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Vaping tips & tricks (How to Produce more vapor)

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Vaping tips and trick brought to you by me! :) Please subscribe! Where i got the kanthal wire .32 and bastos wick - https://www.facebook.com/VapersCafe?fref=ts - Please like and visit them if you can! :) More videos and reviews here - http://www.youtube.com/user/patrick332203?feature=mhee Questions? please state them in the comments box! :) thanks! please like and subscribe! :) Vape ng vape! :)
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Alpa Chino (1 year ago)
What the fuck, I get thicker vapour out of my farts!
Patrick Rubin (1 year ago)
Buster Nut this was 5 years ago sir and back then this was already strong
Lanzaderas Juhnson (1 year ago)
daming hasle nito hahahaa
Carlos David Miciano (2 years ago)
Carlos David Miciano (2 years ago)
Halos kasing lakas lang yan ng starter vape KO eh 14 loops 1 mm drill bit
Carlos David Miciano (2 years ago)
Kuya bastos wicked po Hindi bastos kantal wire amputs wicked having kantal
Jixo (2 years ago)
Tanong ko lang po, san mo nabili yung pangsunog? Sorry di ko alam ano tawag diyan. xD
ma sherry may castro (2 years ago)
pinoy k tol??
Markie Lopez (2 years ago)
Pilipino ka??
I am wold nise this prepear !!!
Channing Shattuck (2 years ago)
It honestly seems no one hates vapers more then other vapers.
Kentoy Kentoy (2 years ago)
paano ko palalakasin yung vape ko GP yung brand niya, yung una malakas yung smoke den mga nag tagal tagal na humina na kaunti, Can you help me bro?
Clear Rivera (3 years ago)
what kind of vape is the best use if you want a more cloudy vapor
TheSAWarrior (2 years ago)
Electronic mods... 220 watt mods. Kickass clouds.Best of the best. that's it...
clouds down_under (2 years ago)
Vg is vegetable glycerin, you have to find what works for you there isn't "the best vape" low ohms on a rta/rda works best in my opinion clearos are for for flavour
Clear Rivera (3 years ago)
hm. how many watts do i have to use? and what juice is the best
Clear Rivera (3 years ago)
+VividElites - PC Call of Duty what is VG? hm do tou can recommend me a type of vape
Clear Rivera (3 years ago)
+VividElites - PC Call of Duty what is VG? hm do tou can recommend me a type of vape
Sergs Enriquez (3 years ago)
pilipino ka sir?
gbalkam (3 years ago)
lmfao! He actually thinks his vape is thick? And even worse.. it looks like he is using a mechanical mod. Now this may have been like 4 years ago, but the problem is, when you want clouds.. you need to do your homework. Flavor Build.. Use Clapton wire. Cloud chucking build. its all about power/resistance/' air. So 2x .22 ga wire coils would work nicely Now with a cloud thickness build.. you want surface area. 2x 26ga Kanthal running parallel x2 coils. its like you have a 50 ft hose and a bucket to fill 25 ft away.. you can use the whole hose (clouds) or cut it in half and run 2x25 ft hose (more juice to coil faster... use longer pull) That said.. Well done on the video. I see a lot on here shooting their mouth off but no video to back it up.
gbalkam (2 years ago)
LOL I just did a new vid. Nothing fancy.  0.25ohm "safe" build for a new vaper.  His buddy gave him a mech, so rather than have him fuck around, I did a simple 2x 5wrap 24ga build on a 3mm core. Showing mounted coils and wicked.  Poor bastard was running 4 coils on a single cell and wondering why he was getting no vape.  LOL Hell, I've pulled 220W off a single 25R, but not gonna tell HIM that.
peter james (2 years ago)
gbalkam fuck u no ur shit
Patrick Rubin (3 years ago)
+gbalkam imma post some new videos here with way better clouds than this video. Some people just dont get that this video was 4 years ago already and back then we dint have what yall have now. Haha! You sound very knowledgeable with your stuff why not make videos for us vapers?
gbalkam (3 years ago)
just did a 7 wrap, quad strand (28ga kanthal), twisted build, on a 2 mm core. Coming in at exactly 2.0 ohm. Wish i had my web cam. I tried to mix n match a cheap one and an old one.. and broke a wire. lol Btw.. if you straighten your wire on a drill, no need to burn it.
