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Funny Games (1997) - Intro

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Scena tratta da "Funny Games" (1997) di Michael Haneke.
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Text Comments (34)
Account Social (2 months ago)
Crazy opening!!
Lel Fah (3 months ago)
Thanks for posting my all time favourite movie opening scene!
Jonathan T (4 months ago)
I love the 90’s striped t-shirt with denim overalls look. The film is great too.
Atay B.B (7 months ago)
bune aq
Fresh Games (4 months ago)
Atay B.B agla yarrakkk
fMuIcNkD (7 months ago)
Why the fuck in spanish
T-SLADE (10 months ago)
Best anime opening
Acid Bath Patton Anselmo (2 months ago)
Brother Nero (1 year ago)
Mai visto questo del 1997. Però quello del 2007 invece sì. Devo vedere di scaricarlo quello del 1997, anche se dicono siano uguali. Comunque grazie per l’intro.
Adam S (1 year ago)
堤匡 (1 year ago)
堤匡 (1 year ago)
LiquidOzelot (1 year ago)
堤匡 (1 year ago)
sunnshinerecorder (2 years ago)
The greatest fucking opening of them all.
Django (2 years ago)
yo retard why do u post this in italian fucking shit
Swaying Dementia (4 months ago)
Django this is a priceless comment
Portmonde (8 months ago)
Not even. I think it's from Netherlands
Faucundo Altamirano (2 years ago)
Django is from Deutchland, not Italy!
Dallas The Snake (2 years ago)
oh yeahhh *orgams*
ANCUTTER (2 years ago)
So many people miss the point of this movie. The two guys know there in a movie, why they break the 4th wall more then once. Looking into the camera, rewinding time with a remote. Since there in movie with no recourse for there actions they just go around fucking with people.
Billi Caci (1 year ago)
ANCUTTER Only Paul know there is a movie, not Peter
bbz232 (1 year ago)
ANCUTTER yeah everyone got that.
AidanIsThisGuy (2 years ago)
I prefer the way it is done in the remake where the giant text pops up at the exact moment the loud music starts.
MasterBerry (1 year ago)
The remake just expands on the original's pathos. Deconstructing the expectation of graphic violence by selling it to America with famous faces, where we'd all go into it wanting exactly that.
LiquidOzelot (1 year ago)
nah dude the 1997 version is way better, the intro and all the movie. And I have to say thet I like Naomi Watts and Tim Roth but, this movie in his original version is great.
Lucas Mota (3 years ago)
One of the best opening credits scenes of all time
Right with Pulp Fiction!
Mister Sarajevo (7 years ago)
God, that's gotta be the worst song ever. Then again.. that was the point.The whole film test your nerves.
SoaringTrumpet (2 months ago)
blake melhuish  It's really just John Zorn having fun ;)
blake melhuish (6 months ago)
that songs a damn classic u swine
TerzoVolto (8 years ago)
@BoccaUntaNonMente non è metal, comunque si chiama Bonehead è una canzone dei Naked City un gruppo definibile Grindcore sperimentale
Marco Corona (8 years ago)
Ogni elemento di questo film è assolutamente geniale!!!! Solo per l'intro ci sarebbe da andare a stringere la mano al regista per congratularsi!
misfits138punx (9 years ago)

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