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Warriors Fire and Ice Audiobook Chapter 1 P1

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Warriors Original Series: Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter, read by me. Feedback is always appreciated :) I do not own Warriors, Erin Hunter does! No copyright infringement intended. Allegiances and Prologue can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOpgQLim7BI
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Text Comments (79)
thylo and Daredevil (6 days ago)
Can you please read the wings of fire series when your done reading warriors
I love your Channel.😻😻
Ani G (1 month ago)
Nice voice 👍 loved it
Its would be better with animation
Demon wolf887 (3 months ago)
Love it
LÎL_PØTÃTØ _KÍT (4 months ago)
This is great because the book of it that I have is starting to get old and not able to read out of. So this is great ∆u∆
AwesomeSeal (5 months ago)
I just wanted a little Easter egg XP to watch a bit of fire and ice before reading Into the Wild fully
Warrior Cats And Wolves (5 months ago)
Before video: This is gonna be great! After video:
Mega EspeonTM MES (7 months ago)
I like reading along with this :)
Galactic Rose (7 months ago)
I am having a bad time reading, and this helped me so much! thank you!
Night of WOLVES (8 months ago)
Cadence Hensel (8 months ago)
1:02 ok sorry its where i left off lol
A Sparrow’s Call (10 months ago)
This was really good you read very fluently and your voice is so calming
A and C (10 months ago)
You read to fast
Ping Ding (11 months ago)
best book!
cherries s (1 year ago)
Omg yasssssssssssss 😄😄😄😄😄 your the best yaaayyyyyyy i love this i was looking for this book for so long
Morgan Sousa (1 year ago)
Love it
frost star (1 year ago)
thx I could not get the book
long tail (1 year ago)
susan horowitz (2 months ago)
you learned that now..?
long tail (1 year ago)
long tail (1 year ago)
Phantom Wolf90 (1 year ago)
long tail U Mean TriggeredClaw Right? 😏😏😏😏
李jerry (1 year ago)
When Fireheart grows up as a human he is going to be a lawyer
Paul Kirksey (1 year ago)
you mean if he was a twoleg
李jerry (1 year ago)
I want to dislike the video just to like it again :3
PDC The Great (1 year ago)
PDC The Great (1 year ago)
Who DARE press the dislike button
Chief Banana (5 months ago)
Same here... I need a deeper voice
gamer 999 (11 months ago)
Crystalstrike (1 year ago)
(this comment isn't to be mean if you're an adult) but are you an adult or a teen because you sound like a teen but either way your voice is beautiful 😀
Dream_Pelt (1 year ago)
I think she is teen BouncyBallCat
Peppurr Kitty (1 year ago)
u deserve way more subs dude!1!!!!
We Are ANONYMOUS (2 years ago)
I love those books I could stay in my room until about 12:00 and read them ...lol
李jerry (1 year ago)
We Are ANONYMOUS,they are making a movie :|
Dragonmaster 900 (2 years ago)
You have earned a subscriber
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (2 years ago)
Hey guys! Now that I'm almost finished recording the Original Series warriors books (I know this is super early on in the series, but if you look at the rest of the channel I'm almost finished), I'm interested in which book you'd like to hear next! Please fill out this short survey to give some input what the next few books should be. Thanks :) Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AdMR8uW1Xw1m5lZxFDRDQG5qKGzg-nF-nuM56nQyBS0/viewform
Aitkin Barker (8 months ago)
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 who are you?plz tell
Dream_Pelt (1 year ago)
i want to hear YellowFang's secret please
Bobby Wadena (1 year ago)
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 I was wondering if u could to I think this is what it is called survivors with dogs it's by erin hunter same person
Nitelezie (2 years ago)
OMG yaaay! :3
Ladislaus IV (2 years ago)
i like it thanks for doing this you are realy good at this
Storyteller aka Riker (2 years ago)
Ha I like your voice
Frez M.B (3 years ago)
you said thunderclan instead of windclan.
James (3 years ago)
I love this book I love your voice, you sound better than any professionals, id choose you over anyone else. Good luck, by the way someone miss clicked the dislike button, cures that person!
nike osa (2 years ago)
+Warriorcatsaudiobook1 ur the best youtuber ever
James (3 years ago)
+Warriorcatsaudiobook1 welcome!
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)
Aww thank you <3 I don't mind the dislike too much, you'll always have someone who doesn't like what you do :(
Defsoul (3 years ago)
Thank you for making this! I wanted to get this book but I couldn't because someone else got it. I'm glad i searched this! (Also, great job on not messing up with words!)
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)
No problem :) I'm glad you like them!
Ellen Renaud (3 years ago)
They should make movies out of these.
Plush Lists and Games (5 days ago)
I agree, but there are so many reasons why it should not, ( spoiler warning ) when Scourge kills Tigerstar, there was a lot of gore.. That's only was one reason..
Axl LPS TV (11 months ago)
they are making movies
gamer 999 (11 months ago)
They are making a movie IDK when
Axl LPS TV (1 year ago)
a movie is coming out this or next year of : WARRIORS. (the first series)
Phantom Wolf90 (1 year ago)
Faron Draws yea i know but do u know when will the movie come out am so freaking excited
Amelie Desforges (3 years ago)
Thanks for continuing your great work, I bet dis book Is gonna be good like the first one!
love bjp23 (3 years ago)
Survivors by Erin hunter
Amelie Desforges (3 years ago)
Yes please.
Star_ Stalion (3 years ago)
Your work is great and helps me in class first series I had read was the power of three and it was an amazing series.Happy you continued your work.
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)
I'm glad I can help!
Vrue (4 years ago)
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (3 years ago)
(I'm guessing he does other stuff while listening, but just a guess)
Ellen Renaud (3 years ago)
If you don't have time to read then how do you have time to listen
Pyrosaurus_Rex (4 years ago)
Thank you for recording this, I have a TON of homework and i don't have time to read (other than required reading). Now I can do my homework while listening to this book. 
Ellen Renaud (3 years ago)
Same here
Heart Of A Wolf (4 years ago)
That's what I'm doing!
Pyrosaurus_Rex (4 years ago)
I read these books along time ago but I forgot them, but then one of my friends started reading them so I wanted to refresh my memory
T-Bot Daily Vids (4 years ago)
Nice i always loved the warriors series keep up the good Reading!
Annie (4 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this series! I have 3G but not wifi so I could not download the e book! Thanks!!!
kate rao (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for making these.  I'm listening while doing things around the house.  Now I can listen to the books that my daughter loves so much and talk to her about them.  Thank you.   Great job reading.  
chrissie clarkson (4 years ago)
I'm so glad that you r making this series that's great
Warriorcatsaudiobook1 (4 years ago)
Thank you!

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