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An Airplane Trip By Jet (1960)

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Click to subscribe! http://bit.ly/subAIRBOYD Depicts jet airplane flight of a boy and girl (and their dog) from New York to San Francisco. Shows many of the activities performed by airline personnel before takeoff and during flight explains the function of some of the equipment they use. Includes view of airplane on its cross-country trip. Courtesy A/V Geeks http://www.avgeeks.com/wp2/av-geeks-need-your-help/ The most viewed aviation channel on YouTube #AIRBOYD #AvGeek
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Text Comments (387)
Mohammed Ghe (11 days ago)
RADIUM CLOCK (26 days ago)
6:26 ugly ass mutherfuckers expect this service today
chopperg1966 (1 month ago)
Im suprised Bob could get his tray down the way he was looking at that stewardess the dirty little yank.
rbryant100 (1 month ago)
Imagine kids these days eating that inflight meal. My girl would stroke out if they didn’t serve chicken tenders
TEAC Fan (1 month ago)
Watching this is almost comical when you look at today. You mean you actually got SERVICE back in those days?
Phillipe Cook (2 months ago)
Jesus the seats are like armchairs! Another time anf for all its faults I'd take it over 2019 in a heartbeat. Nowadays passengers are treated like cattle and airlines would install outside toilets on planes if they could.
Clint Tapper (2 months ago)
Gone are the waste of space lounges, filled with fare paying passengers now.
Clint Tapper (2 months ago)
2 minutes 24, I often wonder how dogs feel about being put into a box not much bigger than itself for a 5,6,7 or 8+ hour journey. Scale up, it would be like putting you in a box 3-ft, by 3 ft, by 6 ft. Or, not much bigger than a casket. You have room to move around inside the box, and turn over, and stretch out but it would still be extremely claustrophobic. For example, you wouldn't have enough room to stretch your arms out above your head, as your heard would only be inches away from the end of the casket in the same way that your feet would only be inches from the end of the casket. Now imagine how you feel when someone closes the lid, especially if you are an animal that's not really sure why someone is put you in this box and how long you're going to remain like it. I wonder how many animals have panic attacks inside their box during the flight, because no one can hear them if they whimper or cry, or wonder what the hell is going on. I know how I would feel if I was put in a box not much bigger than me with the lid closed and put in a dark and depressing hold, with the rest of the luggage, for 8 hours not being able to get out the box. I would have more than a panic attack that's for sure. Poor little Skippy.
renroxhrd (2 months ago)
If this was now Skippy would be dead in the cargo hold
climbaclubba (3 months ago)
Miss Marie was living for Sue & Bob; Almost ignoring all others! 😁😁
Mark Blake (3 months ago)
Grandma Allen is kind of a GMILF 1:28. Skippy's in one of those containers 3:00. Kinda low for Denver if your not landing 7:25.
Ernesto Gino Tome (3 months ago)
This is beautiful, back then planes were noisy as hell, not as pussy planes nowadays, and people were allowed to smoke on the plane, even snort a line of cocaine. No seriously this is beautiful, is amazing how aeronautic has been improved in the last 100 years. Look those seats, that service, god damn now we fly like pigs and eat shit from a box.
Manny L (3 months ago)
That jet now sits outside of the California Science Center.
Rishav Kakati (3 months ago)
Today, perhaps Bob and Sue fly Ryanair or Southwest and cringe at the cramped seats, negligible leg room, unsavoury passengers in flip flops and all the extra charges!
KFUPMer Omar Alzahrani (3 months ago)
It a fantastic Marketing in 1960
Dinz (3 months ago)
I wonder how many times he said “passengers”.
companymen42 (3 months ago)
It blows me away that this technology all existed before computers. Shit's crazy!
Fred Pilcher (3 months ago)
:O The width of those seats!!!
Jeff Hawes (4 months ago)
These must be real passengers and flight attendants. Zero acting chops.
david forte (4 months ago)
Now u sit next to the guy with the fuck you hat and a little bottle of vodka
Saúl Pérez Díaz (4 months ago)
40 years ago when I was a child I flew in a Boeing 707 of American Airlines from MMMX to KSAT and the flight attendants gave me wings of AA which was customary in the flight and I still have them. what memories.
Don Moore (4 months ago)
Those seats actually look comfortable.
No Name (4 months ago)
اكو عرب بالطيارة
E Yulianto (4 months ago)
the first airplane I boarded was the C-130 Hercules, and was happy to have felt sitting in the cockpit room at that time. My father is a retired flight engineer at the Indonesian Air Force
Jacob Hughes (4 months ago)
No TSA molesting children?! How did that plane not get hijack...
