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Army Men Omega Soldier (PSone)

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I've already uploaded Green Rogue on Playstation 2, here is the PSone version. If you're a fan of Army Men Sarge's Heroes then the faults of Omega Soldier should be familiar. It runs absolutely choppy with atrocious controls, poor graphics and typically suspect sound design. What is weird aswell is that Omega Soldier on PSone plays differently to the PS2 Green Rogue in alot of ways. On the PSone version, you can switch weapons, the onrails camera moves with you rather than for you and the level structure is much less like an arcade shooter. It is a shame that these features were never implemented into the PS2 version because it could of been much closer to atleast being average with them.
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Kusuma Yogi (1 year ago)
rogue soldirer ps2 copy this
Antoine kendall (4 years ago)
The nostalgia is real.
MoviesNGames007uk (5 years ago)
the intro was the best thing about this game lol
tomas tucker (6 years ago)
well this ain't a bad game for the ps1 and you can play co op mode on this one which is cool and i love the army men games my aim is to get a complete collection of the games which i have quite a few so far so good
hoglymogly (7 years ago)
LewisLongshanks (8 years ago)
@ebbderelict You could fill a library with the number of Army Men games 3DO released on Playstation.
ebbderelict (8 years ago)
There are more Green Army Men games than I realized.

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