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Doom II: Hell on Earth - Ultra-Violence Speedrun in 18:40

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Runner: Zero-Master Date: 2018-02-16 IWAD: DOOM2.WAD Category: UV-Speed Map: Movie 1-30 Source Port: CrispyDoom v4.3 Time: 18:40 Map.... Time 01.... 00:06.... :) 02.... 00:39.... :| 03.... 00:32.... :| 04.... 00:28.... :) 05.... 00:27.... :) 06.... 00:55.... :)) 07.... 00:12.... :) 08.... 00:27.... :) 09.... 00:54.... :)) 10.... 00:33.... :) 11.... 00:34.... :) 12.... 00:48.... :(( 13.... 01:07.... :( 14.... 00:17.... :)) 15.... 00:59.... :( 16.... 00:13.... :)) 17.... 01:12.... :) 18.... 00:25.... :( 19.... 00:46.... :((( 20.... 00:35.... :)) 21.... 00:12.... :)) 22.... 00:26.... :)) 23.... 00:43.... :( 24.... 00:40.... :| 25.... 00:44.... :) 26.... 00:38.... :))) 27.... 00:21.... :) 28.... 00:42.... :) 29.... 01:33.... :) 30.... 00:32.... :) Description: A 5 second improvement over the previous record. I would have improved this sooner, but I've had an unbelivable run of bad luck lately. A new rocket jump on map 09 saves a few seconds, it's not always possible since it's just after the other rocket jump and so you might not have the health for it. The biggest mistake was on map 19, I have 2 options at the 32 unit gap which is to press strafe left for 1 tic (or frame at 35 fps), wait, and press it again for 1 tic or to press it once for 2 tics. So when I want to press it for 1 tic I sometimes accidently press it for 2 tics, which is fine as long as I haven't already pressed it for 1 tic. What happened here is that I pressed it for 1 tic, waited, then pressed it for 2 tics by accident and repeated the same mistake 3 more times. Now if the spectre catches up and bites me from the side I'd have to kill some 20 spectres which would obviously take forever. So naturally I tried to get into the center of the 32 unit gap as quickly as possible, but then I risk the chance of going past it if I'm moving too quickly. So then that happened and I wasted more time, and eventually I did get bitten by the spectre.. however, it was directly from the back which doesn't push me to the side, so I can still get through! Map 12 and 13 were bad, though this is partially because I got unlucky with the elevators, 15 and 23 weren't good either, pain elemental doesn't usually block me like that.. otherwise it was decent. I'd like to improve it a bit further, as I've had better attempts, but running this game is more exhausting than ever, so I'd rather do something else.. like nightmare difficulty again :-) FAQ: Q: How do you go through gaps in the wall like map 02,16,19,21,22? A: Explained here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/52568-the-two-types-of-glides/?do=findComment&comment=1414380 Q: Are you using any modified version of Doom? A: No, I don't use any modified WADs. For Doom 2 I use the DOOM2.WAD, which you can buy on Steam. You can download the demo file (.lmp) and play it using your own copy of the original WAD (DOOM2.WAD) and a vanilla compatible sourceport or the original .exe, if any modified version was used the demo would have to desync when you play it. Q: Are you using any tools etc? No tools are used, the demo\recording is done in a sourceport which accurately reproduces doom as it was played originally. The video is made by playing the demo in prboom-plus sourceport as it has a lot of features like uncapped framerate and higher resolution. Q: Where can I find the demo (.lmp)? A: All my demos are here: http://doomedsda.us/player508lmps.html Q: I have seen a video of this speedrun that is faster by several minutes. A: There are many Tool-Assisted Speedruns (TAS) for doom which are significantly faster. It is possible to make a frame by frame demo which greatly reduces the time, even for single level runs it is impossible to get close to a TAS. Q: What is UV-Speed? A: UV stands for Ultraviolence, which is the hardest difficulty not counting nightmare, and also most commonly used for speedrunning. Speed (aka "any%" for other games) is the category where the objective is to finish the level as quickly as possible. In the case of a movie\d2all\single segment run the objective is to start at map 01 and finish map 30, that means that map 31 and map 32 are optional. There are many other categories, for example UV-Max requires 100% secrets and 100% kills when possible (and also map 31-32 in a full run). Another difficulty sometimes used is Nightmare!, which is a lot more difficult and therefore not as common. More info about doom speedrunning categories can be found here: http://doom.com.hr/?page=compet-n_rules Visit the DooMed Speed Demos Archive YouTube channel for more doom speedruns: https://www.youtube.com/c/doomedspeeddemosarchiveonyoutube/
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Text Comments (311)
JF Hern (5 days ago)
13:36. Pain Elemental thumbnail
D M (6 days ago)
2:07 - Just destroyed that chain gun guy's world
D M (6 days ago)
If doom was real...I would want to partner with this guy in hell
Kreedogger (10 days ago)
Dude..you just messed with my entire childhood. Haha. Badass work m8. If I would have saw this when I was 10 I woulda crapped.
