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Lex Luger Beat

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It's nice!!!
Dj Scarz (5 years ago)
soundcloud (dot) com /dj-scarz
Dj Scarz (5 years ago)
soundcloud . co m /dj-scarz
Lil K33 Beats (5 years ago)
Can I Use Thizz ?? Ill Give Full Credit
coolas4randomsymbols (6 years ago)
I'm not sure how to contact you. If you see this can you either inbox me on here or mail me - [email protected] I'm interested in purchasing a lease of this.
Ed Jones (6 years ago)
lol is that ric flair in the torture rack?
slimkilla321 (6 years ago)
I Got A Remake Of This On My Page Check It Out Sound Just Like It
Kid Nozi (6 years ago)
watch?v=-nmdeTXtKQY <-- check this lex luger beat, goes hard af!
Bryan Fernandez (6 years ago)
shit that's what i do all the time
C. Mayne (6 years ago)
where your lex luger at?
z0t1 (7 years ago)
Gods Touch (7 years ago)
lol this is hype music man everytime i hear this i just wanna punch things
Calvin Buckner (7 years ago)
TheXiafury (7 years ago)
This beat sucks lol.
DevylProductions (7 years ago)
is anywhere a full song to this beat?
Kyle Tetzlaff (7 years ago)
this beat hard ass hell
Gods Touch (7 years ago)
lololol this is cause of black on black violence
CameronBoothTV (7 years ago)
Joe The Drumma (7 years ago)
Yo whoever made this beat how much you selling it for?
Paul Sims (7 years ago)
@DjTweeza got it thanks a lot!!!!!
thinkonpoint (7 years ago)
This is one of the hardest beats of all time. The snares are too beautiful.
eeescamilla1 (7 years ago)
@13jmall hell yea thats what i stay doin.... check the channel
PureCents (7 years ago)
its wack as hell when ppl use someone elses name
Paul Sims (7 years ago)
wats the name of this song ????????????
Toby Supreme (7 years ago)
the drums in this song are just insane! makes me want to bust out my old marching band drum kit.
Kujo's Vision (7 years ago)
start on 30 or at 57 on my mind wat i find and yes bithch runnin time still dont kno wat time but i keep it in my mind grand hustle u kno wat time just wanna say good bye thats all 4 now DSV.
LMGameVideos (7 years ago)
What song is this beat from?
CHEFFINMIKEY (7 years ago)
@maximanesick dude chill.
jrockbeans (7 years ago)
I Open up On dem little blades, He black yellow an red call him little wade, out in little dade miami movement, this b8tches f8ckin i'm gettin loose, pink or purple i bought a cup,we ride wit choppa's limit Ak one round a second, we cuttin way, like to lime lamborgini's I be cuttin waves aint no jet skies, but i cut an jet, thats another mother crying her one got wet, i'm living life in a women when it comes to head, in when its beef then its beef we jump off head, you jump off fed 5.0 in bed.
DJIBIZA92 (7 years ago)
this goes hard
Magicmind (7 years ago)
money money money money money on my mind bitch/ Jordan on my feet bitch im fly as a comet/ flow so sick inflammatory no vomit! knowledge/ i drop on ya ass, plus i hustle for the cash plus its sad that if you brag you get blasted on yes im home/ Crescent New Orleon/....... Kids arm, looking for the D Boi, to them hoes he so Charm head shot flocka him gone. on the ground Caution Tape/ man, we gotta live safe/ when you creaming on the cake, thats! when niggaz trun fake..
jeezuzjoose92 (7 years ago)
drownin and you frownin nigga know you can't swim how bout write another verse and get ate up again debbie cakin fore you wakin on yo lady's, how i do it fuck wit it get chopped up, you screwed, loose tooth shit. me my nigga's we too legit flowin like a geyser fore winter hit and we know we winner's charlie sheen can't even ketchup musta lost his breath, can't reach me cause i'm ghostin, look out future odd shit's right near approachin you just an old story left open needin closing.
Garret M (7 years ago)
if anyone wants production/ beats like lex or zaytoven, check my vids and hit me up. i do sound tags/ shoutouts too. gmproductions(dot)us
Drama Set Woo (8 years ago)
@badabingcorporatemob WAT ITS CALLED?
Lex Luger (8 years ago)
I got the lex luger drum kit on my channel... that he released... check my TTG remake!
