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Chevrolet Captiva 2.0 VCDİ

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Chevy Captiva off road heavy soft https://www.facebook.com/groups/1578958209000429/
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emilio gaggiottini (1 month ago)
1 while making video of car and motorbike "could" be better without music 2 really not bad, good off road with a captiva 3 personally i think i will take a panda cross for better performance and because i don't need so much space, but if i find a cheap captiva...
Mannir Maigidaje (4 months ago)
Morning friends. I have a chevrolet captiva Lt 2008 model and have been using it for some time now excellently. However, i recent discovered that when im driving is no longer smooth. It is sometimes jacking. I change Plugs, fuel filter and pump as well as cleaning all the fuel nozzles but is still doing the same. can someone help me?
It's Shadow (1 year ago)
Would be better without music
tx (2 years ago)
nice video nice car i have captiva 2.0D 4x4 LS
Yiğit Can Atılgan (3 years ago)
Çekim yapılırken aracın lastiği ne arazi lastiği değil galiba Dunlop Sp Sport 270 mi?
Yiğit Can Atılgan (2 years ago)
Vermiyor. Otomatik geçiriyor direkt.
Mhmt EJdr (2 years ago)
+CDXSD aynı araçtan bendede var dört çekere geçtiği zaman araç içeride herhangi bi ikaz lambası yanıyormu bilgi verirmisiniz
SeLo TÜRÜK (3 years ago)
+Yiğit Can Atılgan standart kış lastikleri
Yiğit Can Atılgan (3 years ago)
Lastik ne peki?
SeLo TÜRÜK (3 years ago)
+Yiğit Can Atılgan arazi lastiği değil kumho 235 55 18 lastikler var

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