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Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite London to Singapore (PHENOMENAL!)

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Read my review of this flight on my blog: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2018/09/12/review-singapore-airlines-a380-first-class/ If you like this clip, be sure to follow me on Youtube (175,000+ followers so far!). Each week, I upload one new trip report about my luxury travels around the world. You can also follow my travel adventures on my blog, where I publish top 10 travel lists, reviews (of hotels and flights), and tips for luxury travel on a budget. You can subscribe to my newsletter (3x/week) here: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/follow-me/ FOLLOW ME: - Blog: http://theluxurytravelexpert.com/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/LuxTravelExpert - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LuxuryTravelExpert - Instagram: https://instagram.com/luxurytravelexpert - Tumblr: http://luxurytravelexpert.tumblr.com/ You can watch more of my flight clips in the following playlists - Trip reports: Business Class flights - Trip reports: First Class flights These include flights with Etihad, Qatar, South African Airways, American, Finnair, Emirates, Iberia, British Airways, Condor, JAL, SriLankan, KLM, Ethiopian, Austrian, Lufthansa, and Hawaiian Airlines to name a few.
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Text Comments (4313)
Shalu Gupta (2 hours ago)
Emirates Lounge
s8ra0 (2 hours ago)
A "sumptuous hotel bathroom" would have a shower :-) Why is a shower impractical on a plane? On Emirates' A380, you get 5 minutes under the shower and 20 minutes in the lavatory in total. Was practical enough.
cooldbz12 (5 hours ago)
how much does this cost? Damn I hope one day I get to experience something like this. Probably just save up some extra cash and go on a flight 1st class for the hell of it.
davidandrews1977 (6 hours ago)
Not to get picky but adult elephants are like 10 tons, so it's more like 57.5 elephants.
Brandon Lilly (9 hours ago)
Beauty and the Beast playing as you're boarding? I'm on board!
Kate DolphinSmith (11 hours ago)
The hot towels are AMAZING!
슈퍼신Supershins (14 hours ago)
싱가폴항공 이코노미 타도 행복했는데 ㅋ 이건 차원이 다르네 ㅋㅋ
FreeMyNigaX lmao (18 hours ago)
Mans watches the flight map, he must be white
Abra kadabra (21 hours ago)
With great money comes great luxury.
Udakara Rathnayake (21 hours ago)
AirLine: This is our 1st class Me: **cries in poor**
K R (22 hours ago)
Meanwhile in Africa....milions of children are starving to death, hope you´re comfy!
N00BY N00B (1 day ago)
"showering on a plane is impractical" I DON'T THINK SO
Nicole Saulters (1 day ago)
Gorgeous set up. Thank you for the video.
Bin Dardundat (1 day ago)
I’m 6’4 . Next time I’m crammed into economy I’m gonna come after you upstairs lol
DailySunRise (1 day ago)
My travel has to be 'different from my cosy home' for experience's sake.
Kari Jaakkola (1 day ago)
Her Wei Lim (1 day ago)
27:08 That song brings so much emotions...
joe k (2 days ago)
f rich people
24ecko (2 days ago)
This is the reason why the rest of us have to pay $50 per bag. Enjoy your marble table lol.
drandisol (2 days ago)
Oh, the luxuries us poor hoi polloi will never experience.
Chelinie Ngo (2 days ago)
weird flex but ok
wyldekid (2 days ago)
Thousands for a class ticket and you can’t keep the headphones...
Subjektive Noise (2 days ago)
Who else is watching this and has an economy flight booked?
RomanB1974 (2 days ago)
Oh, come on! This is not "adventure". Try once Ryan Air or Smart Wings... if You "have a balls"! :-)
Gino Pirone (2 days ago)
Ehh it's no greyhound but perhaps i would downgrade once 😆
kurotsuya (2 days ago)
All that money
I'm flying first class cargo.
A VLOGS (2 days ago)
Departed on my bday
Mr P (2 days ago)
30 bucks for 500MB of data? Fuck outta here.
Lewis Walker (2 days ago)
getting all political are we? 😉 ‘the expansion of heathrow is necessary to increase the airports capacity’
Sally Lemon (2 days ago)
At least I had tried A380 Business Class once a lifetime in a chartered flight travel and that was one of my unbelievable dream came true moments.
Ing Unicornladybug (2 days ago)
They're playing a song from Spirited Away as you land. That is the most amazing, picturesque thing...
PumpkinDog33 (3 days ago)
seems kinda lonely
Maksym Wakula (3 days ago)
Having 2 windows, that’s the real luxury
Asiamade (3 days ago)
haha with that price you should have gotten your own bathroom wtf?!
