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Text Comments (274)
AcidGlow (3 months ago)
*Smash that LIKE if you want more videos like this. ✅🙂* Last Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMedKbAmLt8&t=29s
Konkar Badger (2 months ago)
black ops fan 15 it's a good thing none of us in real life will ever have to do that. If you ever think of Easter Sunday, there's also another Christian reason why it's so important. The Holy Bible also said when Jesus was Crucified, and in 3 days he rose from the grave, appeared to his mother and she realizes it was him she almost embraced him, but he said, "Touch me not. I have not yet ascended to my Father. But you must tell my remaining Disciples I have risen from my grave." Truth is he was brought into Hell. And he broke free, conquered Hell, and escaped. So from being in Hell Itself he had been battling Evil for 3 Days. The Spirits of Evil must have smeared Jesus' body, which is why he told his mother not to touch him. He was Unclean at that moment. So in truth, Jesus is the only man who ever escaped from there.
Konkar Badger (2 months ago)
Fresh.Mootz I don't know if Smoking Weed is needed to understand this. All I know is this truly was in The Bible, mentioned somewhere. I don't know the book or chapter, but I have studied other things in the Bible when I was a kid. If you read the Holy Bible, which story is your most favorite?
Konkar Badger (2 months ago)
AcidGlow I'm definitely a Christian. And God Bless you for speaking the Truth without fear. I commented many people about the same similarities between the Tower of Babel in Biblical History, and the one in the game. They mocked it many times but I Pity them. I know a person can try to turn Evil men back to good, but that person cannot make them Listen. Some also said they were Satanic Worshippers and didn't believe God was very strong. I had to refuse to speak to them, but also stay with my beliefs. Still I was hoping someone would say the same as I did.
Zion Leach (3 months ago)
Please play Alone in the Dark and do lore videos
Funkymusic (3 months ago)
love the video but it threw me off since i am used to the American version of babel and not the British
IDoStuffOnThisChannel (18 hours ago)
Why do you sound like the "number 15. Burger king foot lettuce" guy? (gr8 vid. tho)
TheMorbidAsshole (4 days ago)
Baron's of hell got good looking kakhi pants
Hdhs Hehcuhdb (6 days ago)
The game is called doom because of a Tom Cruise line in one of his movies
Mr Crocker (13 days ago)
from what I’ve gathered so far the People built the Tower of Babel to reach heaven but god destroyed it
Matt Ellis (18 days ago)
I saw a cool video where they linked doom and warhammer into the same universe.
King Raven (18 days ago)
Diemos is not an asteroid, it's one of the two moons of Mars.
thatboy353 (20 days ago)
Take a shot every time the word "Hell" is said.
Jakub Ziętal (22 days ago)
Damn! Great materials! I will subscribe, I will listen...
Rába Ádám (26 days ago)
episode 2 mission 8??? not episode 2 map 8??
Leonard Wong (28 days ago)
Remember playing this way back.... when I saw the baron's corpses....oh crap....this will be difficult.
Traplord M.E.L. (30 days ago)
They better Pet rabbit daisy Easter egg on DOOM ETERNAL. 400th comment 🎉🎉🎉
Sonny James (1 month ago)
Centaur Man15 (1 month ago)
"Asteroid called Deimos" Deimos isn't an asteroid. It's one of Mars' moons. This is even the case in the games.
Diego Osores (1 month ago)
I think they are failed cyber demons
Morgana Freeman (1 month ago)
Gotta avenge daisy.
Karnage Fails (1 month ago)
LOVE these videos.
pwee507 (1 month ago)
Have you noticed in the 2016 doom when you open the tower of babel secret room that the stone makes a noise when you approach from the back side? My theory is it's the monolith
MrDarkTides (1 month ago)
like the rest of the demons in Doom 3 onward, they just don't have the same character as the originals. Original Baron's rocked.
Takeme Rightnow (1 month ago)
To all the idiots complaining: it is "Bay-bel" (like he pronounced in the video), or it is babble ("ba-bel"). It is **NOT** Bah-bell. There is not a single word in the English language that stresses the second vowel rather than the first. You either stress the 'a' (like in my first example) or stress neither.
Takeme Rightnow (1 month ago)
There were no Hell Knights in Original Doom. They were introduced into Doom 2.
