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Ultimate Doom (100%) Walkthrough (E4M1: Hell Beneath)

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A playthrough of Episode 4, Mission 1 of Ultimate Doom (Hell Beneath) on the Ultra-Violence difficulty for the PC. This is played through ZDoom. 100% kills, 100% items, and 100% secrets. Proverbs 15:24 -- The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.
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John Clayton (3 days ago)
Homage to Nine Inch Nails in Doom in 1995 was not really stupid. On the contrary, it was super cool.
L Shadow177 (21 days ago)
4:28 i hate this part on the doom 3 bfg edition version its just so frustrating 😠
ch282 (22 days ago)
i had to replay this map because i ran out of ammo. wow, this is hard. thanks for the walkthrough.
ch282 (22 days ago)
from doom.wikia.com: "On Ultra-Violence, it is believed to be one of the hardest levels not only of the episode but also in the entire Doom series. On this difficulty, there are no medikits or stimpacks; any additional health is limited to nine health bonuses, and there is only one piece of green armor."
Buzzard Brotherhood (1 month ago)
I think this chapter is doom guy escaping hell
BigMacDavis (1 month ago)
Or Doomguy going INTO hell to get revenge.
Buzzard Brotherhood (1 month ago)
NIN for life!
BigMacDavis (1 month ago)
The Downward Spiral is my favorite album by them.
Matthieu Mailly (1 month ago)
The original soundtrack for this level (and the last level from first episode) was really dope. Unfortunately, you had to have an old PC (used to play doom with a 1994 PB !) to enjoy it. Here, the modern soundcard can't render the soundtrack and you end having this one...
BigMacDavis (1 month ago)
Oh, man, how right you are! I still have an old Win98 machine and I sometimes whip it out and play Doom using the Doom95 launcher from the Doom Collector's Edition CD. This music is 10x creepier than these modern renditions.
ClexYoshi (2 months ago)
Wowie, lots of comments, so... pardon if this is a repeat of information you were well aware of, but the folks at Id's love of Nine Inch Nails goes beyond this simple callout, as they then commissioned NIN front man and founder Trent Reznor (yes, the Super Mario World Mini-boss is named after him too) to do composition work for the Quake OST.
Nikki Guo (2 months ago)
Why won't all the enemies teleport in!!! I can never get 4 barons to come in
poot (3 months ago)
666 likes atm
travos k (3 months ago)
I remember first playing this map, and being overrun by enemies and suddenly the baron's roar and being like well I'm screwed. I have had enough fun for today.
Wes Netmo (4 months ago)
hell beneath is definitely the hardest map in ultimate doom and even doom2
DJ-Oglala (4 months ago)
This levels hard on normal. I beat it then forgot to save and then died on the next level. Going to try again in a bit.
Brian Hendricks (4 months ago)
This has to be one of my fav maps. Short, deadly, and sweet.
rilluma (4 months ago)
you sir are right. it tooks officially place in hell.
longlivegaming (5 months ago)
no its not 9 inch nails it nirvana
longlivegaming (4 months ago)
+longlivegaming well maybe it should be
longlivegaming (4 months ago)
+BigMacDavis i have made a grammatical error pls forgive me
BigMacDavis (5 months ago)
It's Nine Inch Nails. Nirvana's logo was never like that.
Tommy Yaya (7 months ago)
3:14 he finally shuts the hell up and the video starts
Elfren Vargas (7 months ago)
Is like a rhyme. Hell Begins
Torpedo Marsh (4 months ago)
I believe Thy Flesh Consumed is set on Earth, because you see the skies with orange clouds? They look like the same clouds we see in the episode 3 ending sequence, which happens to be in the green fields of Earth as the story implies, so maybe they are the same clouds.
Raw and Uncensored (9 months ago)
Wasn't NIN the ones that made the music for Doom?
snake698 (9 months ago)
Oh my I'm playing this episode in project brutality and it's just mad
snake698 (9 months ago)
LiHaC Game then i played m2 and m3. You get used to it. You get used to load game, I mean. Ha... ha WTF WERE THEY THINKING, I'M PLAYING ON BRUTAL (normal difficulty)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (9 months ago)
snake698 Oh my I feel bad for you. Brutal doom here.