Crazy YT (3 days ago)
My personal favorite is Emirates First Class Lounge.
JoeCnNd (3 days ago)
I was on my second flight scared shitless with turbulence and then the power went out. They got on the intercom saying we might have to make an emergency landing in another state because of the weather. Yet I still want to become a pilot, lol.
Manug (3 days ago)
Do you get to keep that glass and and stuff to yourself as a souvenir, or do you have to leave it in the cabin?
Yes :-)
tactical_snails (3 days ago)
Moast people will never experience this in their life thanks for sharing it with us
Trang Nguyen (3 days ago)
Can I order all of the main courses in the menu?
W Birnie (3 days ago)
ogpu1 (3 days ago)
Right, that's it. I'm flying first class from now on!....Oh wait a minute 🙀. Nice video! Thanks for posting
You're Welcome (3 days ago)
Ryan Daniel (4 days ago)
Rather just buy my own G6
YesYou 123333 (4 days ago)
Never seen a female wine sommelier. @17:30. Interesting.
lisapizza77 (4 days ago)
Wow. I shall live vicariously through you for First Class.
이이세라 (4 days ago)
Mine is Korean Airlines A380-747 and Asiana Airlines A380- 747 and I never ride Asiana Airlines. I never had been on it.
Letsgoseethings (4 days ago)
This video called me poor.
asiandreamer (4 days ago)
Why haven't you tried Turkish Airlines? It is the best in the world. Very surprising that you haven't tried it before
Valerio De Angelis (4 days ago)
ma se bisogna mettese le cinte e stai sdraiato te leghi al letto?
Mohamed Alhajri (4 days ago)
Good now can we get the current first class seats to economy?
S Pepper (4 days ago)
ушёл рыдать
GabesDaBomb (4 days ago)
Am I the only one who liked the subtitles??
Ville Lindskog (4 days ago)
Probably making all the monry back from this video
Florian Diaz Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Thank you for sharing.. Well done :)
Master Zideon (4 days ago)
This should be the economy class, fuck paying for that....
NaCl (4 days ago)
Only Airport lounge I've been to is the Cathay Buisness lounge at HongKong International Airport. Using saved up AsiaMiles from our numerous trips to visit our extended family in HongKong. Nobody in my family has gone higher than Economy class on planes.
pressrepeat2000 (4 days ago)
I find it hard to say that a tiny space like this, smaller than any hotel room, is seen as so luxurious. Especially since it’s more like a 2 star hotel or a pod hotel. It seems much better to splurge on a great hotel (and even more important, a great room) than an expensive flight. I do admit that flying overnight in economy is a nightmare (especially if you’re over 6’ tall) but the day flights are just not worth it. The food here looked good, but not better than I can get for £15 -20 (plus drinks) at a restaurant around the corner from me.
Joel Quek (4 days ago)
nasi lemak is served in the lounge ? it cost 2-4SGD in Singapore
RO 66 (4 days ago)
Frank Grippi (5 days ago)
Airbus created an airplane that has very few buyers and only a few airports can handle the weight. Airlines do not want 4 or 3 engine airplanes, only 2. Why Airbus can not make a freighter version?
Red Comet (5 days ago)
Yah sorry. The Emirates A380 is leagues better. You say showering on an airplane is impractical but it really isn't. It's amazing and it makes you feel even more refreshed when you arrive at your destination.
KY N (5 days ago)
How much for the plane?
spencer martin (5 days ago)
One Summers day at the end... YEET
t3hwasabi (5 days ago)
26:32 - "One Summer's Day" from Spirited Away
jackie zhong (5 days ago)
I think the price isn't worth it at all. But the quality is definitely a cut above the rest
Martial Matters (5 days ago)
vidsbyme (5 days ago)
What airline will allow me to bring my yellow lab into the cabin with me? That would be worth the price.
Elastic Klingon (5 days ago)
I have once flew on A380 from Abu Dhabi to Sydney for 15 hours and I didn't even feel the take off, the plane is fucking huge
msfs19941 (5 days ago)
6:40 why is Beauty and the Beast playing? 😂😂 This plane looks stunning btw
Im Lovin It (2 days ago)
Someone was watching it on in flight tv 🤣
AtifGaming Yt (5 days ago)
No bro I travelled Emirates a380 first class it also has tail camera
Colgate Toothpaste (2 days ago)
AtifGaming Yt That’s cool you’re a bastard after all
AtifGaming Yt (2 days ago)
+Colgate Toothpaste i,am sorry
Colgate Toothpaste (2 days ago)
AtifGaming Yt We’re talking about sq here
Lily (5 days ago)
I honestly don't get why people are so obsessed with a 1x1 meter space. Like I'm poor but I can actually have the budget to create a cabin like that in my home.
