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Flying with Scoot? Watch this first. (WORST airline of the year)

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Text Comments (2906)
Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas (7 months ago)
Update: Scoot proactively emailed me after they saw this video and asked for my booking reference so they could offer a full response. I don’t wish to take any complaint with them further, not least because I wouldn’t want the flight attendant who spoke to me to get in trouble. This flight happened in June, and what happened to me was a genuine mistake even if it was handled poorly by the crew (not withstanding any language barrier). I wouldn’t want anyone getting into trouble because some airline vlogger made a critical video. That’s not a straight fight. Scoot pointed out that Biz customers can order a premium meal which it seems I hadn’t done, despite thinking I had. Let’s chalk that one up to my error, and experience. The meal I did get still wouldn’t pass muster in economy class though, so my criticism of it stands. The rest of the criticism in the video stands unchallenged. Ultimately, this video has gained a lot of views, split opinion, and the financial return from advertising has exceeded the cost of the ticket. Scoot deserve credit for contacting me proactively and attempting to take ownership of the failings I describe, and so they can have a second chance... next year, I’ll take them on an Australian long haul route, paid for out of my own pocket of course. Scoot won’t know when I’m going to travel, so it’ll be interesting to see if I have a better experience! Thanks for watching 😊
Andrew W (8 days ago)
Even though they contacted you they might not of contacted a normal customer. Ripping off their customers is a sneaky thing.
Jason Pizzino (19 days ago)
Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas I’ve also had AWFUL experiences with Scoot. They are ruthless when it comes to eating your own food on board.. they demanded we put our food away. I refused and said there was no warning especially for my own dietary requirements. They even got the manager but eventually allowed me after 10-15 minutes of arguing. Our flight was 8.5hrs from SNG to OOL. I will avoid Scoot at all costs!
Boaz_Yitzchaq (24 days ago)
Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas let them respond in full. There’s no excuse for poor service and believe me I know, I’ve worked in the service industry all my life and now I’m fortunate enough to own a couple of hotels.
OnWingsOfHope (24 days ago)
lemon9132 .... He is not claiming that you’re “racist” he’s merely saying “don’t make this issue about race.” Huge difference. I take it that English is not your first language hence the misunderstanding?
*김태진 (26 days ago)
Trust me, Scoot *knows* when and which flight you're flying next. All of the cabin attendants on that flight would also know about you and your previous criticism of the airline. Hope you'll have a better experience next time around!
stones neo (13 hours ago)
Many country has stop flying 787- plane, why are they still flying? They take others life so lightly.
the.abhiram.r (2 days ago)
Please enter your credit card details to view the inflight safety video. (Failure to watch the video will result in prosecution).
Malamute Aerospace (2 days ago)
So what its a cheapy airline. Like Southwest its supposed to be shitty. FUCKING walk Jew boy.
Difa Rahman (3 days ago)
Pay To Win
RAJ444303 (4 days ago)
Flight Run by people with worst attitude
fucking idiot norwegian is better then ryanair and easyjet
John E. Drury (4 days ago)
Thanks - superb
Longling Eriksen (4 days ago)
travelling from Bkk and use various airlines. Thanks for letting me know about this one. Never ever trying this one. Scoot, No Scoot thanks.
Ino Dela Cruz (5 days ago)
I totally agree with this. I was humiliated by the cabin crew last time I rode scoot. I complained in their FB post and never heard from them!
Leicester 💙💙 LCFC fan here amazing video as always Paul !!!!
Grover Watson (6 days ago)
Hey Paul, How do you like Denver? My home for 39 years now, only leave it to go Flying to Asia...Scoot sounds like a lot of things I've seen in Thailand... not quite as pretty when you take a hard second look.........
Stanislav Kostarnov (6 days ago)
what really shows honesty is the follow up you did with this video, giving credit where it is due (on the airline reaction)... to be honest, whilst I have little knowledge in this field, business class and budget airline are oxymoron's to me.