Brian Hendricks (9 months ago)
Love your voice and analysis. Very thorough and unique
KMS2K (10 months ago)
I got pwned by the barons after lowering that wall on my first playthrough on the easiest difficulty. I totally didn't expect them to show up.
carpmmtal (11 months ago)
Objectives of the other doom: save the planet, stop hell invasiones, save the humanity. Here: take revenge for a bunny
Hadmen Yadongplease (1 year ago)
It takes place inside your head, your mind if you will
GeejMusic (1 year ago)
dude you are the man can i get a picture with you one day or play some doom coop
Frankie Poindexter (1 year ago)
You did an excellent job with this. Such a difficult map. Bravo!
Sadon Al-Bader (1 year ago)
This level is almost impossible with fast monsters enabled.
Iiii i i i (1 year ago)
I disagree with "limited ammo". You get a lot of shotgun ammo due to the number of shotgun guys.
Iiii i i i (1 year ago)
The best way to comprehend where this map takes place on is Mars. The sky looks similar to inside of Mars, and I think that UAC has required you to clean out more bases on Mars. The sky of Earth at the end of Inferno is a complete mistake. Orange sky is as hellish as Hell or hell sect of Mars.
What's good about this map is that it's relatively SHORT. Plutonia, TNT, Doom 2 levels are usually longer
ruslan smirnov (1 year ago)
I did not know that picking health bonuses triggers hell. Such videos are like full manuals included. Thank you! P.S. The opera voice playing on this level is worth a 10 thousand theatre to hear. And such level titles as this particular level, plus "Perfect Hatred", "Unruly Evil", "House of Pain" and many others are just masterpieces of genre.
Blacksniper473 (1 year ago)
Map 23 on Doom 2 is harder than this level
LordKage (1 year ago)
this level is NOT 20% cooler.
Gabriele Riva (1 year ago)
He's fighting in a post-Trump Cleveland. ;)
The Fifth Core (1 year ago)
An interesting level, but not an easy one! Nice play though!
Kiproll (1 year ago)
I know this is years too late but I just now discovered you can pick up the health bonuses near the red key even if they're on the opposite side of the "window" (ie. when you can't see them)
Whoa Dubby (1 year ago)
anyone know where i can find the theme for this level?
MajorThom (1 year ago)
"Sign of Evil" from the DOOM soundtrack.
Fine Works (2 years ago)
What is activated by the second switch in the room with the spiritual (small) armor?
White Tiger Gaming (2 years ago)
+BigMacDavis Yeah, NiN, well, Trent Renzor, lead singer of NiN, did the sound track for another of ID's games, Quake 1. :D
Gabriele Riva (1 year ago)
White Tiger Gaming Reznor is the missing link between Doom and Super Mario World.
Melissa G (2 years ago)
I figured he'd be fighting on earth, the demons that invaded.
Steven Bryant (2 years ago)
I absolutely love your walkthroughs man! Maybe it's your voice idk(fa) haha but you've got tons of knowledge and you should keep on doing what you're doing!! Love the Wolf walkthroughs as well man!
LastSider (2 years ago)
Did this episode got "revised" later down the line? Im playing it right now and theres like 4-5 Medkits on this lvl.
Michael Delvey (2 years ago)
he was playing at a harder difficulty where they take away the medkits.
W.D Gaster (2 years ago)
I love your voice
Mr. Caffeine (2 years ago)
Do you wanna know something else that is stupid about this map? If you lower that NIN logo, before you got the blue key. and you accidentally step on it while you are getting the key. you will be trapped in that room, and the game glitches up.
Doom Guy (2 years ago)
this level is broken for me. its immposible to get past the part where you get the blue key because as soon as I run out the baron is blocking my path
Optimus6128 (2 years ago)
This and the next map are the hardest imho. Then it gets easier. There is hardly enough spaces and too many strong enemies in tight spaces. Also the NIN looked like a trap to me, I would stop and be enclosed with monsters inside. I sometimes was out of ammo and had to dispatch 2-3 Barons if I wanted the 100% kills. So I went with punching very slowly and save-load because I died. But your suggestion is great.
htomerif (2 years ago)
I shouldn't have to say this, but I guess it was a long time ago. NIN - Nine Inch Nails, did the soundtrack to Quake, which I believe was in production at the time of the release of this doom episode (1995). Just as the (later removed) swastika in an early doom level was a hint that a new wolfenstein was being produced, so this was a hint that quake was being produced.
