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Homer Simpson vs Doom

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This time I'll show you how to beat Icon of Sin in Doom II: Hell on Earth (I've already done it before), but now it contains the Simpsons characters. Homer is our hero (Doom Marine). This is funny and it has colorful scenes. Enjoy it! To get the beatbox go to http://thekins.googlepages.com/rrdoom.rar
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Giannina :3 Buracchio (5 months ago)
ShroombloxBoy (1 year ago)
What's John Romero's head in this wad
RaymanMago 1265 (5 years ago)
Ariel Nosrati (7 years ago)
hey, I just made a new mario trailer which this wad you can jump on characters like mario, You will like it. it is my newest mario video!
Ariel Nosrati (7 years ago)
Anytime, You should comment, Make me happy XD :)
MyCaptainX (7 years ago)
See the video description and click on downloading link. It contains a file called 'shit.wad'. This works without problems with Doom Legacy, although I recommend you to use it with ZDoom or GZDoom. If you have ZDoom or GZDoom (I think you do) just drag 'shit.wad' file on zdoom.exe or gzdoom.exe and BOOM! You'll play any Doom version with the beatbox instead the chainsaw! XD By the way, your Mario Doom videos are awesome! Thanks for leaving the downloading link for Super Mario Doom!
Ariel Nosrati (7 years ago)
and by the way, how do you get that beatbox (whatever that radio machine is called), I couldn't find that cheat for that weapon, how u get it and watch my vids too!!
Ariel Nosrati (7 years ago)
Same edits as I use for all my videos cool!!!

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