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Pain Elemental reveals the last official secret of Doom 2

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Runner: Zero-Master Date: 2018-08-30 IWAD: Doom2.wad Category: UV-Max Map: 15 (Industrial Zone) Source Port: Crispy Doom 4.3 Time: 8:20 Description: A true UV-Max demo of map 15! Skip to 3:00 to see the trick, I wouldn't recommend watching the rest as it's slow and mostly just for the purpose of showing 100% kills, items and secrets on the intermission screen. While the secret location has always been known, it has been considered impossible to trigger it and thus get 100% secrets in the intermission screen, from the doomwiki ( https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAP15:_Industrial_Zone_(Doom_II) ): "Bugs: It is impossible to register secret #4, as the secret sector in question (sector 147) is located adjacent to the raised teleport pad and is only 16 units wide. This setup completely prevents the player from touching this sector's floor (as is required to trigger a secret), because upon crossing the sector's boundary they are immediately raised onto the pad and teleport away. Therefore, the maximum SECRETS percentage one can get on this map is 90%. " In other words, a secret can only be triggered if doomguys center is within the secret area and if he is on the same height as the secret sector. The second being impossible because doomguy is always lifted up to the teleporter sector floor height when his center is either exactly on or over the secret sector. It has been possible to trigger it by using idclip, but this is the first demo to show this secret being triggered and hence no use of any cheats (idclip does not work in demos). This trick has something to do with the moving door and the pain elemental spawning a lost soul on top of you. This forces you down to the lowest floor the moving door is on, which puts you within the secret sector and on the same height, thus triggering the secret. Basically this means that it is now possible to get 100% secrets on all levels for Doom 2, without the use of cheats. So to all the commenters in my Nightmare all secrets video about only getting 90% secrets on map 15, you were right, my bad. And to all those completionists who could never get the 100%, well, looks like you didn't try hard enough.. you should have just dragged an uncooperative pain elemental from his hideout to help you out. The old Doom II UV-Max record for map 15 in 5m36s can be found here together with the rest of the levels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRa6f3ULLxE&index=16&list=PLTmV4zpWzC8mi4CAaW2hk-bBuyOkqltU8&t=0s If you want to see more, I also discovered it's possible to go back into the level if you go out of it (out of bounds / void glide), which would be useful for TAS demos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXtV82Nv0ms FAQ: Q: What about Map 27 secret? A: There is a secret on a teleporter which is difficult to register because the teleporter is activated first. It's possible to get it by doing a linedef skip on the teleporter line, which was discovered years ago. That is a rather precise trick and not easy to do, you can see it in my Nightmare all secrets video here (at 44m10s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIxEEgEuhT4&t=2650s Q: Does this work in MS-DOS? A: Yes, demo can be found on doomworld, so download that and use some ancient computer to verify it if you want. Dosbox displays 100% secrets when playing the demo. Q: How do you know someone hasn't done this before? A: First of all you need to get a pain elemental to this very specific area, then you need to be standing on the teleporter itself which isn't a big area (it's very easy to cross the teleporter linedef being so close to it), then you need the door to be moving, then you need the pain elemental to be attacking while he is close enough. If the pain elemental isn't close enough he won't spawn the lost soul on top of you and the lost soul will most likely make you activate the teleporter before registering the secret. Those things simply do not happen by accident and there is no reason to suspect it should even work. Some modern sourceports makes it possible to register, cheats works too, but this works in dos/vanilla without any cheats. I've seen about 50 people claim to have done this by now, not a single one describes the use of any pain elemental or why they would even try it in the first place. Again, this does not work with other enemies or by using rocket splash etc. Q: I don't see any secret? A: The point is that it was previously impossible to get 100% secrets because it fails to register as explained above. The secret is registered at 3:06, the teleporter is used at 3:55 (which has always worked). Q: Why does the game look so good/bad? A: The video is made playing back a demo in a sourceport called prboom+ (and no, again, a sourceport is not the reason why this works here)
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Text Comments (2295)
dgmccool (2 hours ago)
how do you get the high resolution graphics?
alexander javier (11 hours ago)
gracias voy a tener el doom eternal
Miguel Angel (15 hours ago)
And that's how easy a game can be ruined. If you are in a hurry, go on a jet. What a waste of time playing too fast. You miss all the soul of the game. Challenging, I don't think so.
