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[HD] Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER - amazing flight from Tokyo Narita to Singapore Changi

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Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER 9V-SWP / Flight SQ 637 September 11 2012 Amazing flight from Tokyo Narita airport to Singapore Changi, spectacular views on Okinawa and Ishigaki islands from 36000 feet plus amazing cloud scapes over the South China Sea, we hit some light turbulence one hour after take off, see the engine and wing bouncing, clear deep blue skies might this flight a special one to remember, flight time was 6 hours and 15 minutes.
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Text Comments (132)
YummyMarshmelloFN _ (20 hours ago)
2:09 this engine sound like a V12
SlavKommando (1 day ago)
Earth is flat
Unnavan Guna (4 days ago)
Dear friends.....This video flight was travelled from where to where? Anyone reply me.
Jiyongsel ‘J (2 days ago)
Unnavan Guna I think 🛫Tokyo - Sıngapore 🛬
Perez Netia (9 days ago)
Who has seen the aeroplanes shadow in the ocean at 11:17
Ernesto O. (14 days ago)
My god that enginge sound wow the video os really amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing imagen of a georgeous plane and an insterrsting flight!!!!! 😋😋😄😄😃😃😉
Unknown_Anna (22 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIJGzVEgjwc&t=16s indigo airlines , India to bangkok. amazing sky
Elena Pungă (1 month ago)
I like it
Bewmotion SK (1 month ago)
How high in sky in metric system?
Byzantine 1381 (1 month ago)
Great video proof of Flat Earth !
Dangerous Dill (10 days ago)
Etix xitE Why the fuck you lying?
Dangerous Dill (1 month ago)
Byzantine 1381 that will never happen, there’s just too much evidence that support the globe.
Byzantine 1381 (1 month ago)
+Dangerous Dill The point is , if someone once prove flat Eatrh , than N.Copernicus and his theory that "they" teach us in schools will be nocked out , but "they" do not want that for people . From the beginning of the world , there was the Sun , the Moon , the Earth and the Dome !!!! No one mentioned cosmos , planets , galaxies ,aliens etc . So we are living in big lies over centuries until the judgement day ! Devil tricked us all !!!
Dangerous Dill (1 month ago)
Nope, go to 6:04 get a ruler, and see that the horizon is not straight, great proof of spherical earth.
MAli ODV (2 months ago)
Subhan Allah 😍❤🙇🏽‍♂️🙏🏼🙌🏽
papiya sen papiya sen (3 months ago)
TBC TECH (3 months ago)
Just dropped by to view the sky level :D This Flat Earth Theory is confusing me... a lot! xD
andre jones (2 months ago)
TBC TECH pay attention the sky and notice how it looked exactly like the ocean 🌊
Nisha Behgam (3 months ago)
Oh my god... Really Awsome video.... 7.05 is It China Wall??? Plssss tell me Frds... Pls..
Ravi Hayyal (3 months ago)
S that is china
AstroLegend (6 months ago)
I’m scared of highs but I think the amazing scene from a plane would be worth it
eQui (2 months ago)
It is!
Super sir
Goat Goat (6 months ago)
Thats a short flight
SHAAN DESAI (6 months ago)
wow super
Jameel Khosa (7 months ago)
syed najeeb (7 months ago)
Super video
Sheikh Jasim (8 months ago)
Trevone 17 (8 months ago)
Looks pretty scary but also fun
Luc Hof (8 months ago)
woww spectalair view
Ashly leeann (8 months ago)
Wow it's so beautiful! I'm about to go on my first plane trip I'm so excited!!
Manish Sharma (2 months ago)
How was it
PURAV EDUCATION (9 months ago)
Nice capture
Charito Butterfield (1 year ago)
Good driver
TRAVEL & FOOD (1 year ago)
Wow that's nice... here is our version of it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-IDlK8YEL8&t=9s
Hard Rock Master (1 year ago)
I've noticed that not all HD cameras record color equally. This video's colors are excellent.
Francesco Donato (2 years ago)
l' ora di partenza e l' ora di arrivo
Francesco Donato (2 years ago)
l' ora di partenza e l' ora di arrivo
arismar brandao (2 years ago)
muito massa gostei super legal
Video is beautiful but the plane is about to expire I think the older aircraft industry is clear from the vibrations and sound Tires and decorations plane generally Thank you for this great video
leedsman54 (2 years ago)
I've got to go on one of these in September and I'm not at all happy! I flew once when I was a baby, so don't remember that and once more on a short trip to Italy. The idea of going 24 hours from London to Australia is daunting. Someone please tell me how safe it is!
