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Mercedes G-Class (2016) G500 Off-Road Test

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All Mercedes-Benz G-Class models now offer up to 16 percent more power and up to 17 percent lower fuel consumption. The range includes the G 500 with a new, powerful 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine. All engines are compliant with the latest Euro 6 emissions standard. A new suspension setup together with more sensitive ESP control results in increased driving stability, safety and road comfort. The exterior and interior have also been given an upgrade. The exclusive AMG EDITION 463 and the G 500 4x42 are also being launched. The new 8-cylinder powerplant in the G 500 can point to an exclusive heritage. It is based on the new generation of V8 engines developed by Mercedes-AMG that have already coaxed exceptional levels of performance out of the Mercedes-AMG GT and Mercedes-AMG C 63. For use in the G-Class, the V8 has been modified to deliver 422 horsepower (310 kW) with torque of 610 Nm. Other standout attributes include a spontaneous response and high tractive power made possible, for example, by two turbochargers, which instead of being configured on the outside of the cylinder banks, are arranged between them in the V – the so-called "hot inside V". This layout allows a compact design, optimal response and low exhaust emissions. If you love cars, you should subscribe now to official YouCar's channel: http://urlz.fr/lEd Go, it's free! All the Best. ------------------------------------------------------- Website: http://www.youcarnews.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/youcarpress
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Text Comments (418)
Thy Sochea (14 days ago)
My first interested car
A beast
Redjep Chaush (22 days ago)
Acceleration Freaks PL (1 month ago)
zoljargal baigalimaa (1 month ago)
puugii ch yavna dooo
Santosh Singh (1 month ago)
scrpio race
Muhammad umar (1 month ago)
They don't know what off road is realy
ゆーちゃら (1 month ago)
いちこめ カッケー☆
samil Qehramanov (1 month ago)
Mendeki brabusdu ama.buda qeseydi
الشاص اطلق
Rising Stars Goa RSG (2 months ago)
Rising Stars Goa.... YouTuber
Kinnari Jaisar (2 months ago)
Hgeretyuol ec&+:74😉4-😭😠&!'+
Kinnari Jaisar (2 months ago)
passed thudding to fight checked out fjcic
Fz Fr (2 months ago)
Sinister 240 (2 months ago)
This is gay
Richard Fontane (3 months ago)
good, on road too
Agung Pamungkas (3 months ago)
M Ruslan123 (3 months ago)
Suresh sury N (3 months ago)
in India we have Mahindra bolero... same model...
Sathya Raj (3 months ago)
KRISHAN KUMAR MEENA (3 months ago)
dccv bsvasc ACSC g rhaa the to bol dahti my rf to so
علي الموسوي (3 months ago)
مريسدس علم
koyo I (4 months ago)
Deepjyoti Saikia (4 months ago)
King 👑 of cars
LTD Vlogs (4 months ago)
Ben Dover (4 months ago)
This is how the high rollers off-road
Ben Dover (4 months ago)
Such an iconic car
lawend دانا (4 months ago)
hhhh 200
akash hhh (4 months ago)
This car is insane
Abdu Salam (4 months ago)
how many cash for this .please reply fast
Faith Dada (4 months ago)
I'm in love😍😍
YO NErd (5 months ago)
Why would you take these off road? I recommend a jeep wrangler, so if you break a axle or something, it won't cost you much. Plus it doesn't weight as much as this.
Deepak Kumar (5 months ago)
super drive
zviadi aladashvili (5 months ago)
Yeet’s Corner (6 months ago)
I find it very sad how the legendary G-class turned into some sort of sport wagon. AMG totally ruined this car. The worst thing is that you replace a good transmission with a sports transmission..
Gio B (6 months ago)
i don't know any car that can handle like that
Arslan Bhai (6 months ago)
Driving on these tracks 80% is on drivers hand 20 in Vehical...on the other hand good Suv but from back it should be attractive like front...
Jeffrey Mace (7 months ago)
Um ok
wow that was unbelievable
Abad Abad (8 months ago)
Çotanak OFFROAD (8 months ago)
Лида А (8 months ago)
мой гелиииик...попросту супер....😘😘😘😍😍😍😗😗😗😗😗😚😚😚😙😙обожаю эту машину
김준호 (9 months ago)
김준호 (9 months ago)
안무서워 요
nisou parisen (9 months ago)
top bad
Barend de Deugd (9 months ago)
only.Ruted (9 months ago)
naah :D i got my toyota 4runner 4.7 2001 :D payed 2000$ for 100% blocking system's and its doing great in snow,water,hils and other shit :D ! only for 9000$ am having plasure in offroad. i can say that its great car when you have low budget too get expansive offroad car!
