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How To Properly Wash AND Dry Your Car WITHOUT Touching it! (No Swirl Marks)

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The BEST way to wash AND dry your car ! AutoVlog Clothing: http://teespring.com/autovlogtees Get 15% off your purchase on Adams Polishes products by using the the "AutoVlog" promo code at checkout! http://adamspolishes.com Products used in video: Ultra Foam Shampoo: http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/carwashing/adam-s-ultra-foam-shampoo-16oz.html Car Wash Shampoo: http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/carwashing/adam-s-new-car-wash-shampoo-16oz.html Foam Cannon: http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/carwashing/adam-s-foam-cannon-car-washer.html Sidekick Blaster: http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/carwashing/adam-s-blaster-sidekick.html Car Wash Pad: http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/carwashing/adam-s-10-car-wash-pad.html Drying Towel (If needed) http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/carwashing/adam-s-ultra-plush-drying-towel.html Tire Shine: http://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/wheels-tires/adam-s-tire-shine.html Follow on Social Media: Instagram: http://instagram.com/autovlog “Like” the Facebook page: http://facebook.com/autovlog Twitter: http://twitter.com/autovlog Send me stuff: PO BOX 13070 Pittsburgh, PA - 15243
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Text Comments (4678)
AutoVlog (7 months ago)
How to clean the INTERIOR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-ww80gSmu8
Paul Murphy (21 days ago)
you muggy wanker
Robert Brolo (28 days ago)
AutoViog i have a 2004 CTS i wash my own car.
Mike 2016 (1 month ago)
AutoVlog great video bro‼️ What kind of shades do you have on?😎
neil tuitt (1 month ago)
lol, he is washing a clean car. muddy it up and wash it and less see if its really clean
Dorin Iacob (2 months ago)
AutoVlog Q
Benjamin Roath (15 hours ago)
If you have a yard blower or grass blower for your yard that works better. Save your money.
Задрот! Кто же на солнце пену наносит!
Radius Nightly (16 hours ago)
What about wax at the end?
Sharmake Omar (18 hours ago)
Alot of work for a car. Just got touch free car wash for less than 10 dollar's.
Cinema 6R (1 day ago)
*He lied . he touched the car opening the trunk*
MikeMikeMikeMikeMike (2 days ago)
Guys i tried this , it doesnt work unless you have a Mercedez
Andrew Scott (3 days ago)
Man doing that beautiful black c63s in the sun..!!!? Not cool man!
Vince Vega (3 days ago)
100 bucks says it looks like ass in the sun.
Elliott Urban (3 days ago)
5:33 "And then the booty"
Matt Goudreau (4 days ago)
What brand of power washer would you recommend?
fortnite .1.230 (4 days ago)
kayvon toofani (4 days ago)
oh my Lord the lil spot u missed from 5:09-5:33 is driving me crazy
Erik in Minnesota (4 days ago)
Foam cannon huh seems like overkill but cool 😎
Michael Anderson (5 days ago)
Great presentation my man that was an awesome job you really proved your point with the power washer and the Adams products you made it look so easy and fun once again great job and by the way awesome car he should have showed the inside just for the hell of it great vehicle God bless
Farmer Lan (6 days ago)
*Ordered one it >>>**ur2.pl/945** worked so well as opposed to waiting for the wall board heaters to warm the room we ordered another for our guest area in the basement. It is light weight and can be moved from room to room with little effort.*
Mike Hunt (6 days ago)
Ana Clara Antonelli (6 days ago)
very good
Jordan Casey (6 days ago)
Will a foam Cannon or gun work with an air compressor
Austin Bates (7 days ago)
I’d buff it yourbsuppose to clean every square inch and buff every two weeks retard
Mark Costello (7 days ago)
it would still look better if you waxed it after washing old school detailers are never wrong
Karloo (7 days ago)
What about inside.. Do you clean it inside?
John Roberge (7 days ago)
Jesse Sailler (8 days ago)
You call that brake dust? Try a 5000lb SRT Grand Cherokee with 6 piston Brembos and ceramics hahaha
リング リング (8 days ago)
Aesthetic Laksh (9 days ago)
Hog roamer (9 days ago)
Once I switched from semi metallic to ceramic brake pads, I didn't have any brake dust.
Cella Findika (9 days ago)
Dread Hawk (10 days ago)
Why 5k dislikes for a fucking car wash video? Fucking jealous sick people
Paul Jackson (10 days ago)
Awesome stuff
goldenglove25 (10 days ago)
This is from a guy who owns a Mercedes...idiot...
Chuck Norris (11 days ago)
Don't let the Mrs drive it if you don't like kerbed rims.
