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How To Make Lex Luger Type Beat ! Fl Studio 10 Tutorial

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Text Comments (180)
Trayle (6 months ago)
Gang Business
x moses (10 months ago)
damn son that was vicious yo. 7rs and still hard.
ozanberk kovancı (11 months ago)
Dark Noise Beats (1 year ago)
JuggBoy 2x (1 year ago)
Chronix Beats (2 years ago)
it's not lux loger type beat ... it's MMG Type beat
AnimeMovies ABA (11 months ago)
Luan Ibishi (2 years ago)
from what lex luger kit is that hihat can put a link below please i have al the lex luger kits but i don,t have this hihat
Marcellus Smith (3 years ago)
HEAT bro. What brass you use?
Shock Wave Beats (3 years ago)
Were'd you get that brass???
Sjoerd Vermeijden (3 years ago)
Every trap drum pack 
Wangata Marc (4 years ago)
this beat is dope :D :D :D
Geezee Beats (4 years ago)
Shit hard!!
$UBJECT (5 years ago)
is this the newest fl studio to come out or is there a new one ?
Samir Balgobin (5 years ago)
All of this shit go hard
NVCKY (5 years ago)
Did you use extra drum kits and stuff or did all of this come on fl studio?
Bandile Mqush (5 years ago)
I could really use this beat
Den Drum (5 years ago)
bro please tell me the name of the sound to the 2:00 minute or a download link please
AkilMusik (5 years ago)
this beats dope!!! yall should check out my channel of beats!!! thanks
Beavis OG (5 years ago)
Ayee, Whats the build up called? im tryna use dat
MrSam (5 years ago)
Whats the name of this beat ? your shit is dope, keep up the good work
Steve Dobson (5 years ago)
Neat video tutorial!! Everyone scouting around for the number one professional tips using the internet has to consider a look into beat generals, they offer videos in the methods of each of your most-liked artists along with producers.
Bad Luck Studios (5 years ago)
just pure nastiness...
Pablo Collados (5 years ago)
What is 3:37 called? How do you do it or what can i search to find out? Thanks
strawberriemusic (5 years ago)
This Beat Go Ham! Please Check out mine if you have a chance to please
Jaquan Lowery (5 years ago)
OMG!! lol this goes HAM!
thejam7129 (5 years ago)
holy shit best beat i ever heard
JAMARIO ANDERSON (5 years ago)
Thy Worthy (5 years ago)
I liked 1:58
MalcDigital (5 years ago)
lmaoo !
convict2282 (5 years ago)
I bet you this nigha made this shit with one hand and the other eating a chicken drumstick lol XD
adjaho sergio (5 years ago)
can somebody help me to get the lil jayes sample used in this instru .i need it
DEpic239 (5 years ago)
adjaho sergio (5 years ago)
adjaho sergio (5 years ago)
Byron Bernard (5 years ago)
where'd you get this sound kit?
robert seme (5 years ago)
could you make a walkthrough with you talking?
BeatGenerals (5 years ago)
Nice job with the information!! There are FL Studio tutorials in the styles of Lil Wayne, Travis Porter, and a whole lot more on our YouTube channel!!!
Clarence Williams (6 years ago)
send me the flp @ [email protected]
BeatGenerals (6 years ago)
Awesome work with the tutorial.. We offer FL Studio training in the styles of T Minus, J Cole & a bunch more on my Youtube page!!!
Tayfun Talu (6 years ago)
aight check ya inbox cuz
Antonio Blount (6 years ago)
This hard check out my beats
random360player (6 years ago)
send me plz
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
GUYS , if you want the download, you have to INBOX ME . I appreciate your support
KIDD ANT (6 years ago)
send me the flp ?
MrZette89 (6 years ago)
A.S.A. Products (6 years ago)
Besides that, it becane a very hard beat :D
A.S.A. Products (6 years ago)
You stole the melody from kid urban dude, nooot cooool
todd terror (6 years ago)
can you send me the kit bro [email protected]
Stian Wisler (6 years ago)
Can i get the flp ? :)
Drilla Bandz (6 years ago)
Wassup brah can u send me this beat so I can gas it?
