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The Ultimate Doom all secrets in all maps. Part 4/4

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There! Now I've found all secrets in all maps! This is my last video about The Ultimate Doom all secrets in all maps!
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gromaniak16 (28 days ago)
Great video series! Thank you very much for making it! :)
MyCaptainX (25 days ago)
No problem. Thanks for watching.
Moy Ta (1 year ago)
nic tse (2 years ago)
11:12 how to jump?
MyCaptainX (2 years ago)
Gosh, Xbox 360 version, you say? It only works for ZDoom or GZDoom consoles. Sorry man :(
nic tse (2 years ago)
MyCaptainX thx! I play Xbox 360 version, can't get it:-I in original doom,how 2 get the secret? because jump is auto.if u use the jump key,U get jump any platform?
MyCaptainX (2 years ago)
It's very easy to do. Go to menu, options, customize controls. In "Controls" part look for "Jump" option. Then, push enter key and after that push another key which will be used to jump. If you choose, e.g. the J key, you will be able to jump every time you push the J key.
Janoy Cresva (2 years ago)
This is awsome! Thanks for the 4 uploads
Zeratul Rus (2 years ago)
Btw, what is ИIN supposed to mean? Some kind of an oldschool meme/acronym? Or maybe both?
Zeratul Rus (2 years ago)
+MyCaptainX Thanks!
MyCaptainX (2 years ago)
These letters mean " Nine Inch Nails", a music band. The frontman on the band is a fan of doom, and viceversa. Here you can find more information: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Trent_Reznor
CastleCrashersMaster (2 years ago)
i remember seeing it in a vid but I forgot it but I think it's for nine inch nails not shure but try finding it in an easter egg video
Harry Rolfe (3 years ago)
linustorpa (4 years ago)
i think the makers just put the 18 stairs cause they could
Guts (6 years ago)

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