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A Therapy Session For Homophobic People

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So, people loving who they want bothers you? Sounds like you have some issues. Let’s discuss it during therapy. Sessions starts now! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubLillySingh | MERCH: https://lillysingh.com Watch A Geography Class for Racist People: https://youtube.com/watch?v=8WfEkXvGQhY&t=13s DISCLAIMER: Name and image of Twitter user has been changed to protect them from internet savagery. You're welcome. Happy Pride to everyone celebrating! May you be safe, happy, and unapologetically yourself always. This is my little way of supporting all my friends and family who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Your stories inspire me on the daily x If you want to add translations, click the gear icon and go to Subtitles/CC then to Add subtitles or CC! Follow Paramjeet: Instagram: https://instagram.com/iiparamjeetii/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iiparamjeetii/ Follow Manjeet: Instagram: https://instagram.com/iimanjeetii/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iimanjeetii/ Get HOW TO BE A BAWSE: https://lillysinghbook.com Follow Lilly Singh: Facebook: https://facebook.com/IISuperwomanII/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/iisuperwomanii/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iisuperwomanii Lilly Singh Vlogs: https://youtube.com/user/SuperwomanVlogs Official Website: http://lillysingh.com/ Watch More Lilly Singh: Types Of People: https://youtube.com/watch?v=eR_nzGqYXNw&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLMu81JnF6AOnRHzG6Csbd6y My Parents: https://youtube.com/watch?v=EPHMXbZml_s&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLOGQynSYvxaqUgvNl7Ovz8x Skits: https://youtube.com/watch?v=jyxi0rfEDnE&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLMhu9PU0tAaHbnqloWibwl0 The Super Rants: https://youtube.com/watch?v=KYadw8gNOok&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLPopv899QwFphiirmD_XWdq Latest Uploads: https://youtube.com/user/IISuperwomanII/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=2 Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo
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Text Comments (71655)
IISuperwomanII (3 months ago)
Happy Pride to everyone who celebrates! Doing #SuperSixty now so comment below because I'll be responding! x
Ashlynn west (1 month ago)
IISuperwomanII Preach girl preach ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️
Absolutely Boredtastic (1 month ago)
IISuperwomanII After that amazing put together video, I would be surprised if anyone could leave a hate comment. I don’t think they understand the consequences of what will happen if they do try to though.
DeMars Abreu (1 month ago)
IISuperwomanII thank you for making this video I love it
Noni Mulyana (1 hour ago)
Bottle of common sense is a great idea 😂
Corgi_Love 051507 (3 hours ago)
shorty kait_ (3 hours ago)
lgbt pride!!!
Karol Flores (3 hours ago)
I love the lgbtq
Kristofer Canoli (4 hours ago)
Facebook be like
M Roadless (5 hours ago)
I love you your awesome!!!!!!
KLL And A (5 hours ago)
I'm a Christian and I'm not all for gays but I'm not gonna judge you or shut u out because you are btw iisuperwomanii I luv u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Connor Schultz (5 hours ago)
Can you do a therapist session for Transphobic people.
Dara Xardorn (5 hours ago)
“Gays are destroying the planet.” So are you but here we are.
I told me Christian friend I was bi and she said “I’m sick to my stomach” after her little rant about LGBTQ+ and I said “aww you need some ginger ale for you’re little tum tum”
Daphne Thacker (7 hours ago)
preach girl IIsuperwomanII I'm 11 and in the LGBTQ+
T T (8 hours ago)
She just became the best YouTube's and roaster ever
sam kidd (9 hours ago)
I'm using these
Haleigh Smith (10 hours ago)
George Michael and Freddy Mercury have subscribed 😂 ♥️
Eleanor Sudworth (10 hours ago)
you go girl
Dylan's Galaxy (11 hours ago)
Homophobia is a perfect word! They should be scared!!!
