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Ariana Grande - Focus

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Focus (Official Video) Download Now! http://republicrec.co/ArianaGrandeFocus Share/Stream Ariana on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/66CXWjxzNUsdJxJ2JdwvnR Connect with Ariana: https://twitter.com/ArianaGrande http://instagram.com/arianagrande https://www.facebook.com/arianagrande http://www.arianagrande.com Directed by Hannah Lux Davis Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio For London Alley Entertainment Music video by Ariana Grande performing Focus. © 2015 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/1JDF0H Best of Ariana Grande: https://goo.gl/XmsuFK Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/Fubqyy
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Text Comments (412847)
Ahlam Al hassen (16 minutes ago)
mera (1 hour ago)
is this sponsored by samsung
Miracle Luckett (2 hours ago)
2019? Right here
Mlp seahorse (2 hours ago)
I wish if she is still in Nickelodeon
My BLOG (4 hours ago)
Aurelio Duran (5 hours ago)
Laesposadeltaejiun (8 hours ago)
00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:45
So beautiful
Camila Felix (10 hours ago)
Nadine Burrows (11 hours ago)
Why why why is she just so perfect someone plz tel me xx
VincentGotSkill Gaming (11 hours ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm watching this in 2019, And so are you.
Eduardo Leite (11 hours ago)
Chalae Holets (12 hours ago)
Great a song about the one thing I cant do Screw ADHD
juliette cabrera (12 hours ago)
Marcos Souza (12 hours ago)
Morgan Mackay (12 hours ago)
She is perfection
Ela nem usa Sansung ;-;
Gaby Bellä büy (13 hours ago)
Esta canción esta buena
Tania Ciubotaru (13 hours ago)
DiX Inc. (13 hours ago)
Nothing against her singing i actually like it a lot but its a shame that apparently half of what she earns goes to tanning apparently. She has literally pulled off a reverse Michael Jackson
Emanuel Otz (16 hours ago)
Focus 98 v:
Юла Вафлина (16 hours ago)
Юла Вафлина (16 hours ago)
Русские кушать?
Sther Sua loka (17 hours ago)
sto cazzo (19 hours ago)
i miss this era
Moonlight (18 hours ago)
Ew, horrible era.
Lilyana’s World (19 hours ago)
ariana i made you in roblox
Yumoo Chano (19 hours ago)
sorana mos (20 hours ago)
Focusss. 2k19
Rita Oraha (20 hours ago)
2019..... anyone?
Mildas is best (22 hours ago)
Moc hezký
Μαριλία 1234 (22 hours ago)
Gigih (1 day ago)
Play Bunny (1 day ago)
Her hair looks better this way than the pony tail
Play Bunny (1 day ago)
*Wow Ari looks kinda thick in this video😍😍pretty too!!!!*
Angie Kawaii (1 day ago)
0:02 A DAMN ANDROID😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Muffin Time (1 day ago)
Jaiden Overstreet (1 day ago)
Break up with your girlfriend,I’m bored
Psycho Snipes (1 day ago)
Psycho Snipes (1 day ago)
*you like my hair? gee thanks! just LOST it.*
de Deborah (1 day ago)
Ari love
You just know that she would never use a phone other than an iPhone
XSxnFlxwer (1 day ago)
This should b in thank u, next album
피치08 (1 day ago)
I'm Korean ,Ariana grande I your pen
Juana Ruiz Gonzalez (1 day ago)
hablas español si di que si te admiro muchooooooooooooooo si te quiero conocer te quuiiierooooooooooo
Sheeper (1 day ago)
why tf subtilte in chinese?
Julie Contreras (1 day ago)
Her hair looks so good in this!!!!
MLG '-' (1 day ago)
Yall remember this BOP
Demetra 1805 (1 day ago)
00:00 °____________________________
Marge S. (1 day ago)
*2019 ???????*
Amy 488 2 (4 hours ago)
Me 😂
Stephane GREBET (1 day ago)
Foicus du lourd cette chansons quelle talents
Falu' 07 (1 day ago)
Ostia che figa che sei amore mio😍😍😚😘😘.
Nome Cognome (22 hours ago)
Yuh yuh cause i'm bored
sienna thompson (1 day ago)
Kyle Jorden (1 day ago)
Someone said they had “sources” about the new MK game & this guy was like “fuck it here’s a DLC hint” & tagged this video & I’m losing my mind
Janea Cires (1 day ago)
20 de febrero 2019??
mba maeva (1 day ago)
Salut Ariana garde 😄😄😍
Some Random Guy (1 day ago)
Alexandra Barrels (1 day ago)
He is a legend.. 😔😔
Mariella Quintana (1 day ago)
sohag howlader (1 day ago)
Mady G (1 day ago)
Which ones better Focus-like Thank u next-comment
Mady G (1 day ago)
After thank u next anyone???
Borsos Andreea (1 day ago)
best movies (1 day ago)
She looks like cardi b
Brandon Morales (1 day ago)
This song is a spell :)
MaksoL (1 day ago)
Nirzla dupa czekoladka murzynka
aqeela bibi (2 days ago)
Nice one
MkM Tv (2 days ago)
nice the song
Dat One Ultra Gamer (2 days ago)
All I need in a girl is brown eyes eyelashes the same or longer length than mine, and white hair
Elif Uysal (2 days ago)
2019 February ?
Escuchen a natti natasha
Miraculous Crystal! (2 days ago)
Can I know your diet?
Cvvdvdvdvekistrs (2 days ago)
I haven't heard this song in like 1,000 years
_ArUkA _ MeDeToVnA_ (2 days ago)
jimin햐ᅳᅣᅮ (2 days ago)
You're the best Ariana Grande you deserve all the success in the World
충대 (2 days ago)
BIG CHACHI (2 days ago)
There's just something about Ariana...damn she fine af
focus focus on me ,every body ho love her comment
Mattz Channel (2 days ago)
Why was this never added onto an album?
bright stars123 (2 days ago)
This look will always be my favorte ariana
Dakotah Kloeppel (2 days ago)
2019? Who's better Ariana Grande=💙 Jake Paul=💚 Both=💕
Y love you ariana grande
#NiCᝪLE gRᗅNDE' (16 hours ago)
Can u believe this girl was Cat Valentine?! 🙀I can't neither...
Merel Muller (2 days ago)
After album Tank you, Next?
Lucero Salinasaviña (2 days ago)
Eres la prima de daniel
Anais García vicente (2 days ago)
Que guapa la cancion
Gabriel Estrada Salas (2 days ago)
1 billón please
Cristina Tina (2 days ago)
Vreau sa fiu prietena cu ea cu Riana grande Am facut si eu un element negativ asupra filmelor alese pentru noi să fie bine ingrijita si tu nu merg acasă la mine si a zis că nu mai am baterie :-) a fost între real este rau ca o spun atât de ieftin
Cristina Tina (2 days ago)
Imi place mult
helen malone (2 days ago)
Zip so want to meet u ure my fave singer
Nacho Aguero (2 days ago)
why isnt focus in an album?
Angelofdarkness_ plyZ (2 days ago)
this is amazing, but the noises in this song could give you a seizure
Vitor Villas (2 days ago)
Selena Gomez - comment Arianna Grande - like
yas saz (2 days ago)
selena isn't even near ariana's level just stop. She's the first artist in history to occupy the top three songs of bb100 but selena doesn't even have a top 3 hit.
Vitor Villas (2 days ago)
2019??? ❤
Daniel Gidey (2 days ago)
Beatina Muspaci (2 days ago)

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