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Best Horror Movie Scenes - Funny Games

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One of the best scenes ever!
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M Alj (5 months ago)
Spoiler alert. poor lil Georgie got shot by one of these dumbasses 😭
Tommy Ace (7 months ago)
He should of listened to his wife.
John Wayne (1 year ago)
In the movies Tim Roth plays a hard case , when in reality two strong young men who are phycos, can easily overpower them
Spectral Chuck (1 year ago)
I imagine going to sleep with this movie on... I would have my eyes opened the whole movie... untill it ends... I would be frustrated and upset the whole night lol
Purple Light (2 years ago)
dios mio, Ojalá no haya sido un animal de verdad
Pinguin Lp Lol (2 years ago)
spectrumxxxxx (2 years ago)
Ciekawy jestem jak by się potoczyły losy tych dwóch młodzieńców w Polsce :) - nie to by było zbyt mocne ...
INever Run (2 years ago)
I really love this movie.
billy44551 (2 years ago)
I'll break your eggs
Emilly Wheaton (2 years ago)
I really need those eggs :)
Melon Owl! (2 years ago)
never mind how cool or brutal the movie is - play as an aktor in a horror movie is always funny XD XD
Melon Owl! (2 years ago)
I think the german voices are better
Rampant Obesity (2 years ago)
I'm just coming here from having watched the Austrian original from 97 and I gotta say, man... holy fuck. This is an exact shot for shot line for line adaptation. The house is the same, the outfits are the same, the shorter of those two young men gives off the _exact_ same vibe. This makes me incredibly hopeful that maybe the gap between German and English isn't as insurmountable as I'd thought. This translation is more faithful than I previously thought possible without sacrificing any of the tone, atmosphere or subtext. But also, what an incredibly intense and uncomfortable experience this movie was. This was significantly more disturbing than A Serbian Film or The Poughkeepsie Tapes or any of them were to me. But it's also kind of clever in an unexpected way. The entire time I was right in suspecting that the movie was one step ahead of me all throughout. They exactly knew which conventions to play with and turn on their head and what expectations I had. This movie shook me to my core and there's an art in that. What's so satisfying about this film is that it intentionally gives you absolutely no satisfaction. This movie does brilliantly what its director wanted it to and calling it bad just means that you can not handle it. Too many people jump to to the conclusion that this must be just the new extreme the audience of the slasher flicks of yesteryear requires to get its kick, but there really is nothing enjoyable about this. Movies like this are to be endured and to be learned from. I have rarely felt so repulsed by a fictional depiction of violence and terror and I think that's an experience people should make. The brazenness of the playful way in which the fourth wall is occasionally broken will disgust you and maybe make you think twice the next time some action hero drops a one-liner while covered in blood. The stakes feel high because the presentation feels grounded and personal. This investment into the characters the story invokes makes the hopelessness feel so tangible and oppressive. A hopelessness people like us in front of our computer screens so rarely experience first hand. I just know this is the effect I feel the original movie had on me...
Anne s (2 years ago)
People who feel worse about animals lower down in the feeding chain than humans are weird and will be wiped out during the apocalypse.
bukitacake (2 years ago)
you actually answered your own question.
Patrick LaBelle (2 years ago)
+Anne s You sound like people who used to say that people who feel bad about the mistreatment of people of different ethnicities were weird and should be wiped out. Lack of compassion is *the* weird and disgusting thing.
Lena Eggler (2 years ago)
+Anne s What an absolutely ignorant statement. The notion that some lives are worth more than others is the root of what is wrong with this world! You think we humans are above everything else because what exactly? We are the only species that have managed to nearly destroy this earth, lead endless wars and cause unimaginable suffering to animals for our own personal gain. Sometimes I'm ashamed to call myself human when I see people like you..
M paulownia (2 years ago)
Paranoid Android (2 years ago)
Why Haneke love kiling animals?
John Mulligan (2 years ago)
Suicidal Alienated Kid...he said "people care more about killing animals than they do their own children". I am the editor of a literary publication and we wrote about Haneke and funny games, if you want to read it, here is the link: http://theilr.weebly.com/michael-haneke-auteur-inonoclast-provocateur.html
jose ribeiro ferreira (2 years ago)
+Guilherme Dias as far as I know that's irrelevant in his movies just a kick of starter before the main course
LittlePanda X (3 years ago)
brilliant movie oh my gosh. we need more films like this one...
LittlePanda X (2 years ago)
u r dumb bitch
bukitacake (2 years ago)
lmao you dumb
Pedro (2 years ago)
brilliant? are u FUCKING kidding don't ya? this movie aint got no sense girl.
Matthew Tones (3 years ago)
this movie frustrated the absolute fuck out of me..
