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Warrior Cats: Fire & Ice -Graystripe and Silverstream

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Stop bugging me about the voices D: EDIT2: Some how I got 2nd place in the contest! I hope it wasn't because I'm on your friend's list, this really sucks a lot!*Stabs computer with my tablet pen* EDIT: Silverstream's apprenence (the white muzzle) changed half way through the animation because I forgot xD Frame count: 270 pictures PHEW! This is a short animation that only took a few days. It's the scene of Fire and Ice where Graystripe falls into the frozen river because of his hunger; Silverstream, a RiverClan cat, saves him! Contest entry xP Song- Winter Sojourn by garyevor of Newgrounds.com (Audio Portal) This is one of my favorite scene's and I though I'd animate it :D This is probably the best animation i made (animation wise) so far! Enjoy! Rate! Comment! And If you like... Please subscribe to see more! THANKS! Copyright Info: Music by garyevor of http://www.newgrounds.com/
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Text Comments (591)
#thecat (3 months ago)
1:15 danks -iu idiat uat ar iu duing on mai teritori? Drauing :))) What i am doing with my life? 😂😂😂
Ava Kole (7 months ago)
this video was such an iconic part of my childhood and i was just reminded that it exists. i dont know how to explain just how glad i am this still exists
jerico ramirez (2 years ago)
that is a weird video all these voices are so not right. they sound like they have so many bugers on there nose especially graystripe!!!!
Velvet Paws (2 years ago)
+jerico ramirez Back off. Look at the date when this was made. Of course it's not going to be perfect. But this person took their time on the video. Do you animate? Let's take a look at your videos and see if they're oh, so perfect, then.
tort (3 years ago)
yup XD all their voices do
donut burger (3 years ago)
and thats why silverstream saved him. :)
donut burger (3 years ago)
ugh silverstream did what any riverclan cat would ever do BOOOOOOO MILLIE IS BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honker Enthusiast (2 years ago)
MILLIE ABUSES HER KITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Puppy Luv Waffles (3 years ago)
Graystripe's voice sounds so funny XD
Sără Elizăbeth (3 years ago)
I just finished reading Fire&ice
Stephanie Campbell (4 years ago)
Whats with graystripe and silverstream? Yes it was sad but I personaly didnt really like them together it made graysripe a freak when silverstream died
jazzyfa201 (4 years ago)
@Brittany krill they're blue, they do have many mistakes in the book if you haven't already realized, but they are indeed blue. see here: http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/Silverstream
Stream Fall (4 years ago)
What is wrong with GreyStripe's voice? It sounds like he been smoking. XD And I love SilverXGrey. :P
Atticus Productions (4 years ago)
Jess Thunderclan They became mates had kits she died of blood loss DERPY DERP
Atticus Productions (3 years ago)
tort (3 years ago)
+Atticus Productions yup DERPY DERPY DERPY
Starblaze (4 years ago)
I know. I already read the book called fire and ice
PrincessLuisa (4 years ago)
Starblaze (4 years ago)
I know why silverstream saved graystripe. SHE LOOOOVES HIM!!!!!
Norbert Alsotun (4 months ago)
Why does everybody make silverstreams eyes blue! There green, it says so in book!
Norbert Alsotun (4 months ago)
Guys this was 4 years ago..
Alice Zhou (7 months ago)
Yeah they’re blue, not green
Eunkyung Ju (1 year ago)
Izaya is My senpai, they're blue...I know that cause I have a warrior cat ultimate guide and it has the picture of the cats.
how kidbedding?
enigma (4 years ago)
I hate his voice
Ice Claw (5 years ago)
i liked it its bether then what I could do but keep up the good work >:3-thats my happy face XD-
Moved to Xeras Vids (5 years ago)
Moved to Xeras Vids (5 years ago)
Moved to Xeras Vids (5 years ago)
Gray Stripe (5 years ago)
This is DEFINATELY Fire and Ice. I don't remember drowning in Forest of Secrets.
