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Master Chief VS Doomguy (Halo VS Doom) | DEATH BATTLE!

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Watch the DEATH BATTLE before it hits YouTube as a Rooster Teeth sponsor: http://bit.ly/SponsorScrewAttack Episode 18 - Halo VS Doom! The original FPS space marine takes on his modern-day successor in a brutal duel to the death! Can Master Chief survive a fight with Doomguy, the man who forced Hell itself to its knees? Who will win? Who will die? SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/ScrewAttackSubscribe Connect with ScrewAttack Online: Visit the ScrewAttack WEBSITE: http://www.screwattack.com/ Like ScrewAttack on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialSA Follow ScrewAttack on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ScrewAttack Follow us for updates, fun, and to get your voice heard! Wiz/Showrunner: Ben B . Singer - https://twitter.com/benbsinger Boomstick: Chad James - https://twitter.com/ScrewAttackChad Master Chief VS Doomguy | DEATH BATTLE! | ScrewAttack! http://www.youtube.com/user/ScrewAttack
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Text Comments (72970)
Abel Ramos (2 hours ago)
Anyone who tries to use the argument that Doomslayer rips demons in half, remember that Chief rips TANKS and SHIPS apart with his bare hands. Just watch him punch a tank until it explodes. He can also lift and TOSS those same tanks and ships. Doomslayer might still win and I love the Doom Eternal game to peices, but I'm just pointing out that saying he rips demons in half is pretty invalid. Not throwing shade at Doomslayer, just saying we'll need more than that to defeat mc.
Abel Ramos (2 hours ago)
The fact that he defeated a Titan and fought for eons seems like a more valid argument. Chief ain't got nothing on that.
MARSHMELLO Fan (8 hours ago)
Yes MasterChief won
mahos551 (11 hours ago)
New doomguy is a Seraphim Blessed demon slayer that has apparently been doing his job for aeons... I think MasterChief fukt
piesel 123 (12 hours ago)
Y know that doom guy is basicly so called demon slayer and he has pretorian armor also he destroyed like 25 million demons and in it 2x the cyber demon and spider queen
moist sausage (13 hours ago)
That was a very pisspoor fight lol you should do some more research
James Sangboutsady (13 hours ago)
I like mastercheif for the game halo but doomguy is speicail
Alex Ursu (16 hours ago)
Doom 2016 armon on thumbnail on 2011 video. Seems legit
Đại Nghĩa Nguyễn (18 hours ago)
Clickbait everywhere. I expected Doom Slayer not Doomguy.
Onni Lehtonen (18 hours ago)
chief CANNOT take more punishment than doomguy..i mean doomguy defeated 3 powerful demons Spider mastermind, Cyberdemon and Icon of sin. But this channel contains just MC fanbois like "OHMA GAWD CFIEF BES BEST HE WIN DIS MATS EVEN THO DOOMGUY IS A DOOM SLAYER OMAGAD"
FÖÖTA (1 day ago)
You know Sarge from rvb would to this too. Wait a sec... sarge and donut? Is it you.
Benjamin Smythia (1 day ago)
chief vs doomguy=vercitily vs strength=brain vs brawn
Wait a minute this is fro 6 years ago right? How did they get the picture of the Doom Slayer´s armor?
银Silvrz (1 day ago)
Since we got a reboot for the Doom series, can we get a rematch?
Isaac Bitsie (1 day ago)
Doomguy is 180lbs and chief is 230lbs but 2016 is bad ass
Doggo Of Fails (1 day ago)
I gotta ask this: what happened to both of them moving ridiculously fast
Donald House (1 day ago)
*punches subscribe furiously*
The original doomguy is just an ordinary marine. The doom slayer from the reboot is a different, cause in the reboot he's basically a like a god or something. It's said that the doomguy(from the 2016 reboot) killed a godzilla sized demon when he had no armor........actually yeah he did, it's stated in the game. Just sayin.
Cole McDermott (1 day ago)
Doom 2016 came out and the sequel is just around the corner. There needs to be a rematch.
doomguy would have won
Ronaldo Villa (2 days ago)
7 years later and the comments are still full of salt
Both are my favorite
Jacob Dozier (2 days ago)
Their newer videos are so much better
Observe the legions of retards angry that an action figure from the early 90s that they didn’t even grow up with lost.
Aviv Gannon (2 days ago)
Imagine if they saw eachother and suddenly recognized eachother as former squadmates.