Redbeards 77 (4 months ago)
Remember when consumers/Americans demanded quality goods, and services, had class and knew what they wanted. I don't either. Pre 2001 everything was better in the air. Now airlines can leave you stranded anywhere in the world for no reason.
BLACKMONGOOSE13 (4 months ago)
Back when service, quality, and civility still existed.
EDGE LENNOX (4 months ago)
Jim Eadie (4 months ago)
Except, if you look closely when the plane is taxiing at "SFO" it's is actually "LAX". You can see the theme building in the background. Oops.
AIRBOYD (4 months ago)
Welcome to Hollywood!
ninjadude2000 (4 months ago)
I wonder how Skippy is doing these days.
Yashsvi Dixit (4 months ago)
7:28 WTF, that's not the cruising altitude.
Yashsvi Dixit (4 months ago)
5:01 Too much cringe
Noah Philip (4 months ago)
And now united airlines kick and drag passengers out
Tony B (4 months ago)
I remember putting on a shirt and tie when I flew back in the 1970s. Wonderful memories !
John Justjohn (4 months ago)
it seems according to the data that Americans never lost single dc-8 plane due to crash.. what is amazing. and most accidents were pilot errors, so the plane was build so good,,
Gor (4 months ago)
“Look now, the pilots dropped us to 2500 ft over Denver”
Gor (4 months ago)
+Yashsvi Dixit haha just a bit
Yashsvi Dixit (4 months ago)
The documentary is too cringeworthy.
Gor (4 months ago)
Back when flying was pretty fun and there was a 12 percent chance your plane was gonna crash and burn
Positif Smile (4 months ago)
I very about video upon a time
Visionery1 (4 months ago)
The days before emission controls.
mike Butt (4 months ago)
Hi Great stuff, Does anyone have any Seychelles Film Footage at all please? contact me [email protected]
joshie oshie (4 months ago)
Ya evar seen the inside of a gym locker Bobby.
The Vlogs of AK (4 months ago)
Look at that normal stomach sized meal 😍
capt fahad (4 months ago)
Now a days they serve shit!
nadafui (4 months ago)
no push back? Incredible!
Saket Vlog (4 months ago)
Nothing much changed. Just Flight Engineer is replaced by Internet
bigtaxrefund (4 months ago)
thank you for flying BRITISH AIRWAYS....
kepala gundul (4 months ago)
Is it Convair 990 Coronado??
Hound19745 (4 months ago)
Flying with a suit on. That's old school
SynthCrystal _ (4 months ago)
The very first airplane i rode on was a DC-10..
Junkyard Buzzard (4 months ago)
I was drinking hot cocoa while watching this swell video. Isn’t that swell! I’m just so darn elated at feeling so swell! By the way that was a United airlines Boeing 720 turbo jet. We didn’t have the 707 but this was similar to the 707 but a shorter fuselage and shorter range. United airlines was the launch customer for this jet and many years later the 777. Isn’t that SWELL!
Dhali123 Hahaha (4 months ago)
THE FBI (4 months ago)
Yeah learn to speak
AUTISM FBI (4 months ago)
Learn to speak kid
Charles (4 months ago)
Just like Ryanair..oh yeah
Peter Gross (4 months ago)
Incredible! Looks like a great experience! Amazing how far we have gone backwards. Flying today is so terrible, and airlines treat customers like enemies.
Marquise Cody (4 months ago)
So the pilot ended up taking them to LA? That’s where the plane was taxiing on arrival.
Gary Sager (4 months ago)
Sue and Bob were moving to San Francisco. I wonder if they turned into hippies?
Gary Sager (4 months ago)
Sue and Bob were moving to San Francisco. I wonder if they turned into hippies?
Model Cars (4 months ago)
Eine schöne Zeit...
The Gusti Jeffy (4 months ago)
Ow were flying were flying...
Bob Heath (4 months ago)
RIP! Ansett ANA!
Nils Eriksen (4 months ago)
When people took pride in their appearance and flying was a pleasure.
NGEPRONE GEMING (4 months ago)
Airplane Early Acces v0.2
Brian Arbenz (4 months ago)
My sister and I (she was 10 and I was 8) flew across the country just a few years after this, with stewardess escort as we flew and changed planes. Yes, we got the junior badges. But we did not pass gum out. There are some similarities to our real life flight in 1967, HOWEVER, it was not as staid or dorky as portrayed in this “Isn’t Life Wonderful?” film.
