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Atlantis - City's Fall.avi

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This is the beginning of the movie, when a large explosion and a giant wave that threatens the city, The Heart of Atlantis hides it. And Kida's mother dissapear.
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Text Comments (331)
Tameston (17 days ago)
1:55 Pretty brutal
黃宇豪 (20 days ago)
someone accidently detonated a tsar bomba at surface level, AND AT SEA what do they expect??
jtoral Toral (23 days ago)
Do you know that te big flylling machines of the opening when the explosion appears were the leviathan that afyer destroys the submarine where that machines alive or was people alive cpntrolling tje leviathan sorry I'm spanish my english isn't so good
jtoral Toral (23 days ago)
That explosion was a weapon of captain Flynt of trasure planet
Belicure (27 days ago)
It feels kinda lame that this is all because one guy don goofed
The guanches of the canary islands are the real atlanteans, the ones that remained, the islands are the mountain peaks of atlantis, the men got genocided and the women taken in 16. Century by spain, there are still Spaniards with significant amount of atlantean admixture. During tge actually cataclysm. Many of them escaped they're the ancestors of germanic, celtic, slavic people and partly of greeks, romans, persians and Northern india and northern native America.
AndrewTheAwesome100 (1 month ago)
Wtf just happened
Ryan Cunningham (2 months ago)
the guy that they were yelling at must've been fiddling around with the bomb and ditched it in the middle of the ocean. I saw the alternate opening and the leviathan's above water power had the strength of a small tactical nuke
Edit_ Life (4 months ago)
Atlantean General: "You had one job.."
Neven Karas (18 days ago)
Edit_ Life (4 months ago)
Atlantis was an inside job
Alex S. (4 months ago)
The Lightning Looks like the exploisen of a Atomic bomb o.O
FatNerd (4 months ago)
A criançada deve ter se borrado aos 0:30 vendo as lagostas gigantes vindo em sua direção no sinema >:) .
Julia Corrêa (4 months ago)
FatNerd Um BR!
Meiji Marts (4 months ago)
The Crystal is the Power Stone
Jairani Maharaj (4 months ago)
The Crystal of Atlantis looks for a Royal Citizen to protect itself and its surroundings. Anyway, I really feel bad for the girl... She won't see her mom again for the next millennia until Milo Thatch is to go down to the lost city.😢
Mehmet Sönmez (5 months ago)
Rocfeller 🚀🛰️💺🌋 Atlantis 🌎🛢️⛽
Your local fact checker (5 months ago)
If Rome never fell
Jaqueline Yunuen (5 months ago)
But why does the crystal need a host??? Whyyyyyyy?
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Jaqueline Yunuen because its alive.
Thomas Weeden (5 months ago)
It had to be the Spanish Inquisition.
Melik Walker (6 months ago)
I think those Lobster looking like Vehicles were some type of Battleship
Ryan Cunningham (2 months ago)
in a way, the leviathans were super heavy weapons
Cringe Lord (6 months ago)
You know whats creepy? Those leviathans. I mean, they look cute and all, but 1.) they can swim around underwater 2.) they can fly So... giant tide wave and all..... but they are still around. Atlantis may have sunk but holy shit, those things are still around.
Glitz Garcia (6 months ago)
Wait so only a small portion of Atlantis fell and the rest was submerged?
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Glitz Garcia your welcome.
Glitz Garcia (5 months ago)
Andres Marrero thanks
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Glitz Garcia yea, only the inner sanctum.
Crofinnts 2 (6 months ago)
Is look like fantasy and ragnarok
Enrique Ramírez (6 months ago)
Die someone else noticed the Leviathan within the ships?
Mik Moen (6 months ago)
There's a continuity error. At the start the Wave was coming from one direction, but when it reached the city it surrounded it from all directions.
Jose Couto (7 months ago)
At the beggining, are those LEVIATHANS???
Shaun Cullado (7 months ago)
Bogdan Gourskii (7 months ago)
So here we can see that giant lobster that attacked a submarine, they used it in war also.
A B (7 months ago)
It's clearly not a weapon test because they brought along with them the largest and most advanced constructs they had, so they were probably fighting something that threatened the entire ancient world.
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
A B it's quite the opposite, they were trying to subjugate the world and missused their power.
Joe Frisch (7 months ago)
the monster that attacks them is seen running away from the blast in the beginning, the big crab monster. I'm pretty sure they are the same
Black (7 months ago)
so the city that was enveloped by a forcefield actually sunk underground
roberto bandana (7 months ago)
wait did I just see three leviathans vanishing into water??
