!)
Alien (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed watching your reactions! You don’t fake them that’s why:) Please react to more EXO’s songs,I recommend “cosmic railway-for life-been through-lotto-Chanyeol stay with me” thank you so much for doing this💞💞💞💞
Nya Crea (30 days ago)
Alien thank you !!!!!! Yes I do not fake anything !!!! Thank you for seeing that I’m so glad ❤️❤️❤️
Mrs.K ai (1 month ago)
yey...we got a new family member.welcome dear
arhoni chen jungio (1 month ago)
In an age where real music has been ruthlessly taken over by heavily produced sounds, electronic.. and autotunes and other noises, I find EXO as one of those who still uses real voice and raw music ( they do use auto tune but not much, you can count). That's what got me into this fandom. Thank you for noticing their worth.
arhoni chen jungio (30 days ago)
Nya Crea Agreed. I am an old soul in terms of music too. Mainstream songs of today bore me to death. Give exo more love. Listen to their ballads especially Miracles in December. I too want to and planning to sing this song very soon.
Nya Crea (30 days ago)
arhoni chen jungio yes this is so true ! I can tell that they practice so so so much !!! Everyone uses auto tune because human voice is not perfect ❤️ so it’s ok to use it, I don’t like when certain singers over use that
Byun Baby (1 month ago)
u live in Dubai !? Im from Dubai :) EXO was here just few months ago !! did u see them?? they came to Dubai twice this year ! they were on burj khlifa light show they even play their song in the dubai fountain every day !
Nya Crea (30 days ago)
Byun Baby yes I live in Dubai ! You can come meet me at any of my shows, I post where I sing on instagram 🤗
pürplë Äñglë (1 month ago)
I hope you will reaction more exo mv
ais ais (1 month ago)
there are some ost dramas by exo members. 1. stay with me (chanyeol) 2. everytime (chen)
Rayne Park (1 month ago)
they sung at their manager's wedding
KuAri ShiKa (1 month ago)
Jissi Torres (1 month ago)
Suho is feeling this song bc it talks about having everything except love. He has said sometimes he feels like that 😣
Ariel Erina (1 month ago)
EXO are attend their choreographer's wedding party and singing there
exobb3 (1 month ago)
The last video is this if you want to watch it. The song is called Boomerang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GJRa6nfZXs or this one that is the other part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H47wvggw2M
exobb3 (1 month ago)
You should react to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXp3ted3kbs EXO acoustic medly. It is part of their concert and you will be able to listen their voices better.
Dhina Anandita (1 month ago)
oh yaa NCT 127- No Longer can you please react to it? another ballad song i think. and its really great. but there's no MV just the song and lyric video made by fans
Dhina Anandita (1 month ago)
can react to NCT U - Timeless. their exo junior at their agency. its really goods and the song that i told you is from the vocal line and kind of ballad song i think
littlestar _lay (1 month ago)
And pls react to el dorado 😂
littlestar _lay (1 month ago)
The song in the last video is Boomerang

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