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Wasted guy at lollapalooza tackles 2 girls

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My girlfriend managed to catch this guy out of his gourd at lollapalooza going on a rampage. * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting https://www.jukinmedia.com/licensing/view/1347 For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.
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Text Comments (87)
C.S. Lewis. (1 year ago)
Devo Uncontrollable Urge in the backround
Rob Amiri (1 year ago)
Need me a freak like that
Scenic Approach (1 year ago)
If this had been a rap concert... he would be dead.
Carlos Letona (1 year ago)
Gotta be LSD
Kabo Ramotsheo (1 year ago)
Drugs plus Rock music equals trouble!!
Chaco Baker (2 years ago)
My only hope is to fight our way to the center of the crowd, and reach the heart, here. If we can reach the stage, we can upload this Slayer CD into their music system. Hippies can't stand death metal. If everything works, they should disperse just before they consume us all.
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
Nothing a face full of pepper spray couldn't cure.
ThatOneGuy (3 years ago)
guy looks a little mental
Ho Lee Fok (3 years ago)
Ante CRO (3 years ago)
dude seems ready for some head stomping
matt nagode (4 years ago)
gotta have your neck on swivel
Robin Weber (4 years ago)
Um, security
44stimulus (4 years ago)
Crappy music always brings this kind of reaction out of drunk people.
wvboarder2005 (4 years ago)
lol at all the people that don't know how a fest works
Jonathan Molzan (5 years ago)
Love the hat grab. Nice.
Warren Angub (5 years ago)
The fat man gots no friend
laxmaineiac (5 years ago)
im gonna take a wild guess and say this dumbass is far from wasted
magnumlaxer (5 years ago)
hahaah he runs like peter griffin
moodrings (5 years ago)
lol this guy should be at warped
KateQD33 (5 years ago)
this cracked me up!
dogfoodkilla (5 years ago)
This guy is awesome! i hate people that just go to these fests just to say they saw that band...
Hoeboken Squatcobbler (5 years ago)
hate the way all american raves seem to revolve around a bunch of cunts laughing at the wasted guy - where is the PLUR?
blaaka33 (5 years ago)
James Archer-Lewis (5 years ago)
@buckeyegirl your clearly a dumb bitch. No guy beats up a dude that hit a girl because he wants to get laid, he does it because he knows it's not right to hit a woman, but I guess if it was you, well, you clearly deserve it, stupid bitch xD
MaxVideoGaming (5 years ago)
forever alone lol
Strength_44 (5 years ago)
would somebody please step up and whoop that fat drunk douchebag's ass?
Strength_44 finally someone speaking my mind
bummoification (5 years ago)
Bath salts strike again...
iga1 (6 years ago)
what a fucking winner hahahahahahaa
Leroy (6 years ago)
*He's got an uncontrollable urge to run straight to the girls with a hoopliedoopliewalk and dive into them.*
buckeyegrrl (6 years ago)
Those girls weren't severely hurt although they didn't deserve to get pushed down. Most of you "white knights" who would hit the guy think it would somehow get your unattractive asses laid, be honest that is the reason for your chivalry. Y'know if it was girl who knocked down 2 guys half of you would be saying how cute it was even if the guys got really hurt badly. He obviously didn't know or mean to do what he did. What purpose would it serve to hurt him? Madness.
nimrodius (6 years ago)
That'd be my only response to that song too.
DemDreezyBeats (6 years ago)
somebody jacked his backpack. lol.
Point.Blank (6 years ago)
Wowwww, If I was with those girls I would have dropped that guy so fast. I don't care how fucked up you are, that is inexcusable. Fuckin idiot
Dara (6 years ago)
Disappointing that no one gave him a talking to of sorts.
SuperHatertroll (6 years ago)
The shit I've seen at lawn-fulla-losers concerts is unreal. This dancing with the stars moron is pretty minor in comparison. Only in a place packed with chicks and gays would this asshole not get the living shit beat out of him. He needs to get clocked and stomped.
TheCheerfulMessiah (6 years ago)
Koltan McCarthy (6 years ago)
why didnt anybody beat the shit out of him?
SLCforLIFE (6 years ago)
and how he didn't get his ass kicked for that I'll never know
AllGenreConcertVideos (6 years ago)
AllGenreConcertVideos (6 years ago)
go to perrys shit gets real
DazReht (6 years ago)
Hey kids, you want to hear a funny story about how i met your mother?