Serena Lee Suet Ming (6 days ago)
It wasn't melted during heating. It was meant to sealed that tight to prevent air contact & etc. There's a direction on the meal box about how to open up the meal by using the knife provided to cut open the meal.
calgy84 (6 days ago)
The chocolate is the best part of the flight.
Kaniggel (7 days ago)
I got scoot ads Infront of this video xD
Seamus O'Toole (8 days ago)
Ryanair we are the worst airline. Scoot hold our plane
Andrew W (8 days ago)
Scoot looks so dodgy.
Atle M (8 days ago)
Those meal prices are outrageous. S$50/$37, It's pretty much a solid steak dinner for one with a drink here where I live. (Yeah, eating out is prohibitively expensive here). Not that I ever buy anything in-flight on low cost carriers anyway, I just bring my own stuff and if they won't let me, like Scoot here... Well, then I guess I am not flying with them.
Yeeto Skeeto
Som tin wong (9 days ago)
don muh - wang ???? LUL
M S (9 days ago)
for somebody that does not own a plane of any kind complains insanely a lot!
For someone that doesn’t have a YouTube channel you complain a lot. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Jet C (10 days ago)
How the hell does Singapore Airline, the world best airline for god knows how long have their subsidiary like this?
madscientist 666 (8 days ago)
Singapore are expensive
Paolo Ariedo (9 days ago)
IMO, From a marketing standpoint, this is INGENIOUS. Scoot flyers are given an experience so objectively bad that they'll *choose to fly Singapore Airlines instead.* Fun fact: They're part of their own alliance, in that you can fly from Manila to Singapore to Frankfurt for *$220* as part of a promotional thing.
stones neo (10 days ago)
thanks Paul.
MikeFUE (11 days ago)
What is Steward/es going to do if you eat your own food? Pan-Pan land or arrest you? Hold my beer! I'll try it. PS. I take for any long haul few hamburgers, box of pizza or simply KFC bucket.
Autumn Graye (11 days ago)
One time some lady on a flight to Newark got up literally 3 minutes before landing to go the bathroom & no one stopped her or yelled at her
David Lescure (11 days ago)
The future of capitalism is "pay-to-play" as a result of successful apps. You see this in video games with DLC models of play and with the Frontier model of low-cost air travel. My experience with Frontier was to pay $180 for a reservation, around $60 in bag fees, and then a fee ranging for $0 for emergency rows up to $15 for a window seat in order to confirm my booking the day of.
Ben Dowson (11 days ago)
Have to say I LOVE Scoot! Use them regularly on the long haul from Singapore to Berlin or Athens - always get a nice plane and lots of leg room. Sure, you don't want to be buying more than a cup of coffee... but I find I can easily handle 12 hours with a pre-packed sandwich and a bags of sweets. Reckon it's definitely good value flying Scoot on the long haul: Jakarta-Berlin is usually under 200 Euros. Can't beat that!
Chiru P (11 days ago)
I like the video
Ayaan Ibrar (11 days ago)
Best airline in the world hands down is Emrites LONG HAUL FLIGHTS (4 hours or more) always 5 stars. However emrites short haul flights are not that great. Always feels rushed
Mrs Annie Pup (12 days ago)
I have been in scoot, I have had a bad and good experience Good experience : Some flight attendants are good, food is good and seats are quite comfortable Bad experience: I was under 15 and my dad booked a front extra legroom seat, and I had to sit in a small legroom seat, away from my family JUST BECAUSE I WAS UNER 15
Probably because it was an emergency exit seat and no matter what airline you fly, by law only those over 15 (in some cases even 17) may sit at the emergency row. Sorry to hear you had to get separated though.
The Z (12 days ago)
Nope 👎 not gonna travel with scoot. Sorry scoot
James Longford (12 days ago)
Look at Jetstar’s 787-8, it has onboard screens, Scoot’s 787-8 has disgusting food and pathetic policies. Jetstar: 10/10 Scoot and Ryanair: 0.5/10
Monique J (12 days ago)
Thanks for the heads up. I definitely won't be flying with them.... ever. I'll stick to paying a bit extra for my plane tickets
PRINTERPAPER (13 days ago)
Who uses a 787 for a 2-hour flight???
