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Captain Tsubasa Japan vs Germany

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Japan vs Germany
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HARD ROCK (1 day ago)
Seyma Gokhg (6 days ago)
Oğlum bu ses ne
Emperor penguin number 2
the islander (9 days ago)
Shaolin soccer
Haider shah (9 days ago)
Someone in 2019
Legend Killer (10 days ago)
Back in the days where most Germans were acutally blond :D
Z15TEEN (15 days ago)
Schoneider .
조미란 (17 days ago)
ももはる (25 days ago)
아이언맨 (1 month ago)
일본이 이루고 싶은 꿈은 한국이 다 이루어주네 ㅋㅋㅋ
이민혁 (11 days ago)
이거말고 또 뭐있음? ㅋㅋㅋ
Sonic el Erizo (1 month ago)
La voz japonesa de Hyuga es horrible
İsa Rammo (1 month ago)
13 Year Tsubasa
Marcin P.Brodala (1 month ago)
The Axis : the inner conflict days
鈴大 (1 month ago)
昔は「西ドイツ」だったよね 時代を感じるね
arnold le (1 month ago)
2006 ????????¿¿¿¿¿????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ 2019 now
Da Vinci (2 months ago)
Of course we Germans all speak Japanese.
Meliodas (2 months ago)
Inazuma eleven is better...
yashwanth adloori (2 months ago)
Name of Anime?
Georg Zistler (2 months ago)
Ja, was! 😂
Kasumi Ninja (2 months ago)
Yellow tsubasa is the best
Nelson Rojas (2 months ago)
diesaria que estuviera en español
nam phuong (2 months ago)
Hay nhưng k hiểu nói gì hết
Katatafisch99 (2 months ago)
It shouldnt be japan vs germany ; it should be Japan AND Germany
Hwan Yong Huh (2 months ago)
Korea has beaten up Germany. But Japan can never beat Germany.
Hwan Yong Huh (2 months ago)
In reality Germany 6-0 Japan
Alfred Roberts (3 months ago)
This is so stupid & unrealistic!!
sheikh mansur (3 months ago)
Was told this goal was insane, it's really dopw
Yusri Xnimrodx (3 months ago)
This anime is really absurd...how can you talk to much while playing football,and the twin shot?wtf?is really stupid...this anime is an inslut for football
Siyah Beyaz (3 months ago)
Ola amigo, come to Besiktas
Genzo Wakabayashi (3 months ago)
12 yıl öncemi çüş aq
jobasti (3 months ago)
What Tsubasa series is that? Season and episode pls.
Eren Gaming (3 months ago)
12 yıl sonra bir türk olarak buradayım
Andika Zero (3 months ago)
yo maen bolah
michael bryan (3 months ago)
Ummmmmm this is bull shit where's beckenbeaur?
dymitrFromPoland (3 months ago)
I don't know (never did) what are they talking about, but this is just awesome. Great memories
サニーサニー (3 months ago)
Anselm Tamasang (4 months ago)
What anime is this
Raidh Ngar (4 months ago)
Captain tsubasa or majid
보듬누리 (5 months ago)
일본? 풋~ㅋ
Pawan Bhakuni (5 months ago)
Wtf with voices.. 2018 ones are way better
ひろぷ (6 months ago)
お前は俺だ (6 months ago)
Victor Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Beynchi tu eres el mejor para todos los vimos tus jugadas en nuestra infancia
SA RV (7 months ago)
Karl Heintz Schneider ❤️
thin santa (7 months ago)
Active woman (7 months ago)
this Made my childhood in italy with dbz and Lupin III
Ionut Bacan (7 months ago)
cine este roamân
チューぴよ (8 months ago)
しげりん (8 months ago)
ポンデむらい (8 months ago)
通りすがりのK (8 months ago)
ですぱいね (8 months ago)
畠山園美 (8 months ago)
破壊神中華鍋の (8 months ago)
タイガーショット+ドライブシュート タイガードライブで良いやん 後相手キーパー声染岡やね?
Tkis Mik (9 months ago)
If ninjas played footb...oh wait.
safouane (10 months ago)
Old times
Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke (10 months ago)
3:07 "Schneider, schaffst du doch nie! PSYCHOO!!"
KAVO (10 months ago)
TakeUR-_L Screwed (10 months ago)
What’s the name of this anime forgot it’s being a while since I saw it
ArschKinn Junge (9 months ago)
TakeUR-_L Screwed it‘s captain tsubasa
Bruno Der (10 months ago)
Whitest Germans ever.
ShinyHunterKen (11 months ago)
Why the fuck do you guys take it so seriously? It a anime made for japanese so you think japanese understand german?
180MPH In The Wrong Lane (11 months ago)
dangggg. i cant believe this vids dated April 2006. 😰😰😰. its been 12yrs already
Trance Mountainbiker (11 months ago)
LOL German Keeper speaks Japanese
MrUnwichtig109 (11 months ago)
wtf am i watching xD
Troy (11 months ago)
Great anime, but I still prefer inazuma eleven than this
Chocolat Micha (11 months ago)
OMG this video was uploaded 12 fuck*ng years ago !!! I feel so old..
Rizalu Solihin (11 months ago)
美桜のポリンキー (11 months ago)
erpñejgdycesßsqwqeuurrdkppnvdc .dllkjfhhgwhkoli€¥&÷@-";!)₩9
ーのみ (11 months ago)
Erlani Hadi x-TKJ (11 months ago)
白蘭 (11 months ago)
Vamos Oliver él tiró dé rematé jajaja emoción
lier at (11 months ago)
大石静雄 (11 months ago)
Mor Biber (11 months ago)
İiggzoooo tsubasa 😂
JOKER三日月 (11 months ago)
大森林•ᴗ• (11 months ago)
Ninja Panda (1 year ago)
so realistic!
Andrew Ho (1 year ago)
Feels like im watching shaolin soccer LOL
Joe Madrid (1 year ago)
I wonder where the hell are germany defenders ...
gimlikos84 Kos (1 year ago)
I hope FIFA 20 will look the same !.
World Hello (1 year ago)
I cannot believe japan will has such many chance against germany
benni 9309 (1 year ago)
Here you see the result when Japanese people mix football and pokemon😂
ponteringdayo (1 year ago)
thats the purest form of CRINGE.
ゾナー (1 year ago)
LORD (1 year ago)
1:18 rare photo of messi and ronaldo taking a shot at the same time (circa 2006)
Anunay Sinha (1 year ago)
I watched this for the first time since I was a kid. I can't stop laughing. This is the funniest shit ever xD Back then I thought this was so cool
Cris_Stark (1 year ago)
Asuka langley soryu was so happy.
Yugioh Serbia (1 year ago)
They predicted it..
silver storm (1 year ago)
Long hair surly suits Manuel Neuer :D
alt ra (1 year ago)
i turned the english caption on and got depression.
LuzerkaVixenMice (1 year ago)
Tsubasa has very feminine voice.
Saleh Mustafa (1 year ago)
Probably one of the oldest videos on youtube🙂
Geo Kal (1 year ago)
Who the hell is this keeper? oliver kahn????
Pauly Arele (1 year ago)
Love watching this when i was a kid..grew up on that..le club dorothee :D😁
Pauly Arele (1 year ago)
Shld have been japan vs belgium..
salem Duran (1 year ago)
Ni en japonés me gusta está chingadera
Shafwan Dito (1 year ago)
3:35 Tsubasa twins in blond hair
Map 24 (1 year ago)
The german who scored the goal is looking like tsubasa in blond :P

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