Berton Rucker (6 years ago)
@Ninjalectual says "ninjalectual" hahaha
JFeezy (6 years ago)
I guess he decided that if he didn't do this what else would all the hipsters who live in their parents basements and follow anyone who wears striped sweaters & a scarf in summer, what else would they talk about? I mean, that is what you paid 90 bucks for right, to compare douche notes with other douche bags? That is what the hole thing is about right?
MrQueefeater (6 years ago)
He thought they agreed to mosh
Omar Hamouda (6 years ago)
@Dak0taTh0mps0n i keed i keed
Omar Hamouda (6 years ago)
i cann see Charles Trippy! :P
Sniper15252001 (6 years ago)
He should have ran like a mother fucker after he snagged that dude's hat! That shit would have been hilarious!
TheHotFalafel (6 years ago)
I would run up to him and tell him im the devil, and just beat his ass mercilessly.
Legacies101 (6 years ago)
JB420000 (6 years ago)
greg theman (6 years ago)
hes outa the nut
zimThuet (6 years ago)
hes clearly high like a kite, if he doesnt force it and leaves you alone, ignore him after that. thats what i would do. if he comes at you again, well take him down, should be easy hes fucked up like crazy
StuckInTheSky0 (6 years ago)
YOu know what. Fuck it, LETS SHAKE THINGS UP, BABY,
Hangar18productions (6 years ago)
this was probably the best part of lolla that year seeing as lady gaga and green day were headliners
michael john (6 years ago)
גדכ גכ (6 years ago)
triclove13 (6 years ago)
tib hobrex (6 years ago)
he only wanted a mosh pit poor guy!!
ownedforlife12345 (6 years ago)
@svengoolie007 The effect of drugs... LOL You'll be all spin all too if you were there...
DANK Graff (6 years ago)
the man was just taking out the trash..no harm in that...just keeping his dance floor clean hahaha .....no but on a real note..hes fucked up and should be EXTERMINATED
Joseph Sosa (6 years ago)
ohh mmyyy goodd i just goof record dat Press 3* :)
Joseph Sosa (6 years ago)
ohh mmyyy goodd i just goof record dat Press 4 :)
dan oneonenine (6 years ago)
how come no one knocked him out?
zachary ramey (6 years ago)
hes TRIPPING definitley not drunk
MissingT ime (6 years ago)
I love how you can hear the smack of when he collides with the girls
MiaLeonora (7 years ago)
Lol, I loved it how they fell. I would be laughing if someone pushed me like that, LMAOO.
Tim W (7 years ago)
Damn after he knocked those two down it looked like the other girls wanted him to join them. Note to self.
iheartthesmalls (7 years ago)
noahthomason11 (7 years ago)
Hello - Please check your messages. A TV show is interested in your clip. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks!
svengoolie007 (7 years ago)
This doesn't seem real. How could he do that and have NO reaction? Someone would totally have run in and busted his ass after that. Instead they all just stand around and act like nothing's wrong. And then one of the girls goes up to him at the end and puts her arm around him? Why would they not be running to security to get him thrown out? It just doesn't make any sense.
Adam Flowers (7 years ago)
he's got an uncontrollable urge
MrSeanSuper (7 years ago)
These girls fall like dominoes
flashplaya11 (7 years ago)
0:28 to skip to the good part. Your welcome. :)
mphilipcook (7 years ago)
yah that was cold, but how f*cking awful is the band?
D. Revis (7 years ago)
Pats better be making a move to sign this guy!!!
Jacob Topp (7 years ago)
Holy shit! I know that guy!
Phil Healy (7 years ago)
it's at 0:32
ferdypanarto (7 years ago)
"OMG, I just recorded that" > Wwelll I got the evidence biatch!
Ninjalectual (7 years ago)
What do you expect? Drugs + shitty music is always a bad combo.
Ninjalectual (7 years ago)
@xxxKittyWinxxx This is.
MrFlashtone (7 years ago)
@Shorty23kmk My hat charles!
xxjasterxx (7 years ago)
thats more then a tackel its a push and a stage dive performenc e he was probally thinking catch me plz catch me
Katherine Gi (7 years ago)
whats the point of a lollapalooza?
Robbie (7 years ago)
And out of all songs DEVO's "Uncontrollable urge". Its a drag that people like this go to shows.
Mike Troutnigga (7 years ago)
Im the Jugernaut BITCH !
PascalsFolly (7 years ago)
and no one believed me when i said zombies are real

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