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With a new principal in town and the Spring Fling in jeopardy, Rhyme and the Chicken Girls must band together to save the dance.
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Text Comments (113328)
I was cringing
I love annie and rebecca and haley and haden
Movie Summary (3 hours ago)
Pozonegro19 (3 hours ago)
im in Love😍
My mom Is Asian (6 hours ago)
Omg hannie is happening now
joavin. aep (7 hours ago)
4:03 is this a musical or something?
Texting Stories (8 hours ago)
I keep crying every time I see and hannie video or anything related to that 😭😭😭
Cj & RB show (9 hours ago)
I always hear Caleb when they called kayla
Innocent Murefu (10 hours ago)
February 2019
Innocent Murefu (9 hours ago)
Yes me
Dina Pham Channel (11 hours ago)
Is season 3 the finale season already?
Isabella Lassberg (11 hours ago)
Evens Orius (11 hours ago)
I did not know that you guys did a movie?
Emma Doyle (11 hours ago)
They should make a movie of a girl called Jo
Janna E (11 hours ago)
Ashnnie, is real Hannie died💔 2019?¿ anyone
Savanna Christley (14 hours ago)
I have done nothing but just sit and watch the
Niamh Reardon (14 hours ago)
Hailey is so cute in movies and sorry if I spelt hailey wrong but hannie is to cute
MickleHammer Santiago (18 hours ago)
February 2019
Fayruz Maliha (18 hours ago)
I really loved it! The way he surprised her was something special and it gave goosebumps dunno y. GOT A VIBE!
Maddie’s Squad (19 hours ago)
Rhyme and TK are the perfect couple! 👍🏼 if u agree 😉
Aoife Las (19 hours ago)
16:58 that smile tho
King Tidez!! (20 hours ago)
King Tidez!! (20 hours ago)
Y y Y
AshBroVin (20 hours ago)
Is it just me, or in the opening silhouette scene, is TK's voice really cringy?
Niamh Arnold (21 hours ago)
Please make a season 4 of chicken girls
michelle themush (23 hours ago)
love aces voice
Melanie RIDING (1 day ago)
gala gamer (1 day ago)
I miss #Hannie I still ship them even if they're not together anymore i will ship them forever
Alina Gonzalez (1 day ago)
I have the same headphones as ellie
Ifeoma Akunyili (1 day ago)
4:20 love it
Cassie O (1 day ago)
Febuary 2019 anybody??
Skye D (1 day ago)
Use me as a replay button 0:00
Ashley Rose (1 day ago)
That is Rebecca
Sonia Orellana (1 day ago)
I love this love you chicken Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kandi Crenshaw (1 day ago)
Do y’all like each other
tushar patel (1 day ago)
This is amazing!! Been watching this alot since it came out!!
Corina Corlaci (1 day ago)
ruby nash (1 day ago)
i love this i wish hannie was sill together like this pls
JIAYI LIN (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who want to dance at the end of the song the dance in the dance
sunil peter (1 day ago)
OMG they kissed
sameena khatun (1 day ago)
I rlly dont understand how my friends watch this..sooo boringgg
Gwyneth Fahrbach (1 day ago)
Beatrice was dancing with Ace at his audition... why?
Muskanassi Assi (1 day ago)
Omg I need a sister like Hayley
Chloe Mccracken (1 day ago)
#Hannie is official😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i love hannie
R.J. S (1 day ago)
La cucaracha la cucaracha ya no puede caminar porque no tiene porque le falta..............
iconicshouq (1 day ago)
20th feb 2019???
Rachel Cumberlidge (1 day ago)
I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love it
Aimen Dawood (1 day ago)
Fiza Ahmed (1 day ago)
I don't care if Hannie is not a thing. I still miss it and believe in it.
