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TRIP REPORT | Garuda Indonesia (BUSINESS) | Jakarta - Bali Denpasar | Airbus A330-300

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TRIP REPORT: Flying 5* Garuda Indonesia Airlines from Jakarta Airport (CGK) to Bali/Denpasar Airport (DPS), Indonesia in Business Class aboard an Airbus A330-300. After visiting the Lounge in Jakarta Airport boarding started on-time for our flight to Bali. I got a Business Class ticket since my Upgrade offer was accepted by the airline (you could bid for an Upgrade from Economy Class). Onboard the seats were in a 2-2-2 configuration in Business class and offered some useful things. Sadly the seat did not convert into a fully flat bed but that was no problem for me as the flight time to Bali is only around 2 hours. There was a meal service during the flight and i liked it. After arrival in Bali there was a waiting lounge and a red carpet where I was able to collect my luggage from - not as usual from the baggage carousel. If you haven't already SUBSCRIBE to PlaneSpottingBerlin for more daily aviation videos from around the world - https://goo.gl/kL2ryK (Subscribe for free!). ────────────────────────────────────────­ Want to see more Trip Reports? ────► http://goo.gl/WYsB9l ────────────────────────────────────────­ SOCIAL: ────► Check out more videos on my channel: https://youtube.com/PlaneSpottingBerlin ────► Visit my websites: https://planespottingberlin.com https://theairlinetravelblog.com ────► Follow me on Facebook: https://facebook.com/PlanespottinginBerlin ────► Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/planespottingberlin/ ────────────────────────────────────────­ If you want to support PlaneSpottingBerlin you can do so by donating any amount via Paypal - they are very appreciated! ────► Donate via Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/planespottingberlin ────────────────────────────────────────­ EQUIPEMENT: ────► Camera: http://amzn.to/2xOxO9u ────► Tripod: http://amzn.to/2jxwe4C ────► Microphone: http://amzn.to/2eK9Nvu ────► ATC Scanner: http://amzn.to/2eKtzqT ────────────────────────────────────────­ ────► Thanks a lot for watching!! © PlaneSpottingBerlin 2018 This video is property of PlaneSpottingBerlin and may not be used in any way without my permission! For inquiries feel free to write me at: planeberlin[at]gmail.com #tripreport #flightreport #garudaindonesia #jakarta #bali #business
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Mohammed Selim (17 days ago)
Very nice experience flight with Garuda Indonesia the best cabin crew 2014-2018 by skytrax and 5star airline by skytrax love from Indonesia ✈✈😊🇮🇩
James’ Travel Reviews (2 months ago)
How did U get upgraded
I made an upgrade bid (cash) online a few days before the flight and they accepted the offer. So I paid more but flew Business class :)
Putu Panji Wiradharma (3 months ago)
take some audio / song for any videos !! its great :)
Akina Newlyn (3 months ago)
6:33 "Air es..." Hotman's voice detected
Tjitte Kamminga (4 months ago)
nice, but what a hassle for only 2 hours max
gameznunux (4 months ago)
You should try the newest Diamond Seat on Garuda Indonesia Bussiness Class.
Bambang Irawan (4 months ago)
Ada bang hotman paris
Pete Jenkins (4 months ago)
Thank you for flying with Garuda Indonesia, hope you enjoy your time at Bali. Looking forward to see more Garuda Indonesia video sometime soon :)
Laskar Sriwijaya (4 months ago)
13:33 LONTONG OPOR AYAM, Chicken Rice Cake
CHOUDZ OFFICIAL (5 months ago)
Hotman Paris Kecyduk 06:28
PecinTA_ AviatioN (1 month ago)
Eh ada CHOUDZ yang suka di world pacar
D.A. Usmany (3 months ago)
Iya ya, benar juga ada Hotman Paris Hutapea on board …
Wisnu Adiputra (5 months ago)
09:58 Queen of The Skies B747 - 400 Garuda Indonesia :'(
FritzID (5 months ago)
4:40 is that Doraemon? 😂😂
ray holmes (5 months ago)
The music at the end are you able to tell me what is was please as I loved it. Thank You and very good vlog and I booked a flight for next year to go Bali
The song was: Instrumental Core: Honor of life. Glad you like it. Enjoy Bali next year :D
Herlena Hendera (5 months ago)
Hi! Bin neuer Subscriber hier, aber ich habe viele von deinen Vlogs schon gesehen. Kommst du ursprünglich aus Berlin?
