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Kissing girls and made up bands at Lollapalooza

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We were interviewing people at lollapalooza and making up fake band names to see what their reactions were. We also got kisses from girls. #askushow
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Text Comments (12)
Adam Rahman (5 years ago)
Never have I ever.
Raw Footage (5 years ago)
thanks we have more to come!
cmmoore307 (5 years ago)
Haha that was fucking great
missmirandagrace (5 years ago)
1:45 "I'm from Spain. Denise! Denise! ......." "Op sorry I have to take that back" *Lady walks away* HILARIOUS
Koen van der Meulen (5 years ago)
haha awesome video, i'm subcribed
Raw Footage (5 years ago)
you're too sweet ;)
Raw Footage (5 years ago)
if you've ever had a cold sore, you've had herpes.
Raw Footage (5 years ago)
lol thanks!
Raw Footage (5 years ago)
thanks colin! we definitely will, the only thing we lack is information on how to get our video out there :(
Colin Sznaider (5 years ago)
I'm liking these videos! Keep up the good work!
James Holden (5 years ago)
You've always been a 10 to me Ben!
Adam Rahman (5 years ago)

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