Hueco Necromorfo (2 years ago)
This level is dumb.
doomlilith (2 years ago)
The first time I played this map it made me think I upped the difficulty by mistake.
Eternal Dorkness (3 days ago)
Thy Japes Consumed.
Scarlett Fox (2 years ago)
Кот2012 (2 years ago)
Part 4 on PlayStation1 and pc.
BluePineapple72 (2 years ago)
I think this would be a better doom 2 level, just replace the barons with knights
Pax Humana (2 years ago)
Doom II, Level 15,  you're welcome.
Pax Humana (2 years ago)
I wish that taking down demons in real life was as easy in this game and if it were so, then Christianity would be SO much more popular than now.
yoyoyoshio267 (2 years ago)
I find it very curious that id found the need to sneak in biblical references, it's still really cool and adds kinda the weird and disturbing part of religion, but it's still a little odd to put in, but then again, you literally go through hell in Doom so I guess it makes some more sense...
andre olm (2 years ago)
I hate this and the next level -.- there are many doom 2 levels easier than this just because you have the guns there!
MisledDan (2 years ago)
It would've been cool if they composed original music for this episode especially since Episode 3 consisted of so many recycled tracks.
onewithmyself (2 years ago)
How much of a difference is there between ultra violence and nightmarish?
rinrts (2 years ago)
+onewithmyself and monsters move and fire twice as fast.
SenseiCop (2 years ago)
I died on this map on every possible way :/
Robert Morin (2 years ago)
For a STARTING map of an episode to be that difficult?! What was id thinking?
Paul Frederick (2 years ago)
+Robert Morin They were probably thinking you've already played 3 other games.
SaturnineXTS (2 years ago)
The best way to explain the setting of these levels is Earth. The sky is that of Earth, obviously. The levels take place in a hellish fortress constructed just outside the passage out of Hell to secure the invasion and make sure the Doomguy couldn't come back. It's even got a brand new Mastermind assigned to lead it. The fact that Hell has invaded Earth also explains why these levels contain many more enemies (and stronger ones too) - Hell dedicated the most resources thus far to the invasion of Earth, and this fortress had extreme strategic importance.
Aldo Cascio (2 years ago)
You hit the nail on the head about the difficulty in this map. Its all about your route and conserving your ammo. As a kid I thought "Hey cool rockets" then thought "hey not cool 5 barons".
Graham Ferguson (3 years ago)
This level is kicking my butt, I appreciate your unusually clear, concise, and well recorded walk-through!
Hunter Conway (3 years ago)
Do you always talk like that?
angeldeb82 (3 years ago)
I see you have been reading these Bible parts and their meanings, for that matter.  I'm very religious, myself.  And BTW, this takes place in a hell-torn earth where you have to save what's left of humanity before you move on to Doom II.  And I can't wait for this soon!  :)
sonicdoommario (3 years ago)
I believe Ultimate Doom was released so that Doom could have a retail release. Before Ultimate Doom was released, you could only order Doom over the phone, by calling 1-800-IDGAMES. Plus, id Software made it so that you could patch up to Ultimate Doom for free if you had the original, registered Doom. Also, for the NIN secret, the easiest way to get credit for the secret is to walk across the floor before it lowers completely to the ground, revealing the NIN logo. The secret is tagged on the skulled floor around the logo.
Commander Rex328 (5 months ago)
That too...but also to run it without using commands on Win 95 without DOS...and prepare the release and speed up the hype for Doom II
ben inglis (3 years ago)
Yo +BigMacDavis you need to do professional narration lol
John Kassavetis (3 years ago)
i think it takes place on Earth
fezzadork (2 years ago)
+John Kassavetis I believe it is supposed to chronicle the player's return journey from Hell back to Earth. There are elements of both themes throughout the episode.
ZeMystic (2 years ago)
+John Kassavetis Well DOOM II took place on earth.
PinkFloydrulez (3 years ago)
Demon infighting: never not a good thing.
DangerDaveFreestyle (3 years ago)
Whats that other switch for in the imp room? I press it and nothing happpens.