Michal Dudek (11 days ago)
@AutoVlog As I can see in the video you own a house and maybe you have a leaf blower ... have you ever tried using it instead of "sidekick blaster"? That is a serious question :D Those petrol leaf blowers have much higher air flow rate as well as air speed (~70m/s).
R 591 (12 days ago)
I had my garage turned into an adequate car washing environment by sealing off all natural airflow to avoid microparticles settling on the paint, having ionized air filters running 24/7 and using a hazmat suit whenever I went near it. Now I just buy a new car whenever the old one gets too dirty, saves me a ton of time.
Brett Rogers (12 days ago)
if you use deionised water to rinse your car you can just leave it in the sun to dry with no water deposit marks.
Mark OO (12 days ago)
You have a nice car and you didn't put 3M clear bra on the front ? WOW!!!! You don't sound to bright. And try Glare products . Or a ceramic coating. You love your car so much.....put 3M Clearbra over the paint on your front end. Keeps it from chipping the paint off.
Pamela Collier (12 days ago)
This looks like Pittsburgh, PA, specifically, Penn Hills. Is that correct?
A Christian (12 days ago)
As for an air dryer I use a compact Black & Decker LB700 leaf blower that ran me $25.99 at Home Depot.
Mike Hunt (12 days ago)
Mine always looks crap after I wash it in uk Will have to look for something similar Great video and nice looking car
Ola K (12 days ago)
Hej är du Svensk?
Linda Hinojosa (13 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this information.
Maci748 (13 days ago)
Does this work on a the first time on a very dirty white vehicle?
Saman Pazan (13 days ago)
Wow! Super clean car for couple of days. And who pays that? The environment! The nature! The water sources!
bailey emmons (13 days ago)
Can power washer hurt the paint?
Tray Sanders (14 days ago)
Adams This ... Adams That ... Does Your Adams Apple Hurt Saying The Name So Much ??
Tray Sanders (14 days ago)
You Touched The Car When You Opened The Trunk 🤣 Oops.
Chris's world aka 3j (14 days ago)
That car looks egly by that I mean ugly
Bernard Popp (14 days ago)
OCAWD Obsessive Compulsive Auto Wash Disorder useful tips in the comments though! 👍👌😊
klutchtls (14 days ago)
Uhh... I just use a leaf blower. Way more powerful
Walter Davis (14 days ago)
Great video. Thanks!
tom edmiston (15 days ago)
Good effort. But no foam canon and pressure washer will remove the film left over after driving your car all week in the rain and road grime. Only way is to wash it by hand.
nitrorory (15 days ago)
Your pressure washer makes a hell of a noise
Kiwi Vanman (15 days ago)
Great vid, Thanks mate, love your car. I like to keep my cars looking like they are brand new, its a good feeling. cheers , William
D Ugrin (15 days ago)
How about the water you are using ? It’s not PH neutral
Andrew James (15 days ago)
Mercedes paints do not scratch easy
porn flix starts at 4:15 18+ only
LostInMySpace (16 days ago)
We always go to the local carwash in town. I was most impressed with the drying tool. I have a Stihl power blower for my landscape business, and I believe it will do the exact same in getting water droplets out of any flat surface and cracks as well. Thanks for the tip. What kind of power washer do you have? And is it only for cars, and why didn't you consider a multi purpose power washer set to a lower setting so as not to rub off the surface paint as some can be harsh. Great video.
Johnny Watson (16 days ago)
this is a very nice car.
TMT 50-0 (16 days ago)
How to wash an Adamobile with Adam products
big boy trucker (17 days ago)
If you want to get rid of this squirrel marks then get rid of the squirrel LOL that's what it says with subtitles on
big boy trucker (17 days ago)
Or you could just use a really powerful leaf blower to blow the water off or you can get in it and drive it and let the wind blow the water off
MANXAN H (17 days ago)
So u fly an American flag on your porch but u have a 100k Mercedes very American
Eddie Haskel (18 days ago)
Thanks for sharing an alternative to hands on (literally) washing a car........and your not annoying!
Keith Olsen (18 days ago)
I'd strongly recommend using two buckets, soap and rinse, when hand washing. It's absolutely worth the extra time. In my area cars get coated with a lot of lime and bugs made of what I can only describe as titanium epoxy.. foam cannon only pushes them deeper into the paint.. =P fun to use, but for anything other than dust, you will not be left with a clean car..
2badger2 (19 days ago)
How about rinsing the car off with soft water?
Mel B (19 days ago)
Way too much time and expense
William Bennett (20 days ago)
Hey I got a use for my garden vac blower
Julie Olivo (20 days ago)
Where can i buy theses blowers and soap
Mehran Khan (20 days ago)
Hello what is the name of that machine.?