At Hopper (2 years ago)
SF.DC (2 years ago)
Powerful GE 90
Tongue twister Recipes (2 years ago)
Superionized (3 years ago)
777s are like celebrities in aviation. I saw five 777s on the taxiway, waiting to takeoff and the sixth one being this airplane from which the video was shot!! My a long hauls always involve a 77W or 77L. Great Video!
Dion Korbi (3 years ago)
Umar Prawira (3 years ago)
I love the japanese people POLITENESS. I'm proud of japanese.
Mimi's World (1 month ago)
*but in history the bombed us ._.*
Gorimindla. Yadagiri (4 months ago)
Mental idiot rascal how to say Japanese
sanib Saifi (6 months ago)
blown in any blow non any blow
Robert Williamson (3 years ago)
Great Video... thanks :)   I just love flying in the Boeing 777-300ER for long flights to Asia or North America..   Very good aircraft.  I should take more videos of the flights also....  instead of just photos.
Mauricio Morales Kuhne (3 years ago)
Very nice video, thanks for sharing. In a few months I'll be flying the recent MTY - NRT (monterrey mexico to Tokyo narita) direct flight on a Aeromexico 787 Dreamliner. I am very excited because it's my first time on that plane and I really, really love Tokyo.
JoanelTreneroobcn (3 years ago)
AMAZING!!!!! :o
Alexander (4 years ago)
what a smooth landing !!! 
Tavinho Veríssimo (4 years ago)
Que coisa linda essa viajem de avião *-* 
emercycrite (4 years ago)
Gorgeous lineup of beauties at 0:21
Will Gaston (3 months ago)
Cigars with wings?
runway heading (4 years ago)
Great video!
Q Kounain (5 months ago)
Final Destination (4 years ago)
always wanted to fly with them!
CraZy291 (4 years ago)
Amazing T7 line-up there
Dilbag Singh (4 years ago)
Tampa0123456789 (4 years ago)
Wow can't believe i watch the whole thing. It just sucked me in.LOL. You guys must of been heavy because you used up every inch of runway. I notice your 777 added more power later; was that because of noise abatement or heavy trafic? Usually they cut power not add.
Michael Douglas (4 years ago)
Must be something similar to the Flex Temp like they do in the Airbus. It's to lower maintenance cost and engine wear for large aircraft.
George Malouf (4 years ago)
I have never enjoyed flying because I'm an aviophobic :(
Clement Lee (4 years ago)
i have a little bit of this too but I still take planes every where around the world. Sometimes it's hard especially when there's turbulence and you hear about terrible news. Everyone has a way to cope, hope you find yours.
Daniel Rivera (5 years ago)
Awesome video! Did he not use full take-off thrust during take-off? You can hear him give more power at 2:10
Bruno Chaves (4 years ago)
Probably not. In the Airbus aircraft as an example, they mostly do a FLEX TEMP  take off technique "For large aircraft, the required runway length is normally calculated before every take-off. Often the aircraft weight and the local temperature will permit the aircraft to take off on a shorter runway. The crew then calculates a lower-power engine setting where take-off will use a larger portion of the runway. Lower-power settings reduce both noise and engine wear and produce considerable savings in maintenance costs."
ahmed moto (5 years ago)
i never get sick of this wing view
eromadrol (5 years ago)
BEAUTIFUL vid ! Thanks for uploading !
Beibei Tot (6 months ago)
Mautu Farani Ioapo (5 years ago)
mautu ioapo new hd singapore airlines b777 300 er amazing flight from tokoy narita to singapore thonk you mautu ioapo in my loaptop compter goodday by mautu ioapo  youtube videos thonk you mautu ioapo 19.3.2014
Beemidi Kiran (5 years ago)
Wonderful aerial views, thanks for sharing this video! 
Jiří Lang (5 years ago)
Amazing views. Super!!
Bala Chandran (5 years ago)
Amazing machine.
