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Car Tech - 2014 Chevy Spark EV packs a punch

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http://cnet.co/1bG1uHw Boasting far more power than its gasoline counterpart, the Spark EV accelerates fast, and its Siri Eyes Free feature will delight iPhone users.
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beforebefore (2 months ago)
Wrong... the traction battery pack is not up front... it's under the back seat
Dora Romero (1 year ago)
I just need to know what size tire for 2014 spark
Samuel Rose (2 years ago)
would really like to see someone upgrade the tires and maybe try their hand at making a nice little auto cross car with it
Mr. Teff (2 years ago)
A 200 mile range would be nice, but certainly not necessary since most people will buy the Spark EV as a second car. We've had ours for a month now and whatever range anxiety I might have felt in that first week has evaporated. Driving to work and back, plus errands, I usually drive around 30 to 35 miles a day, occasionally 40 or 50. There are chargers at work, but I don't bother with them. I have my charger at home set to begin charging after midnight when rates are very low. If I need to make a trip to LA, I drive my other car. Two more things: the Spark is a blast to drive. It's nimble, handles surprisingly well, feels solid and rides like a bigger car than it is, and it's got tons of torque that will push you back in your seat the instant you step on the peddle. I drove the gasoline Spark. It was awful. The EV is transformed. Lastly, driving in L mode, the regenerative braking is so strong, I rarely touch my brakes. As little as I use them, they could last 200,000 miles. Dealers are not going to like that these cars require virtually no maintenance.
Christian Leon (2 years ago)
That's exactly why the CEO of Fiat said electric cars are not profitable, they're so reliable and largely maintenance free.
Kyle Schalitz (2 years ago)
Nice car hopefully when the bolt comes out Chevy extends the range and makes it more mass market
gasdorfic muncher (1 year ago)
you can rent a car if you need to go on vacation or family trips , with the gas savings ?
Lucus Kane (3 years ago)
The car is awesome, the emergence of something great always gets this kind of pedantic criticism. I love it.
gasdorfic muncher (1 year ago)
I agree that car is osome unlike the tesla your not paying a lot for it ..thus you can pay it off quicker make more sence
Ayannah ♥ (4 years ago)
My aunt works for Generals Motors, and we both said we'd NEVER buy this plastic car for no damn $27,000.
Mr. Teff (2 years ago)
+Ayannah ♥ I took advantage of a great lease offered by GM. Our monthly payment is about what we were spending on gasoline to drive our Mazda3, so it's a bit like having a free car. I never thought I'd own a GM car, but I'm very happy with this one. I liked the Fiat E, but the Spark EV is roomier and speedier.
goodfella21f (3 years ago)
Its 25k$ before government tax credits.
Steve Thompson (4 years ago)
Why the  hell Not Road Fairies that take Your Electric vehicle from town to town and recharges the batteries at the same time? because American politicians are worthless liars.    
Mr. Teff (2 years ago)
+Steve Thompson Hey, Steve, in spite of what you may have heard elsewhere, the biggest push back against EVs will be from car dealers. Service departments are the largest source of profits for dealers, and electric motors are reliable and last forever. Oil changes, timing chain replacements, leaking water pumps etc are a thing of the past. The brakes in EVs can easily last 100,000 miles because the regenerative braking reduces the need to actually engage the brake pads. Now that I own one, it all seems so obvious. EVs are clearly a disruptive technology, one that will affect oil producers, traditional car dealers, independent auto mechanics, transmission specialists, radiator specialists -- pretty much everyone working in an automotive related business.
buildmorefarms100 (4 years ago)
Id rather have this Spark EV more than the boat huge heavy Tesla.
gasdorfic muncher (1 year ago)
tesla is neat if your rich person ..50,000 car I dought will save money on fuel youll just have a safer car with less maintenance thu
Mr. Teff (2 years ago)
+buildmorefarms100 I do own this car and I love it, but the Tesla is totally awesome. If you haven't driven one, just go onto their website and make an appointment. Yes, they are a big car, but they don't feel that way.
buildmorefarms100 (4 years ago)
Spark can charge 80% in less than 30 mins yet a Tesla takes 4-8 hours to charge...
shechshire (3 years ago)
+buildmorefarms100 That's because it has a DC quick charge electric port. It's an idea that really is more for the typical person that lacks a garage or time where as a Tesla owner is usually wealthy & has the garage space & time to charge their toys.