Viem Square (6 years ago)
Dude I feel you, can you help a brother with the kit?
DEpic239 (6 years ago)
Nice track
Nine 2 Music (6 years ago)
What horns was that and hit
Jake Peffer (6 years ago)
Could I get the flp please?
StevO (6 years ago)
Send me the flp!!....Tight work!!
REALKAIN (6 years ago)
can you send it to me 2? [email protected]
chainz8 (6 years ago)
omg, where'd u get that FX Nexus #3??
Baltazar Lopez (6 years ago)
Could you send me the round kit you used bro? Really feeling ur beat.
convict2282 (6 years ago)
Can u send me the flp please it goes inn
MaffManMusic M.M.M (6 years ago)
could use that beat, its off the chain!!!
Siggi Arnarsson (6 years ago)
Check out my Lex Luger type beats /watch?v=2cnnZi6ys9Q&feature=plcp
Cash Carti (6 years ago)
Can you send me it too please!
caki (6 years ago)
what drum kit do you use ?
George Zamudio (6 years ago)
Hey Can You Send The Flp?
Twoo Painz (6 years ago)
Can i get da flp?
Avery On The Beat (6 years ago)
This is Fukin pimp
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
thanks !
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
thanks and ite bro hah
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
sent it bro
HLTZ (6 years ago)
send me the flp! :D
JayGoesHard22 (6 years ago)
jonathan sota (6 years ago)
this shit go ham ,check mine out too fam,
Albert Einstein (6 years ago)
can you send me the .flp ? Please --> [email protected]
Young HotTracks (6 years ago)
can you email the flp DM me
multiBRamos1 (6 years ago)
Check out my beats Much appreciated Comment or sub if you like Thanx
100Bandz Videos (6 years ago)
hey can you send me da flp with da sounds? i did everythang already
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
I sent the link to your inbox
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
sent it bro . its in your inbox
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
Sent it to your inbox , thanks (:
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
Thanks and sent the link to your inbox bro
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
Sent the link to your inbox
MalcDigital (6 years ago)
the Dance Orchesta expansion
mya wilcox (6 years ago)
can u email me the flp [email protected] plz
Conscious Designer (6 years ago)
LMFAO use ableton :l
REALKAIN (6 years ago)
@malcolm2hot4 where can i find this awesome brass sound in nexus 2? (1:19)
Bernard Williams (6 years ago)
EMAIL THE FLP TO [email protected] thanx again!
Bernard Williams (6 years ago)
young havik hustlin (6 years ago)
throw me the flp bruh!
DelonteOthers (6 years ago)
Can someone PLEASE tell me whats the instrument or plug in @3:37 !!!
Gustavo Dimateo (6 years ago)
Hey man could you email me that flp? [email protected]
kaznatv (6 years ago)
I allways have problems with that bass i never get clean bass can anyone help me ?
Callme Arco (6 years ago)
/watch?v=9Dx20cYDL8s bruh it helped me make this shit plz check it out and subscribe coment
Callme Arco (6 years ago)
/watch?v=9Dx20cYDL8s bruh it helps me to make this check it out subscribe and like
Saimon Beats (6 years ago)
woowww amazing work man. - check my beats
go 2 the nagnet in the upper left corner and go down press events. highlight x slide your melody anyway you want to after that
Versus Network (6 years ago)
When I go in the piano roll why when I make the melody and Copy and do it again it starts over so quick? How can I make it so when it starts over its good and sounds in sync?
dathotmedia (6 years ago)
nice beat bruh
BeatGenerals (6 years ago)
Nice video, check my page for more FL Studio beat making tutorials!
Juniorr' (6 years ago)
Nice Shit !
Callme Arco (6 years ago)
/watch?v=aph5Ym7Mu4E plz fam check it out .coment and subscribe
Sanchito Banerjee (6 years ago)
quick question bro: what is the name of the synth that you use in the third pattern that you show . i am making a beat and i desperatly need that sound .. thanks in advance for your help man

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