Patrick Rubin (3 years ago)
Thanks man! Finally someone who understands haha
clorox master00 (3 years ago)
what kind of vape do you have now?
Patrick Rubin (3 years ago)
Using a minikin and petri right now
iTz Flinch (3 years ago)
3:08 shivers down my spine
yong kim (3 years ago)
My 2 second hits are more than this 22g 4 wrap on 2.5mm limitless
Patrick Rubin (3 years ago)
Yeah try it on single coil spaces and using wick
InferiorSalad (3 years ago)
Those clouds were honestly buns
Patrick Rubin (3 years ago)
4 years ago it was the shizzzz
zellcrs (3 years ago)
even though I enjoy vaping, there is no way to not look like a douchebag while doing it
M CJ (3 years ago)
+zellcrs just don't wear a trilby whilst doing it.
HeavenMate (3 years ago)
wtf? haha i can produce much cloud than this guy
HeavenMate (3 years ago)
+gbalkam i only created an account to have updates and not to upload. and my family don't tolerate smoking/vaping. so i really will not upload any vid regarding this matter.
gbalkam (3 years ago)
Lets see it? You say you can.. lets see it. No vape vids on your channel. I guess either back it up or shut it up.
HeavenMate (3 years ago)
+Patrick Rubin yea, really can't remember. it's been a while since my last cigarette.
Patrick Rubin (3 years ago)
4 years ago you were still smoking lmao
Zainul Arifin Jaf'far (3 years ago)
i think i get better smoke up then him lol
non playable character (3 years ago)
dude my vapofri pro makes clouds like that lol
cameljoe008 (3 years ago)
wtf .32 im building with 26 gauge an my kanger sub tank makes one helluva cloud at .5 ohms at 50 watts god what a nubee
VenOHM (3 years ago)
Silica wick needs burning just like you did in the video?
Patrick Rubin (3 years ago)
Yes to clean the wick
Agustin Cuevas (3 years ago)
This guy sucks at building coils😂im 16 and I build better than him and probably have more mods and much mods than as well
Jay L (3 years ago)
+sahir kamal dude, you dont even have balls yet, you shouldnt even be smoking
Dylan Bourke (3 years ago)
+Ty Kennedy will u send me a tank please ? :o I'm new to vaping and my tank is crap
sahir kamal (3 years ago)
+ty kennedy Ok, I'll use Hangouts
Ty Kennedy (3 years ago)
@sahir kamal ill build you some claptons and ship them to you i need your shipping tho pm me
sahir kamal (3 years ago)
@Ty Kennedy then help me buy one then homie
Ralph3210 (4 years ago)
His clouds are not good at all
Simba I Bee-Jam (3 years ago)
2012 dude, fucking 2012
Adam (4 years ago)
Im not surprising if u are using subohm to get more cloud..how about you try the rba?
Cameron Fiege (4 years ago)
Super horrible builds. Not good for flavor or vapor.
NATURAL SPIRIT (4 years ago)
The wire thing looks like your getting something from the white smoke chem?don,t trust it.
