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Halsey - Ghost (Official Music Video)

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Text Comments (21082)
nat the cat (1 hour ago)
i am here in time to worship this for 20biteen
hadil ben amor (1 hour ago)
I’m straight but I kinda understand the song in a different way. I’m actually in a relationship with a guy that I met a year ago. We stared a very beautiful love story but now we always fight and I feel like he is not the same person anymore. He still claims that he loves me but I don’t feel that. I’m still looking for his old self (my ghost) that’s why I still didn’t give up. Sometimes I think that the person I fell in love with didn’t even exist. 😔
Rachel Larsen (1 hour ago)
Halsey <3 That's all
R (5 hours ago)
OMG Is halsey lesbain???
Barbara Buckley (14 hours ago)
I love you halsey you are amazing the beat best music for mad people Haha x
Axel Blaze (1 day ago)
Can someone translate what she said
Nicole Prado (1 day ago)
This maked me gayer jajajajaja
LISA M (1 day ago)
😱 I can hear Japanese
Vera Ps. (2 days ago)
Oh my I thought I clicked on an ASMR.... LMAO...
silver galaxy (2 days ago)
it's been a while and i'm still dying bc of this song lord, save my lesbian soul
pratik ravate (2 days ago)
Some japnese shit in beginning
Bad Wolfy (3 days ago)
Me: *watches when they make out n stuff* My straightness: *kills self* Me: im now bisexual af
Apple Pie (3 days ago)
Straight people left the chat.
SongSong KiKyo (4 days ago)
Woaaah who is speaking Japanese at the beginning????? plz plz tell m it’s Halsey
gacha sarrah (3 days ago)
Honeybuns Slime (4 days ago)
gacha sarrah (3 days ago)
xuteamvs (5 days ago)
Hi, I'm Halsey, and welcome to my ASMR channel.
United Twist (5 days ago)
Halsey anime opening
A S Yagami (5 days ago)
*Listens to beginning* Ur not doing an asmr video. XD
RusticTrumpet (6 days ago)
BRING BACK GAY HALSEY!! where’d you gooo I misss you soooo. Feels like it’s been foreverr
Sophia Chavez (6 days ago)
2018 any one?
ScreamTV Brasil (6 days ago)
THE FOXY X1 (6 days ago)
THE FOXY X1 (6 days ago)
Deu de virar sapatão agora HALSEY. Da onde veio essa mizera. Ela tava namorando com o integrante do grupo THE CHAINSMOCKERS (Andrew Taggarte). E do nada eu vejo ela fazendo sabão com outra mulher na cama. AGORA ELA VIROU MÃE DE FAMÍLIA- (AI,AI,AI,QUE DELÍCIA CARA! ...KKKKKKK.
SaltyNanwoo (7 days ago)
Im straight. *glances at video* O h
Whyamialive IDK (7 days ago)
Ok I got tingles from the intro of the video lmao
János Zsigus (7 days ago)
The lyrics, her voice, this beat... this song is perfection ♡
Swaggy Biboo (7 days ago)
Japanese ASMR at the beginning
Trice Eberhard (9 days ago)
다프네Daphne (9 days ago)
ah.... wow!
Anita Escalante (10 days ago)
Deberías de ser mi novia 7u7
I’m Userless (10 days ago)
I can’t fuking pyschos
I’m Userless (10 days ago)
Goodluk fuk off
HiddenZFlame (10 days ago)
Awe it's so fucking cute.. God damn it.. ;-;
fairy dust (10 days ago)
the asmr at the beginning tho
Madeline Batchelor (10 days ago)
Straight people be like: wow they're really good fRiEnDs
Madeline Batchelor (10 days ago)
Heteros? Whered you go?😂
Genevieve Manuele (10 days ago)
I'm more gay now. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!
hippypeacechick 420 (10 days ago)
JU_ LP (11 days ago)
0:54 questioning my sexuality
Stanley Henriquez (11 days ago)
Eso es lesvianismo
emily (11 days ago)
i watch this every day
Daniel Idah (11 days ago)
I see why Wayne featured her in C5 she's too great 💜
Santiago B (12 days ago)
This video is not for me I’m just a 9 year old looking for a cool song and I find this
emily (11 days ago)
Santiago B this video is for u
l j (12 days ago)
Please remake this but make it longer x
Ana Perez (12 days ago)
I discovered that I liked women through this video, all hail my queen halsey
Tilde Saurus (12 days ago)
That asmr tho
M.A.S (12 days ago)
the asthetic is wow
Marc Towers (13 days ago)
ASTRAL THIEF (13 days ago)
Halsey's got that vinum 💉🏆👑 One door closes and another opens.