Darwin Chaug (3 years ago)
The Spark EV must plug into a SAE DC quick charger, and there are way more superchargers in the country than SAE chargers. Plus with a driving range of over 200 miles, you don't need to stop in every other city to charge up.
buildmorefarms100 (3 years ago)
+Darwin Chaug Yea and where are the super chargers? None near me! So what is the use if they arent around??? 
Darwin Chaug (3 years ago)
is this guy serious? plug a Tesla into a supercharger for 30min and you'll go more than 2 times what the spark ev can go if it had a 100% fully charged battery.
toyotaprius79 (4 years ago)
+buildmorefarms100 I haven't driven one, but I have sat in one in a Tesla show room in Belgium last year. It just felt substantial and I couldn't compare it to anything really. The screen was easy to operate on my first go and the chromed vents and the wood and leather on top looked so nice! But I didn't stay in it for long as everyone swarmed around it and wanted a go. The car on the outside is massive, it would really be impractical for me. I've never seen a car so wide or long, reminds me of something to a 7 series. I'm currently owning a second gen Prius and its length has been a a bit of a painful struggle with awkward parking from time to time. Good thing it has a reversing camera! The Spark is a brilliant and a well liked car in the EV community. It's a hot hatch, rivalling the BMW i3! Unfortunately, it's only limited to California and Oregon and there is no sign of GM of even increasing the amount of states to sell it in. Everyone's begging for it and hopes are high for when the next gen Spark arrives. Personally, I'd like a small, second hand Citroen C-Zero or Mitsubishi i-MiEV. It's perfectly small, roomy, many owners have been surprised by it and they praise its reliability and practicality. They're already 3 years old and going very cheap, but not cheap enough. Fingers crossed if I'd find one (in the UK) for £2500 to £4000 when I'll look for a new car in another 5 or so years! That is if any second hand buyer would be selling one by then. If not, a LEAF would do.
Esa Edvik (4 years ago)
200 mile range would be pretty pointless as these are more city cars and the average commute is around 40miles. Unless they can suddenly increase the energy density of batteries.
Esa Edvik (1 year ago)
gasdorfic muncher Pretty much perfect as I have a manual with supercharger. Automatics are shit.
gasdorfic muncher (1 year ago)
3yo yes never works see ..hows the mini cooper S transmission I heard negative reviews id like to get one someday
Esa Edvik (1 year ago)
You do realize you replied to a 3yo comment? And yes, I know all that. I drive a Mini Cooper S myself.
gasdorfic muncher (1 year ago)
I drive fiat 500e hardly drive 40 miles thu you really don't want to let the gps tell you to get on highway that kinda speed will reduce your range ..even more in winter months , these type of entry level ev's best driving threw city stop and go traffic.
Marktuyet (4 years ago)
Old white guy here. I need a CD for my albums. What is an eye phone?
Esa Edvik (4 years ago)
Old white guy here, what's a CD? I need a vinyl deck in my car and they don't make those any more, so I only ride my fixed-gear bicycle.
Arik Haydn (4 years ago)
I'm ashamed Cooley didn't do this review. In other news I just bought this car and drove it 103 miles from L.A. :)
Arik Haydn (1 year ago)
3 years later... I am awaiting my Day 1 Reservation of the Tesla Model 3
B-MAN (4 years ago)
the guys does a good job. god I am sick of this " where is COOLEY?!" god what the hell is next? " WHERE IS CLARKSON!?" god your morons just drop it. you sound like you are high on something with that guy. 
Freddy Da Kine (4 years ago)
GM shouldn't be building small and micro cars. The Spark is a ridiculous looking junk...
J C (4 years ago)
I just noticed that. HAHAHA
Shaun Dobbie (5 years ago)
Aluminium not aloominum.