AIKISBEST (11 days ago)
First I went all like: "Aww, they're not even killing most of them, what fun is that?", then I watched another 40 seconds and to levels later and instead my pov was this: "Bloody hell, I wanna see more of this speedy awesomeness!"
Lock Unknown (12 days ago)
0:24 okay when you glitch you cheat. After that speedrun is null and void and I wouldn't waste my time.
siru mu (12 days ago)
this and his newest video are the only cool videos, but ive though what if ai did this
Lock Unknown (12 days ago)
+siru mu I've seen too much of his crap, that's not a speed run tell him too redo it, chop chop, lol
siru mu (12 days ago)
watch his newest video, he had to cheat to 100% doom then
Sarcastic slob (12 days ago)
I think this person have played this game more then once... But not sure...
Saltmine [NT] (14 days ago)
Fucking sick run man. Saw a few mistakes here and there but absolutely unreal. Feel like you could achieve Sub 18 minutes with more fluid runs
Turbo (14 days ago)
There is a video where Doom 2 is completed in 14:41 but its not on the list. Maybe its not legit or perhaps result is not reported to speedrun.com? It was posted eight years ago in two parts.
Don Juan The III (17 days ago)
This is art!
Run awaaay
JiYoMe (20 days ago)
고인물 그자체
Charl (22 days ago)
i want to speedrun doom 2, but i cant do ANY glides. its too hard. i wish there was a video tutorial with timing and angles. i even read your forum post and i still don't understand how to do it. i use zdoom and a plain doom 2 wad
Łukasz Balcerzak (1 month ago)
3:28 didn't know it's possible to skip spiders part at Dead Simple (map07)
Hammerhead (1 month ago)
This game looks beautiful
SectionEight (1 month ago)
Кирилл Веко (1 month ago)
14:40 что это?
EvilTim1911 (1 month ago)
12:05 My roommate though I was watching gay porn
n0rpp4 (2 months ago)
James Cheah (2 months ago)
amazing run ZM
The Dank Meme Mastah (2 months ago)
Amazing. If there's one type of people that always, ALWAYS find a way, no matter the challenge, it's definitely speed runners.
squirreljester2 (2 months ago)
Those rocket skip and sneaking through blockers, nice. There's a way to double your speed running/strafing against a wall that may help you in those spots where you have a long way to run. I found it back in the day doing pvp competitions.
Jason M (2 months ago)
so all you have to do is just keep running? i've wasted so much time trying to shoot everything. really makes you stop an reevaluate your life.
Daniel Nordhorn (2 months ago)
Very cool. Even if this is absolutely not the way I play Doom.