Xenomorph 2017 (1 month ago)
They were too slow and got caught. The wave's strength killed all but one of them.
Philip Baldock (7 months ago)
Such a beautiful movie, ruined by poor writing and editing. Atlantis being destroyed is the perfect analogy for this movie. All those talented artists and musicians, spectacular set designs and animation, great voice acting, dragged kicking and screaming into a contemptuous footnote of history by a few oversights from the guys at the top coordinating it. The Star Wars: Episode 1 of Animation.
MERCH INFO (8 months ago)
This is when world still great at a time no racism only brother against his own brother. And run like a little kid after break
Duesal Bladesinger (8 months ago)
0:40 Apparently that one guy destroyed his entire civilization with a nuke-equivalent?
Kyaw Thu (8 months ago)
So The Atlantic Ocean must've been narrower before the calamity The Atlantic Sea
Paul Brewer (9 months ago)
ok who are the guys in the yellow armor
Gerd Von Rundstedt (9 months ago)
How did it take me soo long to find out that the leviathan was that gigantic thing accompanying the Atlanti army....
horaciosi (10 months ago)
(0:42) "Hey! How was i supposed to know i shouldn't put tin foil in the microwave!?!"
Formous (10 months ago)
Anyone want to notice Atlantis has more people die in it's air time then any other Disney film?
Chris Hamilton (10 months ago)
What exploded?
Carmelo Mercadante (10 months ago)
But what happened to kida's mother?
eljugadorloco (11 months ago)
That Disney logo with the reflects of the water + that letters with the sound of the wind in the background makes my skin melt in passion and fear.
Miner626 (4 months ago)
I really like how they added the Plato quote. It makes the opening really ominous.
allison tutor (5 months ago)
eljugadorloco same here. I fell in love with that movie the first time I watched it
TheNerdyFratBoy (8 months ago)
eljugadorloco really gives off a bioshock feel
La Kellita La Kellita (1 year ago)
I don't understand why Kida's mother didn't get a stone face at the end like her father did. She's the one who sacrificed her life to save Atlantis by permanently bonding with the Crystal.
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Also she wasn't a king.
Wolf paradox (8 months ago)
Kida's mother is directly merged with the crystal , she is part of it directly so don't need the stone carved face to link the soul with the crystal
Luke Day (8 months ago)
She a woman
Ian Fettt (1 year ago)
Seriously how did we go from this to Moana in 15 years?
IceSmash (9 months ago)
What are you talking about? Moana is amazing!
pendraco2000 (10 months ago)
In Fairness, Moana wasn't that bad. It's not Atlantis-level badassery, but it's still better than (ugh) Frozen.
Rosie Johnson (10 months ago)
The "Heart" is a powerful crystal that partially resides in the female lead's necklace. If the Heart is removed from its proper place (which it is, by a greedy guy) then the female lead's people have limited time left to live unless the Heart is returned. Add to that some humorous side characters, a "wise elder" character who dies, a climax involving a volcano, and some freakin' awesome water animations, and there you go!
Lord Gamer (1 year ago)
0:33 (atlanian guard) ok who set off the nuke? (other guard) um hehe yeah that might have been me (first guard) JESUS CHRIST YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE FUCKING... (tsunami hits)
Trollie McG (1 year ago)
Alex Dies (1 year ago)
looks like their version of the atomic bomb was way more destructive than ours
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Alex Dies you have no idea. Try flooding the world for a sense of scale.
Don Diego Pelluchi (1 year ago)
FLAT EARTH for the Seers.
COD Boss (1 year ago)
0:38 LOL is that the "boma tsar" in the background. the largest nuclear bomb
Spirz (5 months ago)
Something that rivals the impact of an asteroid.
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
A B even that's lowballing it. What kind of explosion is needed to flood the earth?
A B (7 months ago)
It's way bigger, compare the wave and the size of the fusion ball it's so massive it reaches like 12 kilometers in height.
Nicolas el CRACK (1 year ago)
Cometio abuso de menores pobre niño
Nicolas el CRACK (1 year ago)
Pinchi niña huerfana que la dejaron xdxdxdxdxd
Nicolas el CRACK (1 year ago)
No tiene subtitulos hijos bob
Nicolas el CRACK (1 year ago)
Video de mierda sin calidad hd para eso pago hijos de puta
Jonathan Krutsch (1 year ago)
Someone pushed the red button didn't they.
azor ahai (1 year ago)
well it could have been scientists testing a new invention or... a bomb. Atlantis is considered to have been a very developed intelligent race. it is more believable to assume that guy saying you doomed us all is addressing a scientist or one of many scientists who created something so unstable that it exploded, creating massive shockwaves.
