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The search for coach

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We were on UIC Campus in Chicago. Andrew and Ben are both acting as coach in this video,The concept of the video was poorly chosen, but we had to make due with the day that we both had off Special thanks to Mo Khan and Brett Pechter for helping film. Sad that our main camera man Nick Vickers couldn't make it but he was there in spirit! so enjoy our worst video yet!
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Colin Sznaider (4 years ago)
My favorite one so far. Keep up the good work guys! "I'm not about that life" -Andrew
Matt P (4 years ago)
"1 3 4 5 6 your good" hahahaha
View Er (4 years ago)
Andrew, you know who i am. message me. i want to talk business. 
Raw Footage (4 years ago)
Hi View Er, I don't know who you are, but I right away would love to talk business to you. message me via facebook.
Jordan Quiroz (4 years ago)
That's the back of my head in the first clip lol
View Er (4 years ago)
can i get nick vicker's email? i too attended niles west btw
Nicholas Vickers (4 years ago)

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