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How to make DIY Proenza Schouler rope necklace: Fashion Attack

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https://www.facebook.com/micol.zanzuri Follow me on facebook for more DIY projects and style tips! Suuuuuuuuuper easy and fast DIY for you guys! So many times we have a simple casual look that we don't know how to pimp up... Well here is a cool solution for you!
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Asteri ETERNAL (3 years ago)
When will we have the *NEXT EPISODE?* I hope that you are ok?! I see that you Blog is shut down too. If you're ok, say something. <3
sofi manrrique (3 years ago)
please more videos!! i love you <3
avadominga (3 years ago)
Where r u???
Missy Thomas (4 years ago)
The rope is called paracord it comes in different thickness.
TheIstone (4 years ago)
Where are you? Please come back-loooove your videos <3
Carolina Pérez (4 years ago)
just saw one video and now i love your diy's ! can't believe thath your haven't done more videos :( 
Asta Lofmark (4 years ago)
weres the miumiu bag??
C viva (4 years ago)
love it
Sergio E. Cortés (5 years ago)
Love your tutorials, i'm sure they help alotta people who can't/won't pay 4 a real ps necklace, keep posting this videos don' t listen to the haters! Love from Chile!
Marica (5 years ago)
Rope, c'est a dire corde :)
Avigaël N (5 years ago)
Can someone write me what she use ? Roof? I don't understand i'm french thank you
myfirstthing (5 years ago)
Ugly dahhhhh
raquel mondesire (5 years ago)
Dooooooooo aaaaaa miu miu baaaagggggg ppppllllzzz
Mathilde Misciagna (5 years ago)
the miu miu bag pleaaaaaaase!!!
Amie Kewley (5 years ago)
Pleaseeeee do the miumiu bag! X
TheMari172 (5 years ago)
ma in italiano non li fai più?
moeevehouston (5 years ago)
Amber Dean (5 years ago)
Thread should be polyester.

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