Jason Batchelor (5 days ago)
how much would it of cost!
Pande Adi (5 days ago)
Thx to show how was the first class
PRO _GAMER (5 days ago)
19:43 that's the soup !!!!
albi cortella (5 days ago)
regardless the luxury it's still very noisy
chimbi dfe (6 days ago)
And where's the suite for my camel?
Sindrea Light (6 days ago)
I don't remember what lounge it was in Japan, but in Narita airport I think it was, the lounge I went to there served pretty good ramen (I think they also had other hot dishes to order). It was actually quite good and I really liked it. We would always eat there every time.
iEL (6 days ago)
Correction: SQ A380s (like any other airlines') have TAIL CAMERAS. They are just NOT enabled into the entertainment system (for security reasons)
Mike McDermott (6 days ago)
Not a bad video mate. Could have done with a few more shots of the Hosties though. Stuff the plane
Ingrid Dubbel (6 days ago)
Where was this suite when I was having sex on planes when I was in my 20's? Note: never use the lavatories for a mile high experience.
Nafi Anjum (6 days ago)
what is the fare of the flight?
gypsyfirestorm (6 days ago)
I know not all of them do, but why do so many of these suites have you sitting backwards?
Tom Sawyer (6 days ago)
There’s always a next better thing. A richer man hires himself a whole Learjet. Richer than that owns his plane. Richer than that owns a jumbo jet. Etc. Be glad engineers figured out how to keep a metal box from falling out of the sky long enough to get you to your destination.
Peter Cantropus (6 days ago)
What a vacuum impossible to fill!
Peter Cantropus (4 days ago)
+Martial Matters Yes, but I am referring to the empty life of all these "travelers".
Martial Matters (5 days ago)
This space is compensated by the economy class all crammed up...
DABEAST GAMING (6 days ago)
How much did it cost
Daniel W (7 days ago)
1st class: Aaaahhhhh..... Economy class: GET THAT FUCKING PAIR OF FEET OFF MY CHAIR, YOU SON OF A BITCH!
Nancy Lemus (7 days ago)
I know this is about to sound stupid but if I’m paying thousands of dollars for first class and they don’t offer almond milk or any non dairy milk then what’s the point and also some vegan options would be nice
D Clarke (7 days ago)
Hi ‘the Luxury Travel Expert’. I’m in your boat that I far prefer the understated elegance of SQ’s London lounge compared to Emirates which I fly quite regularly. It also made me chuckle as I’m in the same camp as you that I’d frequently be wearing shorts and loafers which I saw you wearing on the first wide span of the cabin. I still frequently get looks when I travel business or first class dressed like it. Wonderful channel BTW. DFC
Niknoks (7 days ago)
I’m guna buy a lottery ticket this weekend! 🤞😉
Taha Turfi (4 days ago)
Good luck
Taha Turfi (4 days ago)
Niknoks nice
Rover Dover (7 days ago)
Somehow I just thought is was a woman filming it, maybe the elegant way it was done. Then suddenly two hairy legs in penny loafers appear.
InF3cT3D MuShR00m (8 days ago)
Well I'm 14 and I fly business class at least on any flight, and I don't really care about weather cos I have my Samsung Galaxy S10+ to be on... I am a spoilt brat
InF3cT3D MuShR00m (3 days ago)
+N Dawg, the Samsung s10+, I'll have u know, is the latest Samsung
N Dawg (4 days ago)
InF3cT3D MuShR00m a Samsung lol spoilt that’s a funny word for poor
mussaranya (8 days ago)
Increadible the amount of unnecessary items this first class is equiped with.
Joe Pena (8 days ago)
I've flown all over the world. I used to get on a plane with excitement, now I'm paralyzed with fear and anxiety. Weeks before the trip and all during our stays. I would give anything to get rid of this burden. Any tips or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
cp3o (6 days ago)
Joe Pena why?
DE51B0Y (8 days ago)
It must be nice to be wealthy
KiyokaMakibi (9 days ago)
*jaw drops* Look at the room you get! Did you actually sleep in the bed? Whats it like to sleep on a plane all cosy? :)
louiethemouseful (9 days ago)
B. W. (9 days ago)
What if you were traveling with a guest? They should have the option of 2 seats in that suite. It is plenty big enough. You are a good videographer. Is this your Youtube channel?
Kyant T (9 days ago)
Very nice and will be in my bucketlist to do. Say Hi next time when you are in Sg :)
Joe Allen (9 days ago)
I hope this includes the "happy ending" inflight tug & rub

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