Vielen Dank! ;) Eigentlich könnte man von meinem Kanal mehr Berlin Videos erwarten, aber mit der Zeit bin ich so viel rumgekommen, dass ich versuche eine große Vielfalt hier zu zeigen.
Herlena Hendera (5 months ago)
Nur so, ich habe deine Videos immer gesehen. Ich dachte schon dass du in Berlin wohnst. Bin Indonesierin , wohne in der Nähe von Berlin. Ich fliege auch häufig. Schön , ein Berliner als Flight Vlogger. Was du während des Fluges gegessen hast heisst Lontong (Reiskuchen) mit Opor Ayam (Hähnchen). Viel Erfolg mit deinem Youtube Channel. Deine Videos sind cool
Cool, willkommen ;) Ja ich komme aus Berlin, wieso?
Hande Soedradjat (5 months ago)
Agreed! The lontong opor in Garuda Indonesia super delicious ! 😋
Dimas Alfianoci (5 months ago)
Wow ^_^
MM Aviation (5 months ago)
Very long but good
Bayu Guevara (5 months ago)
Tadi gunung krakatau apa Renjani ya ??
neng_atcha (4 months ago)
+Fuad Marwanto Rinjani bukannya d Lombok?
tri ki (4 months ago)
pelajaran ips sering bolos ya wkwkwk jakarta - bali gak ngelewatin 2 gunung itu
Bayu Guevara (4 months ago)
Owwhhh bagus jgk pemandanganxa
Fuad Marwanto (5 months ago)
Gunung Bromo ....kalau Krakatau d Lampung... Sumatra Rinjani juga Sumatra Jambi... Itu arah timur Bayu Guevara
Muhamad Rizki Sulistyo (5 months ago)
Erwin Fernando Panjaitan (5 months ago)
Andriel Pratama Nasution (5 months ago)
The name meal is Lontong, thank you very much you coming to indonesia, have a nice day 😊😄
Hwang Hyo Rim (5 months ago)
Well done mate! I like your style of flight report. Keep up the good work!!!👍. Hope you can try the new business class from garuda indonesia.🇲🇨
AG HD (5 months ago)
13:37 Indonesian People is Call "Opor Ayam"
Senatama Leksono (5 months ago)
With lontong
RICO MALIBU (5 months ago)
That's meal we call Lontong Sayur, Rice Bar with Curry Chicken and Potato Sambal
Corrado Gabrielli (5 months ago)
Beautiful video !!! 🔝👍😉
Thank you!!
Siddharth R (5 months ago)
skytax must rate garuda indonesia 4.5stars rating because of no flightent. system :/
RICO MALIBU (5 months ago)
+PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos hahaha i think this happen here, in fact many people said "where is IFE" when they board CRJ, maybe in their mind they think all GA aircraft must have IFE 😂😂😂
+RICO MALIBU so? Who needs an IFE on CRJ with a flight time of less than 2 hours anyways? :D
RICO MALIBU (5 months ago)
+PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos Each of Garuda Indonesia Aircraft didn't equpit wit IFE, there is Bombardier CRJ100 and ATR72-600, and Garuda still have 3 aircraft Boeing 737-800 which didn't have IFE, just overhead TV in registrationn PK-GEM, PK-GEN, and PK-GEP
why? they have an inflight entertainment system - i even showed it later on in the video :D
SunTao (5 months ago)
Rip Lion Air JT610
FaZe CookieMonster (5 months ago)
Probs a fire
Yes... very sad! 189 people probably died and the 737MAX was only 3 months old!
Oryza Sabathino Firdian (5 months ago)
Hey 06:28 Hotman Paris Hutapea detected!
Maulana Prasetyo (3 months ago)
Mesti ke bali nih
Mr. 618 (4 months ago)
Lah Iya
Afif Wijoyo (5 months ago)
Ilham Suryo (5 months ago)
The meal is called "lontong opor ayam"
Thanks ;)
William Guy (5 months ago)
What is the name of the music at the start?