Super_Slav (9 days ago)
Emirates use the A380 in flights like that lol.
goodfilmful (13 days ago)
Nearly 50 000 videos? Impressive
I had bad experience with Scoot fly from Singapore to Donmuang. My bags had damaged by Airline staff and Airline take not responsibility on my claim. I wish not to fly this airline anymore.
Southern Sally (13 days ago)
I don't get why people always review the taste of something on a plane. The pressure is too high, you can only taste sour, sweet and hot anyways. There is no real tasting possible.
Ryan Doris (2 days ago)
Airplane Food Is Not As Shit As Some People Think, I Think It’s Actually good. It really depends on the Airline you fly in the first place.
Strangely enough, the people who make airline meals know all about that, and tailor their meals to the altitude. You can get some pretty good food on aircraft now, and when food sucks, it’s okay to say it sucks.
Southern Sally (3 days ago)
+Ryan Doris google it
Ryan Doris (3 days ago)
Southern Sally There Is Real Tasting Possible.
Fancyguyy (13 days ago)
Scoot? More like Poop!
123fe2 (14 days ago)
Still better than spirit.......
Sid Michael Fajardo (14 days ago)
Where's this?
Gerald Guerrero (14 days ago)
Wow that airline is horrible I have flown with Jetblue,southwest airlines, delta and there service is amazing plus WiFi is free and priority boarding and those low budget airlines sucks bullocks.
Rohan Williams (14 days ago)
Could you be anymore entitled?
Do explain how it’s entitled to expect a company to deliver the service advertised.
BelieveNoGod (15 days ago)
I had a terrible experience with "AirBerlin". They were so cheap, we didn't even get a whole can of coke. They poured it into small plastic cups. But it's no concern now, since they ceased buisniss in 2017.
Gary Card (15 days ago)
I find that, if I abstain from eating the baked beans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and onions a few days before I am due to fly, I experience no sudden turbulence issues when I need to visit the toilet during flight
PeenX69 (15 days ago)
Royal Jordanian is the best airline, with good food.
TREVOR CHAN (15 days ago)
even though i am Singaporean, i am being absolute honest after taking budget airlines in asia, europe and US, i feel Scoot is one of the cheapest and best budget airlines in the world. the author of this video, should deal with the SINGAPORE GOVT then as a citizen :)
Bryan (14 days ago)
what...what does the government have to do with budget air travel?
Utareangara (15 days ago)
Ryan air has "LOWCOST" done right
Utareangara (15 days ago)
Scoots owned by Singapore?? it should be good now, as it wasn't before
trent8002003 (16 days ago)
What did you expect? It was a LCC. It will get its pax's butts their and that's it!
Herin Richard (16 days ago)
Have you try Jetstar???, It's Australian low cost carrier and I think it much better than AirAsia, they have IFE, and even though they charged it, but at that time only cost 10AU$ and the food is also charged but at that time I bring my own meal. The seat also much better. I fly with them back in 2015, but I think there's not a lot of changes
Moon Na (16 days ago)
Thankyou, I will never ever fly scoot.
Isaac Hawlader (17 days ago)
I would give o out of 10 . Absolutely sucks flight i have even seen before .
MsCathy42 (17 days ago)
This is why I always go to the toilet before loading.
Neil Alvares (17 days ago)
Thanks for the great Review. I've booked with them before i saw this video and couldn't help but think that they're trying to cash grab every buck they can. really cheap money making tactics.
George Pearson (18 days ago)
Why do you need a departure card?
Paolo Ariedo (18 days ago)
The most unbelievable thing about Scoot for me is that they are *owned by Singapore Airlines,* almost UNIVERSALLY considered to be the world's best airline. And yet here comes Scoot, the purveyors of absolute human misery that makes old Soviet airlines look like a five star carrier by comparison.
enterIT 1953 (16 days ago)
Paolo Ariedo Singapore is crap to in my opinion..