Abraham recon (5 years ago)
we want cooley!
TekReviews (5 years ago)
Go to EVTV's channel, you can learn a lot about the batteries that are out there, they are way past the Leaf's battery technology. And Prius was using old tech for years. A good set of batteries for a conversion project is around $4,500 USD and some of them will quick charge pretty fast. Problem is you need to Top End the batteries the first time so they are all level charges. Not like lead acid you have 6 cels and one cel could be lower then the others.
LoveStallion (5 years ago)
So... 5'8" and he's comfy. I'm 6'2" and so is Cooley.
MRTOWELRACK (1 year ago)
But then he said with a few more inches, things would be different. Basic math: 5'8" + 3" = 5'11" 6'2" ≥ 5'11" So you and Cooley would be uncomfortable. Old comment I know, but come on.
LoveStallion (5 years ago)
Oh no, they have Kevin from the Office doing these again.
toyotaprius79 (5 years ago)
Considering the Federal reductions, for a car that does 0-60mph in around 7 seconds, then it's not that much. Look at things in perspective, the Spark EV is basically a Spark GT.
Thordur Hogna (2 days ago)
toyotaprius79 this car has more torque than Ferrari
toyotaprius79 (5 years ago)
Unfortunately not everybody can afford a Model S. Yet a lot more people can afford a Nissan LEAF or Chevrolet Spark EV. All I can say is actually drive one. There are a lot more quick chargers now. A fast charge for a LEAF is usually less than 20 minutes. That's not enough to even get a quick bite to eat or a coffee! The range is fine also, just go and drive one, but that doesn't mean Nissan or anyone else isn't developing cheaper and/or more energy dense batteries. This stuff takes time, years.
toyotaprius79 (5 years ago)
Because it looks exactly the same as the petrol or gas Spark made before it! Don't be dumb.
toyotaprius79 (5 years ago)
No, Tesla has the benchmark on what a great car should be, it just happens to be electric.
potta14 (5 years ago)
"more torque than a 458 italia". yeah.. chalk one up for the spark hah
The Tech Knight (5 years ago)
Where in the flying fuck is Cooley
tastyonionrings (5 years ago)
Good review
Other7777 (5 years ago)
140hp and 400-lbs of torque? LOL Makes it go to the point to ask yourself whats the point of getting the gas engine one over this one? Besides electric range getting in the way.
based_will (5 years ago)
*googles GM ev1* *looses a whole afternoon*
Mauricio Lacayo (5 years ago)
Cnet guys, this is a nice review, but we are used to excelence. COOLEY ROCKS, leave Car Tech to him,
Darksyne (5 years ago)
He's not bad compared to the other yahoos they brought on >.>
WafflesOrFrenchToast (5 years ago)
ysl reyes (5 years ago)
What happened to on cars with Cooley
DonWhiteFX (5 years ago)
Goffy ass jacket sir. Good review though
Jason Clark (5 years ago)
Electric cars a SLOOOOOWLY hitting main stream. I think Telsa has the best grasp on how electric vehicles should be!
Ackshaey Singh (5 years ago)
This guy is so annoying. I hate these Cooley less Car tech videos. Antuan is not bad, but I really dislike this guy for some reason.
Chandra shaker (5 years ago)
67 saudi's Dislike this video.
gman2064 (5 years ago)
LMAO road killed rat at 5:42
Apple Seed (5 years ago)
Design looks just like a Honda Fit.
nelly kay (5 years ago)
27 grand for that ugly crap what a ripp off
nelly kay (5 years ago)
This guy is getting better
Hunter-W7NUK (5 years ago)
ANd of course this electric car has to look ugly just like every other one.
914050a (5 years ago)
And dad jeans...
914050a (5 years ago)
This dude's sideburns are weird too.
914050a (5 years ago)
That's a weird looking sport coat.