NATURAL SPIRIT (4 years ago)
I tryed for the first time and I was blowen away!!!,did some diff ones about 6 or 8 tokes and I don,t smoke cigg for 3 or 4 years but smoke grass.I did a cigar one that day a big toke and I gagged and coughed.and then tryed some 3 mg nic and 6 mg a few times then I gat home and my throat was sore as hell burning hurt when I swallowed and ate then the next day swollen throat cound,nt swollow and a hard time eating the third day I buy ice cream for 4 days I eat ice cream i was gonna go the the ER but it started to go down and I was spitting up blood too!.Now I don,t know what to say about this new  gadget?=maybe I did something wrong but am not gonna do that again I was miserable  for days!!!! so beware plus I heard that some of the nic come out of CHINA so beware they are the same country that sold us plsatic rice and baby milk contaminated!!cat hair socks and cloaths.10 days of hell I had from that gadget!...THE END lol
Illwill Builds (4 years ago)
Looks like a zero 2 me . Try doing that with a 12 or a 6
Deez Nuts (4 years ago)
What rig are you using?
JuiceDiggalow (4 years ago)
I've seen more steam come off a pile of dog shit.
Revoh (4 years ago)
LOL I'm dying
alex R. (4 years ago)
aint ish 
Lantana Worrellwide 21 (4 years ago)
Very informational...Think about it... Think about it... Uh not at all
trevor kannady (4 years ago)
This guy does not really explain on what type of tanks actually produce more vape/flavor and such. One of the best ways to get a massive amount of clouds and flavor is a nice drip tank. I am currently on a atty atomizer with 20 gage dual coil.
Jon Sharpton (4 years ago)
please don't make any more videos, you suck at it.
Alexia Laurado (4 years ago)
Are you Filipino?
bloodandwinearered (4 years ago)
Of course he is Filipino.  The accent, the ingenuity... Pinoy through and through. 
Hero Komine (4 years ago)
saan mo nabili yang lighter mo?
Justin Libby (4 years ago)
can u build me iphone
Ewooki (4 years ago)
do buy some mods and some rebuild-ables  basically. 
landon finch (4 years ago)
I need help the battery pack to my vape was overtightened and I can't loosen it to charge my vape. Anyone have any recommendations on how to loosen it?
Diamond Fit Nutrition (5 years ago)
I bought the same mod at Better Vapors Plano, Tx and love it!
Captain Vape Nut (5 years ago)
It is rather great!
Oh my god,thats fucking sick man!!! Good one
latestclub98 (5 years ago)
Oil is better
jacob orozco (5 years ago)
where did you get the torch ?
bobby milson (5 years ago)
Lol you needa learn your shit before you make a video
MrMonsoon (5 years ago)
Can you use it with any tank, or do you need a certain kind?
Joeben Cabigas (5 years ago)
Not trying to be a smart ass here but i hope you guys know that vaping is a smoking ALTERNATIVE not to help you quit smoke. Instead of using "made quitting easy" or something. Why not say "why quit just switch" make something better tho cos thats what we use is canada so just for publishing rights. Ahaha
James (4 years ago)
@Caleb D wtf vaping with no nicotine is a hobby? Fuck. I thought playing video games was bad.
Caleb D (4 years ago)
Shut up they make nicotineless e juice it's also a hobby so get out of hear since you don't know what you're talking about
airbear1013 (5 years ago)
Jaime Bou (5 years ago)
I can use this configuration in the Kayfun Lite?
TheGumpyKid (5 years ago)
So hes just removing chemicals from the wick?
Domino60 (5 years ago)
A dangerous new form of a powerful stimulant is hitting markets nationwide, for sale by the vial, the gallon and even the barrel. The drug is nicotine, in its potent, liquid form — extracted from tobacco and tinctured with a cocktail of flavorings, colorings and assorted chemicals to feed the fast-growing electronic cigarette industry. These “e-liquids,” the key ingredients in e-cigarettes, are powerful neurotoxins. Tiny amounts, whether ingested or absorbed through the skin, can cause vomiting and seizures and even be lethal. A teaspoon of even highly diluted e-liquid can kill a small child.
Domino60 (4 years ago)
@ThatDudeWeird Thanks that you killyourself anyway, vaping is not 99% air.
