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GIRLFRIEND WANTED | Dating Application Experiment

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Now seeking a new girlfriend, apply here! I set up a table inviting strangers to apply in Venice Beach, California. Let's see if I get a date! Watch our latest video: http://bit.ly/PublicBreakUp This video first aired on our new talk show called "The Worst Talk Show". So, if you wanted to catch more early clips hit the like button on https://fb.com/22words to watch the next episode of "The Worst Talk Show" Also, hit the bell notification on YouTube to be the first to know when I launch something new! -------Let's Connect!------- Follow me on Twitter: http://bit.ly/BlakesTwitter Like Dat Facebook: http://bit.ly/BlakesFacebook Get On Instagram: http://bit.ly/BlakesInstagram ---------------------------------- Please Share, Subscribe, and Like this video for more! It helps a lot. Any inquiries, email [email protected]
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Text Comments (114)
johnny71424 (10 months ago)
Every single video that you make is always amazing and many many smiles guaranteed 👍👍👍
Edweena White (10 days ago)
Blake Grigsby best you tuber ever !
Edweena White (10 days ago)
johnny71424 get it single..LOL
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
That's so awesome to hear! Glad you feel that way!
A. Princess. B (1 month ago)
This is purely amazing 😂 Blake is now one of my favorite human beings and we haven't even met before
Robert Morningstar (4 months ago)
Hahahahahahha he is so fucking awesome😂😂😂😂
Zoe Ann (5 months ago)
Can I apply? ☺️😉😘
Court B. (7 months ago)
1:38 peep me standing next to my friend getting interviewed
Kallum Allen (8 months ago)
Your awesome !!!!!
World Peace (9 months ago)
You hesitated for a hot second there ...had to laugh so hard
allwellallgood (9 months ago)
I'm gonna make it WORK!! xD
Aneko Song (9 months ago)
If this is legit I am also currently seaking applications for a new boyfriend 😂😂 you should apply 🤣
Stefano Edgard (9 months ago)
I like a woman that i can't get - so true
Applecitrus Aka Kayla (10 months ago)
Ooh can I apply? Im 13 and like hugs.😂😂😂
Casey Huffman (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby is the perfect definition of humor. Everyone be more like Grigsby.
s saki (10 months ago)
How do you do, it's being seen from Japan. I do not understand English at all but I am looking forward to youtube with a lot of fun with your expressions and voice.
dangerindesign (10 months ago)
Blake you never fail to make me laugh, and not just "computer LOL" kind of laugh, like really laugh at my laptop screen. Thank you, Blake!
HoneyAlamo (10 months ago)
Can i apply?
Contra 2075 (10 months ago)
You can talk to me and we would be awesome together.
Apria N (10 months ago)
That last, hahaha
Matthias Moylan (10 months ago)
This guy and his guts are underrated
panda boy askett (10 months ago)
Hi my friends boss is looking for a relationship
GermanGameAdviser (10 months ago)
1:37 yelling men, so hot right now!
Noah Hensley (10 months ago)
This is why I'm thankful for YouTube
scottishlov (10 months ago)
Beautiful video as always Blake, really fun ! <3 thank you so much :D
Zaman Zaman (10 months ago)
open44 nice vidio
Dont you have a gf?
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
You can actually see her in the background of some of the shots. She is holding the leash to our Corgi as well!
Your English teacher (10 months ago)
I`ve followed you since «kiss me I'm desperate video» I told you to marry me. I think you even answer me in google plus hahaha. 4 years later I've got a boyfriend. I waited for you all that time.
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Oh bummer! Guess I missed out!!!
deselise (10 months ago)
i think i should apply
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Prasanjeet Keshri (10 months ago)
Love you bro. Always looking forward to your videos.
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Prasanjeet Keshri appreciate the support!!!
Sławek Kierczak (10 months ago)
I would like to watch some comedy with you as a main character.
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Sławek Kierczak maybe one day!! Unless you’d consider my life a comedy then, I’ve already got you covered.
Abby Durham (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Abby Durham please send your application and resume to my mom!
Prerna Tae (10 months ago)
Would you like considering me, eh Blake? 😁💛
Prerna Tae (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby yayyy! 😁😘💖
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
• Prerna • absolutely!
ChrisJohnsonTV (10 months ago)
Should of been longer
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
ChrisJohnsonTV well, we released two videos this week so we wanted to keep them short and sweet but I’ll keep that in mind for the future! Thanks!
Steve W (10 months ago)
Christina was cute! So were the women at @0:50 and @1:00 , IMO.
Steve W (10 months ago)
This should totally be a thing in the real world, though.