Mike Patton (4 months ago)
Here ya go, strange guy, just take my dog away.
Venti go (4 months ago)
Cackpit 😂
Venti go (4 months ago)
2:52 „the Big Jet Engines“😂 BIG??? What about a B777 jet Engine?😂
Dnz K (4 months ago)
They never heard of pushback ?
tututu yoyoyo (4 months ago)
jet age
ManInTheBigHat (4 months ago)
It really was like this.
Matthew Turner (4 months ago)
I had a flight back in October traveling from Richmond to Tulsa with a stop in Dallas. On the flight to Dallas a lady and her kid sat in the two seats on my row. The kid kept kicking me the entire trip and even though the lady would tell the kid to stop he kept doing it. What that lady didn't know was that I just gotten done with military training and had not seen my family in over a year.
BKTA (4 months ago)
I miss Eastern Airlines. Flying in the 60's and 70's was such a pleasure. No TSA nazis to deal with. Customer service really meant something back then and the freaking size of the seats....god damn!
Chrisell (4 months ago)
And poor Skippy gets put into a metal box then gets to enjoy the -75 degree temps in the cargo hold, good times.
bradavis (4 months ago)
Marie, the flight attendant, is terrifying. No nonsense!!
Project Man (4 months ago)
What happened with the boy, his smile creepy😂#LOL
Joe Shmoe (4 months ago)
This was before the interior of aircraft were redesigned to resemble cattle cars.
Kenneth Sloan (4 months ago)
The DC8 was supposedly a better plane than the Boeing 707 because the latter was designed from an Air Force bomber, while the DC8 was designed as a passenger plane only.
reverse thrust (4 months ago)
Kenneth Sloan Maybe from the KC-135?
Adhi (4 months ago)
we miss smoking at the airplane
triplanelover (4 months ago)
goodbye skippy is right;  don't put your pets below
1:51 are the dog still alive today?
reverse thrust (4 months ago)
Larry Black (4 months ago)
Ah yes , back when America was great huh? Sue gets a stewardess pin and Bobby gets a pilot's pin cuz women weren't smart enough to fly planes right? Little Donnie Trump was only 14 back in 1960.
Tarik Mack (5 months ago)
Why are people in the comments complaining that people nowadays don’t wear fucking suits on flights??? I’m not going to dress up in some hot uncomfortable piece of material just for you to have a goddamn nostalgia trip!
glasslinger (5 months ago)
Bob: NO! I want to be a stewardess! SUE: NO! I want to be a pilot!
Clarence Aaron Jones (5 months ago)
Do you often ask why service has declined on airliners? Think about it next time you log onto a travel website searching for the cheapest flight.
Dave NC (5 months ago)
Romance and glamour left the airline industry in about 1973. I'd kill for that seat space today. That coach class is better than today's first class.
TooBig ToFail (5 months ago)
I wonder how Skippy is doing these days?
Raja Mufti (4 months ago)
In dog heaven :')
Boris Misljencevic (5 months ago)
Wow nice video! I wish I had become an airline pilot in that era. Now we are treated no better than bus drivers and often paid worse.
Petra44YT Nein! (5 months ago)
So, Sue gets to be a "stewardess" and Bob a "junior pilot"? ... One more reason NOT to fly United!
Ray Parker Jr (5 months ago)
9/11 really ruined air travel.
Ray Parker Jr (4 months ago)
+Shavy Daley Yeah him too. He was probably behind it.
Shavy Daley (4 months ago)
Ray Parker Jr *bush
Stephanie Ellison (5 months ago)
Sigh... 2018, and I am 52 now. I think my first flight from memory was from Corpus Christi to Philadephia for my Grandmother's funeral. I was almost three in December 1968. I think we flew United Airlines. The uniform was all blue, winter-time style with a brimless matching hat. I remember the beautiful lady standing in front of me. I remember crawling on the floor of the aisle, and I was thus small enough that standing on hands and knees, I still could see straight ahead under the seats. As I crawled forward in the aisle, an elderly man on one side of the aisle and presumably his wife from the other side turned back to look at me with amused expresses on their faces. At some point, Mom picked me up. It seems we were about 10-15 seats back from the front bulkhead. Dad had the right window seat, Mom the aisle seat. Mom held me, pointing out the window with her right hand. I could see out, a sunny day, and it had snowed previously, with snow covering the ground and on the trees. We had to be at about 300-400 feet when I saw this. The plane banked side to side slightly just once as we came in for the landing. My memory is blocked out after looking out the window.
