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Genesis style atomizer build / SS Cable & ekowool: A Vapestars Tutorial

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This is by far my favorite type of wick/coil for genesis atomizers! I was having wicking issues with rolled ss mesh and fell in love with ss cable the first time I tried it. I was still having to use ss mesh as an insulator (at top of the cable, to keep the coil from resting on the cable itself) BUT NO LONGER! I immediately had less hot spots, virtually no dry hits and a much more satisfying vape.This gives me more flavor and a better quality vapor from my RBA's In fact, my Smoktech RSST now rivals my dripping atomizers in the flavor category (air chamber reducer, ekowool/ss cable and 3/32 air hole)
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WizardVapors (5 years ago)
Love the demo, but I have one challenge that I am simply not able to overcome at this time and I hope you can point me in the right direction --- where can I get the Stainless Steel rope in 'bulk' (ie: not pre-cut short pieces) like you were using for your video? 
myrandom (5 years ago)
Name of the rba
chad bridges (5 years ago)
I don't usually comment on tutorials, but I just wanted to say you were very clear and did a good job man
ddn79 (5 years ago)
Finally, a good use for stainless mesh!
Chris Webster (5 years ago)
Would this ekowool sleeve work on ss mesh??
Reden Robles (5 years ago)
Loving the new quality of the vids J.T!!!
RedBeard Reviews (5 years ago)
Thanx man!
PinoyDDragon (5 years ago)
Great job on the vid bro. Just need to get my hands on some ss rope and a mini torch.

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