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Steve Cheetah hahaha could you imagine!
highgrade herbalist (10 months ago)
guy at 1:57 really needed to show she was his huh? lol
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
highgrade herbalist yeah! As if he actually thought I was competition!
Izum Music (10 months ago)
Отлично! Давно желаю поучаствовать в чем-то схожем.
Simple Frankie (10 months ago)
Looking for a cook apply here
uyan89 (10 months ago)
Woman: I have sex Blake: Oh good! I've never done that Haha! Best conversation ever XD
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
uyan89 hahahahaha I thought it was so funny!
Emily Sinclair (10 months ago)
i foster dogs so i have at least 3 in my house at all times, ur invited any day blake
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
krogaan (10 months ago)
i love this
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
So happy to hear that!
kyleigh harper (10 months ago)
HAHHAHA hey That's me I literally forgot this happened 😂
kyleigh harper (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby I'm the one with the glasses and the acai bowl 😂
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
kyleigh harper oh!! Where are you in the Video?!
B V (10 months ago)
Always look for Blake's videos, never "pranks" that hurt people, always about a good laugh. Thanks, Blake!
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Fr3nchee thanks for the support!! Glad you enjoy the stuff I create.
Janelle Hamilton (10 months ago)
haha i love this
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
I love YOU!
Sean D. (10 months ago)
You should hold a sign that says "Date Me?" and if they say yes, have a mini table with a candle and food ready. If they say no, jump into the ocean. BTW, this is meant to be done on the pier.
Madison cates (2 months ago)
OMG YES that would be oerfect
aftab fruitwala (6 months ago)
Watch Stuart Edge bro
thedougman2008 (10 months ago)
ft. Stuarte Edge
Sean D. (10 months ago)
YAY!!! I see a future video coming with my comment being on screen now. F**K yea!
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Oh YOU KNOW we've wanted to do that ha! We have to do it now!
Kelsey Tierney (10 months ago)
Kelsey Tierney (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby *unsubs*
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Kelsey, you're like an hour late!
Yahya Khan (10 months ago)
1:26 "Taylor, when did you break up with me?"
La Banda Del Tubo (10 months ago)
Too short 🙁
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
We uploaded two videos this week to make up for it!
Shifty 7 (10 months ago)
Hahaha love it thanks 😂
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
So glad you enjoy it!
jans game clubs (10 months ago)
It's Amazing
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Thanks so much!
KyleLEVO (10 months ago)
Lol, I've thought about doing this. One, cause it's a great idea. And two, cause I'm as single as it gets. Great vid man.
yourboiii. john (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby where did you do it that they let you set up shop😆
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Yeah?! Well good luck!! We shot this almost 5 months ago now... It has finally come out. Let us know if you make one and tell us how it went!
brian appshole (10 months ago)
i dont get how he dont have 10 mil subs now lol these are awsome!
brian appshole (10 months ago)
what happen to the vlogs me and my g/f realy liked them!
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
I really appreciate the support in comments, likes, and share! Maybe one day we will break a million!
Brenda Carla (10 months ago)
Brazil ❤❤❤❤
Existence Defies Logic (6 months ago)
Yatin Chauhan *PUT IT AWAY, GODDAMN* *!*
Delhi yatin Chauhan (7 months ago)
Hi baby
João Cleber (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Hey! -USA
Ismail Tayebi (10 months ago)
I would like to apply
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Just send your application and resume to my mother!
Dibakar Bairagi (10 months ago)
Lol nice one man
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Chucksdream (10 months ago)
I like this guy and his vids... but, its kinda unrealistic that he is looking for a girlfriend. He’s quite obviously gay. Nothing wrong with that at all, but, y’know, kinda makes these types of vids with real people. Unrealistic and pointless
Steve W (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well first, I don't know where you thought I was gay from my ENTIRE channel. Second, I'm engaged... to a female woman.
TL (10 months ago)
Lmao is there an IRL Friend Application us comment plebs can fill out somewhere or do we have to post our insta or something instead *cough* @t_m0_t *cough*
creativeusername (10 months ago)
two videos in one week??? SCORE. as always, love what you do. very creative and unique! keep it up x
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Thanks so much! I hope to strive for a unique enough video that can beat our your username!
Toby (10 months ago)
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Azor Ahai (10 months ago)
these sticky arms , such incel
FaithKomTrikru (10 months ago)
This is fantastic XD
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
So glad you think so!
acalex (10 months ago)
Only 2 minutes?! 😢😢😢
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
Short and sweet!
Kai Snoeren (10 months ago)
Can u get me a gf tho xD u seem like a great person for that.
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)
It's not as effective as it works... obviously!
Cohex17 (10 months ago)
First :D good video
Blake Grigsby (10 months ago)

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