Green Eyed Tiger (5 years ago)
I don't like Silverstream if it was fireheart who fell in I would like her more
kirytsu (5 years ago)
0:32 lol i laughed so hard i fell out of my chair!!!
john roger (5 years ago)
this is not fire and ice
LIA aj (5 years ago)
this IS fire and ice I am currently reading it GOSH
Cerial Moser (5 years ago)
this is a forest of secrets
DarkKokiri (5 years ago)
It... definitely is...
Just Someone (5 years ago)
this aint fire and ice
Josias smith (5 years ago)
pikagirl908 (5 years ago)
0:35 IT'S BOWSER'S ARMS! Graystripe, stop trying to mimc Bowser from Super Paper Mario... Kudos to people who know what I'm talking about! XD
MsJHofer (5 years ago)
I love Yellowfang too actually cried when she dies.
MsJHofer (5 years ago)
lol! i love greystripe's voice it's so funny i almost laughed my head off when silverstream saves greystripe!
Miranda Moondaughter (5 years ago)
1:16 to 1:22 ROFL XD XD XD
Heidi Laubach (5 years ago)
Graystripes voice......no just no
Raksha Killian (5 years ago)
That's exactly how I imagined cinderpaw's voice
Haylee Lunsford (5 years ago)
This is retarded. What the heck did I just watch?
DarkKokiri (6 years ago)
Shis Tucks
Emily deMattos (6 years ago)
this sucks
Courtney Bragg (6 years ago)
That was just wow that is not how i imagined any of their voices, good for a laugh though
Carol Ramirez (6 years ago)
Thats a good amv:D thunbs uo
rachel randal (6 years ago)
lol silverstreams so sassy and greystripes vioce is sooo funneh
lonnie lane (6 years ago)
i like graystrip
jjbootseatsefe (6 years ago)
I love this scene. I also really like Silverstaream Spottedleaf Bluestar Yellowfang and Cinderpelt And my cat that I created, Moonstar( used to be Moonwish.)
slimebloo scorpion (6 years ago)
" look graystripe....... WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE" lol
Muun (6 years ago)
Yeah. I guess greystripe could have eated that water vole, WHOLE! AHAHAHahaha *snort* ahahahaha..... ya its a bad joke.
Muun (6 years ago)
huskyfans234 (6 years ago)
I love Graystripes voice LOL
Evelyn TheOwlLover (6 years ago)
Woah that's a TINY water vole!
shara ledo (6 years ago)
silverstreams voice is like a crazy chearleader
yoman21a (6 years ago)
where did the water vole go. if you watch very carefully it just disapears
yoman21a (6 years ago)
Graystripe needs a better voice.
Emily Hao (6 years ago)
I don't like it. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trash (6 years ago)
"YOU IDIOT WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY TERRITORY?!" "Umm, drowning." "Cant you drown yourself in you own territory?" "Ahhh, but who would recue me there?"
slimebloo scorpion (6 years ago)
teli 321 (6 years ago)
I love how he said "Water vole!"
Maria Vazquez (6 years ago)
Maria Vazquez (6 years ago)
It ia really funny when you think about it... it seemed like if a ghost showed up in his face or something....
nope not me
Maria Vazquez (6 years ago)
Has anybody noticed Fireheart's face when Cinderpaw said,"Can we have a look??"??? ROFL :P
Tia Jasmine (6 years ago)
vince m (6 years ago)
its like blue star all over agian
AsterOrca (6 years ago)
Silverstream: Why don't you go drown yourself in your own territory?
emma butcher (6 years ago)
Are there still a lot of people who love Graystrioe better than Firestar? I for one loveeeee Graystripe better than Firestar! :D Graystripe is soooooooooooo cute! ^-^ He is brave, adorable, stubborn, and caring. He has the same qualities as I do. ^-^
Tessa Rae (6 years ago)
What are you doing in my territory? Drowning. XDXDXD
bob dyllan (6 years ago)
lol at like 0:59 i was like, "yay! another cat dead!"