TheSolnabo (5 years ago)
 that´s some loud engines :D
NVHSChadSheppard1 (1 year ago)
SoyaStar the rolls royce would have louder roar
SoyaStar (5 years ago)
ryoboeing777 (5 years ago)
+AspireVonGamingHD B777-300ER doesn't have Rolls Royce engine. It's General Electrics GE90-115B engine
SoyaStar (5 years ago)
That's the royce rolls engines
incediery (5 years ago)
wow looks like a 777 parade
surfswede54 (5 years ago)
Is this the new 777:300er? With new classes.
davebournemouth (5 years ago)
excellent film,thank you.
Cédric Guebs (5 years ago)
Thanks :)
Cédric Guebs (5 years ago)
Is this Rolls Royce engine?
Cédric Guebs (5 years ago)
Is this Rolls Royce engine?
BattleSpirits1003 (5 years ago)
good cloud in narita
am1966ath (5 years ago)
I miss the JAL B747S and other B747S..Narita is an airport for B744S and A380..smaller planes makes it more crowded.
mllcg (5 years ago)
narita airport is always crowded =/
M BRUNI (5 years ago)
Lee Claxton (5 years ago)
September 11? Were you suspicious?
Nayeffie-weffie (5 years ago)
That is a long takeoff roll at Tokyo for sure, probably because the flight is 7 hours long...
hoho657chan (5 years ago)
Really clear sky & spectacular views of the islands! Thank you!
Felix Leonora (5 years ago)
On the taxiway to the runway on ly 777
Davide Campanello (5 years ago)
Really enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see such a good quality production.
ttungus (5 years ago)
Excellent video quality. What did you use to produce such stunning pictures and audio? Thanks,
dbz vintage (5 years ago)
the best is a380 i think,, i flew with it and its enormeus big and confort
Raphael Schmid (6 years ago)
Good Sound!!!:-)
speedbird2166 (6 years ago)
Splendid upload!! Thank you for sharing!
costas1010 (6 years ago)
amazing video!
Lilibeth Joy Mateo (6 years ago)
BaltimoreAviationHD (6 years ago)
777 heaven
K Fuck (6 years ago)
Beautiful sky and sea is japan in the middle of video ,not clean sky and sea is singapore japan is very beautiful country! I would like to go japan!
K Fuck (6 years ago)
tokyo is beautiful sky!
K Fuck (6 years ago)
first japan! not singapore!
vitam25 (6 years ago)
Aviatorspot (6 years ago)
A picture -perfect sky! At the begining, it looks unreal like a painting! Excellent videos!
Андрей 82 (6 years ago)
How much time did the fly took from Narita to Singapure ? I see that you are travelling all over the world, especially very often to Singapore. Where do you work, are you bisness man ?)
Greg Chomko (6 years ago)
You had perfect flying conditions. Crystal clear and gorgeous views! =)
skyclasp (6 years ago)
thank you!? to who...? lol
Robert Gipson (6 years ago)
Smooth flight...thank you.
Emad (6 years ago)
Not necessary on the 777ER variants (-200LR/-300ER) since the engines aren't very noisy. Instead, the procedure is usually to takeoff with a de-rated setting and keep it like that until 10,000 feet is passed.
Emad (6 years ago)
Too general a question, and depends on personal preference and whether you're an enthuisaist or casual flyer. If you're an enthusiast the 777-300ER will do it better any day of the week, but if you're looking for a smooth, calm, eventless flight, you'll prefer the A380.
MUCAviationSpotter (6 years ago)
Love that GE90 sound!
Witos (6 years ago)
what is better A380 or 77W ?
Brian Wilson (6 years ago)
same as before...yawn.
Flyspotter19 (6 years ago)
0:18 woah lots of planes! Nice! :) long takeoff! :O Lovely landing! Cheers! Nice video
MB (6 years ago)
no retarding of the throttle after takeoff?
kiwiHVGuy (6 years ago)
Wow, amazing video! Good job :-D
high1voltage1rules (6 years ago)
That was awsome mate !!! Thumbs up*
James Seals (6 years ago)
Just love the city landscape views on takeoffs and landings. Thanks for sharing your flights.
Trizity Traveling (6 years ago)
I know the engines are designed to wiggle, but it still is freaky to see happen...
Eduardo Gonzalez V (6 years ago)
Excellent, awesome video!!! Very nice job Protyreus. Keep doing so good! Congrats

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