Chloe Streight (11 hours ago)
**eats rainbow popcorn** "Preech, ho."
Clumsy Plumbob (11 hours ago)
And this is where I unsubscribe.
elvis YT (11 hours ago)
Hahahahahahahhaahhahaha super funny 😂😂😂
Jaishan Varatharasa (11 hours ago)
I feels like towards the end she actually started to lose her cool and I loved it😂😂😂😂😂
sweet lovin (11 hours ago)
i'm bi myself and I love thiss! haha <3
The Flash (12 hours ago)
Javed Minhaz Sebastian (12 hours ago)
IISuperwomanII do u ever feel gratitude? or do u only complain? Fix issues in our countries first will u? btw... really funny and intuitive as always!
Javed Minhaz Sebastian (12 hours ago)
WOW... I feel like all these ppl, I never see in person, have such a low tolerance to what all these other ppl, I never heard existed, have to say towards them.... about past issues that needed resolving..... LGBTQ+ sympathizers: no need to publicize them as victims anymore... It would be embarrassing for me if I was in their shoes. LGBTQ+ ppl; this shud be cringy AF for y'all. WTF? Also lets not bully minority groups of Homophibic doucebags like they once did to you. Let them waste away into extinction in the coming era of ultimate progression in our society! :-) to tell u the truth, these kinds of ppl would be better off serving in other countries... they really need it, whereas in the US its already Right, #SavetheRESToftheWOLRD!
louise B (13 hours ago)
say it again for the people in the back
Nora Strausz (13 hours ago)
1:07 Actually it was Adam and Shiro Was it okay that it didn't rhyme
LoveSacora (14 hours ago)
I love this ❤️
Jelly Baby (15 hours ago)
“Allowing is to stalk our ex...” ... *snorts* I wouldn’t know I’ve always been single... But that cracked me up
شرموطة (15 hours ago)
this is hilarious but i don’t understand the need for her to have a southern accent. (and no i’m not from the south i’m from new york)
CocaineDragon (16 hours ago)
That was an awesome therapy session.
Lela Psic (16 hours ago)
This is not right. You make fun of Christians because we follow our religion.... This is Just sad....
Joel Joseph (18 hours ago)
The pain is strong with this
kex 20.1 (19 hours ago)
OMG I love this soooo much 😂😍😍😍
Gabbie P (20 hours ago)
There was definitely tap water instead of 7up in that can
DUB CILETTI (20 hours ago)
i care about one thing, be true to thy own self
Wilvarin Liadon ART (22 hours ago)
This is wonderful <3
"That's different!" "Said one of your eyebrows to the other" LMAO I CAN'T RN 😂😂
jane adison (1 day ago)
MiniMiep Miep (1 day ago)
intressting video, i liked it
Emerson Abergel (1 day ago)
That was DEEP bruh
Starrily (1 day ago)
One of my favorite song is called Girls/Girls/Boys (It's by Panic! At the Disco) and its about how LOVE IS NOT A CHOICE and that couldn't be more true
Morgan Brooks (1 day ago)
PREACH SISTER🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Samantha Barker (1 day ago)
Honestly people are entitled do their opinion on people. You’re targeting Christians and people who believe in those values.
Dovah Bear (13 hours ago)
Samantha Barker Serves them right :)
Cassie Fults (1 day ago)
“Maybe we should discuss it over dinner” 🏳️‍🌈😍
Macey Thiel (1 day ago)
I couldn't pick on the pull I wish there was an all of the above option
CHETTO FAERIE (1 day ago)
Soul -Z (1 day ago)
37 thousand dislikes. Damn
Emeraldtaskic (1 day ago)
Thank you! Finally!
FNAF Songs (1 day ago)
dis is sooooo funny
Shmoo (1 day ago)
I hate this girl it’s peoples religion and mine.
MMMetal Jean (1 day ago)
I think people should be aloud to have their own opinions.
aim71ork (1 day ago)
And what the Muslim view on homosexuality, don't hear you making smart comment on them !
Rewa chauhan (1 day ago)
This was awesome.
