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Warrior Cats: Fire and Ice - UPDATES!

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Help me watch Casting Call Results! Comment and Like the ones you like best! I'm still adding! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxIH80jAIRC6q34YUJBgnYtjRGC9Td-bD&jct=_Yr6e-rNVQg8klyuMzAbWgzWulGTIg ... Buy on Etsy! http://etsy.me/2CMJM5s Buy on Ebay! http://ebay.to/2AKbtdu ... Want to have your fanmail opened on camera? Send it to! Pinkbunnygirl43 P.O. 488 Middleton, ID 83644 ... Follow me on Warriors Amino! I'll follow you back! https://warriors.aminoapps.com/page/user/pinkbunnygirl43/GME7_RPTQf0Ybgorzp0lrbPrDRL2evg8l5 ... Subscribe to my seven cats' channel! Daily cat videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAiRRHOlvhasRcjIITf-kiA
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Text Comments (216)
pinkbunnygirl43 (11 months ago)
Shout Out to the new Princess owners! :D Hollyleaf of thunderclan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZhjVOmN-8I5c6Z4XUps9-Q Icymoon: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk0JajYdEd0gy_-SBh0dpVA/videos
Akiko Warrior Cats (10 months ago)
pinkbunnygirl43 Hollyleaf of Thunderclan is awesome! They have a few of them!
Vanilla dots (11 months ago)
pinkbunnygirl43 please keep on with the videos they are so great I love your customs and your speedpaints I love the into the wild series and all of your series I personally love warrior cats! I'll try to send fan mail!
Mackenzie Coo (11 months ago)
pinkbunnygirl43 can you make a speed paint of all you cats
Stacey Montalvo (11 months ago)
Hiya pinky! I was having some trouble trying to add my auditions to the playlist so, i was wondering if you could try to do it, if that's ok with u. Ty so much!! :D
Alivia Summerlin (11 months ago)
Lps PetStar oh and sandpaw
MarleenStorybook (9 months ago)
I think Fireheart's eye sequence is the best one
Angry Yellow diamond (9 months ago)
My cat looks like fire heart!
Jetwing (10 months ago)
Please hurry. I'm reading the new prophesy now, and your the only one who make a full into the wild movie. Will you make a full movie of every book?
Princess Schafer (10 months ago)
I love the videos
Supanida zyntek (10 months ago)
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ccccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttt wwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt     *FAN GIRL SCREAMS*
LPS Lover158 (10 months ago)
When will the episodes be uploaded?
wolf pals (10 months ago)
What about elamaty?
Kerri Lomas (10 months ago)
When the magnet comes out I wanna buy one and put it on my fridge
Galaxy Wolf (10 months ago)
Love your vids
Lumang Samantha (10 months ago)
Am I the only one here he alos likes Undertale? And that Fireheart looks like Frisk when eyes are closed?
LPS Kodiakproductions! (10 months ago)
Are auditions still open? :D
charlie2567 (10 months ago)
Here I have mine imma upload it
Sadie (10 months ago)
My videos I'm so excited I hope I get one
Patricia Glassburner (10 months ago)
Its idea scary
Christina Clare (10 months ago)
Thanks so much for following me on warriors amino
gαchα Wolflo (10 months ago)
Pinkbunnygirl can you pls do the power of three
LPS banana Smoothie (10 months ago)
Me: *looking though YouTube* *fire and ice notification* Me:WO WO WO WAIT I SAW FIRE AND ICE!
Sharnie Allen (10 months ago)
When will they be uploaded?
Akiko Warrior Cats (10 months ago)
If I do a live stream would anyone watch?
Akiko Warrior Cats (10 months ago)
julia elizabeth (10 months ago)
Could someone tell me does Graystripe ever join back to Thunderclan after he leaves to live with Riverclan?
Xipher Cat (10 months ago)
I think he does since he becomes deputy when Fireheart becomes FireStar
Nico Repetto (11 months ago)
Gatcha_some Bread (11 months ago)
Ty for following Me on warriors amino Btw this is @scarstripe
Floral Galaxy (11 months ago)
Wait, are you still adding to the playlist?
Vanilla dots (11 months ago)
This video is Awsome!