Laura Knight 2 (13 days ago)
Is giving me asmr
Ic3 Cr3am (13 days ago)
Its givin me ghost in the shell vibes~~
Richard Caroll (14 days ago)
I would really like to go to a Halsey concert, but I am also a 62 year old overweight male. I am afraid I would creep out all of Halsey's fans, so I will never go to one. When she sings, it is like she is singing about my life.
bibbitybobbityboo (15 days ago)
everything about this song and music video is just aesthetic 👌
Bianca Souza (15 days ago)
Olha o Asmr dessa mulher... mano, muito Deusa, até a respiração dela é perfeita. Respeitem o ícone ❤❤❤
tanya Griffiths (16 days ago)
Asmr at start
Manda Miner-Babb (16 days ago)
Uh ...... Yeah, ♥️
DrawingPineapple (17 days ago)
Gay level +12
Leo Wood (17 days ago)
Isn't this the video where she was accused of fetishizing Asians?
Shealeigh Nix (18 days ago)
2018 anyone
Yasmin Meira Beltrame (18 days ago)
My first asmr
Brooke Bohannon (18 days ago)
beginning sounded like sum asmr
Emma Williams (18 days ago)
which one is hasley????
solar nei (18 days ago)
Emma Williams the one with the blue wig
Pandoro (18 days ago)
Eu curti jogando #HebboHotel e ouvindo #RadioHunter
V Whalien (18 days ago)
日本がいっぱい! ありがとう!嬉しい Thank you and love you from Japan 🇯🇵
Mattinqq (19 days ago)
Chasing Ghosts.
Poop Hunter (19 days ago)
Kat zun anyone
Legend Of Twink (15 days ago)
Meeee lmao
Susannah Zoldyck (20 days ago)
KatzunsKloset anyone?
Legend Of Twink (15 days ago)
W h y h e l l o
DragonsBloodRose (19 days ago)
H o w d I d u k n o w
Pandoro (20 days ago)
só vim pelo hebbo e pela hunter
Astrid (20 days ago)
I swear that every time I hear this, I think that the beginning is straight up ASMR...
stabby_chara (20 days ago)
*that moment when you ask yourself if your gay...*
Inky Noodles (20 days ago)
* thoughts on being straight go out the window *
ScaredyKitten98 (20 days ago)
who alse is here because of Katzun's latest video on her second channel? also i love this video now. im here cuz im gay as frick and i love the lesbian scenes
Tiger Tooney (20 days ago)
I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!! I think im gay
Traci Rhodes (20 days ago)
Hear bc of Katzun, lol
Regret Cookies (20 days ago)
Who else is here cause of Katzun?
fjoriku (20 days ago)
Haha me too hi there
BubbleGum Blues (20 days ago)
Me 😂
Anonymous 33 (21 days ago)
And this is why I'm Not straight at all, hold me down by halsey really switched me towards being in the LGBTQ+
TheCrookedThumper (22 days ago)
Marie Liptakova (22 days ago)
The best song
Jimin (23 days ago)
I don't like her anymore but this is really good
Damaris Castillo (24 days ago)
I'm searching for something that I can't reach I don't like them innocent I don't want no face fresh Want them wearing leather Begging, let me be your taste test I like the sad eyes, bad guys Mouth full of white lies Kiss me in the corridor But quick to tell me goodbye You say that you're no good for me 'Cause I'm always tugging at your sleeve And I swear I hate you when you leave I like it anyway My ghost Where'd you go? I can't find you in the body sleeping next to me My ghost Where'd you go? What happened to the soul you used to be? You're a Rolling Stone boy Never sleep alone boy Got a million numbers And they're filling up your phone, boy I'm off the deep end, sleeping All night through the weekend Saying that I love him but I know I'm gonna leave him
emily (25 days ago)
i am gay
emily (25 days ago)
i deadass watch this every day
fluffy fat ball (25 days ago)
Every time that i see this i just want to kiss everyone no matter boy or girl
Baby Doll (25 days ago)
Loading 2019 █████████] 98% Complete Hopefully 2019 is a better year, wish the best for you guys!
gacha fawn (25 days ago)
I got an advert with hasley in ot before watching this
thank u, next (18 days ago)
Ronel Naude (26 days ago)
I am straight - other me: *so is spaghetti until it gets wet*
julia potter (27 days ago)
só eu já visualizei esse clipe 10 mil vezes
julia potter (27 days ago)
Halsey me convide para atuar no seus clipes com você por favor Desde então agradeço
julia potter (27 days ago)
Aí que lindas
Aliejha Cullick (27 days ago)
I love how she mixes pastel and neon colors
Zafra Idjirani (29 days ago)
1.25 speed
lady bug (29 days ago)
Are u lesbian?
badgaltori (29 days ago)
Mozzarella Sticks (29 days ago)
Zay Ta (1 month ago)
Feral Kitty Gaming (1 month ago)
i was so sleepy in the beginning
Ece Nur Ergül (1 month ago)
Şarkı çok çok çok çok çok çok çok çok çok çok çok güzel ama klip çok sapıkça
George B (1 month ago)
I’m pregnant after this
hello chez (1 month ago)
ppl here be like “this is the gayest thing everrrr” and im like, they just making out, it can get wayyyy gayer than that

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