Rhino Bane (1 month ago)
Are you trolling? Hell Knights didn't appear until Doom II, There is an appearance of torn up Barons in the Fortress of Mystery, which is before the Tower of Babel, and Deimos is a moon orbiting Mars, not an asteroid.
Eliancito Montes (1 month ago)
¿what if the demons that are "soft" or "unworthy" in the eyes of other demons are left to rot instead of being converted in revenants?
Casey P (1 month ago)
Babel = Bah - Ble
faiz360 (1 month ago)
I love the level soundtrack.
SilvaDreams (1 month ago)
Well they are called Barons of hell, so while they are higher demons they are just lower level high demons.
That was entertaining and it has good points.
Enzo Warren (2 months ago)
I really want to have SNES Doom on N3DS Virtual Console.
davidsirmons (2 months ago)
ID = Id software, said as the Freudian term.
davidsirmons (2 months ago)
Hell Knights were only in Doom 2, not Doom 1.
rednekdashie (2 months ago)
Good video but gotta be that guy for a second. Tower of Babel is pronounced "bah-bel" like a babbling bafoon, because the people built the tower to be closer to God and thought they could hear the voice of God in the towers Halls. Did some research and the bay-bel pronunciation is a British things that comes from a transliteration of the original hebrew word, so I can give a bit of a pass. I'm just hungover and that was bothering me lol
VADER 621 (2 months ago)
Im confused I thought the doomslayer was on earth when the demons attacked and killed his because those idiot scientist couldnt read the language that the aliens wrote to worn not to open the gate but they never deciphered it and they opened the portal.
Icon of Sin (2 months ago)
Ok question to everyone in the comments or whoever, is dooms hell the same as the our hell or no
Eliancito Montes (1 month ago)
no, doom isn't our christian hell
Joe Schmo (2 months ago)
Its Bab-ul
MitchTheRonin (2 months ago)
I always thought that the barons of hell were wearing trousers
TheLoneChampion NA (2 months ago)
Tower of Baybal lol
jonaski08 (2 months ago)
Pls do a video on the doomguy himself
War Monkey Gaming (2 months ago)
the fact that you pronounce it like Bay-ble not bab-le like it suposed to be pronounce is honestly really irritating
Jeremy Burlingame (2 months ago)
It's pronounced like "Babble" actually
Matthew O`Conner (2 months ago)
Jacob Evertson (2 months ago)
how are there 0 comments
Metalders (2 months ago)
Just a small detail you might've missed: the Baron of Hell is also missing his jaw.
Shawn Poore (2 months ago)
Dude I had to subscribe, your vids are cool as hell
dash captures of Vermont (2 months ago)
Remember this game and it was amazing, love it and even the bad graphics. Such a fun game, doors closing, growls, eerie music.
Rafael Hernandez (3 months ago)
Maybe the Cyber Demon wanted to test itself so it took on the knights in combat so this might be the result of the fight
Squidward Tentacles (3 months ago)
I Got a doom eternal ad before this started
DecemberBros'Channel (3 months ago)
Ik you probably don't care, but Babel is pronounced Babel as in the baaaaa of a sheep. Not Bable as in table.
Wezilla (3 months ago)
DooM rules
Robin Sequira (3 months ago)
It's pronounced "babble." That's where that word comes from. They were building a tower to heaven, so God made them all speak different languages so they couldn't understand each other. As far as everyone inside was concerned, everyone else was just babbling.
BREEZY GAMING (3 months ago)
Maybe there hanging there too be turned into a cyber demon!
Jebron Lames (3 months ago)
boy this episode is a ray of sunshine aint it?
carlos espinosa (3 months ago)
Good video dude!! but you could activate the subtitles please!
Becausethedaysareevil (3 months ago)
The tower of Bable wasn't destroyed by God. God saw the tower and saw that if man had completed the tower nothing we thought to do would be restrained from us. So he confused our language, and by that act we were scattered throughout the world, and construction of the tower ceased.
gummy warm (3 months ago)
You can find the barons in 2016 ver
Karsten Mussen (3 months ago)
There were no Hell Knights in Doom 1, only Barons. They were introduced in Doom 2...
Benjamin Zachary (3 months ago)
No Hell Knights until DooM II.
Gaming Room (3 months ago)
this is pretty interesting. good stuff. maybe not the official lore, probably a real concept when they were creating the level names, textures and stuff.
NackWeasel (3 months ago)
You have the exact same theory as i always did it seems for what the ruined Barons meant.