Star The Corgi (11 months ago)
Please do another giveaway soon. XD
Eleah Poulin (11 months ago)
You so awesome I subbed and everything I love Warrior cats plz keep doing these videos thx!
Ivy is da turtle X (11 months ago)
I follow u pn warrior cats ameno
HowlingPaws Official (11 months ago)
I cant Wait! Love your videos btw pinkbunnygirl43!
Zelda Iceluck (11 months ago)
Wait I thought Princess had Amber eyes?
WolfieGalaxy26 (11 months ago)
Ariana Knesebeck (11 months ago)
Ariana Knesebeck (11 months ago)
At my school we have lockers from 1rst grade to fifth grade
Bark Of Milo (11 months ago)
Oooo. I can't wait! (Until the casting calls are actually ready and you pick!)
Bluemintsjamaa (11 months ago)
.Goes on youtube. .Sees this channel. .looks at this title. .sees its my fav book. .clicks it. subs.
Andrea Martinez (11 months ago)
Samiya Montalvo (11 months ago)
hey can you do a skit with blue star as a kit growing into what she is today :3 plz
Izzy Helps (11 months ago)
| "Late Clan Assemble! " | The deputy Dappled`leaves called, She looked around for other warriors, and Late`star, To come. ( ;-;
the anamatronics (11 months ago)
may starclan light everyone's path
Iam StinkerBella (11 months ago)
Who is princess?
EMILY SHELTON (11 months ago)
My bestie is auditioning 4 a kit! A
Cinder Fur (11 months ago)
Kiitsune (11 months ago)
Pinky did you see my Mistlekit audition?
Susana Macedo (11 months ago)
LPSLOVER WAS VOICING HER WHAT THE HECK I'VE LOVED HER SINCE I WAS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Also I really want to audition but my youtube never showed that you posted a casting call. Would it be possible for me to do it?
Freeze crossing (11 months ago)
Hello! Again. I am here to make suggestions for when Lions "mates" kits from The unknown flame are born. I was asking if you could make one of the kittens called Ross :3 please and thank you
AradTubeHD (11 months ago)
I really want to win a warrior Lps cat because they are super cool!
Talon (11 months ago)
stripe feather (11 months ago)
When is finish of the casting call come out?
Honeyleaf VA (11 months ago)
WOO magnets for my locker! MY LIFE HAS BEGAN! its going make middle school so much better!
Raincloud110 (11 months ago)
If the auditions are determined on number of likes, then stand no chance because nobody looks mine. :P
Jgamer 80 (11 months ago)
first one here yesssss
Chezz Lps (11 months ago)
Hi pinky its my birthday
Russetkit of moonclan (11 months ago)
I love fire and ice!
Charlotte Ruth (11 months ago)
I would love to buy a magnet/keychain (If I'm allowed to...)!
Willowflower 161 (11 months ago)
Nala Kega (11 months ago)
Hay Rachel and Lille I just got my pins I wanted 2 say thank u so much I love thud bonus pin sandstorm is one of my favorite she cats thanks again
hi i love fire and ice keep up with the amazing work!
MLP Nightsong (11 months ago)
I forgot to upload my audition 😳. Oh well it was terrible anyway XD
LPS Firepaws (10 months ago)
MLP Nightsong aww o well I bet it wasn’t that bad
Fan Pet (11 months ago)
MLP Nightsong aw same haha
Mathea Langseth (11 months ago)
When are you going to do det Truth or Dare leaders?
LPS Percy (11 months ago)
U guys are THE BEST!!
Love the video
Lil_Toger (11 months ago)
AWWWW! I loved Yellowfang's old voice, it's purrfect, though I am curious what her new voice will sound like! <33 And at my school, we have to all have the same bags :c
Taylor The Person (11 months ago)
oof ppl only like the ones with pictures of princess or the cat they wanna play.... ppl didn’t even like my audition😂
cARdbOarDFur Draws (11 months ago)
The blinking is kinda freaking me out
I am happy with it the new for the Fire and Ice Warrior Cats UPDATES!
