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Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan - Part 1/2 (HQ)

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Lex Luger wins the WCW World Title on the August 4th, 1997 WCW Monday Nitro. Part 1 of 2.
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Text Comments (127)
Michael Winkles (22 hours ago)
I was there!!!! Hogan should have kept the title.
Michael Burke (16 days ago)
I wish WWE would hire Michael Buffer for Wrestlemania.
Justin Sharpe (2 months ago)
Modern day lex Luger vs hulk hogan = Roman reigns vs John cena
Cory Anthony (3 months ago)
Best wrestling era ever..gald i grew up in this era..i was like 10 lol
Myers Smitty (4 months ago)
Hogan needs to go back to the senior home 😂is it just me or has hulk Hogan always looked old at every stage of his career his early wwe days then wcw and back to wwe he has always looked the same
Christopher Nicholson (1 month ago)
For real. dude been wrestling since forever. He's like 120 years old now LOL.
Ryan Braganza (4 months ago)
Both were trained by Hiro Matsuda
Daniel Drattell (4 months ago)
First time ever that Hogan lost a match due to submission. Fun fact for all of you.
.skyNet (21 days ago)
The rack is not a move you get out of
BigBlackBootyDaddy (4 months ago)
Hogan logic: hates blacks, comes out to black guys music
Bobby (5 months ago)
August 4th 1997. My 15th Birthday!!! Oh the memories. Wrestling will never be like this again.
Inazuma Studios (6 months ago)
9:05 After the commercial break, I was like 'Is this a steamy love scene?' Hahahaha
Charles Nelson (6 months ago)
Good match
K C (9 months ago)
Hogan as a heel in 96' 97' was hilarious. It cracked me up
K C (9 months ago)
It doesn't get mentioned much but Luger was one of the most over wrestlers in 1997. That's why they put the belt on him here.
.skyNet (21 days ago)
that torture rack move was and still is fire, its why no one uses that move anymore! too legit !
CryLittleSister (1 month ago)
Yeah for a whole week. And on free TV no less.
K C (9 months ago)
Hogan looked a lot bigger in 97' than he did in 96'.
Andrew Dempsey (10 months ago)
Lex's theme music was cheezy awesome
SnowDog0 (10 months ago)
WCW was great
TruthSeeker (10 months ago)
I'll never forget that night
Tijinder Singh (10 months ago)
This to me was the greatest WCW Nitro ever.
Preston Tubbs (10 months ago)
I’ve always you’st to get hyped as a kid when Lex Lugers matches Happened.
Cwm368 (11 months ago)
Luger literally had four hits on Hogan... so one sided. All luger could do was clothesline and torture rack lol
candyashez (1 year ago)
WHAT U GONNA DO WHEN HOGAN RUNS WILD ON YOU and then he ripes his shirt open Lol ITS LEX LUGER NAE NAE NAE NAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE don’t judge me my name is lex 😂❤️
obliss 86 (1 year ago)
Lex luger was an uncoordinated mark. Fuckin child like style pure boredom
Monkey Mutant Boss (1 year ago)
I liked Luger’s music...
lightningsmokerXx (1 year ago)
To me Lex Luger was just another guy in the chaos that was WCW , he was one of those guys that disappeared when you were a kid from WWF and went to WCW with all the other big names like Macho Man and he just became one of the guys there. There wasn't anything special about his ring gear or anything like that. Never disliked him, but was never wild about him WCW....and even if WWF even tho he had the look /body i was never crazy for Lex Luger.
A timelessly great Showcase of The Total Package
4 Eyed Animation (1 year ago)
Hogan was starting to go bald here
BigBlackBootyDaddy (4 months ago)
Motherfucker hes been bald since the awa
VolumedMusicMan (5 months ago)
4 Eyed Animation He’s been going bald since 1980 only in moderation
condeguga (1 year ago)
Tobey Starburst (1 year ago)
Luger was red hot here.
Tobey Starburst (1 year ago)
Amazing night!
GT Smith (1 year ago)
I was there at the Palace of Auburn Hills that night it was awesome
SarahsKnight0 (1 year ago)
For real? Sweet.
Wirespeak (1 year ago)
Calling a sidewalk slam at 9:52 as a "belly-to-belly"? Not The Greatest Play-by-Play Commentary in the History of Our Sport, Tony.
KingLeo80 (1 year ago)
Wirespeak That's not a sidewalk slam
SN A (2 years ago)
1997, I remember that year, I was in school. I also remember, that pro-wrestling came to Finland in 2002.
FireLightning16 (2 years ago)
Wohali Godali (2 years ago)
let out a luger yell when u see luger sell. ooooooohhhhh!!!
Cash out Cash out (2 years ago)
Lex Luger for hall of fame who's with me
Wesley Warsmith (9 months ago)
"The Rack" is the most Narly submission move.
Deric Kennedy (11 months ago)
Same here!