Brian (3 months ago)
_eye dee_
Scott Bruckner (3 months ago)
The tower of tongues
emmanual Rivera (3 months ago)
"One of the strongest monsters"
Christian Grey (3 months ago)
So they were building that tower that someday the cyberdemon could kill god?
Electrics Source (3 months ago)
What if doomguy is a demon of a demon an before you tell me to jump of a bridge right, just hea... read me out.. in our dimension/realm hell is basically the dimensions of demons.. so... what if doomguy is from hells hell... so we fear demons an demons fear doomguy from an hells hell dimension/realm?...
cacadodo666 (3 months ago)
I love this type of shit. Use to fantasize about these details back in the day.
Broken Wave (3 months ago)
Doom is probably the greatest game ever made. Something about the timing of it just cements it forever. Even the new games with insane graphics and SFX just can't compete with Doom's visuals ajd sound which create such a powerful aura about the game.
Eugene Shults (1 day ago)
You're just nostalgic. Doom 2016 was great. Doom Eternal is going to be amazing
Lawrence Jelsma (1 month ago)
Broken Wave ... Uhhmmm? Duke Nukem 3D and to Forever? Wolfenstein 3D? The 2016 DOOM was a Wolfenstein (done better in 2000s) laugher and a definite "no game buy" with all my gaming friends! We'll see how 2019 outdoes the 1993 definite game of the year!
Theta Dream (1 month ago)
Broken Wave I TOTALLY agree
travos k (3 months ago)
"Hell is know to be a hostile place" Nooo really, I went there for holy days.
NGT9 (3 months ago)
You know,I miss the thrill old-classic Doom gave me. Dunno if it was because I was a kid back then and my imagination was free and rich or something else. But when I played (or play) the Classic Doom it gives a real atmospheric feeling of hell,damnation and despair. Newer ones are alright in their own way but I don't get this same feeling. I wonder why is it so.
AlienHunter1998 (3 months ago)
Love these vids keep them coming !
praystation (3 months ago)
When you wear a power armor like that? Even the boss felt the need to add cyborg enhancement.
willy7y (3 months ago)
i don't buy the idea of a power amor 2016, he is just a guy who have bad day and goes full berserk with weapons and hands, he is not an Iron man, or Samus
DooM Go 2 It (3 months ago)
Cool video. Only thing is that Hell Knights weren't intorduced until Doom II.
SixStringLove Guy (3 months ago)
I believe it is pronounced *Bah BELL* instead of *Bay bill* I have heard my pastor say it several times before and he's a professor from Oral Roberts University, so I would wager he knows. But, who knows for sure, right?
Quinn Meche (3 months ago)
No one in the history of the world has ever pronounced Bable with a long A. Short A
BLOOD+CHROME (1 month ago)
I’ve heard it pronounced this way many times.
Goldenfish300 (2 months ago)
Everyone I've ever heard say it has pronounced it the way it is in the video. Tomarto Tomaeto
S300V (3 months ago)
I dont think anything has to be explained in doom. I mean its hell...that means chaos... anything can happen. Dead barons can be found in fortress of mystery too. The deamons did that for just the hell of it... that is what is scary
Yelling Yellow Box (3 months ago)
Manny Stovall (3 months ago)
can you review Tarzan vs Predator comic.
Takenaka San (3 months ago)
Wow all these years and I never noticed the tower growing as you progress through the levels, that's a nice detail
WIldXIII (3 months ago)
Excellent video, one thing though. Deimos isn't an asteroid, it's one of the two of Mars' moons. The other is Phobos which is also what one of the Doom skins from Quake 3 arena was called. :)
WIldXIII (3 months ago)
In which case I have learned something new! I always knew that it was one of Mars' moons but I didn't know that it was a captured asteroid. :)
Demo_the _man (3 months ago)
+Demo_the _man though the funny part is that the area of all the e1 maps is actually bigger then the entire surface area of Phobos.
Demo_the _man (3 months ago)
I believe both of the moons in orbit around mars are captured asteroids if I'm not mistaken. So he's only partially correct.
ELYUSRA PRAHARA (3 months ago)
Hell, never give a thought about id, subscribed
Super Six Eight (1 month ago)
Mandra Mastur I see what you did there, "Hell", "id" 😉
Carlo Sitaro (3 months ago)
Carmack was right about specific videogames genres and porn comparison meant to be as a generic concept of attractive and primal emotions. You don't really need a deep story, to lead pretty well, a candy-eye orgy :D
Anthony D. (3 months ago)
Exactly, you can't invest you're self in a porn video unless it has a good story.