Jumingan Budiono (5 months ago)
Yes.Are you from Germany
KF 43 Sukun (5 months ago)
wonderful indonesia
Jumingan Budiono (5 months ago)
Thank you friend
Welcome ;) Are you from Indonesia? ^^
Jumingan Budiono (5 months ago)
Still lufthansa better than Garuda
Did you consider the fact that this was a domestic flight? Lufthansa not even offers Business Class seats in Business for domestic/european routes...
tradjazzer (5 months ago)
Lucky you. A good zoom lens on your camera and a .good video. I wish I could have had a job that gave me flights around the world. Instead I had to do office work ( up to a supervisor of accounts dept.) It must be expensive to travel to loads of places. As I am 77, retired we are saving for a trip to Seychelles, because my wife comes from there. Hope to use Etihad airlines on an A380 then on an A320 from Doha to Seychelles, but flights cost about £800 English pounds each.
tradjazzer (5 months ago)
+MM Aviation Thank you for reply.Hello, yes I did know that Etihad is from Abu Dhabi and Qatar is from Doha. my current plan is to save up for a trip to Seychelles with my ex-wife ( she is Seychelles originally ) and we will take our son who is 32 for a week holiday. I prefer Etihad as they use Airbus planes all the way (A380 on 1st leg. )
MM Aviation (5 months ago)
tradjazzer u know Etihad is from Abu Dhabi and Qatar is from doha
tradjazzer (5 months ago)
+PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos Hello, thanks, I have looked up the fly4free.com and did not find ssuitable flights, but I am not looking at dates before March 2019; still saving money. have a good week
Make sure you write it like i did - www.fly4free.com with the 4 not for
tradjazzer (5 months ago)
+PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos thanks for your reply, I did not know about www.flyforfree.com. However we can not use a short time flight, as our son lives in Council flats and we would have to give notice when we want him to come and stay with us; meanwhile I shall continue saving, also accommodation is not cheap. cheers, have a good week. from John.
lenn55 (5 months ago)
looks like business class seats from the 1990s.
Muhammad Farhan (3 months ago)
+PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos TERNYATA TSUNAMI TERJADI
neng_atcha (4 months ago)
"vintage edition" 😁😁😁
Yeah. But on a only 4 year old A330...
DC DreamChaser (5 months ago)
13:49 love to see the jelly shaking XD
Haha yes. Thats how jelly should be like ;)
dominic mariana (5 months ago)
enjoy your time in balii 🌻🌻
Thanks. Sadly this Trip was already over in August...
Paris Plane Spotting (5 months ago)
great video mate
Thank you!!
TheJetsetter78 (5 months ago)
Good to watch a genuine review! Flying this A330-300 to Sydney next year....do you think that small rear business class cabin is better rows 10&11?
Glad you liked it! I think the rear has a little more privacy yes. But i could imagine you are last served there
claus stimpfig (5 months ago)
na endlich mal wieder in c/cl. Gab es denn keinen Alkohol.....
Ja endlich! Und jein. Auf den Domstic Flights gibts kein Alkohol - aber auf den längeren Flügen schon....
Luca Channel (5 months ago)
Cool tripreport!
thank you!
Caks Aviation (5 months ago)
seat configuration is different because the seat configuration displayed at the check-in counter is "super diamond seat" which is only available in PK-GPZ, GHA / C / D, while the aircraft you're flying is PK-GPV,see minute 01.43
Yes I have seen that as well but i didn't know the aircraft registration before reaching the gate :D
nashmalish (5 months ago)
It's good that now there are many channels about aviation, but yours is one of the best
thanks a lot ;)
Uzzu Garut (5 months ago)
قاعة الدرجة الاولى ودرجة رجال الاعمال في مطار جاكرتا الجديد ليست في المستوى المطلوب كما ينبغي . لان موقعها بعيدة عن مدرج المطار . كما أن اصناف الاكل محدودة , هذه مجرد ملاحظة .
Pilot Wojtek (5 months ago)
Is it must be to do not speak in TRIP REPORTS? 😅
no but it is a style I have adopted too ;)
patrick brennan (5 months ago)
Great trip report keep up the great work and I just subscribed
thank you!!
XPLORA Brunei (5 months ago)
Pls RB
XPLORA Brunei (5 months ago)
PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos 👌
I will upload it this year a 100% but I am not exactly sure when :D
Tix Lover (5 months ago)
Notification was late :/ Edit: First
Tix Lover (5 months ago)
+PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos YouTube has a Glitch that it sends you Notifications late...
Tix Lover (5 months ago)
+PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos yeah...
+Tix Lover thats true...
too bad. But you can still enjoy the video now ^^
Tix Lover (5 months ago)
to comment not chat

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