Dirty Autobot (1 year ago)
right here...loved luger
Tayda Franklin (1 year ago)
cash out I'm with you
ADHD Theatre (2 years ago)
I always found this match stupid, lex and hogan were already scheduled to wrestle in six days at road wild, (which hogan won)
antsman88 (1 year ago)
Cheap way to get ratings.
Leonard Aarons III (2 years ago)
I always felt like title reigns that went shorter than two weeks or more, did more harm than good to the person who wins it. In this case, I ruly and truly (even as a fan of Luger back then) couldn't figure out why they put the strap on Luger just to take it off of him barely a week later. This was pointless and an abject waste of time. (Don't get me started on what we got later this year. Hogan should not have lost the title until Starrcade to Sting. Luger should've put up a valiant fight and lost here at Nitro. Get a rematch at Hog Wild, then lose again.) Even before we got to Starrcade, they still found a way to muck up its best storyline to date. Least they were consistent about things...
matt Rich (3 months ago)
Samuel Orlich that’s what made it so great. It was a complete shock
KIP LEVY (4 months ago)
Samuel Orlich (1 year ago)
They did it because it was Nitro's 100th episode. And, because the NWO's run up to that point was almost equivalent to Goldberg's undefeated streak. The way it was done was brilliant. Although I agree with them taking it away from Luger the following Sunday at the pay per view, it was still a ratings giant that night and a complete surprise.
Diego Flores Reyes (2 years ago)
Hollywood Hogan 4 Life
Sub - Zero 93 (2 years ago)
hogan with title belt + nwo + jimmi hendrix + michael buffer = best entrance ever the best time for wrestling was from bash of the beach 96 ( formation of nWo ) until wrestlemania XX
Michael Burke (16 days ago)
I agree, wrestling just went downhill after Mania XX
Aaron Bailey (1 year ago)
Sub - Zero 93 best entrance hands down
Jack Kitchen (2 years ago)
"The Biggest ICON in Wrestling." I always loved that entrance. NWO 4LIFE
Louis Warren (2 years ago)
oh my brother...TESTIFY!
trill 29 (3 years ago)
I was 11 years old when saw this good old days of my childhood memories
SarahsKnight0 (1 year ago)
I was 12 years old, too, I believe. Seeing the first (at least as far as I knew) major defeat of the nWo was beyond awesome for me at the time. I couldn't have despised them more. And then to make it even sweeter all of the WCW side came out to celebrate with Luger.
trill 29 I was 12 and this was a huge moment in wrestling!
Fernando Yanmar (5 years ago)
There has never had a guy in the world more perfect for the role of he-man than lex luger!
JuJuMJFan4life (5 years ago)
Yeah Go Lex Go you the man
dlewgz (5 years ago)
Lex Luger and his jobber music.
Roman-sama (5 years ago)
Paul Xavier (6 years ago)
Greyci Gonzalez (6 years ago)
I was 8 years old hogan was my favorite
Terrell Brown (2 years ago)
Greyci Gonzalez you're gorgeous
Jose Mercedes (6 years ago)
I was 6 years old, it was such a great moment, i was screaming when luger won.
QueensTHOROUGH (1 year ago)
I was so disappointed that he won lmao. Hated anything that wasn't nwo
Jose Mercedes (1 year ago)
Yeah it just sucked he lost the title back to hogan 5 days later at road wild 1997
antsman88 (1 year ago)
Me too! I still think it's the biggest reaction I've ever had to wrestling!
Scarface Blaze (6 years ago)
instead of jarrett luger should have been world champ as the total package
Lucius (6 years ago)
I always wondered why Luger walked around with his lips pursed all the time.
nWoEIite (6 years ago)
for some reason when winter time rolls around i get infatuated with these GLORY days of wrestling...mAN WCW delivered a GREAT fucking product during 1997 !!!!
KIP LEVY (4 months ago)
Johnny Nongamer (1 year ago)
Part of that is owed to the nWo. There was just no way Vince and the WWE could ever make the nWo work in today's scene, let alone the WCW (r.i.p.)
EH Wallace (6 years ago)
I think Hogan coming out to Voodoo Child is brilliant.
mjstory1976 (6 years ago)
@Zackvanhalen I agree 96-98 were the best years for WCW. After that it was pretty terrible
SarahsKnight0 (1 year ago)
Yeah, not a big fan of the storyline after Hulk Hogan became a face again and the nWo seemed to completely disband. I guess that part where it was older wrestlers vs "the new blood" in 2000 or so was okay, but pretty much after mid or late-99, there just seemed to be way too much switching back and forth between faces and heels to make it entertaining or the slightest bit believable. And then there were other ridiculous things starting to come about like that Ms. Hancock (I think her name was?) doing stripteases in the ring ,and Sting getting into a match with some vampire emo where the rules were the winner was whoever SET THE OTHER GUY ON FIRE first.
iamju (6 years ago)
Luger was awesome.