Redbilly Hillneck (15 hours ago)
*Sick 8k graphics*
MrJuhs91 (19 hours ago)
Is very ez just press: "IDDQD" & "IDKFA"
dpgoverride (1 day ago)
This was recommended in my feed, decided to watch it only to realize this is the level I could never get past. I've tried over the years to figure it out. Even after watching this I'm pretty sure I'll still never beat it. Lol How in the hell would anyone ever figure out to push a pain element through a hallway and wait for it up the stairs. 😶
AWildBeowulf (1 day ago)
This game makes my head hurt. How tf can anyone play this trash
Vegeta Vegetao (1 day ago)
TraceVandal (1 day ago)
haha, you missed 1 shotgun blast out of 500, you suck.
Ego Alter (2 days ago)
Wow, wth
Nicholas Hansen (2 days ago)
Maaaaan I hate this level with a passion
The Wild WarCry (2 days ago)
Lol oh yes highschool Doom era 1998
Miguel Alvizuri (2 days ago)
Iddqd idkfa :)
wittuck (2 days ago)
spectrum4v (2 days ago)
this is insane
Pax Insanire (3 days ago)
A bug made secret... The world has gone insane
Rod Powers (3 days ago)
You are Savage Boss!
negroni (3 days ago)
20 years...
teslaNYproductions (3 days ago)
I’ve been playing doom 2 since it came out, and I try to get 100% secrets on levels, but if I didn’t I would just move on to the next map. I didn’t know you couldn’t beat the game with 100% secrets until I saw this video, and now I know that not only is it possible, but it took 25 years to achieve. That is super cool 😎. I still play Doom 2, just haven’t played the vanilla version in about year. This game will always have a special place in my heart. It was one of the first games I ever played as a kid.
pendragonshall (4 days ago)
Been a Loooonnnnnggg time since I played this but. He isn't aiming half the time and still mowing them down? Aim bot for doing speed runs???
Jerzy Kajmowicz (4 days ago)
For 25 years now I've been playing Doom, played through every chapter, every expansion countless times & still 25 years in I am still playing these games over & over. This Doom franchise is just truly amazing & captivating.
Westile (4 days ago)
So uhh...which secret was it?
OG Kakarotto (4 days ago)
i remember as a child trying to 100% them but just couldnt find those last few %'s of secrets... no wonder why
good pain enametal
Hugo G (5 days ago)
Missed a diamond in 2:21
Bikonito (5 days ago)
what the fuck is this level design did people actually used to think this was good
Ronald Raygun (6 days ago)
ok but what was the actual speedrun time?
Ronald Raygun (6 days ago)
i was guna watch porn but what's the point? 10 minutes later , LAST DOOM SECRET FOUND !
gabriel ibarra (7 days ago)
What was the secret?
Anxiety Celery (7 days ago)
Soooo what's the secret?
Anxiety Celery (6 days ago)
Hey, thanks! I had totally dismissed the description. I get it now.
toastedbagels (6 days ago)
Read Description Or Comments
Rob T (7 days ago)
Dat God mode tho
Кот2012 (8 days ago)
Great ! In 24 years nobody found it!
Zok Twf (10 days ago)
anyone know if this secret was removed or still there in Doom II GBA?
Robson de Abreu (10 days ago)
Best special level
Kalina Dog (10 days ago)
Never played any Dooms . It looks like he finds multiple secrets ...... which one was the "lost" secret? The full white colors or that split second change right before he's finished? Is it literally just a collectable named "secret", so this was him finding the "lost" collectable?
Inferno (8 days ago)
It’s at 3:00 The pain elemental (Brown demon) Pushes him into the wall revealing the secret
Marco Russo (10 days ago)
So was everyone getting 99% secret completion so far?