Dedy Oktavianus (19 days ago)
fly on Emirates first class you cheap skate asshole
High (19 days ago)
11:50 the rice is supposed to be dry, it is a traditional type of rice.
High (17 days ago)
+Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas I don't want to be known as a hater, infact you can call me a fan. I get your point on the dryness of the rice. Just wanted to tell you the rice I eat is dry.... Sorry my english isn't the best, but I totaly get what you meam
Rice is never supposed to be literally bone dry. Prove me wrong.
High (18 days ago)
+Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas um, Yes it is?
It is not supposed to be completely dry.
Dominick (19 days ago)
Why do you fast forward through the best part of any aviation video? The take off and the roar of the engines are the BEST part!
Because analytics show that people click away during it. They mostly aren’t interested.
bond (21 days ago)
Between Scoot and Air Asia, I choose Air Asia.
airbus pilot (22 days ago)
indigo is lot more better than this nasty airlines
Anthony Banks (22 days ago)
This airline emailed me to say they changed my flight time. This meant I was stranded in Singapore not being able to catch my connecting flight to Phuket or any other flights as I was on the last one. Lost money from the connection and 1 night missed in resort $275 . Time in Singapore airport transit 13 hrs. Scoots response too fucking bad lol no refunds , no rebooking , no airport hotel so fuck u scoot I will never book with you again. Listen everybody use another cheap airline like Jetstar or air Asia DO NOT BOOK WITH SCOOT
Jojo wander_krungkru (23 days ago)
this scared me a lot.. I'll be flying soon with this airlines this is really scared me. I am hoping that they improve their services after watchig your video
Andrew Padgett (23 days ago)
Paul Strip Reports
Ryan Prodigy (23 days ago)
Poorly made video… everything was about price and food provided... no full explanation on how the staff was rude to u. Furthermore, knowing the flight is a connecting flight, u should have known the food probably wouldn’t be of the best, due to the fact the food was first loaded up the plane during the initial take off from first location (jap). So far my scoot exp are rather Alright, albeit not perfect.
God bless you Ryan.
Ryan Prodigy (22 days ago)
Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas if a staff wants to be rude to u, thy wouldnt just let it go, would it... You could record how u were served or being treated on e plane.. Trust me, food enters the airplane at roughly 3C.. it is then remained chilled (not frozen) throughout the flight... Anyw i aint the only bloke thinking that this vid was poorly made. It could be seen by e like/dislike ratio mate..
What sort of evidence would you like, given I don’t record staff members arguing the toss with me? I’m not sure you understand how airline food is prepared, so I won’t labour the point.
Ryan Prodigy (22 days ago)
Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas what do you mean it wont affect the food?? Try putting food in a chiller (not freezer) for 7h prior to heating it in an oven. It does affect the food quality. But of cos there is definitely room for improvement in the food aspects. However i wouldnt say the food is horrendous. I’d like how u justify the crew members rudeness by one misunderstanding.. you could simply say “anyway its over now, and sorry if i caused u to feel alarmed”. Problem solved.. i bet u have seen multiple passengers disregard rules... definitely it could better resolved but I dont find this rude.. the crew may hav been alarmed and concerned for ur safety... anyw if u wanted to show that the crew was rude, u could have provided more evidence to support ur claims. To me its kinda one sided...
It’s rude to abruptly confront and accuse a passenger of something they didn’t do, and then refuse to back down even when the passenger politely informs them they are wrong, and lays out exactly what they did do. If you don’t think that’s rude, then I can’t really help you, and can only hope you are much more polite to people in real life than the crew member was. Also, airline meals are microwaved and it doesn’t matter where they are loaded when it comes to freshness. Six hours won’t make any difference.
BladeHunterHD (24 days ago)
Pretty sure that on long haul routes, that no food policy doesn't apply. Else, it would be considered extortion and goes against basic human rights, which could get the airline shut down.