Optimus6128 (2 years ago)
+dangerdavefreestyle I also wondered about that even if I always pressed it once when I play this level. I opened the level in doom builder to investigate. It has an interesting function. There is the room where you stop over NIN and a square wall rises. Now,. there is a chance if you step over NIN and runs very fast to the exit to get above this wall outside. Now you have that room blocked from the inside. That switch will lower this wall again, if you somehow managed to run out and there were still items/enemies inside you forgot. Maybe that's one way to trap these barons too. And then more carefully prepare your weapons, lower the wall and go get them. Another interesting aspect, a place where I lost, if you raise that floor and stay on top of it it will crush you slowly. I lost accidentally like this once running away from the barons but stuck in a corner while this was raising. I though at first it was only crushers from above that kill you. But this function says "floor raises to 8 below lowest ceiling (crushes)". Is it a Ultimate Doom function? Or maybe it's used in other places in Doom 1/2?
Anthoberries (3 years ago)
Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails composed the music for Quake, another iD game, hence the connection.
Loki of assgard (3 years ago)
Thank you bic mac davis Really helped me out,damn that was a horrible map I like your videos and explanation about doom
zmbabwe (3 years ago)
I just completed but only have 1% health.  I think I need to try again to have a better chance on the next level.
ookiemand (3 years ago)
Excellent analysis Big mac davis, I love it how you explain gameplay and background of the maps you play! Would you like to test my HQ megawad in progress? I have 4 lvls ready, aiming for 13, with custom and HR textures, story, voiceover, and original and renewing gameplay. Made for SP, COOP, and a bit of DM. Please let me know if you're interested.
Markohs (3 years ago)
Thanks for your videos,@BigMacDavis they were extremely useful.
Thagomizer (3 years ago)
This map should have been the secret level. E4M4 should have been the first map of the episode. 
Optimus6128 (2 years ago)
+Thagomizer Yep, E4M4 is one of my favorite smaller maps of episode 4.
Alex (3 years ago)
This level is insanely hard, even on "I'm too young to die." I don't remember well the other levels, but I think I could say this one beats the other E4 levels in difficulty.
Sherri (3 years ago)
fizixx (3 years ago)
Couple things....first, in the back of the acid pit (in the beginning) where the Imps are. there are two shields which are BOTH switches. The one on the right if fine, but what does the other one do?? Next, when you go into the room behind the blue door, if you aren't fast enough when you collect the blue key, you will actually get STUCK up there and will have NO way out!! It really sucks, because in any other rising platform or elevator in DOOM there's a switch that will lower allowing you to escape --- NOT so here!  lol Oh, and in the beginning you say you don't know where this level takes place. We DO know...don't we? At the end of DIS it talks about what was going on back on the surface (Earth?) while 'you' were battling the demons in Hell. Or am I mistaken??
Mossy500A (7 days ago)
The second switch lowers the skull walls with the NIN secret, should you escape the room before the walls close up on you. If you get trapped, there is a switch by the entrance, you can reach it, if you are not killed while stuck. Also, Episode 4 takes place on Earth, so it's like a prequal to Doom 2. This is your first encounter with demons on Earth, since it's revealed in Doom 2 that they found a way to Earth before you got back.
josef733 (4 years ago)
I'm currently playing on "Hurt Me Plenty" and my god was this mission hard since there are SOOO many things to kill and you usually run out of ammo. Then the baron shows and you better make sure you have enough ammo.
Donman107 (3 years ago)
I played it on UV you just got to do a few things first
Raziya the Ravager (4 years ago)
Hell yeah NIИ! I knew about that secret already, but it's good to see it get some publicity XD I think you're right about the difficulty of this level. Not looking forward to doing it with respawns and kamikazes... but I didn't know about that secret exit to the red key room, so hopefully that'll save my life. Thanks for that, Mac!
Raziya the Ravager (4 years ago)
Yeah dude, Nine Inch Nails XD Why do I see you everywhere I post? Not that I mind, it's just funny XD Ya stalker lol
Doomguy5th (4 years ago)
Yeah, this should help me do Black Metal with Brutal Doom on Episode 4. And that what's NIИ stood for?! Oh wait, Nine Inch Nails
arcanuss86 (4 years ago)
By the way, I do everything like you and I get 50% secrets in this level ;/ I thought that I was doing something wrong, but I tried planty of times. Maybe it's something wrong with Steam version? I should buy DVD. In Steam version there is no even announcement when you found secret.
arcanuss86 (4 years ago)
You didn't push a face-switch near red door (3:57). I wonder it only calls enemies or does something else?
Gunshow2 (4 years ago)
Sign of Evil, my favorite music track in the game.
