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Warrior Cats Book 2 Fire and Ice

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READ ME!!!!!!!! Warrior series, book 2 fire and ice Erin Hunter-ALL CREDIT FOR
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Addie Mm (1 year ago)
Me: "How old is this vid-" Me again: *screams* "2009??????????????" My mom: "... You ok in there, honey? O.o" Me: "Y-yah...peachy..." Mom: "ok....dont kill urself. I'm going to work. Don't drink any bleach" Me: " mom wtf!?"
Princesswolf (4 months ago)
Count Koopa (1 year ago)
Ninjakitty (1 year ago)
Addie Mm this is me but on my new channel. but omg it really is that old, just turned 9 years old wow. but lmao
I fainally got this from my school library! My freind found it and then We played for it and then I got it YESSSSS
Princesswolf (4 months ago)
Princesswolf (4 months ago)
james.h (1 month ago)
Princesswolf Dead
Princesswolf (4 months ago)
Kaela Goding (7 months ago)
me:wow! mom:im leaving dont drink bleach *mom leavs* GRABS BLEACH* *chug chug chug* mom:honey ur ded to me
Christina Webster (9 months ago)
No offense but boring I want the movie not just the cat names!
Kaela Goding (7 months ago)
its telling you the charactors
EandLproduction (8 months ago)
me too but 1. this video is almost 10 years old and 2. i don't think there is a movie. i'm sure you can find a bunch of animated things on youtube though if you search.
XxWarriorCatGirlxX (1 year ago)
ow the music is to loud
EandLproduction (8 months ago)
keep your volume lower (also this video is almost 10 years old lmao)
Count Koopa (1 year ago)
I'm reading this book for the second time.
EandLproduction (8 months ago)
i need to reread them but i just never think about it
Levithan Be Gaming (5 years ago)
well if he didnt he would go against his sister and cloudpaw still (cloudkit in the book fyi) would go to some twolegs house.
Jacob Keller (6 years ago)
I'm on the sight power of three
Count Koopa (1 year ago)
Jacob Keller hello old comments

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