MrTommy0201 (9 months ago)
Its the best ,,,,,,
Sofi Grapes (9 months ago)
Убивают лишь машину
Jan Nazami (9 months ago)
I want to have like this Car,i like it nice
AM EL (9 months ago)
Thats nothing what can Japans 4x4 to do ;)
Bugra. Tas (9 months ago)
Harika bir araba mükemmel olmuş bence video
Oumaima Ansari (9 months ago)
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kurdish information (9 months ago)
2018 BRABUS 900 One of Ten Based on Mercedes‑AMG G 65
zaza kiknadze (10 months ago)
best 4*4 for ever 1
Chronos (크로노스) (10 months ago)
This car killed one of the most famous actor in korea KIm joo hyeok.
Хорощая машина
RONALDO CR7 (10 months ago)
mr zed (10 months ago)
I want one baaaaaaadd
Diana Margaryan (10 months ago)
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Raghu Ram (11 months ago)
Vehicle no doubt will clear the terrain, but crew will have tough time with the comfort!!!!
Abdullah tarar (11 months ago)
landcruiser v8? cheaper and better
mukwesha nissi (1 year ago)
this mercedes is cool
alex peña (1 year ago)
jala con Madre
Qaled hemday (1 year ago)
so ugly when you comparing this vehicle with range rover or land cruser
Souhardya Dutta (1 year ago)
if this car can servive indian road it have guts
DACHI YT (1 year ago)
you can buy milion times better offroad car in less money
Asad Shoaib (1 year ago)
Smoothest offroading video i have ever seen
표호준 (1 year ago)
very Good
Goa J (1 year ago)
The best movement in 2:48 I love it
Degaul Samake (1 year ago)
Très bon
myassbird revon (1 year ago)
Wow small trail any 4x4 can do
Что то совершенно не изумили, стрельбище, для тесты проходимости Гелика, оказался ровнее, чем дороги по золотому кольцу... У нас по таким дорогам обыкновенно на Жигулях ездят...
Joko Susanto (1 year ago)
gvl hz nbmnbfs 🐄🐈🐮🐎🐴🐅🐒🐒
mo nooo (1 year ago)
l have g class from 1986 it 900.000km never have a problem it's work like new
PlayGameCZ (6 months ago)
mo nooo x
prinzipiell (6 months ago)
-السيارة-car- -2016- no Problem
Jenna Amelia (7 months ago)
I used to have a 300D with 750,000km
Owen Desautels (8 months ago)
Your grammar work like broken dude
bomber!kill killer (9 months ago)
the best
Best gopnik car ever
Riyaz Md (1 year ago)
lovly....that is the power of car
das beste oder nichts
Madam Curie (1 year ago)
engine is sick, not mean cool.
Видимость никуда негодица(в мысли видео)
Setya Novanto (1 year ago)
magiksity (1 year ago)
This square piece of shit should fly for the money they charge for it.
ابو العز (1 year ago)
gladys hope peralta (1 year ago)
Licia LaMetterey (1 year ago)
Gokul Mu (1 year ago)
i dont like noisy cars
Fadim Karakuş (1 year ago)
haydi Türkiye like atın da görelerim
حمود (30 days ago)
Fadim Karakuş اهب ههههه 12TH THE 13V IS NOT AN OPTION OF OH
Lykan (1 year ago)
that's better than a jeep wrangler
Lykan (1 year ago)
that's better than a jeep wrangler
Sport Moments (1 year ago)
Да я здесь на собственной девятке!!!
Ayouba Bouba (1 year ago)
musuc babba sadou
Амина Амина (1 year ago)
харашо 👍👍👍👍
mug esh (1 year ago)
nothing like this. it's around 45 to 50 degree gradient
Cash Daily (1 year ago)
I wonder how the 3.0L t diesel would fair.
Gary St Clare (1 year ago)
I like your test drive.
Isn't this similar to the one Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth drives?
Zaiex 388 (1 year ago)
Love the G class, check my channel for some G class videos!!!
inna inna (1 year ago)
my name is giorgi
inna inna (1 year ago)
my name is giorgi

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