NEY Industries (2 months ago)
Wow, this speedrun looks like it was played by a human. There are little imperfections here and there, and I love it.
bin karam (2 months ago)
14:20 damn u were running running on those pits like a roller coaster, and btw those suicidal tricks were too epic
BeruCampos (2 months ago)
about the level 2 wall gap glitch: I cant do it on the steam version. or maybe I'm doing something wrong?? cheers mate!! great run, trying to do one myself
Charles Gomez (2 months ago)
This guy made me look like a fool
FrycoN (2 months ago)
How tha fuck did you squeeze between those bars at 0:26 ???
[NnC] Nugget (2 months ago)
read the description nigga
Qyria Gamer (2 months ago)
You so good 😲
Ryan Power (2 months ago)
Fuck son Calm down
kamulecPL12 (2 months ago)
this is fucking insane
selami32 (2 months ago)
who's fucking who here?
dash captures of Vermont (2 months ago)
Doom had aim bot standard lol.
ericsbuds (2 months ago)
nightmare would be fun to watch. this is great.
unfa (2 months ago)
That final with a chainsaw - priceless!
Carlos Manzanares (2 months ago)
i don't know, you get low damage per shot from a shotgun...
ULTRAWEN7 (2 months ago)
оказывается вон будто можно было
zomaho1 (23 days ago)
А еще можно в попу трахнуться
Sebaskiro El Crack (2 months ago)
Fucking leyend
Prénom Nom (2 months ago)
What is the trick with the Archvile and the red door at 16:25?
Prénom Nom (2 months ago)
Forget this. I found the answer "Due to some bad checks it [archvile] can open the unkeyed backside of the door."
darksunwithin (2 months ago)
What a lovely thumbnail.
This is nuzhno staratsya
Mr. Allmighty Cornholio (3 months ago)
60 FPS speedrun O_O
MalcolmCooks (3 months ago)
doctor: sorry mr doomguy but im afraid you only have 18 minutes and 40 seconds left to live
WeeD Gamer (3 months ago)
Internal Bleating (3 months ago)
try it again without the exploits.
я б наверное с паролем IDKFA этак стремительно не прошёл
FyreOnix (3 months ago)
Niwatorry (3 months ago)
doctor: you have 10 hours left to live doomguy: heh, enough for me to save humanity 32 times in a row
wdujsu b (3 months ago)
12:05 is that speed boost a bug or feature? :D
Teemuslayer (3 months ago)
And people call D44M "fast"...
DOS (3 months ago)
you are human??
Braulio Martinez (3 months ago)
Quien es ?? Es dios
Greenman422 (3 months ago)
not bad
Sázhe M. Epifanne (3 months ago)
Scripted in some way... (?)
A.JARIRI (3 months ago)
What just happened ?
Steve Chillin' (3 months ago)
3:15 "You have entered..." Proceeds Lmao
FredrikGotten (3 months ago)
Amazing! But these are some strange things. The weapons cause more damage than expected...anyhow, this is awesome.
Sino (3 months ago)
What a Madman! I can't even pass it normaly
Vega Dios (3 months ago)
Joseph Underwood (3 months ago)
When there are moments when you need a certain timing, do you keep time some way consciously or do you sort of have a "feel" for it?
Zero Master (3 months ago)
hmm, both I suppose, kind of difficult to explain.. I think it starts more with knowing the time and it just kind of moves over to being done by feeling after enough practice/attempts, if that makes sense :)
Joseph Underwood (3 months ago)
Amazing by the way. I've been playing Doom II all my life and I learned a few things.
Probably Not A Chicken (3 months ago)
Man beats doom 2 faster than i prepare myself to get out of bed.
GravellerGear (3 months ago)
Tick tock tick tock demons are coming to consume you
Avel Linklater (3 months ago)
Great run!
Fps Doug (3 months ago)
Impressive is but an understatement.