Warroir cats Fan studios (11 months ago)
CUTECHRISTINA girlsunshine a
anna yaj (11 months ago)
:3 Hi!
cARdbOarDFur Draws (11 months ago)
I would love one of your magnets in my locker!
Phoenix Song (11 months ago)
I almost cried when I was I was on that playlist! ❤️ ❤️
Rue Rue (11 months ago)
Warrior and Gacha Lover (11 months ago)
*inhales forever and screams*
Frost Clouds (11 months ago)
Alessia sky port (11 months ago)
Xd pinky did u see muh addition
Blubonnt AJ Left (11 months ago)
Imma tots lose yellowfang
LeeAnn Crawford (11 months ago)
I hope I can voice act pinkie
Corgi Animations (11 months ago)
Hi! Can you add my audition please? It would be great! My voice sucks... i have 0% chance of winning.... *almost quits voice acting* I bet I better voice act Toms instead........
Mapleton Leaf Stable (11 months ago)
I’m excitedly to see the Results
Raven Wolf (11 months ago)
What will the keychains look like? Ur profile, or Warriors? Anyways, I would love one!!!
Skittlez The Dutchie (11 months ago)
lovely LPS (11 months ago)
Yay!! i am finally in earlyClan!!!
ちゃんKit (11 months ago)
Clare Gundersen (11 months ago)
*Sees 356 Auditions* I have no prayer at this. *Rolls Away*
lemon frenchfrie (11 months ago)
Oml fire heart still looks so cute blinking!❤
Clare Gundersen (11 months ago)
Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, these are the canon Warrior movies.
James awesome videos (11 months ago)
yes the new eye effects is awesome! and excited about the episodes and key chains and magnets!
Vashuni 129 (11 months ago)
Ahh episode looks great so far!
Lavender snow (11 months ago)
Nice job I like warriors when I watched one of your warriors cat videos in your channel I did not even know warriors cats it you made me love it now I thank you
Dog Mark arcega (11 months ago)
i really wanna be the voice of yellowfang
Dog Mark arcega (11 months ago)
i have a new channel full of warrior cats
Gemsofgod WSP (11 months ago)
ι ¢αи'т ωαιт!!!!
Wintry Willow (11 months ago)
Hey guys! Make sure to check out my audition! I’d love to hear your feedback so I can be even better for future auditions!
Katy Kii (11 months ago)
Nice video PinkBunnyGirl43! :3 Also NOW I'm sick so I'll try to voice act as a kit....? [ What was her name? xD ] Anyways, thanks for news and... Please vote for me! I want to voice act ALL kits!! Please! >////<
Helena Panares (11 months ago)
EARLYCLAN I AM HER-- the she cat fell down on the ground hef face hit on the grass as she got up and get out of the teritory of lateclan Hi pinky i rlly loved your vids and your warrior cats videos are amazing i hope your channel grow big and have god luck
Luminist V (11 months ago)
Mangleplier 22 (11 months ago)
WaffleClan 1 (11 months ago)
Also I love the animation you do on the warriors. It is beautiful!
Mello (11 months ago)
That blinking is so cute, love it!
LPS Lover158 (10 months ago)
Same here! It was so cool!!
Wolfclaw's Dark Secret: Blurb: Is there any place in a clan for a misteruse loner? who's story is unknown? if they ecsept Wolf will they realize his true dark passion or will they be oblivious to what he could do that could be the distruction of them all..? Allegences: Frostclan LEADER Froststar( White she-cat with dark blue eyes ) DEPUTY Finchtail( Golden brown tom with dark green eyes ) MEDICINE CAT Voletail( Silver tom with blue eyes ) WARRIORS Redclaw( ginger and white tabby tom ) my tree: Cinderstar _ Redclaw Amberfur Froststar Brookfall Cloverfur _ Gorseclaw Lionlily Finchtail Amberfur _ Lionlily Speckalpaw Cloverpaw Froststar _ Finchtail Cinderpaw Heartpaw Snowpaw Dawnpaw this is still in the process of making
ChocoHolic LPS (11 months ago)
aarrreeee i can't wait for the episodes and the blinking is AWESOME
CozyJuniper (11 months ago)
I auditioned, but I did not post because I am embarrassed. Is it still acceptable ? (I did email it to you.) ^^

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