Paul Xavier (6 years ago)
Damn I miss WCW. By the way how fn badass was Hollywood coming down the aisle!
SnowDog0 (10 months ago)
The biggest icon in wrestling
zackvanhalen (6 years ago)
This was the peak of WCW in my opinion.
QueensTHOROUGH (1 year ago)
zackvanhalen I feel like it was too. The end for me was when sting won the title. That was the last of the best of the nwo. It was all downhill from there as I wasn't a fan of splitting the nwo in two and then having other wrestlers that originally hated the nwo join the woldpac. I never got over syxx not coming back.
Jimmy ScottTV (6 years ago)
Michael Riggs (6 years ago)
Lex Luger has hogan up in the rack and the new WCW world heavy weight Champion
mattyb567567 (6 years ago)
I was just thinking the same thing.
shizeninho (6 years ago)
wcw was a pg broadcast and yet they were 10x more entertaining than wwe pg is today
Alkie West (2 years ago)
shizeninho cause PG back then was different the PG now
Chad Chadwickson (6 years ago)
Luger played a key role in the success of WCW... He picked up the WCW banner and ran with it when Sting disappeared. Probably the most underrated star in WCW or WWE at the time.
BlackenedForLife (6 years ago)
Luger is underrated!!!
Kratos27 (6 years ago)
luger faced hogan from 90's if he faced hogan of the 80's that hogan can kill any luger shape!!!
roxydog2004 (7 years ago)
@RisingEdge111 Very much disabled
RisingEdge111 (7 years ago)
@Germaricanboy01 Where is Lex today?
RisingEdge111 (7 years ago)
@Germaricanboy01 Where is Lex today?
Snakesoul715 (7 years ago)
@Kordenwo English please
TapOut111111 (7 years ago)
go lex luger
bj richardson (7 years ago)
I still got this on VHS
AZdrummer89 (7 years ago)
Damn how the days have passed I remember when they announce this match my family ordered pizza and connected the analog sorround sound just to watch this EPIC match...these where the days....
collector96 (7 years ago)
pf462 (7 years ago)
9:54 "Belly-to-belly"?
Aj007cool (7 years ago)
u can STILL feel the electricity go thro ur body each n evry time u watch these classics
Wrestlelesson (7 years ago)
Remembering watching this match with full excitement. WCW forever :) Lex Luger was a awesome face for Hogan.
balls420101 (8 years ago)
man they fucked up when they let nash book matches and end goldbergs streak then russo came in and made everything go to shit
Slacker4LiFe247 (8 years ago)
@noblesiner ''He is a man whos face is known in every corner of the planet'' Ego naww lol
DaManEX1983 (8 years ago)
Another one of the problems with being live...you know for sure you'll miss something since the matches will continue during the commercial break.
calos619213 (8 years ago)
damn wrestling sure was fucken sick back then
shizeninho (8 years ago)
wrestling was so cool and exciting back then... how did they fuck it up so bad.
noblesiner (8 years ago)
Did you hear that entrance for hogan. Hulkamania huh...more like Egomania!!!
rowejam072000 (8 years ago)
hogan, im commin for u nigga!!!
Martin Steell (8 years ago)
One of WCW greatest ideas was turning hogan heel, WWE and john cena should have taken notes.
81carlos (8 years ago)
@Mutough This was the 100th episode of Monday Nitro and wanted to make it a special main event.Luger deserved this victory and should've held the title much longer,like in his first reign.
TheDarkBoof (8 years ago)
@Mutough So should have Goldberg beating Hogan for the title
andre ellis (8 years ago)
kevin bush (8 years ago)
Luger should of held the belt till fall brawl.
Mutough (8 years ago)
This is a good example of why WCW failed. Lex beating Hulk for the title should've been sold on PPV.
JollaP1 (8 years ago)
Here's hoping wrestling can get this popular and exciting again.... Serious crowd reactions!!!
Slacker4LiFe247 (8 years ago)
Michael Buffer could make a funeral sound exciting. He could really hype a main event up
MrGlasspider (9 years ago)
Hogan's clean job. By the way.
bournesupreme (9 years ago)
imo, Hollywood Hogan is the greatest heel of all time. No disrespect to Luger, but Hogan was the real Total Package: mic skills, wrestling, look, crowd reaction..etc. It makes me sad looking at this video and seeing how agile he used to be. He can barely move these days. I love his stiff wrestling style when he was a heel. He really tried to fuck people up. best wrestling gear, best gimmick, best heel of all time.
SamiZaynIsLife (1 year ago)
bournedevinesupreme Not wrestling
classicviolence (9 years ago)
This was a classic match
DumpsterM0nkey6 (9 years ago)
Its watching videos like this why I miss Tony Schiavonie as a commentator
E Drew (9 years ago)
This was one of the best Nitros ever!!!
VodooKingMafiaW (9 years ago)
Thanks for the match men

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