Tenor HowlerMonkey (10 days ago)
The secret is that unless you played it on PS 1-2 you never played it at all.
Nexus (11 days ago)
Finished this game many times decades ago but it looks way harder than I remember it, I think I must've camped and retreated alot but still it shows how new games cater to a larger audience by lowering the skill required.
Paul Frederick (8 days ago)
If you think this is hard try it with the complex+LCA mods.
RayMinishi (11 days ago)
Welp. All previous speedruns just got shit on.
Ronald Raygun (6 days ago)
it took 8 minutes to do this so not really. for 100% secret speedruns sure. he made the new secret speedrun record absolutely.
McTurbo1300 (11 days ago)
Those Pain Elementals are such sweeties.
Merc 166 (12 days ago)
Dave Marx (12 days ago)
Summoning Salt : "Time to get back to work 🍵"
Xedilian (12 days ago)
Does it have to be a pain elemental? Can you use a cacodemon?
Furionic696 (12 days ago)
Has to be a Pain as the thing pushing you into the floor is a Lost Soul and Caco's can't spawn them :)
James Lewis (12 days ago)
This game is running way too fast. Even Usain Bolt doesn't run like that.
iare19 (13 days ago)
what was the secret? he played too fast and pretty much everything he did I remembered.
Frosty CharChar86 (13 days ago)
where is the secret!!!
Frosty CharChar86 (7 days ago)
Ok but what does it do
Type X (7 days ago)
3:00 he gets pushed
Frosty CharChar86 (13 days ago)
wah is the glitch
Jeremy NoLol (14 days ago)
Nicolas Landau (14 days ago)
0:20 nice
Bob Yoder (14 days ago)
I don't get it what's the secret???????
billiondollardan (14 days ago)
Speed runners are a different type of person all together. Amazing
Jeff Cockmann (14 days ago)
damn i played that level a lot..
Pyro Paragon (15 days ago)
Fuckin Industrial. I hated that last secret so much
just a bbygal (14 days ago)
it was unknown until now??
brandon jerome (15 days ago)
My childhood ... 😕
DerMetzger (15 days ago)
Really wish I could follow what was going on..
H Koizumi (15 days ago)
omg... I could never 100% this place before. I've thought I was too stupid but I never knew it wasn't solved until 25+ years later...
Eric Falsarone (15 days ago)
25 years of Doom...nuff saying. Zero Doom Master respect.
Coaster Boi (15 days ago)
Imagine completing a game 24 years after it’s release. That would be really satisfying
M L (15 days ago)
I was also unaware of the teleporter at 3:55. This game just keeps on revealing.
Verruckter Schakal (16 days ago)
Classic doom has a better video on how to get this secret to register
MrBabyBitch666 (16 days ago)
I'm 8 and what is this?
BD MW (16 days ago)
So I have never played doom 2 before. Is the secret that lava like exit he took?
coprographia (16 days ago)
Almost 5 minutes over par? What a noob.
qwertyqeys (17 days ago)
people: hey, was this fucked up secret /supposed/ to get solved like that? john romero: -sweating profusely- yeah, totally intended hahaha
REGALPALADIN (17 days ago)
lol i been figure this out just never had youtube back in 2000
Not Freeman (17 days ago)
I will never look at that tunnel Pain Elemental the same way again
So what actually happened? Did the PE nudge Doomguy into this one magic pixel that happened to be the secret area?
Marshall Faris (17 days ago)
when the secret is revealed, u need to find the revealed secret
phorse (17 days ago)
What was the secret? All i saw was guys getting killed
Bull Gerbil (17 days ago)
I hated this map when I was a kid
TheNinJustice (17 days ago)
This looks so cool. (If only I knew what was actually going on..)
BlyndSDragon (3 days ago)
Ronald Raygun (6 days ago)
it's a secret shhh
Monkey Mutant Boss (17 days ago)
Does this mean ownership of ID has been bequeathed to you?
ryan hunt (17 days ago)
That soundtrack! What a legendary game!
