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Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

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Listen to Speak Now from Taylor Swift here: https://taylor.lnk.to/SpeakNowDLXID Shop official Taylor Swift merch here: http://taylor.lk/merch Music video by Taylor Swift performing The Story Of Us. (C) 2011 Big Machine Records, LLC.
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Text Comments (41871)
Patricia Robertson (38 minutes ago)
I have written a book all about him. but a tragedy and next chapter might make me rich thanks to him.
Sneha Tomar (5 hours ago)
Top 5 songs of Taylor I think 1 Blank space 2 you belong with me 3 love story 4 delicate 5 begin again Her most of the songs are great
Sneha Tomar (5 hours ago)
Love you Taylor swift
حسين العراقي (12 hours ago)
I love you Taylor ❤
dave ferrer (1 day ago)
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angelica fajardo (1 day ago)
I love
2018 anyone?
Ingrid Relativo (2 days ago)
Ingrid Relativo (2 days ago)
at sino ang nagsabi sa iyo ( - ) ( + ) na anak ako ni One Eye ng Bansang Country Nebraska---???
Ingrid Relativo (2 days ago)
Taylor naman---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (2 days ago)
BIEBER FEVER (2 days ago)
Taylor Swift:I am dying to know it's killin you? like it's killing me Me:Yes it's still killing me 😍😍
Taylor swift I love your music♡♡♡ ºº 0
2018 Anyone?
BIEBER FEVER (3 days ago)
Anyone 2018?? 😍😍
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
be carefull
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
someone worn it a long time ago ( wristwatch ) and all he or she did is to kill someone wherein the Police is keeping on haunting no matter what happens kahit na in the end kay sila will be ang being haunted---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
Princess Taylor kay I must as in a must tell you or warned you of about something po---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
excuse po---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
Swift Family symbolizes po na "KABAKAHAN" po---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
kulay brown
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
alam ko na kung ano ang color and brand ng wristwatch mo Princess Taylor---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (3 days ago)
Maayo pong buntag ( excuse po ) po sa inyo pong lahat po especially po kay Princess Taylor Swift ---!!!
Nila Rifatin (3 days ago)
nopember 2018 anyone?
Zee A. (3 days ago)
2018 anyone???
tmkongen (3 days ago)
1:44 Sexiest look ever...
Chester Didzena (3 days ago)
ok ill be fi3hio
Chester Didzena (3 days ago)
omy ok il be here for tuition for ya. like i said ul be find.
Ali Mnsour (3 days ago)
I m glad for being nerd now..hehe
Srujana Athi (4 days ago)
My current situation 😐😐
TAE KOOKLICIOUS (4 days ago)
She's really pretty 💕 2018 ??
Chester Didzena (4 days ago)
geegsd u giveme hard time
uri haru (4 days ago)
Asher Ray (4 days ago)
It’s like I’m 12 and crying over boys again
Upscale Avenue (5 days ago)
"I'd tell you I miss you but I don't know how. I've never heard silence quite this loud." *SUCH A GREAT LYRIC.*
Chester Didzena (5 days ago)
your pretty with out your war painted u dont know it
Chester Didzena (5 days ago)
don't be tease Taylor lol
Chester Didzena (5 days ago)
im sorry i never meant for u to think
Chester Didzena (5 days ago)
imback at my moms place she always care so il be ok for now till i find my insurance on my home dame i have to live in apartment i don't like living in a place like that i rather live in a home
Chester Didzena (5 days ago)
im sorry its just me ima about to walk down a cutline n that way i don't have to get bitched at they fukn burned my down i only got my clothes on my back n my job thanks for making life a bit easier i forgive u all
Chester Didzena (5 days ago)
im just really confused at the moment
sarabal_iu (5 days ago)
how to enjoy this song: get a book, flip through it along with the song, lip sync with her. trust me.. it's the only reason I play this song.
Chester Didzena (6 days ago)
i understand i don't avoid u im just having a tough time for me love i don't understand right now
Chester Didzena (6 days ago)
go find peaceful ive went n rocked my world it wasn't fun il do it again
Chester Didzena (6 days ago)
im sorry Taylor i wasn't thinking my mind was alot of thinking
Chester Didzena (6 days ago)
ul be ok don't think too much
Chester Didzena (6 days ago)
i don't avoid u im your ok im just scared to be family man but hey im around il support u
Hannah Mae (6 days ago)
This song is always gonna be good
Quốc Huy Nguyễn (6 days ago)
" i know my spot is next to you"
Miyawaki Sakura (7 days ago)
November 2018?
