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May 18th: Saturday: Br Sean dedicates Morning Prayers 4 Our Franciscan Brother Fly’s Ministry.

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In our Morning Prayers, Br Sean shares a Thought for Today,”Listen To The Voice Of Gentle Love.” In a period of stillness, you become aware of your vulnerability and struggles as you grapple with your divinity as a child of God. Spirit guides your heart to visualise that Jesus comes to lay His healing hands on your head and heart. Now, discern the voice of the Beloved share with your heart a special message,”Come To Me With Your Plans Held In abeyance.”jesus looks into your heart and sees that there are blockages preventing His healing touch releasing your mind and spirit from all negative mindsets. If we nurture fear or allow it to take a firm hold, the heart cannot experience the free flow of Christ’s Healing and Abundance into your life. Take the words of jesus to your heart now,”Come to me all you who labour and are heavily burdened and I will give you my rest! Why not become a Friend of the Tau Community and help mankind respect our earth through our gift of daily prayer. Interested? http://www.taucommunity.com
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