Radical Edward (17 days ago)
Did people know this existed and just couldn't figure out how to trip it? If I couldn't get 100% as a speedrunner, the very first thing I would have done is open up the map and check linedefs. Knowing the Doom community, I would doubt seriously that people didn't at least know WHERE the missing secret was.
Type X (7 days ago)
they knew where it was but didn't think it was possible in game without using noclip
Erbium68 Erbium68 (17 days ago)
Doom 64, one of my most favorited and enjoyed game. Really enjoyed using cheat codes for all weapons, unlimited ammo, never die. Keep having fun killing tons and tons of these guys on hardest difficulty
San Stx (17 days ago)
Fake cgi not real.
Michael Scott (18 days ago)
i beat this when i was 9, by myself, and my family was like "oh thats nice sweety"
Chicken Nugget (18 days ago)
I'm confused, what was the secret ?
Zer0 Pyr0 (18 days ago)
Entire arsenal of guns, uses shotgun for 90% of game. Doom logic.
IMP 22 (18 days ago)
Man, I bet Zero Master is knee deep in pussy after this.
Samuel Cuchens (18 days ago)
Idk why but i just find the Pain Elemental just comically cute for some reason, and i am still trying to figure out um why i think these things.
MannyKunV (18 days ago)
so what is the secret? like what did it do or open?
Bige4u (18 days ago)
Consider DOOM the never ending story... with its multiple mods, ID's work is never done.
czopek (18 days ago)
can someone please break it down for me, this is my first time ever watching doom and all i see is just a guy running around shooting monsters, i absolutely dont get it :(
czopek (18 days ago)
+calvi in california the title states otherwise
calvi in california (18 days ago)
thats all there is..
Reggie Brightside (19 days ago)
Fuck. This is 2019 Article 13 is coming and I have to sit though 100000000000000 hours of your video just to get to the Point?? Fuck Off, Even When I was 7 I could do faster and somehow you have 11 000 subs??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? *WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO"
Reggie Brightside (17 days ago)
+P e n g Drunk Talk. Ever had one of those moments? When you wake up the next morning and think to yourself "What on Earth did I type last night?"
P e n g (17 days ago)
Hey man, why don't you look on the Brightside
AllThisThen (19 days ago)
Doom is a great game until you press a switch and have to wander around wondering what you just opened. Some of the levels seem designed to be fun only after you've memorized their layout.
Brodha Sattva (19 days ago)
my mom wouldnt let me play Doom as a kid because she said it would make me psychotic and anti social she was right
mettalx1 (20 days ago)
They could've at least give you something for that lol!
Spork Master (21 days ago)
I wonder if this exists in DOOM 2016 as well in some way or another.
Mike Henny (21 days ago)
This guy has to be a demon... He knows too much about teleporters that no one seemed to know how to work. This is what the new doom should have been
M Sap (22 days ago)
... wait nobody knew about this? I'm also not just talking out of my ass. https://youtu.be/VgfJ6_h2pD4 Somebody posted video proof 4 years ago.
Simone Daishi (22 days ago)
who would win? a bugged secret that remained hidden for 24 years or 1 roundy floaty boi
TieFighter34 (23 days ago)
Nice secret.
Urban knife (24 days ago)
Skyrilla (25 days ago)
That is freaking sweet, like finding a hidden oil reserve after years of drought. Well, unfortunately it seems that there's nothing left to be found in this timeless gem... Hmmm, maybe we should turn our eyes to Ultimate and Final...
Moldygreenbean (1 month ago)
I’m sad for every doom fan that passed away before seeing this video. They died never knowing. :(
pekesu (1 month ago)
likes:DOOM SLAYERS-dislikes:wolfstein lovers
MaxRideWizardLord (1 month ago)
Now make a full speedrun with all secrets found, including this one. :V
Шнтеитеббб (1 month ago)
How the hell do bullets work in this game? Lmao no matter if they are up or down you always seem to kill them regardless of where your cross hairs would be.
Bren (1 month ago)
Yeah yeah we figured this out a few months after dooms release.

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