GEMON BRADFORD (8 years ago)
i came in dis bitch black down to my feet chome on my back just to kill dis lex beat i say if u want it then nigga come get ak-47 destroyed ya whole buildin now all thats left is a doorknob and yo comcastic remote im all about my cash that aint no joke bullets comin at ya from every angle like i got 6 K's brought tha 12 gauge splt yo head 6 ways bitch i flow like a brand new fountainim only 15 so fuck it ask about me
letsgododgers22 (8 years ago)
Lionel Watkins (8 years ago)
if ya'll like this then ya'll should check out my video called TRAP BEAT (beat making)
HalloweenBeatz (8 years ago)
this shit sick it go hard my nigga
Demetrie Glover (8 years ago)
check out my lex luger type beat
youngice604 (8 years ago)
@maximanesick fuck you trick ass bitch., you soft as baby shit
KiddGuap (8 years ago)
Javonne mansfield (8 years ago)
Hit me up. I'm talking money
Buffy Combs (8 years ago)
@XxRAid3RzZ Gorilla Zoe - Fuck you pay me
Lester Kearney (8 years ago)
yoooooo thheeee fiiiirrsstttt beatttttttt isssss firrrrreeee snares yo lex went ham on that joint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kdub crooks (8 years ago)
@maximanesick dudes chill lol
Sweat404 (8 years ago)
I could listen to this all day
JVH SpAcDOuT (8 years ago)
@Below they do huh, maybe that's just his style idk, I have tracks aswell check me out
13jmall (8 years ago)
lex's beats don't even need a rapper. just roll through the hood bumpin instrumentals lol
Lawrence Guy (8 years ago)
@youngjj757 i feel that shit & it goes with the beat talking about nightmares
M A Taylor YAW (8 years ago)
torture rack this is a torture track and my hood a torture trap..westwood stand up i throw the W cause all i do is win brah/the bottom memphis 10 cuz papparazzi asz niggas looking and gossiping and aint got they funds up beef rap what for that shit gone lead to somebody dying take one of mine and your whole family dying/the shit tragic when they lying flat and money cant bring em back so they flatline/funerals and abituaries saying i aint the shit somebody flat lying and i wont stop pass time
@maximanesick dude chill.
datboi trap (8 years ago)
when i go to sleep i be havin nightmares of bein pore again those are nightmares why enemy tryna hunt me in my nightmares.. keep my 4fif close waitin for the nightmares.. dreamin bout when i had roaches in my nightmares i keep it 1 hunnet even in my nightmares stay fresh in my nightmares still got haters in my nightmares.. nightmares!
CreatureLikeGod (8 years ago)
Peaceful beat.
ThemJusticeLeauge (8 years ago)
@MaxOverthruster No.. Your lame as fuck for saying that, fucking lame face.
6driveby6ona6bike (8 years ago)
what happened to the old lex luger his beats aint that good now like they are in dis video. and everybody check my beatz out lex luger type some of them are
KR (8 years ago)
CHECK OUT MY BEATS AT 86iconproducer my beats crazy just like this!!!!!!!!!!!!
jlight4christ (8 years ago)
@QuotaPBaby I do!!! I believe everything that's alive should praise God!
QuotaPBaby (8 years ago)
@jlight4christ you really believe in christ huh ???
ricojonz3 (8 years ago)
@jlight4christ ?
MaxOverthruster (8 years ago)
@jlight4christ cornier than mc hammer. everyone knows the best rappers of all time (2pac, mobb deep, jay z, nas) make pacts with the devil that give them an otherworldly ability to rhyme
Benji Falcone (8 years ago)
-*Check Out my Beats...Im Goin Ham.*
Esco Gwalla (8 years ago)
this go hard
Bada Bing (8 years ago)
@TheSnipa1 fuck u by gorilla zoe
Alberto Hernandez (8 years ago)
@nigeeC2010 wats da name of da sng dey rap 2 4 dis beat??
Alberto Hernandez (8 years ago)
@badabingcorporatemob wats da name of da sng??
jlight4christ (8 years ago)
@TheSnipa1 I just wrote a quick freestyle off the top. I liked the beat so much. I got more on my page. subcribe Thx man. all honor and give thanx to God.
Alberto Hernandez (8 years ago)
@jlight4christ ay wat sng is dat 4rm shit is str8 fire!!
@maximanesick dude chill.
jonathan ellis (8 years ago)
torture rack shawty. lol
B. Cartier (8 years ago)
@veryverycooldude acutally i hear a mean collab wit trey songz and a hot rapper on this track....thats wat my ears are tellin me
B. Cartier (8 years ago)
sam haskins (8 years ago)
yea ima use this beat
Mike Nunn (8 years ago)
aye man dis sick can i use dis ?
Young Shun (8 years ago)
dis shit go ham shout out dat nigga lex luger young shun on da track
Bam Relli (8 years ago)
i want this beat how can i get the download
nigee C (8 years ago)
brickkkkkkkkkk squaddddddddddddd is all you here on this one!!
Palo Creed (8 years ago)
all i can picture on this beat is Waka! Flocka! Waka! Flocka!
Jarok 100 (8 years ago)
- ayyye stupid hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jlight4christ (8 years ago)
If you lookin for a women first try the church make sure she in her word and not her purse Brotha!....Stop tryna look cool we can find another you at the swimming pool D-boyz move bricks but faith move mountains you drunk and you clownin, Im with Christ at the fountain of life head in the water you may think that im drowning Im filled with the Holy Spirit see my face....Smileing.
JetLag Muzic (8 years ago)
shit ham
MrAlireza301 (9 years ago)
let me use this joint i will hold this beat for ransom and assassinate it.
Mike Nunn (9 years ago)
can i use dis?
charles mosley (9 years ago)
thx man they seemed to delete this

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