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Warrior Cats - Fire and Ice OPENING (v.2)

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******************************READ ME************************** Yeeesss, before you ask, episode 3 is finished, I just need to muster up the courage to start editing x.x So hyes, I decided that Fire and Ice was badly in need of a new opening, as the last one is pretty poor (c'mon though, It was always gonna be poor, I made it is 5 hours from start to finish! This one actually had a full storyboard and real planning xD) To prevent loooaaadds of repeat answers, list of characters in ORDER OR APPEARENCE: Bluestar Fireheart (the orange blur) Clawface Blackfoot Brokenstar Brackenpaw Cinderpaw Tigerclaw Fireheart (actually drawn, not just blurs haha) Deadfoot Tallstar Morningflower Silverstream Greystripe Princess (holding Cloudkit) Mugs shots: Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Greystripe, Cinderpaw, Brokenstar, Tallstar, Fireheart. Oh yeah, and before someone points out 'Brokenstar's face looks wrong!!!' please know this. Drawing persian cats is IMPOSSIBLE. IM. PO. SI. BLE. They are completely useless for expression too x.x worst breed to draw of all time. Song is the Channel 4 racing theme (don't really know if it has a proper name) and I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO IN ANY WAY, NOR DO I CLAIM TO. I do however, own all the drawn content in here, and the backgrounds are all creative commons or royalty free. (c)Lightning Strike productions
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Text Comments (71)
Ramune Soda (1 year ago)
I remember this
EVERESTWOLF101 YOLO (2 years ago)
I wish i drew like that good
dawnpaw of shadowclan (2 years ago)
me too
Evelyn K (3 years ago)
who is the grumpy black cat with the star in its ear?
Evelyn K (3 years ago)
- Ponysparkle3 - (3 years ago)
+Tails23565 Aj At first I thought it was Yellowfang XD
DireShire (3 years ago)
+Evelyn Kaelin Brokenstar.
Dai (5 years ago)
0:22 :) the feet
fluffylovey (5 years ago)
Just a habit/style preference, god knows why xD Thank you ^^
CyberEagle28 (5 years ago)
I love your opening
Cheezballs (5 years ago)
Princess: hey fireheart can u take clo- Fireheart: -runs past- Princess: D:
omnath71 (5 years ago)
with silver,gray,[email protected] nice touch
Keilany vazquez (6 years ago)
TrixieKitty227 (6 years ago)
c: We're not rushing you, Fluffeh. :D - Hugs - PFFF I envy your animating skills, bro. - Clings to arm -
Tamayako (6 years ago)
Everyones like what da heck?
salamancer (6 years ago)
I loved that book
puppyhowler (6 years ago)
omg that's sweet!
Polaroid (6 years ago)
never mind! i finally found it!
Polaroid (6 years ago)
omg i cant find the music at all. is there any way you could link it to me?
ImmyWimmy1 (6 years ago)
Just out of curiosity, do you like racing at all? I do! :3
2020animallover (6 years ago)
awsome opening that was great animateing cant wait to see more
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
Now THAT I have no idea ^^ hopefully before Christmas, but no promises sorry :(
jeniiya (6 years ago)
Looove thiss :) will you continue these series? :)
Kenna Lewis (6 years ago)
When is Unknown blood episode 5 coming out!?!?!?!?
GirlWithTheWolfHood (6 years ago)
Haha, he whole country still seems to be in Olympic mode, there are still new adverts coming out that say "We are proud sponsors of the London 2012 olympic games, come watch the games with us, hurray, bleh blah bloh" and all that jazz :P but yaa, I wish people would comment on more than my accent D: cause yeh, I know my accent is far more superior to theirs, but come on, tell me something I don't know :3 (heehee, that was a joke, please no one beat me up... please....)
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
Oh the shame of belonging to team GB >< (actually no shame AT ALL for getting 29 golds ;D Yes, I'm still in crazy plympic fan girl mode haha!) People never comment on weather the voice acting is actually any good just like... british :C
4356Alyssa (6 years ago)
Fluffy, i cant say how much i love this!!!! i can't wait for the next episode!!! :D thank you so much for etting me be a part of this wor of art!!!!!! :')
GirlWithTheWolfHood (6 years ago)
yaa, I know what you mean! The same thing happens to me (even with the small amount of auditions I've done). People either say 'hey! Your accents nice. Wanna do some voice acting for my series?' or don't comment or acknowledge my audition at all as if to say 'hmm, what's this... another audition for my casting call?! YAY, oh wait... their accents weird, nevermind...' -_- It can make you a little irritated ;) Haha
iES Animation (6 years ago)
yes you should try :D you can do amazing effects and stuff with after effects :) and you'll have better control on your animations + you can have amazing render quality.
