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Poem for my Friend

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Because of my awful voice I used an Auto generated voice from Google. If you can understand it below are the words. Thanks for watching. Don't steal my stuff. Please, that's just rude. I'll remake it later with better audio. I have a friend. She is in pain. She is like me. She has a mind filled with stuff that makes her cry. And everyday she lets it out. She grabs a knife and makes herself bleed. She cries and thinks This blood is making me, me. The next day she smiles. She laughs and jokes away. Her scars show from the previous day. I know she is lying. She cuts for the pain. Her knife is wet and her hands stained. I wanna talk but she shuts down. In the halls of school. She dies. As people call her ugly, fat, worthless. I try and listen. She shrugs me off. The next day she comes in. No smile to tell me. To reassure me. She sits with her head down. She closes her eyes and enters her dream mind. And she sees a light. She tries to reach but can't fly. She starts to write a note. Trying to say goodbye. She throws down the pencil and cries. Her door opens that night. Her mother sings a sweet lullaby. She begins to cry. In her mind she says goodbye. As the door closes that night. She grabs the knife and thinks, Maybe making me bleed will heal me. She watches as blood runs down her sheets. She try’s and try’s buts lost in her mind.. A towel soaked in red. And Tears fill her face. She grabs the note she wrote. The one she saved for this day. She had a bad day at school and after was the same. Regrets were made. Only then did I realize. but it was too late. She Grabbed a gun. Loaded it. A single bullet passed to her head. She whispers to herself before all goes out. A bang splits the air. Her life seeps away. Her door opens one last time. As her mother starts to cry. A paper folded up in her dead girl's hands. She reaches and opens it. Tears run down as she reads. “Mother I love you. I hope you understand. I had a tough life. All my words were wasted. People never listened. I guess they never tried. But I did. I held on. I tried but gave up the fight. Nights I dreamed of a light. A light to be my guide. I have reached it and I want you to know. I had a tough life. I never fit in. Share my story. For they were the ones who did this. Its funny I think. When you die. People miss you. But all those hurtful things said. They can’t take them back. The only true friend I had was her. She tried to listen. She truly cared. I just could not see it.”. I came to school the next day. I heard the news. And was crying away. I shouted “You knew you were hurting her. You could have stopped.” My best friend was never coming back. I’m so sorry I missed the chance to tell you. I'm the same way.
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Text Comments (7)
Gaming with Cam (1 year ago)
Thats a very great poem.. I subscribed
Just The Beginning (1 year ago)
Gaming with Cam Thank you. I appreciate it.
육군EggyJoonie (1 year ago)
I subscribe :D even tho I can't hear the poem XD
육군EggyJoonie (1 year ago)
Just The Beginning I can hear it... But bearly (sorry about my spelling)
Just The Beginning (1 year ago)
Thanks. I'll make a new version where the audio is better.
MisterBassBoost (2 years ago)
Brilliant work! Keep it up!
Just The Beginning (2 years ago)
Thanks. I will.

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