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BEAUTY HACKS This time I wanna show you how to make super cute freckles with henna mehndi, deal with overhanging eyelids, and make your nose look smaller thanks to special makeup technique, apply red lipstick neatly, pick the right foundation tone for your skin, shave legs in emergency situation and avoid skin irritation, make one product makeup and much more helpful stuff! You'll also discover the way to remove hair using simple thread, make cool massage device. I also wanna share with you insanely effective solution for waterproof makeup. You'll need some aloe vera, water, witch hazel and couple drops of your favorite essential oil.I can't wait for you to try it out! Find out how to make amazing homemade liquid tights, enlarge your lips, curl your hair with forks, apply makeup correctly and a lot more useful stuff! You'll also learn how to make a spray to straighten your hair when you're in a rush, curl your hair with a hair straightener. Also check out awfully easy and stylish lazy hairstyle ideas for every day, suitable for all hair lengths and colors! Being beautiful is not that hard! : ) Have you ever got this nasty feeling when you're brushing your hair and all of a sudden your old hair start falling down and crawl on your head? Ugh! Well, I'll show you simple and effective way to clean your brush and get rid of the nasty hair! I also wanna share with you my favorite super creative and fun makeup bag design! Guess what we'll need for that one? An umbrella! Now how cool is that! : ) Here are some totally smart hacks for awkward moments! Learn how to deal with static electricity in your hair and make super quick stylish hairstyles! In this video you'll find tons of incredibly beautiful ideas for your hair! Hollywood wave, lazy curls, afro, different types of braids, ponytails, buns, you name it! Stay tuned and don't miss out on anything! :) TIMESTAMPS: 1:30 Old mascara 3:08 Sugaring paste 11:53 Worn eyelashes? 17:05 Crazy hair growth ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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5-Minute Crafts (8 months ago)
Can not decide which color of lipstick do you like most? Well, it's not a problem! We as a usual have a solution for you 😊 Just look the hack at 19:45! This will allow you to create your own unique and inimitable color! So, what is your favourite color of lipstick?
gilbert salcedo (3 days ago)
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GIXXER DUDE 750 (15 days ago)
Angele Galea K
Neipi Lhouvum (1 month ago)
5-Minute Crafts n
Nandhu. M. (1 month ago)
Plz tips for heavy dark circles remody
Armend Limani (1 month ago)
Bk Ixo Co a as nn n m
Tyty Bepoppin (1 day ago)
I wouldn’t recommend putting toothpaste under your eyes . It was burning my eyes
Get it here, Thing. (2 days ago)
Acid! What?
SuprEmily X (3 days ago)
19:02 is the face I pulled when I found out I failed my GCSEs😂
Edith Olascoaga (3 days ago)
None of this works it’s just want you to watch there videos
Thee Lynn Chase (4 days ago)
Noor Bakht (5 days ago)
Please guys never put toothpaste under your eye or anywhere on skin It makes you’re skin sensitive and thin
Unicorn Girl (4 days ago)
Ok thinks for letting me know
fucktheconformists l (5 days ago)
Amer Zakee (6 days ago)
فنانه راعه
Miss Fujoshi (6 days ago)
Does this really work tho
David Torrez (6 days ago)
Im scared to wax 😓
Jannelle Bartolazo (6 days ago)
The Hyuû
Jyoti Gujarati (8 days ago)
Jyoti Gujarati (8 days ago)
JayJerry Lee (10 days ago)
What a waste of Some good Candy..
Tiffany Walters (10 days ago)
rather than using toothpaste on your makeup bag,...just wash in washer inside out with towels. Same with shower curtain liner when it gets soap build up.
Tiffany Walters (10 days ago)
so WTH did the girl put the shaving cream on her face?? It didn't say.
Alfredo arias (10 days ago)
So fake it 😑😑😑😑
The toothpaste will burn ur skin!!!!!!!