Paul Brewer (9 months ago)
you know you might have a point their but later on in the movie the king said he tried to use the crystal as a weapon of war and that it was to powerful to contain
LO RA (1 year ago)
Henz Carl Tupas
Lilly Castitatis (1 year ago)
Henz Carl Tupas Cool.
Lilly Castitatis (1 year ago)
Henz Carl Tupas Yes exactly remember the kings words "In times of great danger the crystal will choose one of royal blood as a sacrifice, it will accept no other." Not an exact quote but yeah. You can also see in her expression that she did not expect this and was afraid.
Lilly Castitatis (1 year ago)
Henz Carl Tupas She didnt sacrifice herself the crystal chose her
Something8830 (1 year ago)
It you go frame by frame it's clear the the explosion was an air burst
Nicholas Gieschen (2 years ago)
01:57 "It's the end of the world as they know it.."
Nicholas Gieschen (2 years ago)
00:30 Ah, another great day to go fishing... 00:39 HOLY SHIT! RUN MAN, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
Gunganfan (2 years ago)
You have to wonder... who were they fighting that required the development of a weapon THAT powerful?
Andrew Levin (17 days ago)
Better question: did it work?
Matthew Martinez (3 months ago)
Maybe aliens or another civilization as advanced or more so then them.
Vasivin Sarakichpreecha (4 months ago)
The Galactic Empire?
Ken2234 (4 months ago)
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Gunganfan they were trying to subjugate the world at the time and they missused their power and the power struck back, accidentally flooding the world in the process. That is what happened cannonically.
Akiak Jáblonsky (2 years ago)
Ammm...okay, wait a minute. Atlantic people was enough technologically developed to fly with machines that doesen´t needs "wings" instead, It looks like "anti-gravitacional fly". But they didn't have radio comunication?, Their "emergency alarm" was a f*king gigant bell?.
ash18001 (21 days ago)
Akiak Jáblonsky eh nobody’s perfect
Andres Marrero (2 months ago)
+David Wilds they understood how the crystal operated, its just that they it is alive in a sense and it did not appreciate being used in such a manner.
David Wilds (2 months ago)
The crystal offered them the kind of power that modern science can't. I get the idea that actually understanding how it all worked was a low priority. I once read a short story like that- a civilization with 117th-century technology discovers a cheap way to make it to space and achieve FTL travel, and because of that their science atrophies until they try to conquer Earth, the only civilization to make it to modern tech without discovering FTL. Their reaction upon understanding how much more advanced Earth is and how fucked the galaxy is now that Humans have FTL is something along the lines of "what have we done?"
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
EgoEroTergum they were extremely advanced. Their technology is more organic and spiritual, almost mystical, but its still technology, and their technology is comparable to Wakanda's technology in Marvel. Albert it functions under very different principles.
allison tutor (5 months ago)
Akiak Jáblonsky their emergency back up was the crystal that was in the sky
aderose (3 years ago)
That's one to open up a Disney Film........MASS GENOCIDE!!
Best Anime Hero (2 months ago)
All those poor atlanteans, wiped away into the ocean
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Does everybody that didn't get on Noah's Ark count? That blast flooded the world.
Merritt Animation (6 months ago)
No it's just horrific disaster
Alexia Victory (1 year ago)
Nope total genicide whoever that was the bomb hit they and everyone for thousands upon thousands of miles died. I wonder who was it?
Howyaduing (1 year ago)
Raccoon Zero it kind of was
Aden Michaelson (3 years ago)
God damn is this animation beautiful!
Eri (3 years ago)
2:09 there was not only one, but a third and a second wave?
allison tutor (5 months ago)
Eri no I think it was all one wave just shown by one side
jimboy de juan (1 year ago)
when crystal massive bomb caused wide giant wave own
Each time when I watch this Movie, im wondering why the guy on the beginning calls the other one a fool... I mean "You´ve destroyed us all!"... Does that mean that the wave only appeared cuz of the mistake of one guy from the Army?
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Alexis Hood it was no hydrogen bomb for that weapon flooded the world, you know the whole thing with Noah's ark? Yea, they caused that by misusing their power and having it backfire.
jitsuzuko (7 months ago)
maybe the king order its construction and the general activated it by mistake. So yeah, its the king's fault to begin with
codafett (8 months ago)
I figure he was under orders from the king. Because Kida's father takes full responsibility.