Gillian (6 years ago)
What are you doing in my territory Drowning Lol instead of silverstream saying cant you drown in your own territory she should of said...i like men who drown on my territory rawr
doglovervt99 (6 years ago)
SilverStream: What are you doing in my territorry? Graystripe: uh........ Drowning? lololololol xD
Imposing Turnip (6 years ago)
lol funny video! graystripeXsilverstream FOREVER!
THIS CHANNEL IS DEAD (6 years ago)
gray stripe some how reminds me of sonic with a stufffy nose :S
Nico Benyamin (6 years ago)
What are you doing in my territory? Drovvning xD
Siobhan O'Leary (6 years ago)
ROFLMAO.... Luv it! xD
Priscilla Deleon (6 years ago)
blllaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolololol
Priscilla Deleon (6 years ago)
why dose graystripe sounds like he has a stuffy nose?
maddy323 (6 years ago)
Greystripe makes me lol so much! Blarg!!!
Bluestarrox97 (6 years ago)
I miss you so much Silverstream! No offense to people who like Millie as Graystripe's mate better, but I like Silverstream way better than Millie as his mate! They were perfect for each other. When it comes to love, doesn't matter that they were in different clans, despite the warrior code. Oh Silverstream, why did you have to die??
Rich Reynolds (6 years ago)
you idiot what are u doing I our territory. uh? drowning? can't u drown in your own territory???
Rich Reynolds (6 years ago)
uh? well uh ya....-.
Sky Wishs (6 years ago)
In the american version it is spelt Graystripe and in the english version (UK) it is spelt Greystripe, since they spell 'gray' differently
kenkat1013 (6 years ago)
Why does graystripe sound like he has a cold
Superfirefox1996 (6 years ago)
0:33 - 0:36 It looks like Graystripe's taking a bath! LOL
gabryelle preite (6 years ago)
lol i luv sliverstream's voice !
HarmlessBison0 (6 years ago)
UMMMMM... Graystripe is a guy -_-
Scoundrel (6 years ago)
why does he go BLAAAAAAAHHHHHH alot although it is very funny
LeparodClaw55 (6 years ago)
Lol greystripe when he was drowning, he was wavin his arms round
Jenna Ku (7 years ago)
Now go away! Lol
Maura Ayala (7 years ago)
hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! when he fell in, he was all, BLAAAARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!! hahahahaha i laughed sooooo hard! Also, YOU IDIOTS WHAT'RE YOU DOING ON MY TERRITORY???!!! she sounds like a brat. it is FUNNEH!! >3<
Christywoowoo (7 years ago)
"AH! but who would rescue me there?? :3"
Kappa (7 years ago)
that was so cute :D epicness. Respect, man.
Killer (7 years ago)
yay go graysttripes voive!
srskittles7 (7 years ago)
I love graystripe and my favorite cat is silverstream and I liked graystripe way before I found out silverstream was his mate he's sooo cute !!
MODERNWARFARE818 (7 years ago)
i just finished this book last friday, this waz my faverite part
IcyPops (7 years ago)
Eyeless Alec (7 years ago)
@xXTopazTheWolfXx u could have said alt gr cuz i clicked the only alt i heard of :'( ♥
Eyeless Alec (7 years ago)
@xXTopazTheWolfXx liar it didn't work :'(
Eyeless Alec (7 years ago)
@xXTopazTheWolfXx UU
emma butcher (7 years ago)
:) So um... what do you like about Graystripe/Graypaw? :)
TheMyra319 (7 years ago)
@blaria95 yes it does
emma butcher (7 years ago)
@TheMyra319, :) It feels great that we both agree with each other. :)
TheMyra319 (7 years ago)
@blaria95 yes i do
Horrorhaleylol (7 years ago)
@smudgieful SHUT THE FUCK UP I HATE WHEN PPL POST THAT CRAP! People these days... So superstitious. Jesus christ

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