Kyle07 (4 years ago)
Very nice video! It's crazy how to get 100% o.O Yes, you are very right about the low ammo. I was fighting in the and with the fists in this level^^
Pyro mancer (4 years ago)
no offense but u talk a bit too much
guy ragetobia (4 years ago)
It's a walkthrough, he's supposed to talk about it...
larry shields (4 years ago)
Wow, never heard the bible and doom in the same sentence. Nice
The Hatcast (4 years ago)
Really bc? This has hell written all over it and this version of it seems to come from Christian beliefs.
kirk rampersad (4 years ago)
i love the bible references as i'm a christian...killing cacodemons is god's work and i am an angel of vengeance HA HA! Why don't they make a doom game where satan is the final boss?
cwood99 (7 months ago)
kirk rampersad ...
cwood99 (7 months ago)
guy ragetobia ...
kirk rampersad (2 years ago)
+Guy Ragetobia only a couple more months for doom 4!! HYPE!!!
guy ragetobia (4 years ago)
Lot's...holy shit.
kirk rampersad (4 years ago)
+Brutal Doomguy How many rockets does it take to kill the redone icon of sin?
PhoenixAlaris93 (4 years ago)
This is me in the middle of the level: You can't kill me! I don't have time to bleed! (Barons show up) My schedule has just opened up! OH MY GOD!!!! X(
Doomreb (1 year ago)
PhoenixAlaris93, lol nice!
BigMacDavis (4 years ago)
Haha, yeah, this map throws it in your face. Fast.
Retro Guy (4 years ago)
From Nine inch nails you may like 'a warm place' it's really nice and chilled out.
BigMacDavis (4 years ago)
Cool, I'll check it out.
mattsnow81 (4 years ago)
Map 1 and 2 are crazy hard o.0
BGooD Music (1 month ago)
this level is harder than E4M2. I prefer more monsters but at least have ammo. Here I run out of ammo and I have to kill 3 barons and spectors with my hand, which is impossible
nikolapekovicar (1 year ago)
Regarding Doom Wiki saying E4M2 being the hardest official Doom series level, I'd say that excludes Plutonia. I'm _pretty_ sure MAP32 of Plutonia is quite a bit harder than E4M2
Iiii i i i (1 year ago)
Actually Doom Wiki said E4M2 is harder than this level, which is absolutely correct. I agree with the wiki too. What you said with "Take your time" doesn't make ANY sense because that's waiting for more monsters to kill you. Next level is harder than this level due to the fact that there are 12 Barons of Hell, you get enough medikits but somehow you may actually get attacked even after you grab all medikits. Here, at least, are no Cacodemons or Cyberdemons. Also the only damaging is nukage, which if you have no radiation suit, let alone armor, you will take 5% damage. The only trouble in this map is that you must kill 5 Barons of Hell with no medikits and only shotgun, chaingun, and rocket launcher, while the next map does way, way, WAY more trouble than this one has. By the way, who the hell cares about that there is limited space in a map? No one! So you must have made up "E4M1 is harder than E4M2" in your own imaginary Doom world! But at first, I heard that you did think E4M2 was harder than this!
BigMacDavis (4 years ago)
Oh, for sure. Just insane all the way through.
MountainD18 (4 years ago)
You make it sound like each map in episode 4 is easier than the previous one, lol.
PsychoUndSoXD (4 years ago)
LOL you make this very interesting. And after you said this secret with NINE INCH NAILS I checked the Band out and now I am a fan :) And this with episode 4 and almost every level name is from the bible :) Very interesting stuff. I liked the video :)
Shalev AH (4 years ago)
Your voice is just awesome lol Very nice walkthrough man!  You absolutely deserve more subs.
FriendlyNeighbourJoe (4 years ago)
This place most likely goes on my nerves.
Kyle Orozco (5 years ago)
Your voice is fucking awesome. Subbed.
Franken Stein (5 years ago)
I find it somewhat entertaining how in this map. The second time you went through the teleport area over the poison you made it without taking damage. And it took 20 attempts in your no damage walk-through of it. Heh.
Mike bishop (5 years ago)
bitch make one big comment
Arddernog (5 years ago)
I fucking swear this map is so much easier in PS1 version.
Andy Howard (5 years ago)
null = Zero [German] Nicht = Nothing [German]
Sylvester Gathuru (5 years ago)
I mean bigmacdavis

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