SAAD CARBAL (7 days ago)
! SPARKS FLY !Story Of US !Back to December..
Janvi Taneja (8 days ago)
Seriously this song depicts the perfect situation after breakup
황경익 (8 days ago)
한국에서 왔어요
Bilge Yağmur Alter (9 days ago)
Eloisa Mae Corpuz (10 days ago)
This is our exercise song leaded by grade school😂thanks to them I discovered this song😂
Megan Deloso (10 days ago)
How many people still listening this song ?
Bemka Zaiyrbekova (10 days ago)
Dani (10 days ago)
2018 <3
aesthetic creativity (10 days ago)
this is happening right now my dood
ANURAG MUKHERJEE (10 days ago)
Can I get a like for commenting how many people still love this song?
Nikita Salsabila (10 days ago)
Connor Daye (11 days ago)
I go to a teeny tiny private school. This video reminds me of it. Everyone knowing abbot everyone's fallouts. :/
musician 1122 (11 days ago)
This song describes my last relationship
Erika Avila (11 days ago)
this communication the story about us
Erika Avila (11 days ago)
we met and the stock food and silly he loves this song
I missed these days, :( ..
Jenny Lab (13 days ago)
Aome Constante (13 days ago)
Amo está canción. 😘😘😘😘😘
As you said my magnetic field is to strong for you, we can never ever make it work I am Alien brain went to school on Venus like Nikola Tesla where I was educated in making things levitate with EMF energy and you are a girl from Nashville human + alien it would never work out
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Plain it is
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
tinawag etong Plain Pink because it doesn't have any prinstout on this t-shirt
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Light Pink and Plain Pink o ( excuse po ) Fuchsia Pink
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
choose this 3 lang po ha po---
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
buhia ang imong sarili ulol---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Gay-gay---"BUANG KA"
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
RVM-Religious Virgin Mary---sila etong nag-YES I AM na mayaman na Congregation po ng mga Madre po as in po na "WORLDS" that we found out just later on that "NOT REAL" for that's all po a "KTV" o kinurakot lang po na pera---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
UIC-University of the Immaculate Concepcion --- Bankerohan and Annex of Davao City Mindanao Island of the Philippines---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
color Pink ( excuse po ) ---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
this the story kung bakit hindi matigil-tigil ang mga kaguluhang ( excuse po ) eto po---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
music is comes from all of the Story of all kinds of books ( excuse po )---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Oi "HINDI" as in "WALA" po---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
ang Princess Jennifer Lopez as in the J.Lo kay her ankle is color Green---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
kasi Princess Taylor Swift na ganito kasi iyon and Frankly ( ecuse po ) Speaking is that bale si Princess Miley Cyrus is color Green and your telling everybody ( excuse po ) now that your color Pink then before--- kay tinatawag mo ang self mo na Princess ng Green ( NO NEED TO WORRY ) and "JUST SMILE" lang po---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Pink Stone na Diamond o Pink Stone pero the difference between this two is that ang ( excuse po ) pangalawa ay hindi Diamond pero very very very real stone lang eto po Princess Taylor Swift---!!!---???---!??
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
give me a "WISH" and no no no "SWISH" pero merong Swiss Coffee---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
okay I will tell you a Story before I want one thing po unto you Princess Taylor Swift---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
tell me about all you know and why are you so dying about this color after color green ( excuse po ) about color "PINK" and as in po na color "pink" na hindi po si Princess Pink na iyan pong Hollywood Singer sa ng Bansang Country the The United States of America po---!!!---???-!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
Princess Taylor kay I just want to question you one thing po---!!!---???
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
page on---pages in and on the bool and stricly no no no tagna-tagna for a while ( excuse po ) po---!!!
Ingrid Relativo (13 days ago)
empty seat ( excuse po )
Hannah H (13 days ago)
How have i not seen this yet
Christian Bon Yu (13 days ago)
Jéssica Muller (13 days ago)
"But you held your pride like you should've held me" JUST WOW
T S (13 days ago)
Fabian Quintero (13 days ago)
Octubre de 2018 bebes

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