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Rewind Scene Funny Games.wmv

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José Miguel García (2 months ago)
Paul is a Devil
José Miguel García (4 months ago)
Paul is sick
José Miguel García (2 months ago)
+Secret Guy this is the best character of Arno
Secret Guy (4 months ago)
As great as Michael Pitt played his version of Paul, it still didn't reach the level of depravity and dark aura Arno Frisch pulled off.
So much better than US version. Great casting.
Gta? More like Gtgay! (4 months ago)
US version is better IMO
Secret Guy (4 months ago)
Apparently the Paul in this version comes across as ruthless, evil and authoritative, but also comes across as mentally deranged. You need to understand German/Austrian to notice this.
Yeah it really needed to be seen by a US audience. Good re-creation but that original guy was just a little more unlikable and coldly psychopathic looking. That smirk he uses makes you want to kill him (the whole action of the movie is you the audience wanting to hurt people).
ShysterPie (5 months ago)
The Stupid will Inherit the Earth it's made by the same person
BrandonHeat92 (1 year ago)
The remake is better.
Stalin Mao (1 month ago)
+Secret Guy They were actually married in real life. Both died.
Secret Guy (4 months ago)
Nah, the original actors playing the married couple performed brilliantly, as they were married in real life, whereas Tim Roth & Naomi Watts didn't connect as much. And some of the scenes in the remake felt rushed.
Mr. Zaibot (4 months ago)
ourworlds atwar it's not a torture movie
ShysterPie (5 months ago)
Both made by the same person, so...
ourworlds atwar (10 months ago)
BrandonHeat92 They both kinda suck. Torture films are generally shit.
Samuel Coffey (1 year ago)
What a shit film.
TheMonsterGroovy (1 year ago)
One of the most unfair and ingenious moments in movie history. The writer was playing a funny game with us...
Shiny Frost (2 years ago)
The cat is on the table
XieYali (3 years ago)
Plata Bear (6 years ago)
Bears Bears Bears
Ismael Picazo (6 years ago)
crazydoom3dude (6 years ago)
q q (6 years ago)

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