Jason Santos (3 months ago)
I think the cyberdemon is more powerful than the Barons of hell well they're kind of like lower class yeah
IFIXUR360 (3 months ago)
ive always thought the barons of hell were hung up because they wouldnt fight the doom guy. so they were left for the dogs to eat on. i came up with this since you often see the hounds in front of a corpse be it human or demon.
Pix-Elated (3 months ago)
Strange, all the times I've played Doom (and this level specifically) I never really gave a second thought to those Barons of Hell on the walls. I always thought it was just more room decorations, kinda like how previously you see disembodied humans hanging on walls or human organs (a beating heart etc) placed on pedestals. Didn't realize they were meant to instill fear in me xD
Theta Dream (1 month ago)
Pix-Elated Lol I know right?
Sheppardsg1 (3 months ago)
can you doo doom 2 eternal too :) tnx for these videos :)
shanobian (3 months ago)
probably prototyping cyber demons
Valente Gabriel (3 months ago)
Have anyone Watch *DOOM ETERNAL*
Alex Banuelos (3 months ago)
Doom lore is lame. The game isn’t meant for all this stupid, corny plot bullshit. Plus the narrator’s voice is gay af. Like...read a book, dude. These stories are a complete waste of fucking time.
rilluma (3 months ago)
cyberdemon dismembered same arm and leg that he himself has lost.
Jackie Santos (3 months ago)
I love the doom game
CoTeCiOtm (3 months ago)
One thing, the song is called Nobody Told Me About id, not ID, which is a pun to the name of the company that produced Doom, id software, which is pronounced id (like Freud's id, ego and super-ego), not I.D. That's a very common mistake people make. They even had a clarification on the name in one of the Doom alphas, as seemingly even people in the industry was saying the name wrong. Also, Hell Knights don't appear until Doom 2, so Doomguy didn't face them at all during the time the whole Cyberdemon thing took place. The Jaguar ports version of Tower of Babel was apparently made by American McGee to compensate for the lack of the Cyberdemon as those consoles didn't have enough memory to store it and the Spider Mastermind, it was indeed brought back in PSX Doom (and subsequently, Saturn Doom), but without Dis, so I guess they put this map after Limbo to compensate the lack of that level and keep the level progression from the Jaguar mapset, as starting from Tower of Babel, all the levels following are exclusive to the PSX and Saturn, no other console port had them.
The Yakking Wakko (3 months ago)
The tower of Babel is a bible story about people wanting to reach the gods, and being language split by the gods, 2 game levels seem to be based on that, the doom one by name, and the 4th dungeon in majoras mask because the tower in that game was made by the people to reach the gods, but the gods flipped them upside down, making them build to hell
ReverendSyn (3 months ago)
It's pronounced "Babble"
BFenix (3 months ago)
Pretty cool video trying to bridge some gaps in the lore of demons and the realms from where they came. Although slight correction; Deimos is one of Mars' moons, not an asteroid. The part of it which contained the base where nuclear waste was stored and teleportation experiments with Phobos were held was actually phased into Hell itself., thus the title
Jonathan Wentworth (3 months ago)
They got fucked, next question
Andrew Wishon (3 months ago)
Bab like babe
Bucky•JaKRBT (3 months ago)
Wow dude. Like I've played this game so much every year, but I never noticed these subtle details. It really goes a long way of showing us that iD software while being dismissive of giving the player a narrative, they weren't hesitant of using visual story-telling to create some memorable environments and reveals.
LatisARG (3 months ago)
Yo, hall was such a genius with doom lore
Pepijn 15 (3 months ago)
Doom Eternal (Doom 2) was just announced on e3 today!
Pepijn 15 (3 months ago)
I meant that I saw it this morning, I was probably already sleeping when it was announced since I don't live in the US.
AcidGlow (3 months ago)
Not today.. yesterday.
terran warbears (3 months ago)
Nice vid of game who i play so much when i was kid. and am youre nr 1000 like. Do i get cookie ? :D
Jay Leu (3 months ago)
Uploaded just in time for DOOM Eternal!
Sound Clock (3 months ago)
You could do a Doom Eternal trailer analysis

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