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Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit

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A quick look at the Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit. Nice little kit, easy to follow instructions and hopefully accurate results. I did struggle to match the PH test to any of the colours.
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ahmad maulidan (1 year ago)
I am dificult to quantifie NO3, NO2 and ammonia from color indicator. Could any one help to explain it?
Logic reigns (5 years ago)
Hydors are not reliable.
goodall1bay (2 years ago)
F*ckyofeelinz the mains ones are and very quiet too
Logic reigns (5 years ago)
Try jebao wp40
SeanBZA (5 years ago)
Sea fish and corals. You are in for a lot of learning there, and you are not even close to the sea to get real live sea water. Me, I just keep fresh water, currently just tough guppies.

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