THE GAMING AHNAF (11 days ago)
Hasta Ramta. (13 days ago)
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I.Love.Bread (14 days ago)
My favorite part is 25:03
Annapurna Bhattacharya (18 days ago)
Annapurna Bhattacharya (18 days ago)
Janka Endora David (19 days ago)
The one with the nails part with toothpaste was FAAAAAAAAAKE 👎
Pentol Tol (20 days ago)
how are you todey
Erum Ka Kitchen (21 days ago)
please give some thing about acne😂😂😂
Panic ! (22 days ago)
3:07 I come here for this
Birola Munda (22 days ago)
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Jennifer Swifteagle (23 days ago)
Be careful son and get the backing and open your own roofing company that hires only qualified people and are competent and can get the job done
En Güzeller (24 days ago)
Çok teşekkür ediyorum bir gün olsun hepimize lazım olacak bu işler yolunda gitmiyor yada öyle şey olur mu öyle bir şey varsa söyleyin hep beraber göreceğiz bakalım bu kadar basit ve net bir şey değil ki bir gün olsun hepimize yeter ki hizmet veren bir şey varsa söyleyin hep beraber bir gelecek olan bir insan var bu kadar kolay değildir bir de bu kadar güzel ki marifet ritmi bu bir şey var da ben sana her yerde bir alev alev 🔥 bu bir gün daha fazla bir süre için bir gün olsun hepimize yeter ki marifet değil ki marifet şey varsa söyleyin hep beraber nice mutlu yıllara göre bir fotoğraf paylaştı
En Güzeller (24 days ago)
Aynen aynen katılıyorum size de günaydın ☀️ mutlu oldum ben bu kadar çok şey değil de ne kadar da zor durumda bir gün olsun hepimize hayırlı sabahlar bu yana ilk kez bir araya gelerek bu konuda bir açıklama yapan insanlar var mesela yarın da bir başka oluyor mu var acaba diye düşünüyorum bu konuda bir açıklama yapan CHP ile birlikte
Sizeni Radebe (24 days ago)
0:19 that looks painful
Uzma Zia (25 days ago)
Can v use d solution of suger,water and lemon for d removal of facial hairs,,,,
Yadiel Alicea (25 days ago)
Madestin Hedstrom (25 days ago)
I love your You Tube video .
wilka nande (27 days ago)
Color pencils ✏️ and folks didn’t do it for me 😊🤣
Ummm.... ehem.... sis. All the curls hacks..... you might as well curl your hair with *ACTUAAL* heat
MJ DJ (28 days ago)
For the eye bag hack do you use sugar? What is that stuff in the bowl before she adds the cucumber?
Rafi Mohammad Rashed (28 days ago)
15:52 was that a hickey? ??
olivia tappana (29 days ago)
2019 anyone???!!! you will never see this bc it’s way to far down and if u do that means u need a life!
Z Z (29 days ago)
oh? you thought i use anything other than conditioner for shaving? .. thats cute
Ava Pitts (30 days ago)
You guys are liars I tried one of these hacks for dark circles and then my eyes burned YOU STINK
Prajwal Bhujel (1 month ago)
lemon,aloe gel,sugar n rose water really helped me to get rid of open pores.
Gracie Shields (1 month ago)
My hair would get tangled in those forks
SablaySinceBirth (1 month ago)
check this out https://www.amazon.com/Apricot-Healthcare-D%C3%A9collet%C3%A9-Eliminate-Wrinkles/dp/B00HTOTWVS/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=marvin07-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=49b15037ed50e47f855b700defbab914&creativeASIN=B00HTOTWVS
Anja Westerduin (1 month ago)
Pas op, gebruik wel eens Colgate op puistjes wat perfect werkt. Alleen die ene keer dichtbij mijn oog om vervolgens met 2 flink gezwollen ogen wakker te worden. Het heeft zeker 5 dagen geduurd voordat het weer geslonken was.
Hiba a (1 month ago)
Fajer Artiste (1 month ago)
TRUST ME That glue dosent work
Adelina Moca (1 month ago)
20:09 The top one, honey no
Adelina Moca (1 month ago)
when they used glue for the chapped and cracked things like lips, feet, and whatever else lol
Wow! (1 month ago)
Grated cucumber + mashed half banana. Freeze in cubes, and apply to dark circle eyes. Baking soda + lemon + coconut oil. mix
Jill M (1 month ago)
How can someone get flat abs by taking deep breaths?
