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Taylor Swift - Love Story (Live on Letterman)

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story (Live on Letterman). Big Machine Records, LLC.
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Text Comments (4205)
XPERT MIND (1 day ago)
Old Taylor Beautiful. ....
Aurora Lavender (2 days ago)
I love you taylor ❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 2018😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Pie Pie (3 days ago)
This song makes me miss my old friend 😞 she’s really love this song and she had recommended me to listen to it ~
Anand Sompura (3 days ago)
she is so sweet and good with the audience lots of love from india
Md. Moin Uddin (5 days ago)
nice song
Atul Bakshi (5 days ago)
is it weird i m watching this in 2018... Love this song...
Mohammad Jobayer (5 days ago)
Why you so sweet telu
D. De555 DEAW (8 days ago)
Sing good
D. De555 DEAW (8 days ago)
Taylor swift All good
D. De555 DEAW (8 days ago)
Dhanraj rana (8 days ago)
I want her to sing a country song than pop😕 Reputation shocks me😳
John Gougine Gangte (8 days ago)
How many bf had change now tailor swift
Ozone. NP.744 (10 days ago)
Maverick - (10 days ago)
I dont care about anything, I think I love you Angel...
yrblue (11 days ago)
why do I feel some touch in this video.. and yes, she's always a brilliant vocalist.
rajendra raj (13 days ago)
Anyone 2018 NOV 4 😁
Jéssica Muller (13 days ago)
She's lovely with the fans <3
Jaye S. (15 days ago)
Sister Snatched (16 days ago)
i miss the old kanye, oops
Reyna Prequencia (18 days ago)
Love u taylor
Daniel Ferreira (18 days ago)
Diva humilde que cumprimenta os fãs!!!! Amooooooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️
jhonnel arceo (20 days ago)
Who's watching it?2018?
brandon burdette (20 days ago)
Carrie sings so much better
Jace Estrada (21 days ago)
Who's watching this year? 2018
Zayn Sooklal (21 days ago)
Am a Guy I love Swift music So So So Much I know all her songs for starting to finish She is so Awesome🙄🙄
Jai Jerry (21 days ago)
Rock on Taylor Swift
Aditya Sharma (21 days ago)
She is awesome...💐💓
박정석 (21 days ago)
Come to Korea
Izabela Budzisz (22 days ago)
Taylor U olways is good 👍
Mister Right (22 days ago)
You're so cute Ma'am, I've so much respect for you I love you
ahmed maher (22 days ago)
1 like not enough
Tayef Hossain (24 days ago)
Really i fall in love....
Sean C. (24 days ago)
She sounds REALLY good here!
Stefani Manuyama (24 days ago)
Taylor es hermosa porque le pusieron ese vestido de anciana, pero a esta mujer todo le queda bien 😘
rattasart boonton (25 days ago)
love you
Kevin Maranan (25 days ago)
Came here after TS donated 15grand to a fan which her mother is in coma♥️
guanacomus1 (25 days ago)
French journalist boycott Taylor Swift because she had a white public. I suppose it's the same in other countries of occident. To my mind Great Talent !
Rey Andrew Salguero (25 days ago)
Modesty is a real crown of a woman.
They can't really frame you. They can track all the fake images super easy. If its not real they can spot it super easy
Yến Lê (26 days ago)
Great.I like it
Johnny Niklaus (26 days ago)
A.K. Gupta (27 days ago)
Hiii Taylor I m the huge fan of your.. I want saw u Hug you
KA (27 days ago)
i love u so much
1D forever (29 days ago)
Why she is so pretty???
Namita Thakare (29 days ago)
My love story is kind of interesting with u Taylor
Rudy Rahmat (30 days ago)
She is my girlfriend, 😘😘😘
Clifford Broadway (30 days ago)
Love this performance and watch most evenings once if not more.
Ab Ahad (30 days ago)
Mainu Bora (30 days ago)
I wonder why is she sssoooooo perrrfffeeerrrccccccttttt
Raiane Nunes (1 month ago)
Linda 😘
夏那 (1 month ago)
Eko Masrodin (1 month ago)
Aku lebih suka genre musik yangg dulu, ngefans sejak album pertamanya 🤗
Siti Swastika (1 month ago)
Miss the old taylorrrr;(
Priyanka Deb (1 month ago)
MANEESHA KAUSHIK (1 month ago)
1st time I bcme fan of any slb ❤ love u Taylor💕
Khushboo Sharma (1 month ago)
I wish she shook hand with me
Balseng D Marak (1 month ago)
Still love listening to the song
She is so beautiful <3
Anna Hansen (1 month ago)
She is good live!
Reni Kurnia Dewi (1 month ago)
She is so sweet...
cerocerocinco (1 month ago)
All those people with their photo cameras :D. The world has changed a lot in a couple of years ...
Love her
Chris Corley (1 month ago)
Great dress. Nothing more. Nothing less
krishna avater (1 month ago)
michael valentino (1 month ago)
Andrew Thomas (1 month ago)
I think if she touched my hand...i would NEVER wash it again...she is a goddess....:)
Artistik Boy (1 month ago)
innocent she lost
_ jw (1 month ago)
Gift Oliveira (1 month ago)
tech mind (1 month ago)
Pradipto Chattopadhyay (1 month ago)
Excellent performance!
Blas Sosa (1 month ago)
Blas Sosa (1 month ago)
Hello, TAYLOR, que lindo, hasta los niños van a tus conciertos, lo que prueba que tu musica es para la familia, felicidades, TAYLOR, muy conmovedor todo lo que haces tu, CONGRATULATION!!!
ElephantsLover (1 month ago)
Taylor is like...really talented in songwriting!! She just retold the entire tale of romeo and juliet in one song!!
Tài Đặng (1 month ago)
so good
Paul Nelson (1 month ago)
That's My Girl Taylor!!!😎😊☺️😇🤓🤠
Spanit (1 month ago)
Great song. Great female singer.
Kim Tin Le (1 month ago)
Love you forever ...
Mansagar Tripathi (1 month ago)
عبيد العبيد (1 month ago)
Fuad Rafah (1 month ago)
My auntie played this song in her wedding day.... :)
Ceyda Yıldız (1 month ago)
Missed this era :,(
EverythingIsBlue (1 month ago)
Im crying asdfghjkl
Laxmi Mijar (1 month ago)
So, I'm 13 now, back in 2010, I used to listen to Taylor. This was the first live that I watched. I miss those days when I was 6 😩💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖. And Taylor is still a dream to me. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
俠客喵喵喵 (1 month ago)
back to september 2018?
Asaf Kopla (1 month ago)
You know who you are 💋🙃😜💋🏋💋.....
himanshu rawat (1 month ago)
The way she says Juliet.... My heart is melting😍😍
Patricia Pritchard (1 month ago)
When I first saw her in this video,I thought she looked like an old crone,she is an old soul,THATS why she can pull off the "granny" dress,I've always said there's something off about this girl......
Robert Foo (2 months ago)
HELLEN almeida (2 months ago)
Saudades dessa época!😪
Tae tae (2 months ago)
she is so thin, back in the day o_O
Jan Channel Sapnu (2 months ago)
Ameer Hussein (2 months ago)
Taylooor I miss this era💖😭
Nguyễn Nam (2 months ago)
14.9.2018 😚😍😍😍
Janie Ortega (2 months ago)
09 14 18. Anyone?
Alibe França (2 months ago)
Voz mais linda do mundo ♥
ゆきち。 (2 months ago)
なんでTaylorはこんなに観る人を魅了させられるんだろう... ぐっとくるものがあるすごい。

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