Nick Boulakis (5 months ago)
But not everyone is convinced that life today is an improvement over the past.
raymond caruso (5 months ago)
I hope America can be this great again. Such a different time in America. The best.
funkster007 (4 months ago)
Kenneth Sloan Communism doesn't work bud. Let it go.
raymond caruso (4 months ago)
reverse thrust. Totally agree. Assholes like that is the reason of the drastic decline of our society. Btw, count me in on that revolution.
reverse thrust (4 months ago)
It will be again after our next civil war when assholes like Kenneth Sloan depart the planet.
raymond caruso (4 months ago)
Kenneth Sloan. You're a fucking idiot!!!!!!
Kenneth Sloan (4 months ago)
It will only be this great again when Donald Trump is gone.
RFI-Crypto Lab (5 months ago)
It's a shame how far we have *regressed* . To tolerate a flight today one must pop a couple Valium and down a couple shots.
Jay P (4 months ago)
+LennyFromNYC Yes we have regressed! People dressed up, were polite, helpful flight attendants, great service. You don't see that anymore. Yes we have regressed!
RFI-Crypto Lab (4 months ago)
+LennyFromNYC Today we have Sky Nazis, rude ugly flight attendants, and cramped planes.
LennyFromNYC (4 months ago)
"It's a shame how far we have regressed . " You are 100% wrong. These films did not show the reality or the problems - this is just an ad for United and air travel. Now we have much safer, much more comfortable planes. A350 or Boeing 787 Dreamliner is 100 more comfortable and safe than the planes in the 60s - from the redundant power and safety systems, terrain avoidance, etc., to the TV screens with loads of entertainment. And if you adjust for inflation, the prices of the flights are much lower. You can fly from New York to London on Dreamliner for 400-500 dollars. Impossible to even imagine anything like that in the 60s.
fdmzoppp13 (4 months ago)
Valium? All we have is Xanax now!!!
Gumshrud Flenzoro (4 months ago)
the good ole days, the flights were expensive and worth it.
Kees Manuel (5 months ago)
Awesome video. Greetings to you all.
disastertruck (5 months ago)
Interesting how the script is nearly identical to the one from the 50s, with an older plane
Phillipe Cook (5 months ago)
Another world gone forever and soon to be forgotten.
joe (4 months ago)
Looked this plane up and it says Douglas DC-8-21 which flew for nearly 20 years before being flown into the recycle bin.
sunsetlights100 (4 months ago)
gone with the wind...
Tom Evans (5 months ago)
What a great video from the golden age of air travel. People dressed up to fly and acted in a civil manner. The food looked delicious, was served with real utensils and was included in the cost of the ticket price. How grand it must have been. I wish I could have experienced this glorious age. Thanks for posting, really enjoyed the video.
Halfi Desfarizly (4 months ago)
buy first class. flying at that time costs an arm and leg, not like today
Tom Evans (4 months ago)
Brian Arbenz,, That is exactly how air travel once was. Your point?
Brian Arbenz (4 months ago)
Tom Evans, you’ve been conned, or are trying to con us. This is a preposterous educational film; it’s not how air travel was.
Tom Evans (4 months ago)
I don't have a problem with loud engines. That's part of the joy of air travel. As for smoking, I don't have a problem with that either.
John Clarke (4 months ago)
I'm afraid they've romanticized the "golden age" of air travel in this movie. A ticket from NY to LA would cost the average person a months salary. The engines were very loud. They didn't have the weather forecasting we have now so passengers getting injured in extreme turbulence was common. Smoking was allowed everywhere on the plane so you ended up in a smoke filled cabin. No thanks.
oh yeah yeah (5 months ago)
Was that full flaps on take off?
Refuse Kid15 (5 months ago)
I remember my first flight on a commercial jetliner, I was 6 years old and we were flying from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles on a beautifully painted Alaska Airlines 737-800. Was still a relatively new aircraft design at the time, I remember the takeoff was the weirdest thing I’d ever felt. I also remember, as soon as we lifted off, spreading my arms out in my seat like I was a plane and shouting in the cabin “we’re flying!!” I was so mesmerized by it at the time. Those were good days.
Ahhhh it was all so beautiful before the freedom of opinion and almost free fuel !
kissfan003 (5 months ago)
I'm diggin the seat width! Interesting.. Air travel has certainly gone backwards in MANY aspects... Was a road warrior during 9/11. It was miserable trying to fly then. Isn't much better now.
itsmegp46 (5 months ago)
Seat width shown here are first class seats. In back where the unwashed sit, it was pretty cramped with six abreast seating.

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