James (4 years ago)
@Domino SixO because I saw your idiotic comment and had to take you off your high chair, gave you some advice as well. If you want to help people, comment on cigarette videos not these ones. You should be thankful people are vaping and not killing themselves with tobacco.
Domino60 (4 years ago)
@ThatDudeWeird vap like a nab :D if you are tired of this sh*t why do u even comment ? :D
James (4 years ago)
You came here to make a comment about how if you swallow e-juice or your kid does it's harmful? No fucking shit sherlock. I'm so tired of hearing this shit. Causes vomiting and seizures and can be lethal? Vomited yet? Nope. Seizure yet? Nope. Dead yet? Nope. Cigarettes are 100x worse and people smoke packs and packs daily. If you're truly upset you should take your rage over to some cigarette smoking videos, this is the least harmful shit you can do in terms of smoking.
Domino60 (4 years ago)
@xXDarkPwnageXx YE,you dumbfuck
theThugLife112 (5 years ago)
I'm new to rdas do bare with me, does 3 loops produce more vapor than 4 loops?
dtadeo2006 (5 years ago)
Whats the bastos wick made of.. thickness?
Jesse MacKinnon (5 years ago)
could someone tell me how to get the gear patrick has?
Jesse MacKinnon (5 years ago)
@Patrick Rubin everything
Patrick Rubin (5 years ago)
which one? or everything?
Isaiah Cruz (5 years ago)
What's the exact setup? The vaporizers name and specifications. Interested in getting one similar to yours
303yoshi (5 years ago)
Where did you get that torch/lighter from?
ytugtbk (5 years ago)
Why are you visibly shaking during the long drag?  Are you high on something?
gus cha (5 years ago)
Where can I get the wick and wire ? Thanks :D
jufire1 (5 years ago)
Can I use a rebuildable tank on my tesla?
Jay J (5 years ago)
Hey Patrick zup. Im new to vaping. I have the zeus atomizer. Finally got bastos wick. what do u recommend on its build? pls. thanks more power!
Deandrea Mullins (5 years ago)
Huge sale going on now! www.edwardsincorporated.com 
kieran jones (5 years ago)
Hi what tank are you using for this build thanks.
Jordan Knight (5 years ago)
lol when you blew on it i thought that shit exploded! X'D
B&E Mod Dock's (5 years ago)
check out this awesome handmade E cig stand on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261423640079?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
Lost Love (5 years ago)
Hello Patrick, great detailed video regarding how to produce more Vapor production! Can you also reveal what is the thickness size of the Bastos Wick please......2mm, 3mm etc etc. I'm sure many other than myself look forward to knowing this & your reply. Thanks
Kahn Wuu (5 years ago)
Check out my vape videos
David Segura (5 years ago)
did he use a regular torch or something special, if so what is it
C M (5 years ago)
butane cigar torch
dong costner (5 years ago)
Thank you to the person who shared that web-site here the other day that is giving away Free E-Cigarette starter kits. I actually got my E-Cig in the mail 2 days ago. I really like it so much. I highly recommend badassbutton.com/36-E-Cig-Coupon-646 to anybody that is interested in getting an E-Cig. I just simply had to pay like 5 bucks for shipping which isn't that bad.
Austin Leonard (5 years ago)
Its a butane torch.
eddie sied (5 years ago)
I can't find bastos wicks only silica wicks. Will the silica work as good as the bastos.
anthony rotairo (5 years ago)
kua phelp po  meron akong e health cigarette pwde ko  po b xa iconvert 
JJ Thayer (5 years ago)
Could u do this with a blowezpen
Simon Toser (5 years ago)
One problem here using this kind of setup would be dangerous on a battery unable to withstand the ampage output be carefull when dropping down this low on ohms
Ver Nakao (5 years ago)
Vaperkitten Reed (5 years ago)
Excellent Video going to try
Vladdy2k (5 years ago)
Yo what is your setup? You get alot of vape
brian ponton (5 years ago)
Young kids should be vaping and or smoking
Zack Campos (5 years ago)
Tried my first today in class Btw I'm 14
D Sandoval (2 years ago)
i think immaturity and youth are almost exclusively a 'thing', and apparently some people have it... in spades.