Boaz_Yitzchaq (24 days ago)
Take no shit, give them your booking ref.
scottie :9 (24 days ago)
this makes sprit airlines look like ethiad
Sebastian Bremnes (24 days ago)
And i toghut norwegian was fairley expensive
OnWingsOfHope (24 days ago)
WOW! Thanks for this great info! Scoot is now forever out of contention where I am concerned.
gastromacho2 (24 days ago)
Scoot is annoying.... but it hopefully has a safety standard similar to Singapore Airlines. Better than Air Asia
Mohd Rizal (24 days ago)
sh*t 28 sgd for food..crazy
Phenku Singh (25 days ago)
11:46 - Freshly (and properly) cooked Basmati rice is pretty different from that. I bet that meal was old and reheated multiple times.
The Diplomat (25 days ago)
You talk a lot
Nilesh Pingale (27 days ago)
English problem 😊 outside food problem 🤐 Wi-Fi problem.. In all Problem ✈
Estatia Animate (27 days ago)
I Saw Leicester City! Ayyyy
Shark Guard (27 days ago)
You look like a cheapskate, but even cheapskates find scoot horrible.
txdraw (28 days ago)
Went to Australia last year. Missed our return flight home due to running late to the terminal. Scoot would not honor our return flight home and we had to pay again for the flight home.
James Kendrick (28 days ago)
Does the airline know that scoot is a term to mean get out of the way! How appropriate. 0 for customer service!!!
sara c (28 days ago)
That is my worst fear, extreme turbulence. I’m in Asia at the moment looking for a flight back to europe and scoot is the cheapest, so that’s why I’m watching this, but i’m dreading potentially flying over the bay of bengal and the turbulence! i’ve heard a lot of horror stories. and this just made me more scared!!
Sthitadhi Basu (28 days ago)
Paul, I now know which airlines to avoid at all costs. There are popular budget airlines in India. They are much better than Scoot, even the food, which is not exciting at all on a budget airlines, looks more palatable than the mess you were served on the plane.
Ariel Smith (29 days ago)
wow i was thinking of flying scoot to japan but not after this video. how dare them ban passengers from bringing food. so on long haul flights if we get hungry we are forced to pay their extremely ridiculous prices to eat crappy food?! so cold hearted and inhuman.
James C (29 days ago)
Malaysian air is worse
Stephen Thompson (29 days ago)
Lots of low cost airlines in America have the same deal with the app - you need to download it before taking flight so you can watch movies. I agree with you about staying in the toilet - you were in the safest place rather than flying around the cabin trying to get to your seat. I really get annoyed when you pay for premium service and then you get no consideration at all. I could write a book! LOL
Jheng C (29 days ago)
I'm flying to singapore by July my first time to fly this Scoot is it really scary when turbulence occur?
TheMotorman (30 days ago)
Nepal Airlines is the best..
Win Wu (30 days ago)
Would you just stop abusing scoot!
César Arévalo (1 month ago)
Try LATAM in south america to know the very worst of customer service.
nurul huda (1 month ago)
Long haul flight is not a joke for people health. If a budget airline open one, they really should prepare for it. I think flying budget for hours of flight is not a good choice. And hopefully i will never get one.
Chinmay Kshirsagar (1 month ago)
Please try indigo too
Lennox GamingYT (1 month ago)
Who notices parallel takeoff at 5:50 ?
Don Fenton (1 month ago)
Looks terrible.
Mohan Afiq (1 month ago)
However, i can confirm that Scoot has strict safety checks and maintenance system.Nevertheless,they are a budget airline but they squeeze passenger out with a variety of add ons that when we think about it, we rather just take the National Airline. Its really lousy.
P O (1 month ago)
Canberra Flyer (1 month ago)
I agree. Don Mueang is horrendous.
Dr. Guillermo Gomez (1 month ago)
I was scheduled many times for work on Scoot, a total disappointments. Furthermore my travel department has removed them as an airline choice
Hana T (1 month ago)
i thought of taking airasia or scoot to Singapore .. well know i know..

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