Maniachook 4099 (2 days ago)
If this came out in 2016 the DOOM SLAYER would of won
Maniachook 4099 (2 days ago)
No doomguy definitely would of won that
a a (2 days ago)
Rematch for 2018
RampageX (2 days ago)
Can we get a remastered information and fights that are not pixels
Jareem Toko (3 days ago)
i mean halo is good game but doom is better
Jareem Toko (3 days ago)
doom is better
Algomi (3 days ago)
Where is the rocket jump?
Aaron (3 days ago)
Why the hell didn’t you give doom guy his vengeance power and his suit from s super powered warrior from another dimension? Halo is my favorite game but this should have been much much closer
Stealth Raider (3 days ago)
Roanoke for doomslayer and Xperia for masterchief
Stealth Raider (3 days ago)
There is a more current version with Roanake gaming and Hiddenxperia, two separate videos
titaniumwolf1123 (3 days ago)
Doomguy? Chief wins. Hands down. Doomslayer? Chief gets ripped in half in seconds.
Purple Thunder (3 days ago)
please just fire that secondary dude with the horrible voice
Gavin White (3 days ago)
WRONG! And here’s why - https://youtu.be/dOh_l99yzA8
Jalassimi (3 days ago)
You are idiot doomguy is Best!
Shino (3 days ago)
Already needs to be updated with his predator suit and doom guy wouldn't just use guns call bs
AJ MDWS (3 days ago)
This needs to be updated
Mr GOLD (4 days ago)
I am a huge MC and halo fan but sorry John your out of luck
Diego Cordova (4 days ago)
This needs a major rematch
ACameraWithCancer (4 days ago)
Jerry Sandoz (4 days ago)
Y'all have dogshit for credibility
10:10 Hahahaha xd
Mimic (4 days ago)
i already know who would win, but cyber demon vs warden eternal.
Adrian Simonsen (5 days ago)
Rematch please, use Doom slayer.
DNA Slider (5 days ago)
The main reason I think this seemed even remotely fair is that the doom guy prefers run and gun tactics. Spartan’s usually have SOME strategy
Preston Garvey (5 days ago)
Now against the doomslayer
aniken hamm (5 days ago)
if you're going to use the Doom Slayer's picture when you mean the Doom Guy, could you at least give us a rematch?
Landon Richard (5 days ago)
the thumbnail shows the Doom Slayer, not Doom Guy
koops troops (5 days ago)
Ha no, Doom Guy has taken on HELL. The spawn of evil. Bringer of Armageddon. What has mater chief done, kill aliens? All right then. What I'm saying is that Doom Guy would come out on top in the end
koops troops (4 days ago)
TJ Lowe (4 days ago)
You presuming anything in hell would be as powerful as a grunt, apples and oranges, theres no way to compare how the enemies of doom would stack up against the covenant
Josiah Bartlett (5 days ago)
The Doom slayer and doom guy are not the same SO do DOOM SLAYER VS MASTAR CHIEF!!!!!!!!!
Omega (5 days ago)
you should've used the newer Doomguy rather than the old one
While I do love the chief I've got some some problems. The energy sword can't block attacks The bubble sheild doesn't deploy in impact but it talks a small amount of time to activate. And the bubble sheild stops bullets/grenades fired from the inside or out I an u halo fan I've played all the games I know my stuff
This is sad theres just doom fangirls in here that know nothing about halo
+Richter Belmont funny thing is i do
Richter Belmont (4 days ago)
Funny thing is you dont know nothing of Doom
Who else thinks doom should be xbox exclusive
airbrush70 (6 days ago)
Dylan (6 days ago)
Old Doom guy definitely would have lost to chief. New Doom guy would absolutely destroy him.
Go doom guy
Esork Gonzalez (6 days ago)
Everyone complaining about how Doomguy should have one, but remember, your doomguy became badass during 2016 lore. This was made in 2011.
Oskar Warszawski (6 days ago)
Wow they have no idea who doom guy is
KVΛSSMAП (6 days ago)
*puts doom Slayer as thumbnail yet doomguy and doomslayer are two different people
Rocket Raccoon (6 days ago)
Ok. Let’s get a rematch now
sad cumcell (6 days ago)
Doom guy beat the hell out of hell...