T. Velte (4 years ago)
Not cool zack. If you really are 14 what on earth are you doing using something to get people off tobacco? If you're actually 18 or older how on earth its this amusing?
Zack Campos (4 years ago)
*sips tea* mind y'all own damn business fr ? Like get a life haha
MvK x Rapids (4 years ago)
@Thundersmack Boom I am all for kids having e cigs if it is to help them get off the icky cancer sticks but not for 14 year olds to look cool but we all thought smoking was cool as a child now we need help getting off so why not help them at a younger age
Joshua L (2 years ago)
@Ryan Leatherman​ because you're supporting underage children to be allowed to walk around blowing vapors. If they choose to do so regardless if it has 0mg or not it needs to be at a legal age of 18. Children should be more concerned with what children do, go outside and be a child, quit trying to be an adult, you dont support yourself, you dont have any reason to be fronting like your an adult. Its typical, as soon as something good arises, someone screws it up. Smoking ecigs are for ex smokers. So mr.wiseguy what the hell is your point for trying to argue with me about right and wrong..
Bizaro oraziB (5 years ago)
this shirt is pretty cool! would ya rock one of these? https://www.etsy.com/listing/180098555/fuk-smoke-vape-tee-l-to-xl-flat-rate?
IE Impact (5 years ago)
what kind of torch is that bro man
Angel Rojas (5 years ago)
Is there any way to upgrade an eGo-C with variable voltage???
Dylan Burt (5 years ago)
i know a LOT more now, now i just wanna know what atomizer he is using
Cali Choi (5 years ago)
try wrapping your coils on a screw driver, then threading the wick through afterward. You get neater coils, and reduce hot spots. Although a 2-3 loop of 28ga kanthal will get you about .6 ohms, you should still check your coil's ohm on a multi meter. .6ohms with a fully charged 18650 battery at 4.2 volts will get you about a 7amp draw rating at 29.4watts. Safe on most 18650, not so safe on a 18350 battery.
W. Murphy (5 years ago)
 @Andy Choi   You are right Andy checking your coil, and Battery safety is very important. ►Efest IMR◄  Efest 18350 800 mah 6.4 amp       Efest 18490 1100 mah 8.8 amp   Efest 18650 1600 mah  30 amp  Efest 18650 2000 mah 10 amp  Efest 18650 (IMR/Hybrid) 2250 mah 10 amp There are lots of battery's on the market, but i use these Efest. 
Brad Vanscoyk (5 years ago)
did he just say that hes torching that SILICA wick to oxidize it??? LOLOLOL HOLY SHIT
KuS ArT (5 years ago)
It's OK video. Little bit bad angle of camera. But I it's OK.
Dylan Burt (5 years ago)
WHAT was that? what battery are you using? and how do you connect it to a clearomizer like a vivi nova? ive never seen anything like this, 
JT Smith (5 years ago)
What is the tank you are using the coil you built on
Becca Lecter (5 years ago)
Its a fatty V2 :-)
pong ferrer (5 years ago)
syet halatang pinoy -__-
mark sanchez (5 years ago)
One more question does this work for all vaporizers
mark sanchez (5 years ago)
Thanks mike good looking out
mark sanchez (5 years ago)
Patric where can I get that string u used do u really need it..
dinx dlsu (5 years ago)
whats your fave juice to use for long drags<lung drags>  i would really appreciate a reply i am now one of your subscribers 
me me (5 years ago)
Isn't vaping supposed to help you quit or cut down on smoking? ??.....but all I see is people getting it to see how big they can get the clouds to be...so stupid....