Mia Olaniyan (1 day ago)
Chicken girls are the best thing ever!😍
Mia Olaniyan (1 day ago)
It's my favourite movie ever i love Annie LeBlanc.
lucy cheadle (1 day ago)
The blonde girl with ace is from series3
Samaira 7 k (1 day ago)
Ace's back up dancers are the Bs
Amirah Vlogs (2 days ago)
1like = 1 glue for hannie's heart to be together again
Omg I love chicken girls but it's sad that hannie broke up I love u everyone on chicken girls u are amazing even the episodes inspire me I cant wait for some more episodes of season 4 chicken girls is the best thing I watched on brat episdoes plus I want hannie back together hannie was the best thing on here but I almost scream when they kissed
Lynne threefingers (2 days ago)
I love flash he's so funny!
Gold Crown (2 days ago)
Jordan Lucas (2 days ago)
In my opinion, I do not like tk, I think he is ugly
Malaya Canchela (2 days ago)
Vero Agundez (2 days ago)
I miss hannie
Laila Granacher (2 days ago)
Vero Agundez (2 days ago)
I love baby Ariel
Danielle Linville (2 days ago)
And Cut
Sav Care (2 days ago)
Okay I totally didn't play that kiss 5 times in a row after screaming when it finally happened...
Stephany Hernandez (2 days ago)
Did you guys know that Annie is dating Asher now and made a song called "over getting over you" to Hayden and it's so sad and I miss Hannie and I like them better instead of AshAnnie
Katherine Mae Ledesma (2 days ago)
OMG!! Does anyone, remember this girl in 53:25 I can't believe it, it's Rebecca Zamolo.
Cassandra Kelley (2 days ago)
I love this movep😀💩✌👀
Riya Gautam (2 days ago)
Rebecca Zamolo is in there
HavefunwithSummer ! (2 days ago)
12:35 that blonde haired girl Is really pretty
Ja'Nyah Villa (2 days ago)
2019? No.... just me....ok😂😂
DogsAreMyLife forever (2 days ago)
I want to give this a million thumbs up
Anrajok Anthony (2 days ago)
Anie should be the one who is doing to gymnastics
Evangeline C (2 days ago)
Ace: Did you see that new principal *damn* 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Senior Singer: Ace that is a wildly inappropriate behavior 😂😂😂
MADISON Turner (2 days ago)
Pernille Mikkelsen (3 days ago)
If you watched the hole movie, congrats! You know have an IQ of 5.
Amanda meyer (3 days ago)
Omg that was the best thing ever
LOLERS 272 (3 days ago)
is this season 1 or 2??
At 13:56 the light is to bright
dayum fool (3 days ago)
Very nice updated list for sure! Also check out topstreamingsites.com, it list all the top streaming movie sites of 2019
Lace Mclean (3 days ago)
Mah ship has sailed
LorraineAngela (3 days ago)
Season 4!!! I don’t think I can’t wait any longer! Also missing Hannie😭
people actually enjoy this?
Agal Thiyagu (3 days ago)
Hayden and Annie are so cute together
Agal Thiyagu (1 day ago)
Stephany Hernandez yeah but she was going to give up a lot for Hayden
Stephany Hernandez (2 days ago)
Yes they are but she is dating Asher instead of Hayden
Agal Thiyagu (2 days ago)
Yay they are
Brianna Castillo (3 days ago)
Love it so mach
brandy epperson (3 days ago)
Reacba zamlo is in this
Flora C (3 days ago)
1:09:28 SO CUTE!💕
Lily McIntyre (3 days ago)
i love hayley at the end
Zoey Hamrick (3 days ago)
Zghamrick30 I love ❤️ the boys
Doggy Lover123 (3 days ago)
Ok the song at the end had me crying 😭
Sanjana Prudhvi (3 days ago)
Haley pls make a video with pipier
Doggy Lover123 (3 days ago)
Who else notice the back up dancer with the blonde hair is the leader of the bs in season 3
M ١ (3 days ago)
This is filled with cringe
Tamika Graham (3 days ago)
Tk and rhyme were meant to be together and when will they the season to when tk and rhyme see eachorther at the hospital
Life Is lit (3 days ago)
2019???????? Like if it's true
Marianne Ortiz (3 days ago)
I watch this like 5 times!
Pugs Life (3 days ago)
abbey elam (3 days ago)
february 2K19 anyone?
Samantha Hussey (3 days ago)
Carson leaders plays in this movie
Lay Lay (3 days ago)
1 (3 days ago)

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