Ckapc (3 months ago)
four things from this speedrun in a nutshell 1. Don't mind me, just passing through 2. Get the fuck out of my way 3. Rocket jumping 4. Screw barriers, just squeeze through them
NakedSnake (3 months ago)
I guess those par times are beatable after all ^^
BzERK IE (3 months ago)
WOW just WOW
NA8C (3 months ago)
I was getting anxiety at 11:50
Valtteri Koskinen (3 months ago)
You finished the first level faster than I could flip my phone o.o
Sillybolx (3 months ago)
You just done in under 20 minutes what would take me a month lol #dont play much
moodorf (3 months ago)
Aydin Kane (3 months ago)
What kind of WITCHCRAFT did I just witness
blingking501 (3 months ago)
Jesus crust I've been playing on hurt me plenty and I've got stuck on level 11. This man is a god
TheFacedLool (3 months ago)
Someone should just tell Bethesda to bump up the res and fps and port doom to consoles. Im aware there is already a port for doom on ps3 and xbox360, so why not make it better on xbox one and ps4?
ĎØǾM ŞĻДΎÉR (3 months ago)
Perfect Buddy <3
Jayanta Talukder (3 months ago)
This is insane. Needs as much work as publishing a research paper that goes on a CV, becoming the highlight of one's life
Jayanta Talukder (3 months ago)
Zero Master okay. What. You have a PhD in what. Well I am doing my PhD in econ too! But yeah I get it. Some people are good at several things.
Zero Master (3 months ago)
that's surprisingly true, spent about as much time on doom as I did on my phd in physics :)
Yusuke Urameshi (3 months ago)
Doomguy would be proud
The Annihilator 117 (3 months ago)
For all of you who only played CoD and never played or seen doom. Yes he is actually moving that fast, no he is not speed hacking, and yes this is normal (except for the completion time)
Phoenix Private (3 months ago)
With reflexes like those you should really go into competitive gaming to earn some money!
DR4G0N (3 months ago)
I thought I was good in Doom, but then I saw this
rappak prist (3 months ago)
How are you able to squeeze through stuff like that? Not saying its a cheat or anything I'm genuinely curious
doom007 (3 months ago)
is this not an official run?
Quarian Pilgrim (3 months ago)
Hell be like: “Dafuq just happened?!?”
Joseph J (3 months ago)
Lame, exposed a lot of bugs in the game, cheating through locked doors, etc.
Будулай (3 months ago)
Niko The Arms Dealer (3 months ago)
Wait...he did it _again_ ?
Divine Retribution (3 months ago)
I had no idea Doom 2 was this glitchy. As far as being able to glitch through key card doors and walls and such so easily. I believe they were already focusing on Quake and just getting this out there which is probably why it was basically just a huge expansion to Doom 1 and was no new tech or anything.
princeofpersia9000 asdf (3 months ago)
a perfect doom 2 speedrun, with new tricks and everything!
Eee Ell (4 months ago)
Jo-Han Toong (4 months ago)
really good. What's deal with firing rockets into walls tho.. is he teleporting? I played this countless times back in the day and never seen that lol
xyzzy51273 (4 months ago)
Just wondering, is playing Doom 1/2 with a broken arm simple?
Francisco Soares Soares (4 months ago)
Stryker (4 months ago)
EH would be jealous of this run
Kakashi TV (4 months ago)
World Record!
Popple (5 months ago)
I accuse you of cheats, what the hell happened at 3:29? One frame you're a little distance away, the next frame you're already at the results screen
haha meme xd (2 months ago)
why would you accuse someone of cheats if you don't even know the game
that is the least questionable moment. Once I had a bug - the stair hadn't got lower when all Mancubs and Arachnos were already killed, and I just strafe-ran up there from one of those lifted squares, so there was no need neither in IDCLIP nor even rocketboosting.
Rocky117 (2 months ago)
If you think his aim is unhuman look at 5:48 lol also i don't see any cheating
ericsbuds (2 months ago)
looks like a rocket jump off the pillar. the end portal is in the center. i have to watch at quarter speed! just noticed the description explains everything.
Gargf (3 months ago)
Popple >also aim looks inhuman You've clearly never played ULTIMATE Doom.
Joey The Cacodemon (5 months ago)
*doom is too slow*
DBSZKiller (5 months ago)
I think your the number 1 doom player no lie

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