Nairuulagch (5 years ago)
Reminds me Pruis-1, it is already 2013 sleepy crunky GM!
skeltor575 (5 years ago)
HABWIT (5 years ago)
TekReviews (5 years ago)
Sport mode is usually for the shocks adjustments. My Focus 2012 is an SfE they had a Sport model but I've yet to see one even sold. Sport model has different tuned Shocks, so maybe the SPORT mode in this car automatically adjusts the shocks?
TekReviews (5 years ago)
You can thank Tesla for that new standard, the Leaf better jump on board too! People will buy electric cars if it's just as fast to fill the battery as a normal gas car.
Alex Jacobson (5 years ago)
God damn, that's really expensive for chevy spark... oh and you can all stop bitching about cooley.. my god
tomonetwo (5 years ago)
We should start a petition to get Cooley back! #Iwantcooleyback
fantomtuba (5 years ago)
Oh Cooley, where art thou?
Eric (5 years ago)
Oh watch out lol 2 more Torque than Ferrari 458 Italia...
Ch28Kid (5 years ago)
I feel like I got trick into watching this video. Doesn't deserve my views.
Farren Villa (5 years ago)
It's the Chevy beat in India
Kent Pra (5 years ago)
This guy is alright.. But I want BRIAN COOLEY DAMMIT!
dmikhael619 (5 years ago)
Keep disliking till we get Cooley back
Alan Phuong (5 years ago)
jrcgeek1127 (5 years ago)
Honey, what's going on? What's happening? What's all this about?
Diego Perez (5 years ago)
Kids crying for Cooley...
Andrés Ossa (5 years ago)
Really complete and clear review. Miss Cooley tho.
GeneralSol (5 years ago)
this guys is too awkward and seems as if he is reading everything from a book.
Aaron Floyd (5 years ago)
Jesus Flores (5 years ago)
lexusfan100 (5 years ago)
why isn't CNET listening to our comments that we want Cooley back. He is not fired is he. so why not bring him
vgentry83 (5 years ago)
Where is Cooley! This is a mess! I want to see COOLEY!!!
JoeMAMA007 (5 years ago)
No Cooley, no watchy..
JoeMAMA007 (5 years ago)
No Cooley, no watchy..
Chill96 (5 years ago)
Bring back Brian Cooley!
Jared Brown (5 years ago)
Nissan leaf
The STi Guy (5 years ago)
doubletapproductions (5 years ago)
Packs a Punch full of SHIT!
ricky C (5 years ago)
fuck off
jack (5 years ago)
He called it a 4 door da it's a 5 door
whiteandnerdytuba (5 years ago)
one reason I dislike people other than Cooley for reviews is that, this video is a car commercial. i want to know both sides in a review well represented. anyone can read what Chevy wants you to say and think about a car, but the way you take their intentions and apply it to the way he reviewer sees the car is where the art comes out, and thus all straws are equal in length but one
psajsr247 (5 years ago)
What happened to Brian Cooley
whiteandnerdytuba (5 years ago)
know why charging ports for electric cars are on the front? cause electric car drivers dont know how to drive, hence they cant reverse into a spot
Nemo Hoes (5 years ago)
that's it im calling cnet im demanding coley only do car reviews these people sucks donkey ballz
Marc Dikranian (5 years ago)
he's not that bad of a reviewer (i know i will be flagged for spam)
ribadib (5 years ago)
Oh look, it's this guy again..
IAmReal_LSV (5 years ago)
I have never almost used my cs player
IAmReal_LSV (5 years ago)
Chevy should keep their EV1 because they know gas going to run out
TheM3csl (5 years ago)
oh boy... Cooley fan boys... give the guy a break.
radar3699 (5 years ago)
Oh my god this guy is the worst of all the CNET reviewers...
Hunter Reynolds (5 years ago)
El Diablo (5 years ago)
This guy is sooo freakin dry and boring! Cooley has a funny almost sarcastic way of reviewing autos that I like!
eb18bulls (5 years ago)
I just got trolled by the like/dislike bar. thought it was Cooley, but guess not.
Bryan L (5 years ago)
where's Cooley?
Daniel Lee (5 years ago)
I was excited to see a video from Cooley, but I guess CNET decided to bullshit me.

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