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Director: Michael Haneke Distributor: Warner Independent Pictures US Release Date: March 14th 2008
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backhaul1 (6 years ago)
Those dudes with the white gloves are 2 sick mo-fo's
JodiG1982 (8 years ago)
This movie was on AMC very late last night, I fell asleep before it was over but I did get to watch the majority of it and OMG it scared the s*** out of me. I have never had my heart race that much from a thriller/horror film like it did with this one.
MisskacangPink (8 years ago)
gothicprincess52 (9 years ago)
i agree. it is one of the scariest movies i have ever seen. 5 stars all the way around.
hermione10663 (9 years ago)
This is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. The fact that it doesn't look scary makes it even more scary. This could really happen. Makes me want to go out and get a gun for the house.
dcartref (10 years ago)
Can't understand why there hasn't been more fuss about this film... absolutely staggering, from the performances to the directing. Instantly one of my all time favourites!
dontkeepthisname (10 years ago)
I F'm love twisted movies...11/10 for this movie.
Wow, cool.
dontkeepthisname (10 years ago)
It's a remake of the original 'Funny Games' made in 1998.
Nabill Parvizi (10 years ago)

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