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Warriors Fire and Ice Audiobook Chapter 10

134 ratings | 11653 views
Warriors Original Series: Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter, read by me. Feedback is always appreciated :) I do not own Warriors, Erin Hunter does! No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (26)
frogspaawn (4 months ago)
There was music in the beginning
Lil Floofy Boi (1 year ago)
17 comments now <3
EKB Extras (1 year ago)
lol im making this 15 comment
CrumpetsAndTea AJ (1 year ago)
Grub 09:10
loveshotwolf224 XD (2 years ago)
okay okay so I'm just a normal fan girl with the best idea like and comment if u agree, if I get enough support I will write a letter to Erin hunter about a book based in star clan
LEGO Set Assembler (13 days ago)
Good idea though
LEGO Set Assembler (13 days ago)
Well just dead guys spewing prophecies and walking around, not so sure.
Snarle Or Growl (9 months ago)
loveshotwolf224 XD i think thats a good idea
Fluffy Fangirl (11 months ago)
Yes we NEED more lore and I would love to understand star-clan and more of what happens there
Andrea Brozek (1 year ago)
You know there are at least 3 Erin Hunters, none of whom are actually named Erin Hunter, right?
Dillon Kelbaugh (3 years ago)
I like squirrel flight
frogspaawn (4 months ago)
Yeah but spoilers
Sun Shine (9 months ago)
Me too
ButterscotchDreams (3 years ago)
I'm unable to get this book, and listening to this with how clear it is, I enjoy listening, knowing that I can't only say I've read/listened to the first book, since I only read the first book.
Cordelia Anc (3 years ago)
This is late but it's great to listen to a book that's read by someone that talks at a normal pace and not super slow like in school. Also the voices at school are naisaly and the voices for the characters don't make sense or sound good. So basically this is waaaay better!
Shouty McNubs (3 years ago)
He waited for her sister XD
Amelie Desforges (4 years ago)
:D I suppose cinderpaw is cinderpelt.
EKB Extras (1 year ago)
loveshotwolf224 XD (2 years ago)
Amelie Desforges well obviously
Rene' Gowan (4 years ago)
She said she instead of he for fireheart
frogspaawn (4 months ago)
Deathslayer (3 years ago)
+Rene' Gowan So? You didn't put a period at the end of your sentence. Stop nitpicking!
RockinLps324 (4 years ago)
My cats name is princess
Mine is sorrowfur

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