Jennifer Schmidt (5 years ago)
What's stupid is people making stupid comments about something they're entirely uneducated about!  Everyone vapes for their own reasons but for those who are trying to stop smoking cigarettes they still need something that gets them to stop.  Having pansy equipment such as the all in one units sold at gas stations isn't going to cut it.  Everyone's equipment and liquid is different so one person might have a great experience with what they have while others must tweek their stuff to make it work for them.  That's not stupid as long as they're trying and educating themselves.  At least some people educate themselves!
ftfisher4x4 (5 years ago)
Vaping can be used to quit smoking, but it is also an enjoyable hobby.  I quit smoking 25 years ago, but enjoy vaping no-nicotine e-juice because it is a calming activity and I like a lot of the flavors.  And yes, I like big clouds of vapor as that is part of the "relaxing" bit I enjoy.  It is not stupid.  Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes. 
Roger Sauvageau (5 years ago)
Fist off trying to get big clouds isn't stupid and at first for most people it's about quiting smoking, but it's more then that it's a hobby and it's fun to see how big of clouds and how good of a setup you can build and what not but whats you get into it when you get a rebuildable it's really fun 
Nicky Scarola (5 years ago)
HI, I'm a beginner only two months, I have Vivi Nova V10, T8, kanger protank II and BCC mega, I think the kanger are one of the best the other ones are quite well, but I'm  impressed with your video, what kind of hardware you got? lots of vapor, it's great.  Thank you.
xpapihux (5 years ago)
Hi Bro, ito yung nabili ko na e-cig http://www.ecigadvanced.com/faqs/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/ego-clearomizer.jpg ok rin ba to mag produce ng big smoke? bumili din ako ng wick na mataba, before ko napanood tong vid mo plus a wire worth 250 pesos, but di ko na check kung ilang millimeters yun wire pero yun ang binenta sakin nung nag ask ako for more smoke producing stuff in the cig, any videos pre sa ganitong klaseng e-cig??
KITTYKAT1100101 (5 years ago)
you said to take only three turns on the wire... why not more please educate
Kloque (3 years ago)
+Garret Burrow Nope. MORE wraps = more resistance. Resistance is measured per inch. so 1 ohm in one inch of wire would be 2 ohms in 2 inches of wire. I think what you meant was bigger wire = less resistance and more wraps means more resistance.
Kevin Dahlquist (3 years ago)
@Garret Burrow The more wraps you have, the longer the highway- not the "more space" you have for cars in your analogy. The result of a "longer highway" is more resistance. If you "widen the highway" you will lower resistance and draw more current (power) from your battery provided your battery is able to source it.
Travis P (4 years ago)
@avp3player1  what kind of battery are u running on ?? i can make a suggestion by personal preference
Garret Burrow (5 years ago)
@Patrick Rubin I don't think that's how it works. Ohms is like cars on a highway.  The electricity is represented by the cars, and the wire is represented by the highway. If you have a 2-lane highway(32 gauge kanthal) it will only allow a few cars(electricity) to pass through.  If you have a big 6-lane highway(24 gauge wire) then more cars can pass through. In terms of Ohms, the higher the number, the more the resistance(or smaller highway, lol.) The thicker gauge the wire and the MORE wraps you have, the more space you have for electricity to pass through, which gives you LESS resistance, or a lower Ohm reading. 
avp3player1 (5 years ago)
@vedasticks Great info. From what I hear I'm going to use cotton wicks. My devices right now are: mini protank 2, and vision vivi nova v2.5. Both have 2.5 ohlms resistance.. So 0.3mm wire with 10 wraps is about 2.0 ohlms? I've been vaping for 2 months and am just now getting into rebuilding. I just want more vapor production and better flavor :D 
Dave Schiller (5 years ago)
patrickisgay776 (5 years ago)
No offense by my screen name Patrick.
patrickisgay776 (5 years ago)
I wish I knew what he was saying: I can understand everything he says besides the brands he uses. Which is what I want.
mexicanamerican21 (5 years ago)
28 kanthal wire is the best

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