Aria Wolf (1 day ago)
I’m catholic and I still support pride 🌈
Kc Evins (1 day ago)
Done no❤ love everyone ... 😇🌍
Minifigure Man (1 day ago)
The Bible says gays are an abomination
Bethany McS. (1 day ago)
Please have a conversation with a real person next time :3 i would love to see it
Christina Farrell (1 day ago)
Everyone was a potato there would be no humanity. But everyone is not a potato
Ashleigh crawf (1 day ago)
Im homaphobic and i need help can someone help me
frankfurter63 (1 day ago)
Homosexuality is still wrong and unnatural. It used to be classified as a mental disease , it still is.
lancelove (11 hours ago)
I feel the only disease that is relevant is your lack of good grammar and your idiotic opinions.
lalalala josee (1 day ago)
frankfurter63 you are the only one with a mental disease
Diline Thuis (1 day ago)
Loving this video and you are so right.
Lea F (1 day ago)
Is it bad that I mostly agree with the "patient"?
lalalala josee (1 day ago)
Its not, just keep it to yourself
Do it Like me (1 day ago)
don't worry it's not
Awkward (1 day ago)
Tyler Smith (1 day ago)
Tyler Smith (1 day ago)
“So are your boobs, eyelashes, and highlights. You don’t get to decide what’s natural contour queen “.
Cheyanna Cure (1 day ago)
Best freaking video ever
Anime Unicorn (1 day ago)
Iman Azkadellia (1 day ago)
i love you even more if that’s even possible😍🌈🌈🌈
Infinity (1 day ago)
방탄koro (1 day ago)
Lol i love you
..this ur true hallellue
noodle.isa_ doodle (1 day ago)
This made me mad
Angus Cos (1 day ago)
Your doing good but you just too condescending.
I'm sorry you guys haven't read the Bible. There is so much this world is getting wrong
MissFlowerGirl 517 (1 day ago)
You are the best person in the whole world
Lolbit Teh Gamer (1 day ago)
This is amazing
bhupinder kumar (2 days ago)
You are such a lovely person.why not all people think like you.nice video.
rojofox 11 (2 days ago)
Even if they are sinning, god will forgive them bc doesn’t everyone sin?
Jess Nez (2 days ago)
You need to do a "History Lesson For Sexist People"
Hi Hi (2 days ago)
Don’t let the rainbows bite
Emy Robison (2 days ago)
"Yeah I'd like to prescribe you will a bottle of common sense side affects may include minding your own DAMB business"
Kontessa Waite (2 days ago)
why do ppl hate in the first place
Guys I have to admit something. I'm a *homosapien* *_omg I love my science class_*
Sarabeth Jarratt (2 days ago)
i’m a christian and i accept gays for who they are and i think that god is evolving with us as a species he’s been here since day one and he’ll be here til the last day. but i feel as though you really should respect ppls opinion if you want them to respect yours and don’t use a streotype of a religion that you created to represent all of us. as christians we are taught to love anyone as we love ourselves.
Nevaeh Borne (2 days ago)
I love this vid I wish I can tell popeple at my school this
lil Ruth (2 days ago)
As I do agree with this video I don’t think it’s right to have the stereotypical white southern person being put as the bad guy because while i don’t know for a 100 percent answer I think it’s fair to say Lilly is against stereotypes that put people down. So having the stereotypical person playing a certain role is wrong
Kawaii Kitties (2 days ago)
To all the people who can't stand criticism to their comments (on both sides): don't comment at all
Sophia Jones (2 days ago)
3:27 we aint potatoes🥔
It was about time someone put that person we see in every comment section in place.
Unknownamus (2 days ago)
"And voting used to only be between a white man and the government; things change" Yeah...but liberty doesn't always guarantee a better future for the nation.
dimitri mepham (2 days ago)
love this
Ryker Koester (2 days ago)
Preach superwoman
Love you Lilly! Can i get get some bi supporters? ❤💜💙❤💙💜❤💙💜
Lauren Hardman (2 days ago)
Me! Bi and in full support! Watch out world, here I come.
Amy Rose play’s (2 days ago)
Your right lily
Daniel Plaza (2 days ago)
You're awesome 👌
Eve Brannick (2 days ago)
Catus Fearus (2 days ago)
*yeah maybe try swearing in caps lock*
Cameron Graves (2 days ago)
The end had me dead.
it's me (2 days ago)
OMG. Love it.

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