Pedro (2 years ago)
It's a psico movie lol
Sola Anima (3 years ago)
wow... it makes me speachless.. what the fuck? watch that smile! than horreble smile O.o
Sola Anima (3 years ago)
+Onmysheet Mhhh I don't know... I think this guy here looks like an little angel with his bright hair and this blue eyes... It is so weird...
Secret Guy (3 years ago)
Arno Frisch's wink in the original was more evil though.
Leila Cooke Pokai (4 years ago)
This remake is better than the original!!!!
Thing Thang (3 years ago)
+gshooting fair enough
gshooting (3 years ago)
+Thing Thang Perhaps I worded it improperly, but I don't have a problem with your comments because you have vaid reasons for them. The guy I was replying to initially however doesn't and just comes off as trollish.
Thing Thang (3 years ago)
+gshooting Calculated for sure (just like the actor from the original) but intelligent? And soft-spoken I agree is different from the original but how does that suggest they are misunderstood? It's obviously perfectly fine to prefer one performance over the other but I don't get where one could possibly have sympathy or take pity on the villains in either version. And if the film is social commentary/ satire on the horror genre doesn't it make sense that certain elements (especially the ones that are part of the set-up) would be cliched?
gshooting (3 years ago)
+Thing Thang Pitt just comes across as soft-spoken and intelligent. There's nothing in his facial expressions that looks threatening. Arno Frisch on the other hand, with his grins, upbeat nature and straight-man character  IS threatening. Pitt comes off as a villian in a teen drama, it's just cliche to me. That's just one of the cast that blunts the edge of the original. The director should probably have made more significant changes in the American remake because some bits just don't come off well.
Thing Thang (3 years ago)
+gshooting Did we watch the same movie? How are the characters in the remake NOT plain evil? Because of an emo haircut? Well then let's call Hitler misunderstood for also having one of those... In no point in the movie do the villains reveal backstory, emotion or change that even hints at them being misunderstood. As for camp, in both versions they have the look of generic horror movie bad guys who are sinister and evil as a tool for the director to show violence.
Leila Cooke Pokai (4 years ago)
I love this movie its the best horror
RS87 (4 years ago)
Fuck this remake !
Noa Duran (4 years ago)
I didnt like it
jhcfight (4 years ago)
They wanted the dog to be quiet, so why take a look when he finally does?
Secret Guy (3 years ago)
Because it made a cry of pain which was why they checked.
Kyle (4 years ago)
This movie made me feel bad and weird :(
Pedro (2 years ago)
That's the point , this movie aint got no sense . lol
Secret Guy (3 years ago)
That was the point.
Eros Philiac (4 years ago)
this movie isnt about psychopathic violence, it's about paralell universes... opss! spoiled the movie! sorry.
Secret Guy (3 years ago)
Paul is basically us (The audience) and the more we stay, the more he's following our orders, that's why he can address the audience, breaking the 4th wall.
oshilee1 (4 years ago)
He's wrong anyway. Its a movie that was made about all the violence in the media by making an incredibly violent, but otherwise pointless movie. Basically exaggerating violence the way the media does. The breaking of the forth wall is just simulating how the media talks to its audience.  
jade payne (4 years ago)
Why kill the dog, the dog done nouthing
jose ribeiro ferreira (2 years ago)
+jade payne Stupid question
Secret Guy (3 years ago)
The dog hated Paul, so he had to shut it up in someway.
TheBilly336 (4 years ago)
why kill all of them? thats the movie though
nate marshal (4 years ago)
Two psychotic young men take a mother, father, and son hostage in their vacation cabin and force them to play sadistic "games" with one another for their own amusement....this is pathatic but what you really should learn from this is that,don't let young kids(strangers) in to your house assuming they're harmless even if they look nice and need help or are friendly.
Ankri (5 years ago)
That was a pretty heavy movie. I liked it.
Blue Sera Films (5 years ago)
Well then you have problems then. If you have empathy for a flippin' animal getting killed and don't give a toss about the human beings death, then I suggest see you somebody, because that doesn't seem right to me and I turn off when people say such stupid things.
Lauren Logan (5 years ago)
I seriously can't stand when they kill a dog in a movie..like when they kill a person i think "yeah nice part of the story line, i know it's fake". But when a dog is harmed it feels real like "you sick bastards, noooo!". I can't be the only one who feels that way.
sn0m0ns (5 years ago)
I hated Pitt after I watched this I felt mind raped!
sn0m0ns (5 years ago)
Funny Games
seansora (5 years ago)
What movie is this?
Jackson Ward (5 years ago)
Because they dropped them twice and destroyed their phone
poetryjesus (5 years ago)
Why won't they give them the fucking eggs??
george fraser-lynton (5 years ago)
Funny games
Pietro Trevisan (5 years ago)
One of two boys looks like Gillian Anderson....

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