Kouassi Christian (20 days ago)
What car is that? I mean what series of Mercedes
Xel N'Jare (21 days ago)
Which power washer are you using? I have a SunJoe - it requires proprietary foam cannon (read: SunJoe) and I'd really like to divorce myself from the brand... could you share which model you're using (sounds like it's electric). Great vid!
D G (21 days ago)
Wich brand are yuour sunglasses?....thanks
badum tss (21 days ago)
How i dry my car? I drive it really fast.
K T (21 days ago)
Or You Could Go To A Car Wash
Abram Ruelas (21 days ago)
First awful mistake is using that hard ass water from the garden hose. Second mistake is that weak ass pressure washer.
truebeliever (21 days ago)
Great video
Alfa Won (21 days ago)
Thanks for that. Can you get all the brake dust off the wheels like that without scrubbing ?
davidsonnow (21 days ago)
Has anyone here heard of a special coating that “self heals” scratches and swirl marks?
edward charles (21 days ago)
I just take mine to the car wash!
maersk Pancho (21 days ago)
I used a craftsman blower to dry it
frostxr (21 days ago)
Im just not a fan of creating so much noise lol. Wish there was a quieter way to dry your car at least lol.
K K (22 days ago)
For effortless drying, just a few miles of highway ride does the work, except of mirrors and rear window to finish when back home.
kenny w (22 days ago)
Are you sure you’re not sponsored by Adams?
Mutsu Kazuma (22 days ago)
"really dirty if you haven't washed it in two weeks" I haven't washed my car in 4 years
Paddy Byrne (22 days ago)
clean car to start and no cleaner at finish, thank god for adams do fuck all. how could i live without it?
kool-Aid Man (22 days ago)
Rubber squeegee towels work real good. My first job was at a auto detailing shop. Still till this day I am 27 years old and I still use that rubber squeegee towel. Then go back over with a microfiber and it comes out damn near flawless
Nevaehlee Hurae (22 days ago)
What a waste of water😒
rickrohr911 (22 days ago)
Which brand and model of power washer did you use in the video and which would you currently recommend?
Don Powell (22 days ago)
Dear sir, enjoyed your video on how to wash your car without touching it. You are the first person I have found with this type of video. Thank you so much. Don Powell, Tyler, Texas, USA
Andrew Li (23 days ago)
I use my air compressor to dry my car 👌
Bhavesh Malhotra (23 days ago)
Whats best for your car maybe a right car washing shampoo get it here at https://amzn.to/2NatmZ0
male alex alfred (23 days ago)
Hi my name is Male Alex Alfred from South Sudan, your presentation for washing black cars is so interesting to me because am one of the person who is owns a black car really love black cars as my favorite color, i will love to know on how i can order the equipment that u are using for washing black cars so that i will use it as`well? thank u for sharing with us u can reach me on whats up number +256789180430.
Kerry Williams (23 days ago)
I have been a car valet for 25 years and I enjoyed watching this video because he made it look very easy, but however the state of affairs of some black painted vehicles I've valeted over the years, would make this guy and most people freak out! I never use soft brushes on vehicles anyway, just sponges and he had the right idea with the plastic dirt & stone protecter sitting in the bottom of the bucket because that's where dirt & stones end up and people collect it from the bottom witch could create swirls scratches and more dirt, brushes are just tricky because you never no where tiny stones and dirt gets trapped Into the brush bristles, at least with sponges you can see the clean surface and also they absorb more soap and there easy to manoeuvre around.
Joe Edwards (23 days ago)
You ever heard of a backpack blower? Lol
Wisb _ (24 days ago)
Where is the ford
Adam Schaeffer (24 days ago)
So every time it rains on the car do you blow it off?
Manny Land (24 days ago)
If you want to avoid swirl marks then you should get some X-pel protection installed
Doug Davis (4 days ago)
That's like leaving the plastic on your new leather couch
Vel Mano (24 days ago)
I hire Mexicans to wash my car AND cut my grass. Cheap, quick and best of all, top quality work.
Supaocra Sta (24 days ago)
Which Mercedes is that?
lauraNY (24 days ago)
I spend 6-7 hrs to detail my car 🤦🏻‍♀️ S550 . Omg thank you for this video 🙏 of course I lotion and massage her seats and q-tip under the hood 🤷🏻‍♀️😊 anytime you open under her hood you’ll think She just came out of the dealership 😜
Hamidreza Vaezi (24 days ago)
Guys change the speed to 1.5 and thank me later!

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