Lane Tef (1 month ago)
the folks doing these videos are sicko psychos
Baby Kee (1 month ago)
Sapphire Boi (1 month ago)
DO NOT try the toothpaste under your eyes 'hack' it will only irritate your eyes and make them sting. I've tried it
Princess Caliber (1 month ago)
Yeah it hurts.
Jill M (1 month ago)
I'm guessing the minty freshness would irritate them,
John Crown (1 month ago)
Where are the weight loss tips?
John Crown (1 month ago)
Thank you for the hair growth tip. I will be trying that one soon since I have an aloe vera plant growing in my home. So, how do you get rid of sunken eyes?
Christian Wells (1 month ago)
How are you doing?
Christian Wells (1 month ago)
2:03 what was the yellow on your nails? (Soryy, bad English)
Brenna Sisler (1 month ago)
That powder one was 100% not true😂
fantamas06 (1 month ago)
14:18 Whaaaaat? what is this about? Does it remove hair or just bleaching?
fantamas06 (1 month ago)
I liked eyedrops into mascara!
Dashia James (1 month ago)
My tip stay natural and take care of hair and skin !! Do without all the makeup and you have to do all these hacks.
Dashia James (1 month ago)
I am not doing that Kylie Jenner thing to my lips.
Adusei-poku Elizabeth (1 month ago)
U people keep on pouring some white powder that we don't know
C De Luca (1 month ago)
I have no idea where you learned these beauty tricks, but you are brilliant! Thank you!
nancy j burgess (1 month ago)
Sounds good
Adrienne Lamadrid (1 month ago)
Not healthy some of these
Kapil Kumar (1 month ago)
I have tried 2:03 hack but it not worked
Rose Sherman (1 month ago)
The girl with the bun I hope she knows that dhe forgot a big chunk of hair lol
Allison Alligood (1 month ago)
Every beauty "hack" I saw already has ways to do them that you can buy, much cheaper than the way they make them up here. The only hack was I watched this whole video and they got paid for me watching the ads. Awful video
John Crown (1 month ago)
Some people don't want the chemicals on their faces hence the beauty hacks.
Dashia James (1 month ago)
Was a waste of time.
Sand Seal (1 month ago)
10:44 that's why you don't roll it out all the way
Sand Seal (1 month ago)
4:36 that's not good for your eyes
Sand Seal (1 month ago)
3:35 they already didn't have hair on their legs
Sand Seal (1 month ago)
2:07 I would never use that much toothpaste
Fatematul Roha Ahmed (1 month ago)
ariana GIAW (1 month ago)
*0:09** trypophobia has left the chat*
gianah ceballos (1 month ago)
M Morrok (1 month ago)
Cool beauty hacks and entertaining too.
Polina She (1 month ago)
God these are horrible and useless
Debbie MacFarlane (1 month ago)
I am new to pinchme and I can't do anything no samples, was trying to go to pinchme live can't do that either. Please help
Lilian Mcmahon (1 month ago)
Mark steve (1 month ago)
myrl mitchell (1 month ago)
Lips will be sticky
Macy Mahan (1 month ago)
4:54 The Little Mermaid who?
meryam malak (1 month ago)
Rizwan Bhatti (1 month ago)
This things are expensive! Sorry 🥀
XxxscourgegamezxxX :3 (1 month ago)
Burn the nut
Samriddhi Pandey (1 month ago)
alex dayson (1 month ago)
The logo holds some wonderful gift ideas for your mother on march 31st
I found out you could use lipstick as a blush on my own.
Awesome, ya'll just like when I try to come up with solutions. 😊
Ivana Králová (1 month ago)
Private Video 18+ http://RZ48ybMkmP.mcdn.design/tSbZRnZTN1
Jela Petriskova (1 month ago)
Private Video 18+ http://ReKKN7BDM5.mcdn.design/anI2hlevd8
Ann Gardiner (1 month ago)
Hair styles
Gulia Zyulfigarova (1 month ago)
music annoying
aurora (1 month ago)
Me gusta ver sus vídeos pero no hablo inglés así que no le entiendo
Angeles Olmedo (1 month ago)
The woman in 11:57 has 2 different colored eyes!
No Thank You (1 month ago)
Aadhithiyan -AEIOU (1 month ago)
8.59 that girl will be crush on me 😂

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