Alexis Hood (1 year ago)
Im pretty sure the atlantians used a Hydrogen bomb. I mean everything they have is based off of fish, water, etc. (ironic that they died by a tsunami caused by the shockwave) but when you look at the way the clouds burst and such all I keep imagining is Bikini Atoll test. Edit: +Andre Klinge : Sounds like the modern equivalent of a nuclear strike and world war 3. "You fool you killed us all!" definitely sounds like Mutually Assured Destruction.
Deadchannel (1 year ago)
John Dragonfly The Raptor Who knows. May have been diplomatic relations going sour. They probably offended their "gods" and tried to make a run for it.
Stephen Amundsen (3 years ago)
Thumbs up for the good quality
Jose Antonio Montalvo (1 year ago)
Stephen Amundsen
Katelyn Pringle (4 years ago)
I have so much pity for every kid that didn't see this movie. It blew my fucking mind
Valle (4 years ago)
I loved this movie as a kid
Cassandra ZayZAY (4 years ago)
Man I looove this movie
Jane Appleseed (4 years ago)
Tdisneyful (4 years ago)
Agh. That opening gives me the chills. It's so good!!
Jake Rutigliano (4 years ago)
1:26 When I first watched this film on VHS, I kinda thought she was actually saying "I just wanted a kiss." Seems rather fitting for their final moments.
IIC7 (4 years ago)
is it weird that I find the leviathans to be cool and badass? 
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Well when they are not trying to kill you.
Akiak Jáblonsky (2 years ago)
+Heliot Cerrot jaja yes, it's true. In your face bible!
Jess (4 years ago)
No, they are cool and awesome
helmi hartono (4 years ago)
They shouldn't have made Atlantis 2, maybe it should have been an Atlantis series the way it was divided into three adventures.
allison tutor (5 months ago)
helmi hartono yes and no. Your right because while some people were not a huge fan with the second movie it was still a hit and still sold out plus it should have been in series instead of movies. So yes and no
Martin Villa (10 months ago)
Wasnt atlantis 2 made by some college kids
Ryan Burgundy (1 year ago)
It actually had a good story showing us what happened after the world knew that Atlantis exists. But the animation was very bad.
Jose Antonio Montalvo (1 year ago)
Ashen Empress
yautja95 (2 years ago)
+Britishviking1 so THAT's why the animation quality of that one second movie was such a painful thing? ...glad it wasn't because they decided to sell crap quality for sequels.
helmi hartono (4 years ago)
I think they called them leviathan either to make a biblical connection or perhaps, if you have the DVD and see the alternate beginning with the Vikings, the way the Leviathan jumped out of the water eluded to a whale like shape or movement, even just the huge pincers rising partially out of the sea looked whale-like, and seeing as they only call it the Leviathan coz Milo read it from The Shepherd's Journal... you get the drift. 
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
helmi hartono it was more ghan a biblical reference considering these guys accidentally cuased the great flood.
AndyG94 (4 years ago)
This movie is SO underrated...
David Vue (8 months ago)
It's because there's not a song every other scene
MAnuscript421 (3 years ago)
I have the soundtrack. It's a shame the opening music didn't make it into the final cut.
Bryan (4 years ago)
They probably fired the weapon at the Greeks X) Jk jk
Teresa herrera vilches (5 months ago)
umm, the question is why they explode the earth? do u know books or something that explain it?
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Presumably the world, that explosion caused the great flood told in the bible and every other religion. It quite literally flooded the earth.
Teresa herrera vilches (5 months ago)
Holy and Tranquil (1 year ago)
mu and lemuria were supposed to be on the otherside of the earth
Something8830 (1 year ago)
The DORUK the tsar bomb wouldn't make a wave that big. That explosion was probably more equal to a meteor impact.
Khongor Shatar (4 years ago)
Only reason i hate Disney is that this movie was So Underrated. Who ever the producer/director was should get an Oscar 
Shadowkey392 (5 years ago)
This was pretty good for Disney's first attempt at a science fiction story.
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
It wasn't science fiction, it was an adventure movie. They never considered it as a science fiction movie.
Shadowkey392 (8 months ago)
I should correct myself: first attempt at an ANIMATED science fiction story; they did 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea before this.
pendraco2000 (10 months ago)
Treasure Planet was several years after this. it's a good movie as well, but Atlantis still has it beat by a few years.
Ariel Denis (2 years ago)
Shadowkey392 what about Treasure Planet?