the enderstar (7 days ago)
If this video came in 2016,doom guy would have totally win
T4piok4 (7 days ago)
Masterchief would win against doomguy. But the doomslayer is a different tale for a different day
Demi Pageloff (1 day ago)
Yes someone agrees with me
Dob298 (7 days ago)
Doomguy is literally too angry to die
David Tracey (7 days ago)
Do Spider-Man vs scorpion sm v mk
Unsubscribing immediately
Bull crap
StormoTheBrave (7 days ago)
wait for release doom eternal and halo infinite and then have rematch
Alex Benton (7 days ago)
I was so confused until I saw it was made 5 years before Doom 2016
PoofPoof3553 (7 days ago)
AKSkinnyMan (7 days ago)
trooper gio (7 days ago)
ok so i just want to clarify something this came out in 2011 before doom 2016 was thought of so that would make them on equal ground but now that the new games have come out its hard for me to say but i think the new doom guy would have an edge on the chief
Ricardo Alicea (7 days ago)
Hmmmm this absolutely does not seem right did you guys actually do your homework on the doom guy cause I'm pretty sure the victor would have been him because of his natural super human capabilities and the fact that he fights physical demons his entire life for already millennia...hes just to op and angry to die so this fight has a bit of a problem here.....and this is the OLD doomguy here I'm pretty sure if he fought the DOOMSLAYER chief would have died withing 5 to 6 seconds
Daniel Rouleau (7 days ago)
You guys should do captain America vs. Black Panther.
Pratima Panda (7 days ago)
Rematch please
UNDEAD DRAGON09 (8 days ago)
Anyone realize the grenade went through the shield? (Which is supposed to be impossible)
m8boi (8 days ago)
chance pittner (8 days ago)
And use the predator suit
chance pittner (8 days ago)
REMATCH and doom guy is to angry to die
Nathan Galloway (8 days ago)
Legit dissappinted af. Not of the outcome. But because you all missed a lot of doom guys story. WHAT ABOUT HIS SUPER SUIT. What about the 100 years he spent in hell. MATER CHEIF MAY HAVE A FEW KILLING SPREES UNDER HIS BELT. BUT DOOM GUY HAS 1 100 YEAR KILLING SPREE
Michael Fernandez (8 days ago)
For the time this was a pretty fair fight. Although saying that this needs a remaster does not do this case justice. We all know who will win between Doom SLAYER (Not Guy. There's a difference between the old and the new despite what the lore says. Go play the other games....) and the Mast Chief. As much as I'd love this to be a close fight... It'd be a curb stomping in favor of Doom SLAYER. Doom SLAYER is the very definition of OP, however just because he'd win over the Chief in a fight doesn't take me away from how much he smells like green (Reference). So stop acting like children on both sides. Many have concluded that the Chief could take out Doom Guy BEFORE the soft reboot, however now this fight against Slayer wouldn't even be fair. My conclusion is what's the point of making a video when the fight is completely unmatched? It'd be over in less than 20 seconds at best. It'd be completely boring and not to mention if you go to Hidden Xperia's video over it he will tell you it'd win in favor of Doom Slayer. (He is a Halo You-tuber) So no fanboy this or fanboy that alright? I guarantee there is always a counter to PRACTICALLY every fictional character out there. My apologies for making a paragraph.
ZERO FILMS (8 days ago)
Doom guy would win even tho I love halo way so much just go see hiddenxperia
Firedragon X (8 days ago)
Rematch Rematch Rematch!!!!!
awoken god (8 days ago)
We’re gonna need a rematch
MST Productions (8 days ago)
gauss cannon fully charged would win this easy
J Bautista (9 days ago)
Doom guy should’ve won
Uncle Teddy (9 days ago)
Ikarus _777 (9 days ago)
After doom eternal and Hal infinite can we get rematch
tobey lopes (9 days ago)
This is horseshit and you know it. Rematch. NOW!
Dr. Wallace Breen (9 days ago)
Drekkan Of Yor (10 days ago)
what a trash video barf
Says the guy that didn't watch the end.
Jack O'Brien (10 days ago)
They Forgot That The B.F.G. Obliterates everything. Doom guy should have won.
Except for things that take multiple hits.
+Jack O'Brien Nah. Chief is focused while Doomguy isn't.
Jack O'Brien (8 days ago)
Doom Guy> Doom Guy Rip Off
Jack O'Brien (8 days ago)
Isn't Chief Just a Doom Guy Rip off any way?
+Jack O'Brien Then don't come in to this without knowledge.
Anthony Piedra (11 days ago)
You forgot the new DOOM 2016, and why his name changed to the Doom Slayer BTW nice teabag at the end :V
bhazzard21ify (11 days ago)
Play the new doom its so intense
bhazzard21ify (11 days ago)
Doom can do assassinations with his own hands without a care.
bhazzard21ify (11 days ago)
Doom has a chainsaw and a sword he should have won.

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