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
God you don't want one for VAing on youtube though xD For some reason American people either LOVE it and point it out, or HATE it and point it out. BLARG, I'LL SWAP ANY DAY XD
GirlWithTheWolfHood (6 years ago)
Haha, I love english accents :3 I might just have to move to England just so I can pick one up xD
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
If I could afford it I would looooove to try using after effects ^^ (izzy poor :()
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
Inside Alari haha x'D I do rather adore acting as Alari, her voice is basically mine but like... more english :'D
iES Animation (6 years ago)
the animation looks great! Here is my feedback: You could try After Effects to avoid those black bars in the background. The results will look better after that :)
GirlWithTheWolfHood (6 years ago)
Oh, shucks. Heehee :D You flatter me, your voice is way more AWESOME though! Alari wouldn't be the same without your voice inside her :3
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
*sigh* I swear this is the 40th time I've explained this x.x I give EVERY character I draw a white underbelly. It's part of my style. I think can't imagain not doing it, and I'll never change xD (also, it's a like a kind of, artistic signature? Of sorts, so people know it's a 'fluffylovey' thing or whatever)
kaylee gray (6 years ago)
im a fan and all but not everycat has White under them
sketchingiero (6 years ago)
Dumb Kitty (6 years ago)
Amg, this is just AMAZING! Cinderpaw looks so cute...and Brokenstar may I just say? When I saw the prologue of this animated series, I knew that there is a very beautiful and fluent animation coming up. You have a gorgeous style, and it's very unique.
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
Thanking you kindly m'dear drew ^^ The new PC makes all the colours so BEAUTIFUL :DDD!!! *happy face* I hope people like the episode, it's one of those dialogue filled ones ><
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
Thank you girl ^^ and I KNOW right??? Into the wild is such a boring book x.x Ialways loved fire and ice, but you gotta love darkest hour with scourge and all his awesome ;)
BrinnyThe Brave (6 years ago)
Rain Feather1134 (6 years ago)
Really cool!I love the opening! :) Great job!
cyndertheblackdra100 (6 years ago)
whos the cat the orangy-brown cat with the strips at 0:12
Kat Domino (6 years ago)
i love the idea if fireheart running and showing some idea of what happens! 8D
Fausti A. (6 years ago)
so excited. <3
watergirl241 (6 years ago)
awesome sausey!!!
AnimalLoverCB (6 years ago)
Wow, amazing animations.
bigfangz (6 years ago)
Fluffy, your animations are wonderful. <333 Never let anyone tell you otherwise, this is awesome! (Not to mention your voice acting is phenominal, too~)
MoonMistProductions (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if you are the 302 veiw.
Y2JennJen (6 years ago)
this ie awesome epic love
Bloodstar-Lore (6 years ago)
Nice opening!
StarWarsGirl7 (6 years ago)
You have no idea how many times I keep watching this over and over. Your animation is so smooth and amazing, and the song is really epic. I can't wait to see your latest episode :)!
Silverisotakutrash (6 years ago)
Cool :3
The FelidayKiller (6 years ago)
this is epic!
4356Alyssa (6 years ago)
Oh mi goodness, this is AMAZING!!! :D im so happy to be a part of this!!!!!! :DDDDDDD thanks again for letting me be in this fluffy!!!!! :)
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
Thank you so Much <3 Also, I adore your voice acting for Kia, your accent is full of awesome ^^
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
I saw this too... IT SHALL BE FIXED.
GirlWithTheWolfHood (6 years ago)
This is so good! I've seen the series so far and I must say that I think your drawing style is so unique and beautiful. Hope to see more of your animations soon :D
IceClaN100 (6 years ago)
I love how something is actually going on in the opening :) great job!!! Can't wait for the next episode! ~Sparrowfrost
Alex's VCR (6 years ago)
i love you for making this :)
Yerp Derp (6 years ago)
You have 69 videos.
warriorofthewild (6 years ago)
very good ^^
Morgue Parfington (6 years ago)
Dat intro...
BloodWolfPro (6 years ago)
awesome! :D
fluffylovey (6 years ago)
Thank you Echo ^^ I was trying to capture the main enemies, heros and victims or the story with fireheart always there (so him running past various plot details :'D)
Kay2036 (6 years ago)
Amazing as always >W<
SolsticeSong1 (6 years ago)
Oh my gosh, this is great, Fluffy! I just love how smooth the animation is. Also, I think it represents all the events in Fire and Ice really well. Great job!
Polaroid (6 years ago)
Fanimal Central ~ HD (6 years ago)
Awsome Izzy
Kay2036 (6 years ago)
1st comment like a boss >:3

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