Jordan Dillon (5 years ago)
He disturbed the dirt.
nepentheriac (5 years ago)
This was so sad...when I first saw it I cried my eyes out.
allison tutor (5 months ago)
nepentheriac same here
TheDevilownsmenot500 (5 years ago)
I remember how I first saw this scene and cried
Khongor Shatar (5 years ago)
Tsunami, It Got Atlantis and Next one is Japan LOL
Khongor Shatar (5 years ago)
i would live in the atlantis if it existed now, who doesn't want to live there
Khongor Shatar (5 years ago)
Its so cool that they all have brown skins and white hairs. Its no wonder that they have white hairs most of them lived thousands of years
Rosie Johnson (10 months ago)
even the little kids have white hair though
dan christophersonson (5 years ago)
Man they don't make Disney movies like they used too this movie kicked ass
MrChibirobo11 (5 years ago)
i'v seen the movie long time ago , but what happend to the other leviathans like here you see 2-3 of them , did the rest got destroyed or are they protecting other places for invaders trying to get to atlantis
Xenomorph 2017 (1 month ago)
There were actually six of them if you look closely. Only one survived the tsunami.
Sir Aroun (5 years ago)
because they where trying to get to the city
Sir Aroun (5 years ago)
they were trying to give warring to the city.
Melvaron (5 years ago)
ShadowSonic2 (5 years ago)
It was, but it wasn't that guy's fault. It was the King.
ShadowSonic2 (5 years ago)
It is, when the King is explaining what happened to the City he says that he arrogantly tried to use the Heart of Atlantis as a weapon. It was too powerful and caused that explosion/tidal wave. Probably he fired the crystals' power at some island and the blast was too huge.
Lilly Castitatis (1 year ago)
ShadowSonic2 Yes perhaps it was a failed test
ShadowSonic2 (5 years ago)
The DVD commentary says that looking into the light at the beginning is what Blinded the King.
Cobra1098 (5 years ago)
That's a hell of a way to start a Disney movie, a nuclear fuckin' bomb causes a tidal wave that wipes a civilization off the face of the Earth. What happened to Disney, they lose their balls or something after the 90's-early 2000's?
Andres Marrero (5 months ago)
Cobra1098 it flooded the world.
allison tutor (5 months ago)
Cobra1098 it wasn't a bomb is was the giant crystal that was in the sky
bringabongalong1 (6 months ago)
yea people started getting 'offended'
Andrew Johnson (6 months ago)
+SNail Man honestly I think we could all say the same thing about your comment
SNail Man (6 months ago)
oh my fucking christ do you hear yourself speak imagine being this stupid since when was ''the millenial generation'' against death in disney movies also the millenial generation would be children in the 90s so rennaissance era disney was probably all they watched. i know you are an edgy anti sjw bitch who thinks soccer moms and evil tungle sjws are the same thing but like.... can you at least spare ppl youre stupidity bc it physically hurt to read your pathetic comment
Arcilios (5 years ago)
Leviathanguy (5 years ago)
The Atlantans couldn't control the research and then some idiot blew it up and that's how Odin found it
forrestgumball (5 years ago)
One guy causes the ending of an empire. Dang he probably got so guilty his balls went up to his stomach
Amma1968 (5 years ago)
If you go further, and take your researching "off world", leaving behind the very limited Human knowledge base....here is what a Higher Dimensional civilization (5th/6th dimensional) has to say about what caused the sinking...these Higher Dimensional beings have instant access to Akashic Records/parallel realities/past, present & future time frames...basically all the knowledge in the Universe is at their fingertips -- BASHAR - Atlantis video: /watch?v=qXlQtPT4lzY
Emely Aparicio (5 years ago)
Oh and to answer all your questions, It wasnt a nuclear explosion or whatever you may think that caused the giant tidal wave, i did a little info search and reseachers say it was a giant volcanic eruption :3 idk if im right but i do believe thats what caused it 0.0
Emely Aparicio (5 years ago)
I have to say disney truely outdid themselves with this movie. I mean it leaves you with questions in your head. i mean what exactly couldve caused an explosion that caused a mega tsunami to sink an entire empire. or is the leviathan a true mythical creature that guards its city? o.o its just a cartoon but still, it gives a viewer so much curiosity, thats why i love this movie so much ^_^
Wise One1494 (9 months ago)
im not sure about the leviathan being real idea, but later on the king mentions the blast was from a weapon that is essentially an atomic bomb only instead of causing nuclear fission it detonates a piece of the crystal's heart
WorldsWithin (5 years ago)
no, he sat in the dirt :P

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